"Draco Malfoy, this is all your fault!"

And we're back to square one, Draco thought dryly, massaging his smarting fingers.

" I 'm not even going to respond to that," he informed his incensed wife. "More ice?"

" Now! " she snapped, snatching the glass from his hand. Her tiny frame relaxed a bit, and the medi-witch checked the small clock over the bed.

"You're getting close, Gin," Lavender Brown assured her patient/former schoolmate/friend. Draco glanced at the clock as well. Its hands pointed to such notices as, "Ooh, you're in for a wait ", "okay, another one - hold tight! ", and Draco's personal favorite, "Great Scott, look at that kid go!" which, as Lavender had explained to him, meant the kid in question was approximately half way down the birth canal.

Right now the damned clock hand was pointing at "so close, sooooo close!" which annoyed him exceedingly. What the hell did that mean? Presumably, it meant that Ginny was dilated and almost ready to go, but it had been stuck there for bloody ten minutes!

The young woman in question didn't seem too thrilled either.

"Any time now!" she snapped at her bulging midsection. "Ooooh." Her hand tightened around Draco's for the umpteenth time, her face screwed up in pain, and her eyes began watering.

"Go on, love, it's all right," he murmured in her ear, his free (and unbroken) hand rubbing her back.

"Don't tell me it's all right," she hissed fiercely. "Nothing about this situation is 'all right'."

"Come on, Gin, you're giving birth," Lavender chided from the end of the bed, her eyes on her wristwatch and her free hand on Ginny's belly. "What's more 'all right' than bearing life?"

"Letting someone else do it!" Ginny snarled, her vocal volume rising alarmingly. Finally her hand relaxed and Draco made a vain attempt to flex his fingers. Ginny leaned back heavily against her pillows, gasping for air and probably cursing that last contraction from there to next week. Lavender drew her wand and pointed it at Ginny's belly.

"Clerio!" she said, and Ginny's stomach became foggy, vaguely transparent. Lavender regarded it for a long moment.

"Right, I'll be back, Gin," she said with a reassuring smile. "Draco, gimme buzz when the next contraction comes. She'll be fully dilated by then." Lavender hurried out, still grinning.

"Well," Draco said, trying to lighten the mood as he watched the light fade from the sphere of Ginny's tummy. "She was always good at crystal gazing, wasn't she?"

Ginny actually laughed at him.

"Oh, Draco," she sighed. "I'm so glad you're with me."

"Wouldn't be anywhere else," he assured her, leaning down to give his beloved a long kiss. As she almost always did, the instant his tongue parted her lips, she sighed gently into his mouth. It was Ginny's kiss. He would have no one else's.

The moment was broken by Ginny roughly pushing him away and leaning forward.

"Merlin, I'm going to die!" she cried, her eyes tearing. Draco hurried to the door, poked his head out, and, now in a panic, hollered at the top of his lunges.

"Lav!" he bellowed, and the petite brunette look up from where she had been speaking with the Weasely clan, who were seated in the waiting room at the end of the hall. "We could use a hand down here!"

Lavender was already coming toward him.

Draco rushed back to his wife, who was now crying hysterically.

"Hold me, Draco," she gasped, and he wrapped his arms tightly about her, his cheek against hers, facing Lavender at the end of the bed. A brief glance at the birthing clock told him things were getting grim. It read, "Aaaaaand, it's off! Off and bloody running!"

"Right, Gin, start pushing," Lavender instructed calmly, her eyes meeting Ginny's over the tops of the redhead's knees. "And push! Good!"

It was long, and slow. Or at least it felt that way. Draco kept his arms around his wife's shoulders, murmuring into her ear. In a way, he was terrified for her. Her pain was very real, and showed her in a rare spot of weakness. Weakness had always scared Draco.

But she was, as she had always been, resilient. She pushed, she cursed, she pushed, she cried - and finally, after ten hours of contractions, of broken fingers, of "I love you" s, their son was born.

" Oh, Hayden," Ginny whispered tenderly to the bundle of blankets in her arms. Slitted gray eyes met brown ones and Ginny smiled adoringly. Draco, seated just behind her with his chin on her shoulder and his arms and chest supporting her exhaustedly reclining figure, reached out a pinky and his son - his son! - clamped a small fist around it. Hayden gurgled, hiccupped, and began to wail. Draco couldn't help but be relieved. The boy had been born completely silent. Lavender had had to listen for the breathing, even after manually beginning the respiration, because he hadn't made a sound.

" Oh, settle down, runt," Draco murmured. "You owe your mum one for this."

Ginny smiled at him, turning her head sideway to kiss his cheek.

"He 's your fault, you know," she said softly, turning her loving gaze back to the still-wailing child.

" Well, if you want to look at it that way," Draco returned. "The fact that we're the bloody lucky parents of the most beautiful baby in the entire world is only partially my fault. Didn't your mum tell you how babies were made? "

"You asked me that a long time ago, remember? " she smiled at the memory.

Oh, did your mummy tell you about the birds and the bees, you big girl you?

Draco remembered the words as well, and laughed.

" I was a bit of an ass, wasn't I? " he smirked, getting to his feet and taking his son in the crook of his arm.

"A bit? " she jibed. She saw the look of hurt on his face and amended reluctantly, "Well, I guess I wasn't exactly a bundle of sweet peas, either."

"You 're a thing of beauty and a joy forever," he drawled, leaning in for a final kiss. "Get some rest, sweetheart. The public's waiting. Your Dad looked like he was about to faint out there."

