My Girlfriends Family: Finale

Today was the day it will all end. Naruto and the girls awaited the return of the elders and Hiashi. Saya had made it clear she would deal with Hiashi on her own and break it to him that she would like to end their marriage. Hinata and Hanabi would be next to her for it since this was something between their parents but it also affects them. That left Naruto to deal with the Elders with the other girls. They had gone over every legal and political loop hole and defense the Elders could use or throw. Naruto was ready. He was just hoping it didn't have become a battle with them. The Elders made their presence known as they walked the streets home. Hiashi leading them back looking dignified as ever. Naruto sat in the room where the Elders would enter as Saya and Hanabi instructed him to. He sat there waiting for them to enter with Bonbori, Hozuki, Momoyo, Kasumi, Tenten, and Hikari would await the Elders in the Council room. The Elders and Hiashi entered the compound. Saya stood there with Hinata and Hanabi waiting with her.

"Welcome home Hiashi." Saya said to him. Hiashi noted the way she said her name. He was aware that she had something to say.

"Yes, thank you." He replied.

"Naruto is in the council room and would like to speak with them." She said plainly. Hiashi signaled them to go. Figure it was rude to leave him waiting if he waited there for them.

"I suppose we should go talk in my study then." Hiashi said as the four of them walked there. He noted the sad look in his two daughters faces knowing what his wife had to say can't be good. The Elders entered and noted Naruto and the girls behind him as they took their seats.

"What is this about, young Naruto?" One of the elders asked as another said.

"Surely you realize we are in the middle of planning to rebuild our clan."

"I am. That's exactly why I'm here." Naruto replied. "I have come to take Hinata, Hanabi, Momoyo, Bonbori, Hozuki, Kasumi, Hikari, and Saya with me to rebuild the Uzumaki clan." He said as he showed the proper documents with all the signatures from each girl agreeing to it. The Elders were shocked. Hinata was one thing but Hanabi as well as Saya with these other girls who show potential for giving birth to future Hyuga generations. The elders had plans of their own for them, well plans that can only happen if Hiashi is out of the way. The arguments began where meanwhile with Saya who had just told Hiashi the truth of everything that has happened as he looked at the divorce paperwork. It was obvious he was hurt but signed off his portion without hesitation which surprised them. After that he just told them to pack up and leave. He had nothing left to say except to call in Naruto after he was done with his meeting with the elders. Saya agreed to it as a final favor to him. As the door closed to leave him alone with his thoughts tears fell out of his eyes as he mumbled. "This is my final task farewell my beloved." Hiashi mumbled as he waited for Naruto. Back with Naruto the Elders were not backing down they had planned on having the remaining women of the Hyuga from both branches to give birth to more pure blooded Hyuga clan members since they feared at this rate they'd be sharing the same fate as the Uchiha, Senju, and Uzumaki clans with so few numbers.

"I was hoping this could be settled peacefully but as usual Saya and Hanabi had the right idea for me to have this ready ahead of time." Naruto said as Hikari handed him the document scroll as Naruto then threw it at the Elder sitting in the middle across from him. He looked shocked.

"But th-this is..."

"With Saya's permission she had Lady Tsunade look into something before you came back the other day. You intended to inbreed with the remaining women of the Hyuga clan along with the young ones who would come of age. If that were to fail then you would have sold off the ones who would give birth to who you would consider weak children. It was well hidden but we found your pending document quite easily thanks to a little help from the branch family. Then there is also the charge of the murder of Kasumi's mother." Naruto said as Kasumi looked shocked at what he just said. Her suspicions were confirmed. "You guys had her killed because she had planned to go the Third Hokage about talking to Hiashi about removing the bird cage seal. She had a mission the day before which was supposed to be a simple C-rank mission to the Hidden Cloud village but was suddenly attacked by bandits led by a Rogue ninja at the time. The timing of it all was a little too perfect." Naruto said like a professional as he performed a summoning jutsu for some scrolls containing the evidence. The Elders were officially in a bind and speechless. Naruto got up and walked with girls out the door. "Oh by the way your free to do what you want with it since those are my copies. Anbu black ops should be here within the next ten minutes. As of today there is no more Hyuga Council the remaining members in both families will decide their own fates." Naruto said as they walked away and closed the door leaving the Elders to their shame. Kasumi latched on to Naruto thanking him for what he did as tears of happiness fell from her eyes. They then spotted Saya, Hinata, and Hanabi waiting.

