Fanfiction Sebastian x Ciel


This is a yaoi (boy x boy) so if you don't like it, don't read.


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Ciel sat in his bed, reading. The book wasn't very interesting though, so he put it aside on a wooden bedside table.

"Sebastian" he said loudly.

A few seconds later he heard a knock on the door.

"Yes, bocchan?"

"I'd like to retire for the night."

"Don't you want a cup of tea before you go to bed, bocchan?" Sebastian asked.

"..Sure. Make it extra sweet, Sebastian"

"Yes, young master" he said and bowed. Then he went out of the room.

After some minutes Ciel's butler knocked on the door again.

"Bocchan, your tea is ready. Earl grey, extra sweet as you requested"

Sebastian walked over to Ciel and handed him the tea. Ciel, sitting in the bed, took a sip.

"Is it to your liking, bocchan?" Sebastian asked.

"It is not sweet enough" Ciel grunted.

He put the tea away, beside the book, and demanded:

"Sebastian, give me something sweet" with an slightly irritated look on his face.

Before Ciel could react Sebastian had pinned him to the bed and straddled him. Then he started placing pecks at his master's neck.

"S-Sebastian. W-What are you doing?!" He demanded to know with a startled but slightly embarassed voice.

"I'm just following your order, bocchan" Sebastian said with a smirk. He took out his tongue and started to lick his neck. Then he searched for Ciel's sensitive spot and nibbled it when he found it.

"S-Se-Sebastian" Ciel moaned with a blush slowly spreading on his cheeks.

"R-Release me this i-instant" he stuttered. Sebastian continued to bite on his neck and placed soft kisses. Then he paused, smirking.

"But bocchan, you do not sound very convincing... Not convincing at all" He rubbed their clothed erections against eachother and Ciel let out a loud whimper.

"Your body doesn't seem convincing either. You like this, don't you?" Sebastian whispered to him, licking his earlobe. Ciel moaned again and blushed a dark pink.

"N-no" he mumbled. Sebastian smirked.

"But why would you be this hard then? Ciel" he said using his seductive voice.

Ciel moaned and felt shivers down his spine from hearing Sebastian say his name in that voice.

"S-Sebastian.." He moaned.

"Yes, young master?" He whispered.

"Mm... S-Say my name again.." He stuttered embarassed.

Sebastian grinned and ripped of Ciel's shirt. Then he started running his hands all over the younger boy's body.

"I'll say it all you want.. My Ciel"

The young master groaned and hardened. Sebastian noticed that and gave him several pecks on his plumb pink lips. Then he nibbled on his lower lip, asking for entrance. Willingly, Ciel opened his mouth. Sebastian pushed his tongue inside and started to explore his master's mouth. As he expected it tasted sweet. Sebastian wanted more and pressed harder against Ciel, who placed his arms around the other one's neck and kissed back.

"Not so reluctant anymore, Ciel?" The butler smirked when he heard more moans from him.

"S-Sebastian.. I-I want more of you"

"Well, aren't we eager down here?" He whispered, lips brushing against Ciel's ear, as he pressed himself harder against Ciel's crotch.

"Mmm.. Sebastian" he pleaded.

Sebastian kissed him passionately.

"Ciel, was this sweet enough for you?" Sebastian said with a smirk.

"Mm.. Y-Yes.. I think I've found my new favourite sweet."

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