Ginny giggled.

" Tuck me in," she ordered, sliding down carefully under the sheet. Tucking Hayden, who was less than the length of his forearm, securely against him - "make sure he can breathe, Draco! " Ginny said anxiously - he pulled the linen up under her chin and kissed her forehead.

"Hang tight, Weasel. I'll be right back."

He slipped through the door after assuring himself that Ginny was making an effort to sleep, and went to greet her family, who all came tearing down the corridor to meet him.

"Quiet! " he snapped, as all six Weasely brothers and Harry came stampeding up to him. "Little bugger's just dropped off." Hayden was indeed fast asleep and drooling on Draco's arm.

" Malfoy, that's our nephew you're talking about, " Ron warned, peering over the edge of the blankets. "How's Gin? "

" Never lovelier, " Draco smirked.

"Blimey, mate, he looks just like you," Charlie grinned, running a finger across the sleeping infant 's cheek. Hayden cooed, and opened his eyes.

"Think he likes you, " Draco grinned at Ginny favorite brother, as Charlie's head was replaced by Bill 's. Hayden tiny flailing arm reached out toward the ever-present fang earring.

"Bloke's got a sense of fashion already," the tallest Weasely said. "Can I hold him?"

For a fleeting instant, Draco hesitated. This guy did know he was asking to be allowed to handle the most precious and wonderful creature in the entire bloody universe, right?

"Oh, go on, then," he muttered in embarrassment, holding tiny creature out to Bill, who took his nephew gently into his arms.

"He doesn't look anything like Gin," Harry commented, poking his head around Bill 's arm. "Can I be godfather, Malfoy?"

Draco stared.

" What? "

Harry grinned challengingly.

"Go on, then," he said, eyebrows raised. "Call it a final peace treaty."

"My son's not a bloody peace treaty, Potter," Draco snapped, glaring.

"Think about it," Harry insisted.

"Why should you get to be godfather? " Fred had reached out to take Hayden from Bill. Hayden, far from being terrified, seemed to enjoy the attention. He gurgled happily and reached blindly for Fred 's nose.

"Yeah, you're not even related," George put in.

" Neither of you's getting the job, that 's for sure," Draco broke in. "Don't trust you farther than I can throw you."

Both twins tried to look hurt - and failed.

"Anyway, Fred, you've already got a godson," Harry said, looking triumphant. "Every kid George ever has, if I recall."

"Touché, " Fred grinned easily.

" Ooh, where's my grandson? " Mrs. Weasely had finally managed to push her way through the crowd of boys. She stood on tiptoe to peer over Fred's shoulder. Then she looked up tearily at Draco.

" Oh, he's so lovely, dear! " she sighed. "Let me see him, Fred."

It took quite a lot longer than Draco had expected, and he finally had to forcibly remove himself and his son from the fray.

"Ginny'll want to see you in a bit," he called, as he hurried away with his now-yawning son.

Ginny was sitting up in bed, with Lavender doing a routine post-labor check- up. Both looked up at he came in.

" Sorry, love," Draco crossed the room and placed the baby in her arms. "Family's a bit on the overbearing side."

" You 'll get used to it," she grinned. "Look, hun, why don't you go get something to eat? You haven't had anything since we got here. Maybe you can bring me something - I 'm starved."

" So 's he," Draco pointed out. Hayden was beginning to whimper and now had a bundle of Ginny's hospital gown clamped in his hand.

" I 'll take you down," Lavender offered, scrawling a final note of her clipboard. "Go ahead and feed Hayden again, Gin. He'll need it every couple of hours or so. Anyway, you look great. You'll be ready for release tomorrow."

"Thanks, Lav," Ginny's smile was radiant. She gave her friend a quick hug.

"Go, Draco," she ordered, caressing his cheek. "We'll be fine."

"Alright," he said, feeling some reluctance. But Ginny was fine. She always was. He bent his head down to rest his forehead against hers.

"Love you, Weasel."

"Love you, Mal-ferret."

After her husband had gone, Ginny turned back to her son. Fascination and joy seemed to settle like honey in her stomach. This little being had been her creation. Hers and Draco's. He was theirs to protect, to nurture, to teach. She had never felt more accomplished or contented in her life.

Hayden's gray eyes stared up into Ginny's and he gurgled impatiently. She laughed. He laughed. It was lovely.

"All right, precious," she smiled, unbuttoning her gown. "You're hungry. What else do I exist for, but to feed you, right? " And he was indeed quite ravenous. Ginny stared down at him, feeling the inexplicable need to talk to her son (like he could understand her or something).

" Now, Hayden," she began. "There are a few things we need to go over. You get freebees now, but pretty soon your going to have to learn the magic words." Having finally had his fill, Hayden relaxed his hold on her and leaned back to stare up at her.

Was that? No, it couldn't be - was he smirking?

"Don't go acting like your dad already! " she cried, positively delighted. "Cuz if you do, I'll have something to say about it." She paused, and then giggled. "And remember, my name is Mum. Whatever Dad might tell you, call me Mum.

"Don't call me Weasel!"


There ya go! That's it. This, my friends, is REALLY the end! Yay for Tessy for finishing the story! I'm rather proud of myself. Not sure what I'll do next, but right now I'm in the midst of a story about the Dream Team's and Ginny and Draco's kids. Not sure about it, but I'll give it a go, anyway. Don't worry; I haven't forgotten "Sometimes, I Even Amaze Myself ". I like the idea, and I intend to keep it going!

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