This was originally just a one-shot that was inspired by Enik T Jameson's 'The Hazard Within Miracles'. I've turned this into a story, though.

Ep.1. Reunion

A 12-year-old boy wearing a dark blue shirt that had a white horizontal stripe in the middle and on the sleeves, a blue unzipped vest over it, and brown shorts was running down a school corridor. His skin was caramel, he had crimson eyes, and his maroon-dyed hair resembled a hedgehog curled up as a spiky ball. Round yellow goggles were perched at the top of his forehead, a bit of hair sticking out from underneath.

The boy burst into a classroom seconds after the final bell rang. "Late again, Motomiya," the teacher stated with a frown.

"Hehe… Sorry," Daisuke Motomiya said, scratching the back of his head nervously. He took his seat and plopped down his black backpack beside him, flashing a smile in greeting to a brown-haired girl and a dark-haired boy as he went past them.

A blond boy with azure eyes poked Daisuke's back from his seat behind him. The spiky-haired boy turned and looked at his friend in confusion. "Why are you wearing those goggles?" Takeru 'TK' Takaishi asked in a whisper.

For a moment Daisuke's face was blank. Then he understood. Shoot! I didn't think they'd figure it out! Best feign stupidity. His face a mask of confusion, he asked: "Huh, whadda ya mean?"

"I mean, why aren't you wearing the goggles Tai gave you?"

Daisuke always wore his idol's, Taichi Kamiya's, goggles that had been given to him to replace his cracked ones when they broke during his "first" trip to the Digital World. Daisuke owned three different goggles, Tai's old ones included. They meant a lot to him because of what they symbolized. The white round ones for being the leader of his new team, the silver square ones for meeting Veemon, and the yellow round ones…. They were the most special of all.

"Well… You see…" Daisuke struggled for an answer for wearing his first goggles, the ones that meant more to him than any others.

"Hey! Motomiya, Takaishi, no talking!" the teacher snapped.

Daisuke shrugged and flashed TK an apologetic smile, then turned to face the board.

As soon as school was over, Daisuke raced to the computer lab to get there first so he could avoid questions about his goggles. No such luck.

Tai, Yamato 'Matt' Ishida, Sora Takenouchi, Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi and Yolei Inoue were there. They turned to Daisuke when he burst into the room, and Matt raised an eyebrow. "Where's the fire?" he asked.

Daisuke grinned sheepishly. "Hehe… Nowhere…" he replied, then laughed happily a little as his Digimon partner jumped into his arms with a lispy shout of "Dai! You're here!". "Come on, DemiVeemon. We gotta hurry."

"Hurry? Where would you be hurrying?" Yolei sniggered.

Daisuke shot her a glare. "Shuddap."

"I thought you were coming to the Digital World with all of us, Daisuke," Tai said. He then blinked. "Huh? Why are you wearing those goggles?"

Crap, crap, crap! "Erm… I uhh…. Gottagobye!" ["Gotta go bye!"] With that, the goggle-head darted out of the room and bumped into TK, Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya, Ken Ichijouji and Iori Hida on the way. Ken didn't originally go to Odaiba Elementary, but he joined the school after Christmas so he could hang around with his friends. Now he was in the same class as Daisuke, TK and Kari.

"Where's Daisuke going?" the navy-haired boy wondered out loud.

"Who knows? I asked him why he's not wearing his usual goggles, and he got all nervous," TK said.

"You know what that means!" Yolei exclaimed with a gleam in her eye. Everyone looked at the 12-year-old girl in confusion. So she decided to elaborate: "We follow him, of course!"

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Iori asked. The little brunette was the youngest DigiDestined, what with being only 9 years old and in third grade.

"'Course it is! Lets go!" Yolei declared, and raced off with her partner Poromon in her arms. The other DigiDestineds quickly picked up their partners (all the Digimon except Gatomon, Wormmon and Patamon were in their In-Training forms) and followed, leaving their bags behind in the computer room.

The group followed Daisuke and DemiVeemon into the Inoue family convenience store and from there to a local bakery called 'Matsuki Family Bakery'. Then they headed to the train station.

