Chapter 2

Allen walked through the cemetery, touching each headstone. This felt so familiar to him. He spread his wings out, like he was covering them all to protect them and provide comfort. He walked over and stopped as he approached a concrete angel. She was pretty, with her robes, long hair, and carved wings. Allen felt a presence and turned to see a man dressed in a black suit.

"Who are you?"

The man looked at Allen surprised. "You don't remember me?"

"Who are you?" He repeated, looking at the man.

"Wow. Your head was more damaged than I thought."

"You knew me?"

"Talk about empty upstairs."

"What am I? What's my name? Who are you?" Allen asked, needing to know.

"Questions, I hate them."

"Allen!" Lenalee called from far away.

"Is that your human name?" He smirked.


"Who are you?" Allen asked.

"Tyki Mikk. I am the demon in your worst nightmares."


"See you around Angel." Tyki disappeared into thin air.

Lenalee ran into the cemetery. "There you are. You scared me."


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Are you two still fighting?"

"No. I'm sorry. We should've listened to you."

"It's okay. I'm sorry for leaving"

Lenalee giggled. "You are adorable Allen. You have the cutest puppy dog eyes."

"I am not a dog."

"I know. It's a human expression."

"Oh, then… Thank you."

"Let's get you a room for the night."

"Alright." Allen followed Lenalee as they walked to the Order.


"I can't believe this." Kanda grumbled.

"Kanda, you are the only one right now with a spare bed. Just let him stay with you for the night."

"Fine, but if he wakes me up, I will cut off his wings and deep fry them to a crisp."

Allen gulped and stepped back.

"Kanda! Don't scare him!" Lenalee threatened.

Allen situated his trench coat, his wings wanted to wrap around him defensively. "No fighting please."

The two looked at the angel, making sure that he wouldn't disappear on them again.

"Allen's staying with you for the night." She said and handed the angel two books.

"What's that?" Kanda asked.

"I don't know if he sleeps or not. If he does, he does. But if not, this will be great entertainment."

"Can you even read?" Kanda asked Allen, full of doubt.

Allen opened the book. "Yes. These words are familiar to me."


"Well goodnight." Lenalee gave Allen a small pack of supplies, like a toothbrush and pajamas. "Kanda will teach you how to use these."

Kanda huffed and walked away.

Allen followed.

"Why are you following me?"

"I'm not supposed to?"

Kanda sighed and opened the door and led the way. "Brush your teeth. I am going to shower."


"Brush your teeth." Kanda growled and walked into the showers.

Allen was left looking at his bag of supplies. He didn't know what to do, and people were mad at him, definitely Kanda.

The redhead walked in and smiled. "Hello angel."

"Hi." Allen said.

"What's wrong?"

"Do you know how to brush one's teeth?"

Lavi laughed. "Yeah. Let me teach you." He instructed Allen on what to do, giving him step-by-step instructions.

By the time Kanda exited the showers, Allen had his teeth brushed, ready to return to the room.

Kanda brushed his teeth and returned, with Allen, to the room.

Allen was slow at putting his pajamas on, but he eventually got them.

Lenalee had slit holes for his wings into his pajama shirt. He liked it.

He got in bed and his wings folded up so he could lay down. "Goodnight."

Kanda grumbled, telling him to shut up.

Allen looked at the roof, closing his eyes and tried to sleep.