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Chapter 1: Rescued

In the high mountains, there was once a time when strong clan leaders roamed freely; claiming territories, slaves and supplies from isolated villages. It was an inevitable system that left innocent people completely helpless. The clans never stopped moving or looting. It was a time of great terror for most. If they weren't hunters, they would be hunted. Some clan leaders were sadistically cruel and would initiate a massacre on the villages they invaded. Cries of children were not an abnormal sound as they begged their lifeless parents to come back to them.

Hope was not lost yet. Among the many powerful clans, one stood out; the Teiko clan. This clan roamed and claimed villages only to rebrand the villagers as their own. It was a little sacrifice that most villagers had to face; the heated Teiko branding tool, but it was better than to have been enslaved by heartless clans that would either force them into doing hard labour or kill them off straight. The Teiko clan had built a powerful identity to such an extend that no clans dared to go against this clan's leader or its 300 followers. They helped restore abandoned villages by relocating those who had nowhere to go. Although this clan was previously known as one of the most vicious, (thus it's fearsome identity) it had a sudden turn on sides when the cruel clan leader passed on his duty to his son. The son was just as powerful, only he had a kind heart unlike his father.

He travelled with his people and saved many lives. Those that were branded by this clan were promised a safe life from others. To this day, many speak of this courageous clan and all the things they have done for the people of the high mountains. Their legacy has been carried on by many storytellers.

However, there was a small portion of their story that told a time when the leader of the clan did not manage to protect its own camp site and a few warriors, leading to an all-out war with its enemies. This setback was so heartbreaking for the clan leader, many chose not to speak of it. It was kept secret but a few of the witnesses lived to tell the tale of how the setback had happened; how the clan leader had fallen in love.

Two men on horses appeared from beyond the trees of Mount Gongendache. The night was cool and breezy as the two men reached a clear lake that reflected the moon magnificently. One of them said to the other, "Ahhhh... I can get used to this! So, where are the others?"

The other replied, "Well, we were supposed to go on ahead. I guess Akashicchi is holding them back again.."

"That guy needs to loosen up! Alright, you go East and I'll explore West!"

"Aominecchi! Let me go West this time!"

Aomine Daiki, a dark blue haired teen (19) with dark skin asked with a poker face, "What are you? A baby?"

The other pouted his lips and put on his best pleading face, forcing the other to give in.

"Fine! Fine! You show that look to me one more time Kise, and I'm gonna skin your face."

The blonde teen with golden eyes, Kise Ryouta, (19) punched his fist into the air, "Yes!"

Aomine snapped his reigns, "Hurry up before greenie complains again."

"Haha! Wasn't that our goal?"

The other smirked and replied sarcastically, "I have no idea what you're talking about!"

The two men rode their horses to separate sides of the lake. Their sole duty was to explore the area around the lake; making sure that everything was safe for their clan to set camp. They had been traveling south to meet up with a rescue team that was dispatched to Mount Adakake. The rescue team were sent after they had received an S.O.S letter from one of the villagers they had saved before but were recaptured by the barbaric Kamata clan. The notorious twin leaders, the Kamata twins, killed people ruthlessly using western weapons that were no match for most weapons used by other clans.

Angered at having their people being held captive, Akashi Seijuurou (19), the Teiko clan leader, sent out 50 of his men to defeat the Kamata clan. To ensure reinforcements were provided, they had planned to set camp 500 meters away from the ambush site. It had been almost two days since the men last reported to Akashi of their arrival using a messenger bird. Since then, no news had been heard. Therefore, Aomine and Kise were sent to scout the area around the lake to speed up the process of camping for the night.

Suddenly, while exploring a nearby forest in the west, Kise bumped into one of the Teiko men by surprise, "Hey, you guys are here already?"

The man looked flustered as though he had been out for hours in the Sun, "No sir. My team and I were hunting for a runaway. He escaped from the village we rescued this morning. We have been chasing him all day and accidentally got here half a day earlier than the original group."

"A runaway?"

"Yes. Forgive me sir but I have to go look for him." Without a second thought, the man left.

Kise didn't even manage to ask about the outcome of the fight with the Kamata clan, "Hey! Wait-! ...nevermind..."

From behind Kise, there came another horse trotting, "What is it Ryouta?"

"Eh?! Akashicchi?! Um.. I mean, I met one of the men that went to fight the Kamata clan but he ran off before I could ask him anything... He said something about searching for a runaway..."

