We all saw him fall, but not one of us ran forward to help. Half the school just stood there like… well like idiots as our favourite and most loved teacher fell from the roof after trying to pull that prat Kyle away from it.

I looked around, Kevin with his arm tightly around me, Connor unable to even look while Imogen's just stood there crying. Kacey… oh god… My eyes look around desperately for her, only to find Barry literally holding her up while she's so upset that no sound has even escaped her.

Clarkson was like a father to her. A damn sight better than our own. Hell he's even helped e after… but Barry wrote him off, saying he was just poking his nose in deliberately where it weren't wanted. But the truth is, we wanted his help.

Kevin had obviously noticed where I was looking, cause he started to pull me over to where they stood.

Only then did Barry look up and see us, and he held out his other arm for me, which I instantly fell into. "It's okay, Munch." I whispered, hugging her. It didn't even matter that Kevin was probably stood there like the spare part, just as long as he was there that was all that mattered to me.

It wasn't long before we were all told to go inside, something I think everyone was grateful for. I know I was. Seeing his lifeless body just lying there while Mulgrew tried to keep him awake. Course she failed, I just hope he wasn't in any sort of pain. If he was he never screamed out or anything.

It took a while for Mrs Mulgrew to come back in, maybe she stayed with him till the ambulance came for him. I liked that thought, least he wasn't on his own.

"We can't like just ignore it!" Rhiannon had said. We were all waiting in the assembly hall for our parents to come collect us. "We can't just forget about him tomorrow! Or any other day! 'E needs a proper send off!"

I nodded in agreement but couldn't bring myself to say anything.

"If your mate Kyle weren't up there Clarkson wouldn't have gone up in the first place!"

I was shocked at Kacey's outburst, her eyes just as red-rimmed as everyone else's, even Barry's.

Rhiannon had the decency to look at the floor. "Yeah I know, Kace! How was I to know that's what he'd do! When I last saw 'im he wasn't some sort of nutter! He was my mate!"

"A mate who was a complete loon and shot Josh with a crossbow!" I couldn't help but snap at her. I just lost it.

"Enough!" Mrs Mulgrew's voice echoed off the walls, stunned us all into complete silence. "That's better. Now, I know emotions are running high at the moment, and you shouldn't have had to witness such a terrible thing, believe me if I could stop Tom going up there myself I would have done. Rhiannon's right on one thing."

I tried my best not to roll my eyes.

"We can't let Tom Clarkson be forgotten. I want you all here as normal tomorrow morning. I will plan something tomorrow." Was what she said.

Well at least there was something we all agreed on… I looked around for my friends again and I made a little excuse to Kacey before walking over to Connor and Imogen.

"Just told my mum I'd be staying with Connor tonight… after what happened." She had explained when I saw her put her phone away.

"Bet she couldn't say much could she." I shrugged. I already knew what Imogen's mum felt, but I think, given the circumstances Imogen could have her own way just this once.

"No… she wanted to come pick me up, even said he could stay with me, but I think she could do with the company too…" Imogen reasoned, and I didn't need to ask who she meant, I already knew she meant the mother-in-law.

"You don't think she'll… y'know…?" I asked, I felt unsure of what to think or say or feel.

"Hope not… That's why I said we'd stay with her, might help take her mind off it." I heard Imogen say.

"Dyn! Mum says she's 'ere!" I heard Barry call over.

I gave Imogen a hug, and Connor a reassuring look before walking back over to where Barry and Kacey and Kevin were.

"You comin' with us?" I asked him.

"No…" Kevin had answered, though I knew he wanted to. "No, I think I'll stay keep Maggie and the others company tonight."

I couldn't help but smile. He always thought of others before himself. "Okay." I nodded, kissed him and walked away with my brother and sister.

That night, we lost a teacher. A much loved teacher who was a second dad to everyone he looked out for. Tomorrow, and every day after it, I knew I would do my hardest to make him proud. As will everyone else at Waterloo Road.

He wasn't our father.

But he may as well have been.

We'll miss you dad.