"It's done." Saya said. "But Hiashi wants to speak with you."

"I understand. You guys go on back to my place and I'll meet you all there." Naruto told them. They wanted to stay but Naruto insisted on handling this on his own. Naruto went to the study to meet with Hiashi who was now standing outside in the training area. "You signed it pretty willingly."

"It was my choice to make but as a husband I have failed in keeping my wife happy." He told him.

"And the fact that you're dying lung cancer has nothing to do with it." Hiashi was shocked when Naruto said that.

"So, you found out."

"Kasumi and Granny filled me in on it. Why the secrecy? Was it worth losing your wife over it?" Naruto asked him.

"Somethings are better left unsaid. If I had said anything then elders would have saw it as their opportunity to take over after my death." Hiashi replied. "However as a man I still need to let out my anger for defiling my wife regardless of what the reasons are." He told him as he took his fighting position and Naruto did the same. "I'm not going to hold anything back this time."

"I know, cause I won't either." Naruto replied since he has had a few matches with Hiashi before but he could always tell he was holding back whether he won or lost. He knew this one thing that was unavoidable. A fight with Hiashi for having an affair with his wife. As they fought Naruto thought about how if Hiashi didn't have his cnacer would things have played out differently? Would he still have rebuilt the Uzumaki clan the CRA? It was one of those things that can be pondered but wouldn't change what is now reality. Naruto truly respected Hiashi as a good man. After their final blows Hiashi laid on the ground defeated.

"Take care of them." He said. Naruto walked to him and kneeled. "I may not have much time left but it is enough time to at least leave the remaining members of my clan free."

*Note for some reason I felt like putting Aozora by Lia that was played in the anime AIR*

"For every caged bird eventually seeks out to fly in the infinite blue sky to finally spread their wings and fly." Naurto said poetically as he looked up at the sky.

"Keep this a secret till my death. I would rather have them hate me for this than give up and regret the choices they made." Hiashi said.

"They'd still feel that way even after I tell that." Naruto replied.

"Perhaps, but you are their new pillar of strength and they'll need to be a leader, husband, and father." Hiashi said as he continued to lay there looking at the sky.

"Is that supposed to be adult advice?" Naruto asked.

"More like advice from one leader to a future one." Hiashi replied. Naruto got up and walked off to head home. Hiashi laid on the ground for what felt like hours staring at the sky till Ko passed by and helped him back up. "Ko I have an important assignment for you. It'll be the most important one of your life." Ko listened intently to Hiashi.

Two months later.

It was a bright day but it was sad day as well. Hiashi's time had come. He had left the world of the living his immediate family was then informed by Kasumi about what had happened. Saya cried because her ex-husband had been so selfish and stubborn and her hormonial emotions while pregnant made her rants all the more honest. Hinata and Hanabi complained as well but eventually settled down. Ko was then appointed to lead the Hyuga as one clan for those who wish to continue living in the compound to which both branches agreed to do. It was going to be a long while before the Hyuga could make a new name for themselves but at least now they had true freedom. For most it was a relief since they no longer had to have their lovers chosen for them for status or power. As for Naruto and his Harem they had moved to a complex big enough to have a whole clan to live in but for now they were all living in the main house.

A year later. (And end song please.)

Sleeping babies could be seen resting their little heads in individual cribs. This was probably the biggest Nursery room anyone had ever seen and each crib had a baby monitor above them to warn the parents if they awoke. Where are the mothers and father you ask? Well that is an easy question to answer they were in a separate room that they sound proofed so they didn't wake the little ones up. Naruto and his clones we're pleasing his wife and mistresses. Despite that each of them had given birth a few months back they were ready and willingly to bear more kids for Naruto. Kasumi was making out with a clone while riding on top of him and the cloning was fingering her butt hole as she moaned in ecstasy. Kasumi gave birth to a girl who was slightly under average weight but was healthy regardless. She wanted to have a boy this time and hoped she would give Naruto a son first but two of them beat her to it. Bonbori and Hozuki gave birth on the same day could be just they're twins or maybe it was coincidence but regardless they gave birth to girls. Bonbori's daughter had her brown hair while Hozuki's daughter had red hair but aside from that the two looked similar in physical appearance but maybe as they get older they would look different by just a bit. The twin girls grinding on clone's dick while sucking off on one each right now they wanted to be drenched in his cum and drink it down before getting pregnant again. Hikari was in a reverse cowgirl position and was covering her face.