Earlier, not too far from the lake founded by Aomine and Kise, a group of Teiko men were chasing a certain baby blue-haired teen. After ambushing the Kamata clan, the Teiko men seized the village and managed to defeat the so called notorious clan. However, some of the clan members and the twins had escaped. The Teiko men proceeded on branding the unbranded villagers and treated those that were injured. Exceptionally, the baby blue-haired teen was absolutely against the branding tool whereas everyone else were thankful to see the Teiko men. They had found the teen in the twins' quarters in a horrible state. The men fended off the twins and rescued the teen. They tried to brand him first before treating him thus causing the teen to overreact and struggled himself free before running away immediately.

Five men had tried chasing him the whole day. They were worried. Not only was the teen wounded, but the branding tool had a special medicine rubbed on it to create a numb sensation when being used directly on the skin. When the teen struggled to escape, one of the men accidentally dropped the branding tool, causing it to press on the teen's right foot. He shouldn't even be able to stand on his own yet he was running like there was no tomorrow. And to him, there probably wasn't. He ran and ran till the Sun went down and darkness clouded them.

Running pass shrubs, bushes, branches and trees, the teen tried his very best to find a hiding place from the men in the dark of the night.

"Get back here!" shouted a distant voice.

The teen found a tree to climb on after making a wide enough gap to not be seen by the five men. They had been playing cat and mouse for at least 12 hours. Both parties were exhausted. The teen climbed safely on a branch and stayed still. He watched as the five men passed by under him.

"Damn, we lost him again!"

"We're near the camp site too. Looks like we're half a day early..."

"We'll continue searching."

"Everyone break and search."

"Meet back at the lake."

The five men separated and searched all around the forest. The teen who was finally given some quiet time, slumped on the tree bark. His body ached and his feet stung but he couldn't feel the pain. Fear clouded his heart and distracted his mind. He shivered as he covered his ears. He could still hear the screams of his family and friends that were killed by the Kamata twins. He was cold as well and his heart was beating fast.

All of a sudden, he heard a man shout, "There he is!"

The teen looked down, horrified.

In less than a minute, the tree was cornered by all five men. The men saw the fear in the teen's eyes. They tried coaxing him that they were not going to hurt him but nothing worked. One of them got restless and tried climbing the tree. The teen panicked and stood up to climb further upwards. Unfortunately, his feet turned numb as he tried standing up straight causing the teen to lose his balance. Not expecting the teen to actually fall, none of them were able to cushion his fall. The teen accidentally used his injured, branded foot to land on. The moment he hit the ground, his nerves twitched with indescribable pain and an unadulterated scream echoed throughout the forest.

The men was dumbfounded for a second or two; shocked by the sudden impact. When they regained themselves, they immediately tried to help him but a voice was heard from behind them, "What is going on here?"

The five men froze, knowing exactly who it was, "A-Akashi-sama..."

Akashi saw things through and took note of an injured person in the middle of the group. He got down from his horse and walked towards them. The men stepped back and allowed Akashi to approach the teen. The red head kneeled on one knee and reached his hand out to the teen.

The teen waited until Akashi was close enough before he withdrew a dagger from his sleeve. He held the sharp tool right at Akashi's neck.

Akashi ceased all movement. He took a closer look at the person in front of him. The teen was probably the same age more or less. Akashi stared into the person's defiant eyes. The teen started to feel dizzy as he fought back Akashi's stare. He realized that Akashi's left eye was glowing slightly, 'What's wrong...with me...? I feel...'

The teen's eyes slowly closed against his will; his body falling into Akashi's waiting arms. Akashi took hold of his unconscious body and accessed his wounds. When he saw the brand mark on the teen's right foot, he glared at one of the men, "I heard from Ryouta that you were searching for a runaway. Is this him?"

One of the men answered, "Yes, Akashi-sama. He misbehaved when we wanted to brand him and-"

"So you treated him as how you would treat an animal?"

The five men silenced their tongue. Akashi was very angry and they could tell. It was better not to talk back at all.

The red head gently held the teen and stood up. He strode back to his horse and climbed back onto to it without dropping the unconscious blue head. When he was all set, he turned towards the men, "I'll see to him myself. Get back to your group and be sure to reach here before dawn."

"Yes, Akashi-sama..." the five replied in sync.

