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The morning sun had risen, clearing up the night sky and bringing natural light to even the darkest parts of Shibuya.

One, being Neku's room, brightened moments later. He grunted and stretched, blinking his eyes open, what… what happened?

He looked around him and noticed that he was lying on the floor instead of his comfortable bed. The boy tried to recollect the bits and pieces missing from last nights events, but all he could remember was his delicious dinner that he gobbled up, and for some reason, tofu.

Feeling uncomfortable laying on his back, he turned to his side, hoping to go back to sleep. Instead, he was greeted by the familiar face of a white fluffy pooch, curled up just inches away from him. The bits and pieces of missing memory had returned to him in quick flashes, although, he wasn't sure if it was all a dream, or if it was real. He sighed and stared at the dog, chuckling afterwards, "that's crazy," he whispered quietly to himself, "must have been really tired last night, there's just… no way."

Just then, the dogs' eyes slowly open and looked up at the teen. Neku's eyes went wide, now having a closer look at the dog, the color of his eyes had confirmed it. Said dog smiled at him and spoke, "good morning sunshine."

Neku continued to stare for awhile but soon responded, by screaming as loud and long as his lungs could take.


The desk toppled slightly as Neku clambered over it, not caring if anything fell and/or broke. Joshua approached him slowly, "calm down Neku. And keep it down, if you don't mind. Your parents are sleeping,"

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!" yelled Neku, "the sooner they see you, the faster they'll kick you out,"

"Harsh," Joshua turned away from him and shook his head, "and to think, that you wanted to see me again.

"That was a long time ago,"

"And even the days after, you still waited for me. Hoping that one of these days, I'll arrive at your little assembly point, am I correct?"

The teen gritted his teeth then glanced away, admitting to himself that Joshua was right, though he couldn't bring himself to say it in front of him, sure, 'one of these days' and apparently today's the day, But, why? Of all the other times he could have visibly been there, why now? It took a few silent moments for him to calm himself down before he spoke again, "… why?"


"Why didn't you show up?" said Neku, looking back at him.

Joshua smirked, flicking his ears, "I did attend. I was there,"

"You know what I mean," Neku said quietly, hiding behind his collar in an attempt to cover his emotions. Joshua's smirk faded, seeing through Neku. He sighed and rearranged his thoughts, thinking of how he was supposed to reply to that. His muzzle opened, as if he was about to speak, until they heard a light knock on Neku's bedroom door, followed by a muffled voice, "Neku, is everything alright in there?"

By the lightness and pitch of the voice, Joshua assumed that the person is Neku's mother. Joshua sighed again, realizing his stay is over.

"I'm fine mom," Neku responded, which took Joshua by surprise, "I uhh… there was a bug and it freaked me out."

"Well please keep it down, your father is asleep. That reminds me; shouldn't you be in school honey?"

"s-school?" surprisingly, the alarm clock that was resting on Neku's desk, hadn't fallen off when he was climbing onto it. He took a quick peek and panicked, "crap! I woke up late!"

"No need to worry," whispered Joshua, "I had it all under control."

Neku turned his head slowly and gave Joshua the death glare, knowing for a fact, that if it came from Joshua, it would mean the opposite. All the composer did, was grin and wag his tail in which a few seconds later, had begun chasing it.


"Alright, what exactly have you done?" said Neku now sitting contently on his bed, still glaring at the white dog lying on the floor. Joshua licked his paw and looked up to meet his gaze, "you mean before I called your principle and told him you weren't attending today?"

Neku stayed silent as Joshua continued, "simple. I dragged you inside your room and gave us a little… privacy,"


Joshua sighed, disliking the fact that he had to explain it, "I shut the door so that your parents won't see your lifeless body, I'm sure they'll be frantic about that. Now if they witnessed you fainting like a little princess-"

Neku grabbed Joshua by the scruff, cutting him off. He raised him off the ground to his eye level and stared at him angrily. Neku didn't attempt to say anything until he slowly placed him back on the floor.

"Was there a point to that?" Joshua said.

Neku closed his eyes and breathed deep, letting his anger level decline, "if you were a human, I wouldn't have resisted punching you in the gut," he said in a harsh tone, "but, anyway… why are you. Well, not human?"

"Hmm?" hummed Joshua, scratching his own pointy ears, "you want to know? I'm not telling."

Neku watched him in silence and as Joshua could tell, he was eager for an exact answer, "lets just say that my 'bosses' are very dissatisfied about my actions during the game, and so gave me a punishment that came with a price,"

"… That must suck,"

"Come to think of it," Joshua looked up, thinking about his situation, "being a freeloader isn't half bad,"

"Why you little-"

A small growl interrupted Neku and Joshua, surprising them both. It had suddenly made sense to Neku, remembering what had happened that night in the kitchen before warming his food, "you didn't eat the tofu last night."


