Naruto: My Girlfriend's family

Naruto is now eighteen years old. He was in a happy relationship with Hinata Hyuga. Things were going well for them. Naruto was to succeed Tsunade after she retires as Hokage. Naruto was nervous when he sat down to officially ask her parents permission to date their daughter. Hiashi scared him a bit but Hinata's mother Saya Hyuga calmed him down and thought Naruto would be good to Hinata. He may not have been raised by his parents but he did have their good traits and has proven he can be trust worthy. Saya was happy for her daughter. They were so in love that it made her jealous sometimes since her and Hiashi haven't had a spark like that in a long time. She was starting to feel lonely. Hiashi is always either in meetings or away for diplomatic missions. This was one of those weeks. Saya is now alone with Hinata and Hanabi on their missions. Saya couldn't help but want to try to relieve herself.

"Ahh, so good." She was masterbating in her room with a vibrator she secretly bought. "It feels so good." She said in her moans as she imagining having sex with someone. Instead of it being her husband she was thinking of Naruto. She couldn't help it. He was every bit as handsome and kind as his father, Minato. She kept imagining his hard penis going in her as she moved the vibrator in and out. Where she was pinching her nipples of her thirty-eight D size breasts she imagined he was sucking on them. "Oh, god. I'm almost there." She said till she heard someone entering.

"Hello? Anyone home?" She recognized the voice and it was Narutos. She quickly stopped and quickly fixed her robes and tried to hide her vibrator but Naruto entered before she had a chance to so she kept it under her robe. "Oh Lady Saya. How are you?"

"O-Oh, hello Naruto. What brings you here?" She said nervously.

"I just got back from a mission and was looking to see if Hinata was home." Naruto replied as he took a seat in front of her.

"Oh, I see. Well, I'm afraid she has mission and won't be back till next week." She told him.

"What? Really?" Naruto complained.

"Yes. I'm sorry. Almost everyone here is gone and are out at the moment." She told him as the thought of him almost catching her and him looking at her with his blue eyes and smiling at her was making her even more wet than before.

"Are you okay, Lady Saya?" Naruto asked as he got close to her to make sure she was alright.

"I'm perfectly fine. Really." She replied. As Naruto got close and felt her forehead he then heard a faint noise coming from underneath her robes.

"What's that noise?" He asked as he looked below and noticed the vibrator along with the fact she wasn't wearing panties and blushed.

"Ahh!" She yelled as Naruto tried to get her to calm down. "Please don't tell anyone." She begged him.

"I won't. I promise." He told her. "So, why do you have that anyway?" He asked her being naturally curious.

"(Sigh) It's just...Hiashi barely touches me anymore." She replied while looking sad. "I miss the feeling and I got a little jealous of how you and Hinata are so in love. Even at how you two had your first last month."

"How'd you know about that!?" Naruto asked her thinking he was busted.

"I am her mother, Naruto. She showed obvious signs that something good happened between you two." She replied.

"I'm a really terrible mother." She said as she felt guitly.

"No, come on. It's natural." He tried to comfort her. "You're a beautiful woman. Hiashi would have to be crazy to not be taking care of you when you need him."

"No, not that. I think of you everytime I masterbate." She told him.

"Oh. I guess that would be something to feel guilty about. But even so it's natural to wanna do that. Come on don't cry." Naruto tried to cheer her up.

"(Sob, sob) Thank you. I just feel so guilty." She said as she looked up at Naruto. He looked down at her and couldn't help but notice at how Hinata no doubt inherited her cute face from her. He tried wiping her tears till they both started leaning closer and closer till they touched lips. "No. We shouldn't."

"Y-You're right." Naruto said and yet he was still being drawn to her and kissed her again but this time more deeply. Saya accepted the kiss. They slpped their tongues inside each other's mouths. "Just to help relieve you."

"Relieve me..." Was all she said as she kissed him again. "I'm sorry Hinata, But I need this. To be touched. To be loved." She said in her thoughts as she felt Naruto touch her breasts. He got behind her and started massaging her breasts. He then opened up her robes and got a good look at her body. Her breasts were big and wondered if Hinata's would grow to that size. He then started sucking on her left Breast and started fingering her. "Ahh, oh god. That feels so good." She told him as he sucked and fingered her. She wrapped her arms around him to make him continue. "Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh...ahh, ahh, oh god. I'm almost there. I'm...I'm cumming!" Saya yelled as she felt herself orgasm hard.

"That was a pretty hard orgasm." He told her.

"Hah, hah, You look pretty hard." She replied as she moved and layed him down then undid his pants and pulled them down. There was his eight inch cock all hard and stiff. "So big." She said as she began to give him a blow job.