Akashi rode off with his horse, leaving the men behind. It didn't take long before a crystal clear lake came into view. Not too far away, a large camp site was already set up. Akashi rode to his camp where he met up with his trusted friends.

Kise was the first to greet him, "Akashicchi! Welcome back! Eh? Who's that?"

Aomine too took note of the person Akashi was carrying, "A hostage?"

Akashi pulled his reigns and swiftly got off the horse, "This is the runaway that Ryouta was talking about."

Murasakibara Atsushi (19), Akashi's weapon specialist, peered at the teen, "Hmm~? He ran away~?"

Akashi gestured Midorima Shintarou (19), a teen experienced in the medical field, to carry the unconscious teen, "Treat his wounds. They misbranded him. Also see if you can get any information from him. The original group might need a few more hours before they get here."

Aomine looked shocked, "You mean this little guy ran all the way here by himself? Through the rocky path? Alone?"

The red head pondered, "Probably.. I'll be in my tent. Atsushi assist Shintarou. Daiki, check the camps. Ryouta, go get the medicines."

Midorima carried Kuroko to his tent without question with Murasakibara trailing behind him. Aomine took off on his horse and rode to the other side of the camp site. Kise went to find their supply carriers for some medicine. All of them were very loyal and disciplined. They respected Akashi and would follow his orders without question.

Akashi got into his tent and took off his light armor. He switched on his candle lamp and unrolled a big map. It was strange that the Kamata clan was even close to them. Akashi had expected them to be on the opposite mountain, Mount Shirowadake. There must've been a reason why they targeted the mountain they were on. Besides, it was very rare for other clans to attack his people. Akashi pondered for quite some time as he marked a few places where other clans were located. Suddenly, he heard a loud scream. Before he exited his tent, Kise was already in it, panting, "He woke up! But he's unstable! Midorimacchi can't calm him down!"

Akashi rushed with Kise to Midorima's tent. He got inside to see Murasakibara trying to hold the teen down along with Midorima and Aomine, "What happened?"

In all the chaos, Midorima managed to answer, "I was treating a wound on his upper thigh when he suddenly jolted up and started screaming."

Akashi walked towards them calmly, "Daiki, Shintarou, move aside. Atsushi, hold him in place."

The teen was kicking everyone away from him with Murasakibara holding his arms tightly behind him. Akashi kneeled in front of the panicked teen and held his chin; completely ignoring the multiple kicks he was receiving. He waited until the teen looked into his eyes, "Calm down."

The blue head became entranced with Akashi's eyes again and ceased all movements. Akashi's golden eye glowed again. Midorima intervened, "Akashi, you shouldn't use your powers for someone like him. It's a waste."

Akashi ignored the green head and continued, "Where are you from?"

The teen's eyes seemed dazed as he relaxed his body and leaned towards Murasakibara, "A village...on Mount Iōdakechi."

Images started flowing into Akashi's mind; a peaceful village on the edge of a waterfall filled with happy people, "Why were you with the Kamata clan?"

The images started to twist and turn dark. There were people screaming and houses were on fire, "They attacked my village... After I stopped them from attacking a neighboring village..."

There were fireworks, and then there were men bending and shaping metals and people testing out weapons that looked similar to guns. Akashi saw the scenery changing where he saw hands diffusing a complicated bomb. It was probably the teen trying to prevent the Kamata clan from killing off the villagers. Then, people started grabbing the teen, beating him and tying him with rope, "But.. I was captured. They managed to destroy the village.. Then, they came to my village."

The red head saw a family and a few people crying to the Kamata twins screaming, "Please! Don't kill him!" and then, there was blood. Blood everywhere, like fresh red paint splashed on white canvas.

Tears fell silently from the teen's unfocused eyes, "They killed...my family in front of me.. And took me captive."

Akashi saw the teen chained to the ceiling of a dim-lighted room where the twins tortured him continuously. They used multiple tools and carved his body with painful wounds that would leave scars. The red head felt everything that the teen faced. It was excruciating. Akashi wondered how such a small body could take so much. The twins even tried sexually assaulting him but they were interrupted by the men Akashi had sent. Akashi saw how his men tried branding him, causing the teen to panic and triggered his memories of the torturous nights when the twins would burn his skin. After what felt like hours, Akashi snapped out of his trance only to have Midorima holding him up from falling to the floor. He was breathing heavily and felt light headed.

He could hear Midorima's voice, "That's enough for tonight. He needs to rest as well."

