Lucy was furious. How could Natsu leave her for so long?

Natsu had left four months ago at the news of a large dragon in Fiore, but how could he be sure it was Igneel? How could he be sure it was his reptilian step-father?

Lucy walked into the Guild hall and sat in her normal chair at the bar.

"Hello Lucy," Mirajane said as she began to dry out a cup.

"Hey Mira." Lucy said bluntly, still thinking about Natsu.

What could be taking him so long? He wouldn't leave so long if there wasn't a reason right?

Lucy went from the bar and to a table no one ever sat at. She rested her head in her palms, and quickly was lost in thought. Will he come back? If he will, how long will it be until he does?

Lucy just sighed, and thought of what would happen if he just came in right now.

"Hey guys!" Natsu would say, with a big goofy grin on his face.

"Aye!" The stupid cat, Happy, would be flying at his shoulder, with probably a fish in his paws.

Natsu would come over to Lucy, and he would tell her all about what happened.

"Lucy...?" Lucy quickly snapped out of her day dream and saw Levy sitting next to her.

"Hey," Lucy said, taking a swift glance at the door. Why would she look at the door? Would she be expecting Natsu to come in?

"Lucy, your still expecting Natsu to come bursting through the door aren't you?" Levy could tell by the expression on Lucy's face that she was. It was a frequent expression she had since Natsu had left. She worried for Lucy.

"Who doesn't?" Lucy asked, a light smile playing across her lips.