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This was the final frontier… his last chance to stand up for his cause and finally end the battle that had long ago become his one and only hope to save himself from insanity.

He stood before the man who had always been his best friend, the semi-metal giant he saw as a brother, as their stares bore into each other… eyes unwavering.

There was only silence in the room, even the other occupants were utterly and completely mute, in great contrast to the usual hum of activity that would fill that particular section of the place they all called home.

As the two continued to challenge each other wordlessly, using only the depth of their eyes to relay the unsaid taunts they both knew the other had already said a million times before, the tension in the room relentlessly continued to tighten.

After several moments of the noiseless exchange, it was the cybernetic-man who finally spoke, his voice a low, yet confident rumble, "So… this is it then…"

The other, a lean yet well muscled green man, simply nodded, his stare held still, "Yeah, it ends here and now,"

The darker man replicated his nod of acknowledgement and agreement, "After this, we will no-longer have time to continue this war," he said, his eyes narrowing in preparation for the sure to be long and strenuous struggle ahead of them both, "I have to admit, you've come along way since this all started.

A low chuckle resounded from the younger man, a condescending tone pitched perfectly to irritate the other, "That's funny coming from you! Though I must say the same about your skills; you've proven to be a formidable opponent," he smirked bitterly at the older man, who simply frowned in return.

Silence yet again reined supreme as the two absorbed what they knew would be some of their finally words on the subject, before a new voice spoke up from across the room.

"Oh for goodness sake, will you just get it over with already?" said the violet haired women, who's gaze had been locked on the two men alongside the other remaining members of the team.

The men barely acknowledged her presence, but seemed to have heard her words, "She's right," the robotic teen stated.

"Yeah…" the other man agreed.

"Glorious!" Cried the red headed Tamaranean who sat immediately to the left of their leader, who shared in her excitement, "Then let the final prank war begin!"

And with that… the fight was on!

Beast boy stood above the wreckage before him, unsure of how to react. He honestly couldn't even believe his eyes; it just didn't make sense.

"I…" he started before trailing of for a moment, gathering his wits, "I… I won…"

And before him sat a frowning Cyborg, completely entwined in a metal wire net, a whole matter of tofu style meat and dairy replicates splattered across his entire metal body.

"Yeah… I guess you did," the darker man grumbled, struggling to keep his brows furrowed in an effort to hide his pride in the young changeling.

"I did it… I finally won!" the younger man cheered, jumping up and down in excitement.

"Way to go Beast boy!" He heard Robin's voice as he entered the room, along with the two women of the group following close at his heels, them all having heard the green man's exclamation of victory.

"Yeah, woohoo," Raven deadpanned sarcastically, though a hint of a smile teased at her pale lips.

"I too must proclaim my joy for you, friend Beast boy!" Star fire joined in, flitting over to the younger man and squeezing him tightly in one of her famous bear hugs.

"Thanks guys!" Beast boy squeaked as the Tamaranean crushed his ribs, "Woah, Star! Not so tight,"

"Yeah Star, don't kill the birthday boy," Cyborg chortled as he continued in his fruitless efforts to untangle himself from his bindings. After finally being released, and a taking few moments of deep breathing to rejuvenate his deprived lungs, Beast boy wandered over to his older friend to lend a hand in detaching him from the net.

"It was well played, dude," Beast boy said with a smile after pulling the taller man to his feet.

"Yeah, man, I have to admit that I didn't think you'd beat me… ever," Cyborg chuckled, ruffling the ever shorter man's forest green hair.

"It was bound to happen some day… though I find it some what amusing that he chose the one day when you couldn't beg for a rematch to do it," Raven interjected as she smirked.

"I don't think Beast boy planned it if that's what you're getting at… he never thinks that far ahead," Robin laughed as he slung his arm around Star fire's shoulders.

"Hey! Isn't there a rule about not insulting me on my birthday, because there should be! You do it enough every other day!" The green man huffed indignantly, though there was mirth in his emerald orbs.

Cyborg laughed and slapped his friend heartily on the back, nearly knocking the slender boy over, "Awww, come on Grass Stain! You know we're just messing with ya!"

"Yeah, but it's getting kind of late, so we should probably get going. We don't want to miss our dinner reservations. I mean it's not every day the city throws you a huge party for your 20th birthday right?" Robin said, glancing at his watch distractedly.

"Oh my! I have not yet even begun to prepare for this evenings festivities!" Star fire gasped as she noticed the time, before turning to Raven and Robin and grasping their hands, "Come friends! Aid me in my search for the 'formal clothings'!" and with several loud protests, the two were dragged out the door.

The two remaining Titans stood chuckling softly for a moment, before facing each other.

"So that's it I guess… you were the last of us. We're all grown up, huh?" the bigger man said, an air of light reminiscence lacing his words.

The younger smiled, but it wasn't his cheeky grin, or even his devilish smirk. It was simply a sincere, subtle upturn of his green lips and an ever-present sparkle in his eyes.

"Yeah, I guess, but it sure was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?" He replied, matching his friend's feathery tone.

"It sure was… but does it really have to end? I mean, yeah we're adults now… but when you think about it, we spent most of our childhoods being adults, seeing things no one should experience… let alone children. So… would it really be so bad if we took our time? Stayed young just that little bit longer?"

Beast boy couldn't help being slightly surprised by his friend's words. He had always thought that if anyone of them were to cling to a childhood they never really had… it would have been him. And yet… He didn't need to.

"I see what you mean…" He began, his gaze falling to the floor as he contemplated his words, "But… as much as I agree with you… I also couldn't disagree more," He looked up at his friend, to find him smiling as he waited for him to continue. This encouraged him, "I know none of us really got the chance to be kids, but the little experiences we did have will always mean far more to us than those who got to experience them every day. It keeps us humble, and it keeps us understanding what sacrifices have to be made for the good of others sometimes, and appreciating those sacrifices. I don't see why it would make any sense to take back what we lost now… especially now that we actually have an excuse to act like adults… since we are adults after all. I think I'll always be a kid at heart though… I mean, I still love goofing around and as much as I've matured I don't think that's ever going to change, but I still want to continue making things right, and doing the right things, too. We all have to grow up sometime, and I think my time has come." As he finished he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder, and he looked up to see Cyborg smiling down at him.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear," and with that, the older man pulled the younger into a comforting hug, "You really are all grown up, huh Grass Stain?" He chuckled warmly, before pulling away.

"Does that mean you'll stop calling me that?" the other asked, raising an olive green eyebrow.

"Not a chance man."