Akashi looked up to the teen who looked extremely exhausted. He was panting lightly and was still in a dazed state with his tear-stricken face. Akashi held the teen's face, "Your name, what is it?"

"Kuroko. Kuroko Tetsuya..."

The red head smiled, "Sleep Tetsuya."

Kuroko's eyes slowly closed as he slept on Murasakibara's lap. Akashi tried standing up but his feet felt extremely numb and his body could still feel the pain that was transmitted to him. Midorima had to help him straighten himself up.

Kise approached the red head, "What'd you see Akashicchi? You looked terrible just now..."

"Did I?"

Aomine who was sitting at the entrance added, "Yeah, you cried. That's a first."

"Well, he's been through a lot. Atsushi, try to find him a proper bed. Shintarou follow me back to my tent."

Akashi left for his tent with Midorima. He got there and sat on his mat, sighing exasperatingly. His ability took a huge toll on him every time he used it. He didn't ask for his gift, it was simply a given for him; the power to control people and look into their memories. Surely, both him and the victim(s) will share a bond such that he feels whatever the person have been through. Oppositely, the victim(s) would relive their memories but they would never remember the process happening when they are snapped out of Akashi's trance.

Midorima sat in front of Akashi, "What did you see?"

"His wounds. There are more of it. On his back, his chest, his arms. Basically his whole body. I need you to see to it that he gets them treated."


"The Kamata clan. They attacked Tetsuya's neighboring village to seize their weaponry."

"Weaponry? In these mountains?"

Akashi tried hard to remember the images that he saw, "Yes, the village had manipulated the functions of fireworks and transformed them into something else. They moulded some sort of a metal vessel and created flammable bullets. A dangerous version of a western gun. The Kamata clan tried to plant bombs around the village to steal the weapons but Tetsuya diffused the ones he could find. He foiled the twins' plan and got himself captured. They destroyed his village and took him back to their place. He became their toy for a few nights. We need to get a move on and discuss back with the Seirin clan and the others. It's about time we get an update on things around here."

Midorima nodded, "Alright. I'll send a message to them first thing tomorrow. Where do you want it to be held at?"

Akashi stood up and took a look at his map, "Why not here?"


"It's big enough for everyone. And we're right in the middle of all the clans."

Midorima got up and took a look at the map that Akashi had marked with all the clans they had met on their journey; those that were willing to assist them any day, "Alright then."

Before Midorima left, Akashi said, "Also be very careful when you treat Tetsuya. He is deeply traumatized."

The green head nodded. As he was walking outside of Akashi's tent, he saw Murasakibara carrying Kuroko to a separate camp. He entered and watched Murasakibara placing Kuroko on a fluffy futon.

Midorima asked, "Mind helping me for awhile?"

Murasakibara simply shook his head. Kise too snuck in, "Me too!"

Aomine was right behind the blonde, "He surely captures attention. Never thought I'd see Akashi like that..."

Midorima kneeled beside Kuroko, "That's true. You guys better be careful not to be seen by him. Akashi said he's traumatized, by the twins supposedly."

The green head gently removed Kuroko's tattered clothing. The teen's much less obvious wounds were finally revealed. Midoirma wore some sort of glove on both hands as he opened a medical tool bag, "Keep everything you see here confidential. I don't want to have to answer to him."

The ones who watched Midorima treat Kuroko's wounds were honestly speechless. The teen's body looked as though he had gone to war and came back after barely surviving it. There were burns that were untreated, cuts that needed stitching and bones that had to be relocated. Sometimes, Kuroko would stir when the treatment got painful. Kise and Aomine would scurry outside but no matter how painful it was, Kuroko did not gain consciousness. It was all because of Akashi's spell. When the red head said, 'Sleep', Kuroko wouldn't wake up until Akashi told him to no matter what was going on around him.

Throughout the night, Midorima treated each and every one of Kuroko's wounds. Aomine and Murasakibara left a little bit close to dawn to check up on the rescue team that had finally arrived. Meanwhile, Kise stayed to help with the bandaging. It was a long night for all of them.

That night, Akashi had multiple visions based on Kuroko's memories. It really took a toll on him. He had never felt so much mental and physical pain being flowed through his mind and body. Somewhere deep inside him, a spark of hatred was created towards the Kamata twins. They were going to pay.

Author's note: Yeah, technically, we HATE the stupid twins and this chapter is for their unreasonable treatment towards Kuroko in Chapter 225

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