"Ahh, oh my god." Naruto said surprised Saya Hyuga was giving him a blow job and how good she actually was at it. She kept bobbing up and down while massaging his ball sack and using various tongue techniques. Naruto kept staring at her breasts.

"Oh, do you want me to use these." She said to him as she started giving him a titty job and sucked the on the tip and licked it at the same time.

"Ahh, Ahh, oh god this is too much. I'm gonna cum!" Naruto yelled as he placed his hands on the back of her head and pushed down. Saya didn't resist as she just let all his cum get released in her mouth and swallowed it every last drop of it.

"Pwahhh, so delicious." She said in ecstasy. Naruto took the rest of his clothes off as he was still hard. He started on top of her and inserted his cock inside her. "Ahh! It's been so long!" She said as she was in utter bliss and felt Naruto thrust deep inside her. "Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh ,ahh oh god!"

"It feels so good inside you." He told her.

"You're so deep inside me! Ahh, ahh, I'm gonna go crazy!" Saya told him as Naruto picked up the pace. He started playing with her breasts for a bit. Then he noticed the vibrator. He stopped for a sec and got her on all fours as he got her in doggy style then turned on the vibrator and inserted in her butt hole. "Oh god, my ass! My Pussy and Ass feel so good!" She yelled as she started drooling. Naruto thrusted faster and harder.

"Here I...cum!" He yelled as he released in side her causing her to yell from her orgasm.

"More...I want more." She told him.

"In that case." Naruto made a few Shadow Clones and they started gangbanging her. Laying on the ground letting Saya ride him, a Clone inserted his dick in her ass and thrusted hard inside her, Saya was sucking off one of the clones, while she was using her hands to jerk off the last two clones.

"Ohh, god. It's so amazing! I think I'm jealous of Hinata. He's so amazing. He may be better that Hiashi and his father." She said in her thoughts as she was enjoying the sex.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Naruto yelled as the clones couldn't hold back anymore either so they all released all they had on Saya and inside her as well as she had her biggest orgasm yet. Saya enjoyed it. Naruto was still hard and his clones still had more energy. The who was giving her anal laid on the floor and got Saya on top while getting his dick back inside her ass and the Naruto thrusted her pussy again. "Both dicks going inside my ass and my Pussy! It feels so good!" Whatever amount of common sense she had left was gone as was Naruto's. All that was left was carnal desire. Naruto Kissed her neck and left a kiss mark. they kissed more and their tongues exploring each others mouths again

"Stick out your tongue!" He told her as she did as she was told through her moans. Naruto then started sucking on her tongue. the thrusts were getting faster and faster. one clone dispersed and let the other two to get stroked by Saya. they bent down to massage and suck on her breasts. The feeling of it all was too much as her look of elegance was replaced with ecstasy.

"Oh god! My tongue, my breasts, my ass, and my pussy! I've never felt like this before! Not even with Hiashi! Hiashi doesn't even compare to it!" Saya said in her thoughts! "Mwore! Himme mwore! I whant mwore!" Saya said to Naruto and he obeyed as she kept stroking two of the clones. "I'C HUMMING!"she yelled as all the Narutos released their cum in her and all over her again. The clones dispersed as NAruto was finally tired. He passed out and Saya slept with him for a an hour. after the sleep Naruto took a quick shower and was at the door. "Naruto." Saya called Naruto looked nervous due to the fact that he just slept with his girlfriend's mother.

"Yes?" He replied.

"Do come by and visit me again." She told. "Don't worry, this'll be...our...little...secret." She said seductively. Naruto blushed as she kissed him on the lips.

"uhh. bye." Naruto quickly said as he dashed off but the thought of actually boning one of the hottest women in the leaf was a turn on. she was only in her late thirties. thirty nine maybe forty at the oldest but she still had the body a woman in her mid twenties would kill to have is what he thought as he headed home. unbeknownst to them Hanabi had just returned early and ended up witnessing the whole act till the slept. while they slept she went out to clear her head. then she returned after wandering for an hour and saw Naruto was just leaving. Saya now wanted Naruto for herself, Hanabi had an interest in Naruto as well. Now she had something to use on him. She decided to follow him and use this as her chance. Technically speaking as shinobi who recently got her Chunin rank she is by Ninja standards an adult. This was the beginning of a turning point in his life.

To be continued...

After recieving 2 reviews and overlooked it and agreed with them. i changed the out come and this short stroy is mostly going to be Naruto sleeping with the mother, Hanabi, and Hinata all of this ending with Naruto becoming a Harem king for the Hyuga clan or I could just end it with him having the Hyuga sisters and their mother. we'll see after I go over this again and see what the reviews say. Thank you.