A woman with brownish wavy hair sat at the kitchen table reading the morning news paper with a cup of hot coffee. She wore a long white night gown underneath a pink robe with matching slippers. On the table were three plates of food, all covered with paper towels to keep it from collecting dust.

Neku peeked around the corner, seeing his mother completely in tune in what she's reading. He cleared his throat and entered the kitchen, his mother turning away from the paper and giving him a smile, "good morning Neku, I made some eggs, bacon, and fried tofu,"

Ugh, I've had enough about tofu, thought Neku, greeting his mother, "morning mom."

His mother stood up from her seat and made her way towards him. She looked seriously at Neku in which caused him some confusion. She placed her hand on his head, "are you sick? Is that why you're not in class today?"

"No mom," he said as he moved her hand away, "I'm fine, I just… I'll wake up early tomorrow,"

"Well you'd better," Neku's mother said, placing her hands on her hips. Neku grumbled and rolled his eyes as she went back to the table. He made his way to the cabinet that held plates and bowls.

Having a plate, he scooped some rice from the rice cooker then went to the table and placed some of the food on his plate, except the fried tofu.

He sat and enjoyed his breakfast for awhile, until the doorbell rang. Neku's mother took one last sip of her coffee and spoke, "must be the computer parts that your father ordered," she stood up again and walked out of the kitchen, which gave Neku some time to get Joshua's plate ready. He ran back to the cabinet and took an extra plate, then hurried to the table, placing two eggs and a few strips of bacon and tofu onto it. Before he headed up the stairs, he checked around the corner to see if his mother was still busy, which apparently she was. Taking advantage of that, he snuck the food up and walked casually to his room, ignoring his fathers loud snoring that came from the master bedroom near the stairs.

He knocked on his own door, to let Joshua know he's there, then opened it and found him curled up on his bed, "hey! Get!" said Neku, now thinking about the billions of dirt and loose fur that he's going to be sleeping on tonight. Joshua disobeyed and rolled all over the blanket, "but it's so comfy here,"

"Off, or I'm going to starve you to death."

Joshua paused and looked over to him, seeing a plate full of food. He jumped down from it and padded up to the boy, "thank you very much Neku," he said as Neku placed the plate on the ground before closing the door behind him. Joshua tilted his head in confusion, "I prefer to eat at a table, but your desk will suit just fine,"

"Sorry, rules are rules. No pets allowed on the furniture,"

"But I'm not a pet," Joshua argued.

Neku smirked knowing that, for now, Joshua is no longer a higher being than he or his friends and thought of the many ways he could take advantage of that for the time being, "not right now you're not, you're a dog, a loyal companion. Therefore, you have to do what I tell you,"

"Is that so?" Joshua glared, "don't forget who you're talking too, and just because I'm a type of animal, doesn't mean I don't have a mind of my own."

"Whatever," Neku kneeled over to take another good look at his form. Joshua was small, but not too small, about thirteen to fourteen inches or so. His feet weren't too little either, they were actually big, almost like rabbit feet, "what are you anyways? Some kind of giant Pomeranian?" Neku asked. Joshua shook his head, "incorrect. I am what they call, a Japanese Spitz,"

"You're a Japanese spit?"

"SpitZ. With a 'Z' Neku," Joshua corrected, putting more emphasis on the 'Z'. Neku nodded, and then stood up, letting Joshua continue, "my breed use to be the most popular in Japan. Because of my size and temperament, I make a great apartment dog. Unlike the American Eskimo, the Japanese Spitz is bred across most parts of the world, while the American Eskimo is rarely seen outside of the United States. Many kennel clubs recognize this breed except the American Kennel club, as the American Eskimo and the Japanese Spitz look almost exactly alike, but that's not to say you can't tell. You see, my breed only consists of one size while the American Eskimo has about three sizes."

Neku yawned and nodded his head again. Absolutely none of what Joshua said had registered his mind, and instead, tried to pretend that he knew what Joshua was saying, "Right. Well, see you after breakfast Joshua. And eat your food."

The slightly annoyed composer growled again at his response, wondering if he listened to a single thing he said. He moved over to the plate of food and moved some pieces over with his nose, I'll have to quiz him when he comes back, and he really expects me to eat fried tofu, does he…


Neku took his seat back on the table and began finishing his half eaten meal, his mother in the kitchen as well, washing some dishes, "oh! Neku dear," she said, "you know, last night when I came home, I went to the kitchen and found a small plate of my leftover tofu on the floor, along with a bowl of water."

He paused while stuffing a large spoonful of rice into his mouth, silently cursing himself for leaving it out. However, knowing that it wasn't his fault for wanting to check on the unwelcomed guest, he silently cursed Joshua instead.

He turned back to his mother and his mother turned back to him, giving him a confused look before she spoke, "have you been trying to eat the tofu off the ground?"