Chapter 3

Kanda woke and found that Allen was not there. He sighed and rolled over in bed. He gasped to see the angel curled up beside him in bed.

Allen opened his eyes and looked up at Kanda. "Ah! Good morning."

Kanda growled and grabbed Allen by his shirt and threw him out of bed.

Allen hit the ground and held his head, it hurt. "Owwww."

"Serves you right."

Allen stood and tucked his wings in.

There was a knock on the door.

"Kanda." Lenalee called.

"What?" Kanda growled.

"Wake up. Get dressed, you have school today."

"Damn." Kanda growled.

"Is Allen okay?"Lenalee asked.

"Yeah. He is just peachy. Hurry up and get his feathery ass out of my room."

Lenalee opened the door. "Come here Allen."

Allen walked to Lenalee. "He is not nice." He whispered to her.

"What the hell did you say, you Moyashi!"

Allen cowered behind Lenalee.

Lenalee crossed her arms. "Shame on you! He is a little angel. How could you treat him like that?"

Kanda rolled his eyes. "Whatever."

Lenalee grabbed Allen's clothes and helped him get dressed. "Be down for breakfast in 10 minutes." Lenalee said.

Kanda turned over in his bed, blowing her off.

Lenalee rolled her eyes and led Allen to her room. She was ready for school, but she needed to put on her makeup.

"You are very pretty."

Lenalee blushed. "Thank you."

Allen looked at Lenalee, he gently touched her red cheeks. "Is it normal for humans to turn this color?"

She giggled. "Yes Allen."

"Oh, well, it is a very flattering color."

She giggled. "Allen, you are such a cutie."

Allen smiled.

After a few minutes, they walked downstairs to breakfast.

Kanda was already there, eating soba.

Komui walked in to where the young hunters and the angel sat. "I have a job for you."

Lavi looked up. "I can't I have a huge test today."

"And I have student council." Lenalee said.

Kanda sighed and stood with his plate. "I will take the job."

"Good, Allen can go with you. It's a simple poltergeist. I know that you can handle it."

Kanda nodded, but glared at Allen. "Do I have to bring 'It' along?"

"Yes. I want to see what he can do." Komui said." I will update you on your drive." He handed Kanda directions. "Good luck."

Kanda nodded and took the directions.

"Thanks." Allen smiled and walked with Kanda to the garage to get Kanda's car.