The group boarded a train carriage that was behind the one Daisuke was in. They saw a 12-year-old girl with shoulder-length pinkish hair held back by a black bandanna wearing black fingerless gloves, a red V-neck tank top over a white T-shirt and dark red tracksuit bottoms carrying a dark pink backpack walk over to Daisuke and hug him. The two talked, although the DigiDestineds couldn't of course hear what was being said.

"Oh my gosh, it's been forever! Still can't get rid of that hair colour, ne?" the girl laughed.

"Nope. But I like it. Can't believe I'd actually thank those two for it. When they put permanent hair dye into my shampoo, I thought I should just tell Rika to kill them," Daisuke replied, grinning. "So how've you and Henry been, Sue?"

"We're good. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I think it's tons more fun being his twin rather than his baby sister. And he likes it better too, not that Henry would ever admit that."

"Haha, yeah. Remember how ballistic he went when you showed up in the Digital World? I thought he'd have a heart attack!"

"And then I went and just flew to the battle, right in front of Zhuqiaomon's face! Man, I wish I could do that again. At the time I was just totally worried about Lopmon, but now I think of how fun it was."

The sounds of scuffling made the two 6th graders look down into the plastic shopping bags Daisuke was carrying. "DemiVeemon!" the goggle-head exclaimed crossly, grabbing the little dragon out of a bag by his tail while the other little In-Training in the bag hid so he wouldn't get scolded too. DemiVeemon had crumbs all over his face.

"What? I love your Mum'sh bread," the little bottomless pit said innocently. "You should gimme shome more oft'n."

Suichon 'Sue' Wong giggled. "You're just like Guilmon," she said, covering her mouth with her hand. Both times she was younger she went by the nickname Suzie, but when she was older she preferred Sue instead. She also managed to stop making her 'r's sound like Ws after turning ten.

Daisuke rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Those two could handle a truckload of food between them," he grumbled. "V, If you eat one more bit of food, you're not getting any at the reunion!"

"Wha-at?! That'sh Digimon child cruelty!" DemiVeemon wailed. This made Sue laugh even more.

"You're sooo adorable!" she squealed, snatching the In-Training and hugging him.

The DigiDestineds and their partners watched in shock. It was as if Daisuke had already told this girl about DemiVeemon. But why?

The train came to a stop at Shinjuku Subway Train Station, and the group got off the train when Daisuke and the girl did. They followed the two as discreetly as they could. Now they could hear some of their conversation

"I swear, Gigimon and DemiVeemon should have an eating contest someday just to see whose stomach is bigger. But I don't think there's enough food around for that," Daisuke was saying.

Gigimon? Is that a Digimon? Izzy thought, storing the name into his memory so he could research about it later.

Sue elbowed her friend. "So you glad to be back?" she asked with a smirk that would have made Rika proud.

"Yeah. This place brings back so many great memories," the goggle-head replied with a wide grin.

Much to the spying teens, Digimon and preteens' shock, a small brown and light pink Digimon that closely resembled Terriermon popped out from the backpack Sue had. The Rookie climbed onto the pinkette's head.

"Hi, Lopmon! What's up?" DemiVeemon, who had scampered up his partner's arm onto the human boy's shoulder, greeted.

Lopmon? Is that girl a DigiDestined? the group behind them thought, now really confused.

"I'm good. But yesterday the Wong twins' cousins showed up at the apartment and Sue actually left me to entertain them! It was horrible! They pulled on my ears until she came back from the kitchen and yelled at them for it," Lopmon replied with a shudder.

"Hee-hee! And that's why G and me avoid Jun at all costs!" DemiVeemon giggled, earning himself a heated glare from the Deva. [By G, he means Gigimon.]

"Sue! Dai!" someone shouted, and the two looked forward. They were now in a park, and their followers quickly hid into nearby bushes.

A 12-year-old boy with dark blue short-cropped hair and light gray eyes was coming towards them. He wore white wristbands, a black T-shirt and dark grey trousers. Just from looking at him, it was easier thanks to his light caramel skin to see than with Sue that the boy was half-Japanese half-Chinese.

