Hey guys! This is new turf for me/ my first teen titans fic! I hope it's okay.

I know I still have other stories that I should be worrying about right now, but I just couldn't get the idea for this one-shot out of my head. I feel like in the series there wasn't enough BB and Cyborg friendship scenes, so I felt the need to write this.

I hope you like it, and as always I would appreciate reviews.


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There were many things you could call Beast boy, but stupid was not one of them.

Cyborg knew this; better than anyone actually, which is why he never did. Sure he called him Grass Stain, Green Bean, Lettuce Head, and even Tofu Face once and a while, but that was only because those little teasing names fit. Stupid didn't fit… not in the slightest.

Sure, he hadn't always known that. He won't admit it, but the first time he met the kid, he didn't really think of him as being all that intelligent. Even several weeks into their acquaintanceship, he would have bet anything that the green elf couldn't possibly have a high IQ. As the years went by though, and their friendship strengthened, he realised how wrong he had been. Sure Beast boy knew little about science, math or grammar, but that could all be chocked up to lack of education, not lack of intelligence. After hearing the small tidbits that Beast boy would let slip about his childhood, it didn't take long for Cyborg to deduce that he hadn't had any kind of normal life; though the details about his past had yet to be covered and something told him that they might never be. One of the things that had come up was that Beast boy had never gotten the chance to go to school, and though that raised more questions than it answered, such as: why couldn't he go to school? How does he know the little he does know? And so on, it did explain his lack of mathematical and scientific skills. This had been the first step in Cyborg learning to understand the fact that Beast boy was anything but stupid. The next step had been simply talking with him. It didn't take long to realise that Beast boy knew far more about the outdoor world than he ever let on, and it most certainly didn't take long to realise the kid had been around in his short life. For a fifteen year old, he sure seemed to know a lot about the best way to get from Chicago to Africa and which animals would be perfect for any terrain you might encounter with the most efficiency available. It also never ceased to amaze him how much Beast boy knew about the millions of animals there were on the planet. Sure, he had suspected that the little green changeling would have to know at least a little bit about animals considering how much time he spent being them, but he had never expected him to have encyclopaedic knowledge on every species to ever walk the Earth. Though these facts opened his eyes a little, they weren't what finally made Cyborg realise that Beast boy wasn't dumb. The real moment when Cyborg understood Beast boy wasn't stupid was when he stopped to watch him during battle one day. The skill, the agility and the finesse with which the younger Titan moved had nearly left him dumbstruck. Every move he made was perfectly calculated and positioned for the most efficiency and the best results, and yet he spent less than a second thinking about it. And though that was impressive beyond belief, it was nothing compared to the look in his eyes. The green orbs appeared all knowing, as if you were looking at a retired warrior rather than a young teenage hero. It was at that moment, when Cyborg made eye contact with him before he could cover up with his mask of cluelessness, that Cyborg finally understood that Beast boy wasn't stupid, not at all. Since that day, he never even considered the notion again, he couldn't. The look in those emeralds had been captured and filed away in his mind, engraved in his memory, and after studying the memory in great detail, he was positive that the changeling hid far more behind his childish antics and goofy remarks than anyone else would ever be able to comprehend. Pain, sorrow, loss, anger, persistence, determination, understanding… guilt, were all things that most people would never link to the green boy for one reason or another, but with that image forever fresh in his mind, Cyborg made the connections easily.

Cyborg never confronted Beast boy about it; it was just something he knew not to do, like asking Robin to take of his mask or trying to read Raven's books. It just wasn't done. It was one of the many things he would never ask him about, among why he never took off his gloves and why he never wore T-shirts. Cyborg strongly believed that he would tell him when he was ready, and if he never did, than it wasn't his place to say anything.

Yes, Beast boy was goofy, childish, reckless, loud, exuberant, persistent, and determined, but in no way was he lacking in overall intelligence. Cyborg knew that, and he knew it well. Which is why he never allowed others to make the mistake of calling him such.

Because stupid just didn't fit… not in the slightest.