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A/N: Some of the ideas are based off Supernatural, but most of this is original stuff so I wouldn't say this is a crossover, but it has Supernatural hints. I hope you all enjoy and please review in the end.


A teenager stumbled out of the forest onto a blacktop highway in the dead of night. He had no idea where he was or even what his name was.

He had short white hair and silver eyes. The left side of his face was covered in blood which fell onto the white robes he was wearing. His left arm was completely burned and the fingers twitched as the nerves tried to heal and connect themselves to nerve endings that were no longer there, just charred remains. The weirdest thing about the boy was not his injuries, or the fact that he was barefoot, or his hair and eye color, it was that the boy had a set of wings trailing behind him. One of his wings dragged the ground, broken, and bleeding. The other wing was pure white and delicate as it folded itself to his back.

"Help." He whispered as if someone was even close by and could hear him. "Where am I?"

Two circular lights blinded him, he held up his right hand to shield his eyes.

"Can you tell me where I am?" He asked the monster with light for eyes.

There was a squealing noise and the teen was hit by the thing with light for eyes.