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Hunters in Orbit
Lotus Pond Wishes
LeMoNy.NiGhTs (sequel to LeMoNy.dAyS)

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Lotus Pond Wishes
Who is 'He'?
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"I can't say that to him!" Leorio paced around the room he and Kurapika shared. "I'd sound like Darth Vader!"
"Exactly." The blonde sank into an armchair. "And stop walking around like that. You're making me nervous."
"Sorry." Leorio sat down on his bed. "I still don't like the situation."
"It's your fault for putting it off. He's old enough."
"I know. But..."
"But what?! I'm getting sick of this. Besides, you owe him the truth."
"So do you."
"He isn't looking for me."
"Yeah, but...
"No more buts. Tonight."
"Oh, fine."
Just then there came a knock on the door. Killua was yelling on the other side. "Hey you two! Come out! Or do I have to kick down the door?!"
"Coming... coming..." Leorio opened the door. "What?"
"We're going out to play."
"Okay, you two go then." He turned around.
"Hold it." Killua grabbed the back of Leorio's shirt. "'We' means all four of us."
"Where are 'we' going then?" Kurapika asked.
"A garden. The lady we met last night recommended it." Gon answered.
"I guess we could." Leorio finally said.
The two younger boys cheered and ran off.
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Lotus Pond Wishes
Pond of the Poetry Lotus
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"Hmm... Pond of the Poetry Lotus..." Kurapika read off the sign. "The lotus here seem to have an 'ear' for poetry. It says that if a good poem is composed, the poet will have his or her wish granted."
"Cool!" Killua said. To Gon, "Wanna try?"
"Not much of a poet."
"We could help." Leorio offered. "It didn't say anything against that, did it?"
"No." Kurapika produced a small notebook and pencil from a pocket. "Here. This might help."
Gon scribbled furiously for a moment. Then he read it aloud:

In pictures you seem real, but it's an illusion; I'm wrong.
I should return to reality now.
I'm a Hunter, gotta be strong.

You left me with Mito-san,
Because of your job,
You left a son named Gon.

Father, Father, do you care?
Somehow I can't see you,
But I sense you everywhere.

I stand by a lotus pond.
Making a wish on a poem.
It's just too bad that we don't have a son and father bond.

Father, Father, do you care?
Somehow I can't see you,
But I sense you everywhere.

There was a bit of silence. One of the lotus waved a little. Then the rest of the lotus flowers joined in. The four watched the waving blossoms. As soon as it had started, the waving stopped.
"That was..." Killua searched for the right word. "...weird..."
"Wonder what it meant." Leorio said.
Kurapika looked at the still stalks. "I've never seen anything like that."
"It was the poem, wasn't it?" Gon asked.
"Had to be." Answered Kurapika, "They have an ear for poetry, anyway."
"I thought you weren't much of a poet," Killua said to Gon as they walked away.

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