"Naruto is looking at me being penetrated." She said as she moaned. Three clones were jerking off to her as they watched a clone penetrate her while spreading her legs open for them to see.

"Hikari is so cute when she get's embarrassed." a clone said. Hikari gave birth to a girl with blonde hair no doubt inherited from Naruto. Momoyo gave birth to a boy with her dark hair. And showed signs he was going to have more raw and physical power when he was old enough. Momoyo as per usual was getting her rough sex from six clones. She was being double penetrated, triple if you count the fact she was deep throating a clone as it thrusted while jerking off the other two who then attacked her still very impressive chest that was milking a lot of milk compared to the others and the clones loved drinking it as much the baby does. Tenten was getting anal while sucking off a clone. Anal sex seemed to be her fetish. She was seven months along because she wanted to wait till Hizashi was old enough to at least go to a day care so he could learn to play with other kids his age. She was due to pick him up in an hour or so. Hizashi loved his new siblings and was excited to meet the one his mother would give birth to. Him being the oldest sibling meant he was gonna be looked up to and that made a happy child. He adored having Naruto as a dad and as promised Naruto told him stories of Neji when they wnet on missions together so it wouldn't feel like he was pushing Neji out of the picture. Then lastly Saya, Hanabi and Hinata decided to share the real Naruto today since next time it was Momoyo's turn since only the real Naruto could satisfy her completely but the clones do calm her sexual urges for awhile till then. Naruto was thrusting into Hinata while fingering Hanabi and Saya who were on all fours. Hanabi and Saya gave birth to girls. Hanabi's daughter had a dark blue color while Saya's had light blue color as for Hinata she gave birth to twin boys. One had blonde hair and the other had dark brown hair. For some reason only the twin boys inherited the whisker marks from Naruto but it was probably just one of those thing that happen.

"Oh man I am about to cum." Naruto said as he pulled out to cum on Hinata, Saya and Hanabi. The clones released all they had on the girls they were working on. As they all yelled.

"Naruto! I love you!"

the clones dispersed since what started a small wail from one baby moniter became loud cries from all baby monitors signaling their fun time for the day was over. It was time to go be parents and Naruto had to get his things ready since starting tomorrow he starts his official duties as Hokage. Hinata decided to teach at the academy along with Hikari. Kasumi would be working at the hospital, Hozuki, bonbori, Saya, and Momoyo would be staying at the house watching the kids. For Hozuki and Bonbori being at home wives was good enough for them, Saya didn't have much to do outside these days so watching her newest daughter along with her grandkids but decide to let them think of her as a mother, and Momoyo was planning a training regiment for the kids when they got old enough to start ninja training. The ones who could use Byakugan would get Gentle Fist training the ones who couldn't use will get trained in the basics then Naruto would show them a few tricks that he learned but that would determined till much later after the babies develop more. This was their new lives and Naruto would still work hard to make the peace his father and Jiraiya passed on to him happen but he knew that he wouldn't be alive long enough for it to happen. He would have to trust the future generations who believe in his path to continue and finish it. Naruto knows he would die around the age fifty since most of his life energy was used during his days of rampage before he could use Kurama's chakra. Speaking of Kurama, he had agreed to watch over his family long after Naruto leaves the living to insure a world where everyone including the nine Bijuu's can live their lives however they want in a peaceful life. Till then Naruto would do the best he can to meet everyone's expectations.

"Naruto! Come have lunch with us!" Naruto heard Hinata call for him as he turned around and walked to his family and we now see a family picture of Naruto and his harem. The mothers holding their children with smiles on their faces and Naruto looking like a king sitting in the middle with his usual smile.

The end

okay after a long hiatus i am done though i don't know if this end was good or bad since i had to think about so many possible plot holes and bad moves but i'll leave it to you the readers to tell me those things. anywho i am gonna continue a different beginning and my to love ru fanfic while planning some other lemony stories i have had in my mind for awhile some new ones that came to mind are pretty much from high school dxd, infinite stratos, and nakaimo. i am also thinking of doing a Naruto Kamen Rider based story that also usue my OC's from a different beginning. tried planning a super sentai/power rangers based one but that just wasn't working out too well for me. anywho if you got a series for one shots of characters in naruto or some other series PM me for requests and i'll do the best i can to fulfill it.