She entered the room of reckoning and stood before the composer who was sitting at his throne. She was an odd one to the composer; she showed no fear of him. Odd that she didn't attempt to bow or do any kind of polite gesture other than a curtsy.

"Is there like, something you needed mister composer sir?" she asked.

The composer chuckled then stood from this throne, stretching his wings. His aura surrounded him, flowing out of his body like the white smoke from a burning candle flame. Unfortunately, it was that it's hard to see what he really looks like under his white coat of aura. She can still, however, make out the shape of a face, his curly hair, and outline of his body.

"No need to call me 'composer sir' and yes, I do need you for something," he said as he walked up to the young girl, "you seem to be fond of people. You've got quite the talent when it comes to bringing others together, whether they're alive or are players in the UG."

She nodded and eagerly waited for more.

The composer giggled and continued, "How would you like to be promoted? Your sole duty would be to guide new souls to the games and advise them on their missions when needed. What do you say?"

She smiled widely and started hopping around, clapping her hands as she did so. She then ran over to him, swiftly grabbing the composers hand and shook rapidly while talking as fast as one would type, "of course, of course, of course! I'd totally love too! Like you don't know how much this means to me like omg I thought you were like going to punish me for somethin' and I'd have to be all like, 'sry, sry composer sir' and all that other stuff-"

Her constant talking was like flies buzzing around his ears. He stood there while she kept shaking his hand and wondered if he did the right thing.


"I should have known it'd be you, Miss Atarashi Coco," said Joshua as he scratched behind his ear. Coco giggled and gently flew down from the wall. She circled around him, observing his figure, "wow, they did a really good job,"

"How could you have possibly figured it out?" Joshua asked, curious as to how she knew it was him. She shrugged, her wings folding behind her and avoiding his gaze, pretending that she had no clue to what he was talking about.

Joshua, on the other hand, didn't need an answer, nor did he ever need to ask that question. He knew that Coco had been eavesdropping during his time of judgment. Snooping around isn't something she'd be considered proficient at since the point of spying is to be tremendously quiet. Then again, even if she was, her vibe can still be distinguishable from a place that's surrounded by angels or reapers and players.

He sighed and trotted towards the stairs, "Coco, why were you following me?" Joshua asked, not fond of the idea of having a stalker who pokes its nose in others private lives.

Coco giggled and skipped in circles as she replied back, "I just wanted to know if you want to hang out! We could like, go shopping, or do some people watching, like whatever you know,"

"I'm not interested in any of that today," Joshua said bluntly. He had been looking forward to a quiet day strolling around Shibuya, to get his thoughts cleared and organized, and to try and doggy beg for some ramen at Ken Doi's, "don't you have some reaper business to do today?"

Coco stopped suddenly, and placed a finger on her chin, "nope, I don't think so. Since you've been gone, all the reapers have been lounging about, you know, like how high school kids are during spring break."

Double the works for them when I return to my throne, thought Joshua as he traveled down the stairs.

Coco called after him and followed him around Shibuya, talking constantly about anything and everything. Her nonstop bickering continued for hours and in between the time they traveled from the Udagawa backstreets to Dogenzaka, Joshua had became irritated by the noisy reaper and had tried shutting her out by letting his dog instincts take over, which includes sniffing, barking at passerby's, and chasing birds. It was, however, a failed attempt. It had not fixed the problem that was following him to the noodle restaurant nor would his previous plan of getting ramen would work, now that Coco is around.

He sat in front of the restaurant, hearing his stomach growl and trying to think of a new plan. But how could he when Coco keeps interrupting his thoughts?

Suddenly, a man opened the door and shouted "IRASSHAI" to the two, making them jump, "welcome to Ramen Don," said the man, "if you're looking for the best noodles in town, you've come to the right place!"

He gestured for them to enter his domain, and Coco was more than happy to oblige. Joshua padded behind her trying to figure out when Coco emerged from the UG, but as he passed the doors, his attention shifted.

"My name is Ken Doi and I'll be your server today," said the man leading them to a nearby table and pulling out a chair for Coco. He paused when he saw Joshua and cleared his throat, "excuse me ma'am, but no dogs are allowed inside."


That impudent owner, thought Joshua as he walked out of Ramen Don, ears flat and grumbling to himself. On the positive side, Coco wasn't around him anymore, which means he can get back to his quiet stroll around Shibuya. The thought made him smile, and drove his eagerness for ramen to the very back of his mind, until Ken Doi came out with a small bowl in his hands and laying it on the ground near Joshua.

"Your owner wanted me to give you some of my finest ramen. I can not understand why but she insisted," said Ken Doi. Once he disappeared behind the doors, Joshua stared at the noodle filled bowl of soup; she ordered this… for me?

A light whine escaped from him as he watched the soupy substance churn slowly. His nose, sensitive to the heat, could feel the warmth brushing against the tip of it.

He sighed and glanced up at the sky, she may be annoying, but she means well, Joshua thought, and then thinking of what kind of seasoning was in his bowl. He practically loves any and all kinds of ramen dishes except one, plain ramen.

He took a sip and grabbed a few noodles with his long tongue. He clamped on the chewy substance and held his position still, then suddenly spat it back out.

Ken Doi placed Coco's order in front of her. She clapped her hands twice, then reached for the chopsticks beside her, but froze in spot as she spotted the white dog glaring, growling, and baring his fangs past the window.

It turned out, that his meal tasted rather plain.