"Henry!" Daisuke and DemiVeemon exclaimed, and the goggle-head ran a few steps towards his friend with Sue close behind. Jenrya 'Henry' Wong came to a stop in front of him.

"No way! What's Terriermon doing here?" Kari whispered, and everyone now stared at the new arrival's shoulder where a small white and light green Digimon was. She and the others thought this was the same Terriermon as Willis's, until it spoke.

"Momentai, you're still wearing those goofy goggles?" the Rookie laughed, his voice different from Willis's Terriermon's. And what did "Momentai" mean?

"I see you still keep taking everything easy!" Daisuke replied with a laugh, balling up his fist and lightly bumping the joker's head with it. "So where are the others?"

"On their way here. They should be here in–" Henry replied, but got cut off by a yell.

"Yo, chumley!" Kazu Shioda, the boy whose chocolate brown hair was now shorter than its former length but still stuck up like a flame, shouted. He was running towards his friends while carrying Kapurimon, Guardromon's In-Training form. Kenta Kitagawa was close behind him with MarineAngemon flying beside him. Kazu wore a yellow V-neck T-shirt, a black sleeveless T-shirt under it, and dark green shorts. He still sported his trusty visor on his head and his yellow wristbands on his wrists. Kenta of course still wore glasses, and his green bowl-style hair hadn't been changed at all. He was dressed in a beige buttoned-up shirt over a white T-shirt, and light brown shorts.

A girl with shoulder-length light-brown-streaked auburn hair tied back into a loose ponytail and hazel eyes came through some trees, accompanied by a pale-lavender-eyed girl with her red hair tied up in a spiky ponytail. The first girl wore a forest green skirt and a yellow T-shirt beneath her green V-neck tank top that had a large sunflower on it, and her companion was dressed in blue jeans and a black leather jacket over a light blue T-shirt. Both of them had Digimon with them – the red-head's being a tall yellow and white fox and the auburnette's a cute little white creature with fan-like rabbit ears that were tipped with purple.

Two more kids, obviously fraternal twins, came over too. The boy had chocolate brown hair that stuck in every direction in small spikes much like Daisuke's. He wore denim blue jeans and a turquoise T-shirt. His sister had on a purple jean-vest, a pink tank top beneath it, and dark purple shorts. A matching dark pink cap was perched on her head backwards, and her chocolate hair was in messy (almost spiky) pigtails.

"Jeri, Rika! Great to see you two. You look great!" Daisuke said, after rolling his eyes at Kazu and giving him and Kenta, who were his two oldest friends, a thumbs-up. Jeri Katou hugged Daisuke while Rika Nonaka smirked at him and punched his shoulder lightly.

"Hey, what are we? Chopped liver?" the true twins said at the same time, pouting and crossing their arms.

"We didn't forget about ya, Ai, Mako," DemiVeemon reassured, and jumped from his partner's shoulder to the cap-wearing girl's. He nuzzled her cheek, and Ai Kusakabe giggled. Suddenly, the little Digimon yelled: "Ouch!"

He jumped back to his partner and scrambled onto Daisuke's head while rubbing his sore back. The blue and white dragon turned and glared murderously at the one responsible. A little imp covered completely save for his face by his dark purple suit that had a yellow smiley face on it was laughing his ass off in a nearby tree.

"Haha! Ya shoulda seen the look on yer face!" the Rookie laughed, pointing at DemiVeemon with his gloved hand. Same hand he had tossed a fireball at the little dragon with.

"Impmon, that wasn't nice," Mako Kusakabe scolded his and Ai's partner, but the cheeky imp went on laughing.

The laughter stopped abruptly when Terriermon and Lopmon, after exchanging smirks, used their nearly identical special attacks to make him fall out of the tree.

"Blazing Fire!" Terriermon called out, firing little lime green crystals from his mouth.

"Blazing Ice!" Lopmon yelled, shooting little pink crystals from her mouth.

"Geez, ya can't take a joke?" Impmon grumbled, coming out of the bush he had fallen into and marching over to the group.

"I think we should find a more appropriate place," Renamon the fox suddenly said, sensing that they were being spied on. The others exchanged confused looks, but shrugged and walked off. Calumon giggled and settled on one of Daisuke's shoulders, DemiVeemon chattering with him excitedly.

In their hiding place, the DigiDestineds didn't know what to make of the situation. "Those other kids have Digimon with them, and Dai knows them well," Tai said, scratching the side of his head in utter confusion.

"But how? I thought there weren't any other DigiDestineds besides us and Willis," Yolei said, frowning. [The tour around the world didn't include foreign DigiDestineds in my mind, coz I prefer that only this one special group have partners (plus Willis who's in America of course).]

"Lets follow them and ask," TK suggested.

"No, we can't!" Iori exclaimed, a little angry. "We already disturbed their privacy by following Daisuke here, it would be wrong to go and question them."

Ken nodded in agreement. "If he wanted us to know, he'd have told us. Lets just go home," the former Digimon Emperor suggested.

"I think it's best if we talk to him about this tomorrow," Izzy said with a thoughtful look. Of course, he might be able to use his hacking skills to find out more about that other DigiDestined group, but that would be against his morals.

The others agreed, albeit a little begrudgingly.

Elsewhere in the park, the nine Tamers and nine Digimon were sitting on a picnic blanket near Guilmon's old shed. They laughed, talked about what was going on in their lives, played a few rounds of the Digimon Card Game and generally just enjoyed themselves while snacking on the food Daisuke had brought. The others had brought a few small eatables too, all of which got devoured by all the Digimon. Except Renamon, who had great self-control and only ate a little bit.

"Haha! Can't catch me!" Terriermon laughed, running around on the grass with DemiVeemon next to him. Kapurimon was bouncing behind them, trying to catch them.

Impmon smirked and tripped the two, making the Rookie and In-Training tumble into a heap. Kapurimon caught up to them and touched Terriermon's nose with the tip of his tail.

"You're it!" he giggled, and bounced off.

"DemiVeemon's it!" Terriermon shouted, tagging the little dragon as they untangled themselves.

"Terriermon's it!" the In-Training replied, tagging his friend's ear and dashing quickly through the picnic blanket along with the red Tokomon-like Digimon know as Gigimon, accidentally making a cookie packet get flung to Rika's face.

"Why you little–" the red head began, but got cut off by her friends laughing. She shot them cold glares, and they all shut up.

"Hi-hi. My turn to be it!" Calumon giggled, jumping over to Terriermon so he could get tagged.

Jeri smiled, looking at the little playful creampuff-lover fondly. She then turned her attention back to Daisuke and Rika's card battle.

"Digimodify, Warp Digivolution Activate," the goggle-head said, setting down a card on top of his Agumon card. "Agumon warp digivolve to WarGreymon! And that makes you history."

"Not so fast, goggle-head! Take this!" Rika retaliated, placing a card on top of one of her cards. "Digimodify, Hyper Speed Activate." She then smirked at Daisuke's look of disbelief, and placed another card on top of the Hyper Speed one. "Digimodify, Double Digivolution Activate. Gaogamon warp digivolve to MirageGaogamon."

"Aww nuts!" Daisuke exclaimed. He lost the game. "Still the best, huh Rika?"

"You know it," his friend replied with her usual cocky smirk. Daisuke grinned, knowing that's where he and the others got most of their smirks from.

"You up for another round, chumley? I can't wait to kick your butt," Kazu said, clapping Daisuke on the shoulder.

"Ha-ha, as if!" the goggle-head retorted confidently.

"Need I remind you that we haven't played against each other for two whole months? No doubt you've gotten rusty while I've been practicing almost every day."

"By getting your butt whooped thanks to Rika?" Daisuke teased.

"No!" Kazu exclaimed indignantly, his red face betraying the truth. Everyone burst out laughing.

To be continued…

He-hehe… Since I've turned this into a story, I've got some big plans. And sorry, but the episodes/chapters work best as short.

I gave Mako and Ai the surname Kusakabe since it was the first one to come to mind.