Paper work..paper work..and more paper work..

England sighs..running a hand through his blonde hair as he gazes at the large stacks of paper work on his desk. He's gotten through a lot of it, most being bills he had to pay.. it's such a hassle. It would be nice to have some more help around here..Arthur thinks to himself, rubbing his eyes as the words before him start getting mixed in with each other..he's been at it for hours..He really shouldn't have put it off for so long..It's just with visiting his friend Japan and with America constantly calling him and just popping in...


England rubs his temple..that's another head ache all in it's on. The idiot. With his annoying loud voice, cocky attitude that just makes you want to knock him down a peg or two. That goofy smile..

Arthur sighs when he hears the phone ring..It's probably him now, wanting him to play video games, or eat his nasty fast food that he always gorges himself in..He really should stop that..he's going to end up killing himself..England's food is much better for him then those cheese burgers..England pushes himself from his desk and walks over to the phone, He answers it. "Hello?"

"Britain dude! I just got this kick ass video game called death space! I heard it's really fucking scary! You got to come over and play it with me!" America's loud voice booms through the phone, England moving it away from his ear slightly.

Of course... Britain thinks..yet hearing this man's voice, he almost.. England glances over at all his paper work still left on his desk. "..I can't today Alfred. I have paper work that has to be done. I can't afford to put it off anymore."

"Oh come on! Your so stiff and boring all the time! Come on over and play with me, I know you'll have a good time!" America insists...his voice still booming..

..He probably would have a good time..but.. "I can't Alfred. Why don't you ask someone else? Japan told me you two played some games together before, why don't you call him? I have to go, paper work is calling my name." England goes to hang up..but America's next words get him to pause.

"Paper work or some kind of work is always your excuse..I know your stiff but you can't be working that much!..I'm beginning to don't want to hang out with me?" Alfred's voice seems a bit different..It gets England to tense..a frown coming to his face.

"It's not that I don't want to hang out with you!" Britain shouts this a bit too loudly..his cheeks tint and he coughs in his hand, regaining himself. " It's just..I do work a lot Alfred, you always call me at bad times..."

"Well alright! It sucks ass you got to do all that dude..hmm.." America makes a thoughtful hum.

"..I'm going to go now."

"Oh! Alright see ya dude!" Alfred sounds like he's grinning as England hangs up the phone and sighs..

Again..he's avoided him. He can't keep doing this yet he doesn't know how to deal with this. It's true that every time America calls him to hang out..he makes a excuse. This time his reason is true..the other times were more like lies..sort of..yes they were lies. He just..can't be around him lately. It's not that he doesn't want to be around's..that he wants to be around him too much.

England rubs his cheeks to rid himself of his blush. He sighs in relief, glad his talk with America is over..only to sigh again when he eyes the rest of his paper work..

Back to work...

"Finally done!" Britain leans back in his chair, almost shouting out in his joy. It only took him another hour..he made good time..all the bills are paid, all the letters read..He's all good and free for the day!

"Good job Britain your awesome!" a small voice chimes beside him..England smiling as his green orbs fall on the fairy that's flying close to his head, her small pink dress fluttering.

"I know. I know." England chuckles happily as he gets out of his chair..the fairy fades away as he stretches, his bones cracking from him sitting so long. "..So i'm free now..maybe I should tell America-" England stops..Alfred's goofy smile flashing through his head..He feels his face gets hot..he shakes it off. "On second America. He'll be find with playing with japan." He reassures himself, taking a deep breath. " what should I do?..Maybe I could go see a movie with all my friends!" he grins to his left..a group of magic creatures are by his side, smiling at him..his best friends. "How does that sound?"

"Good! Yay a movie!" The fairy girl cheers along with the unicorn and his favorite, mint bunny. Of course he wouldn't tell his friends he has a favorite that would just be rude.

"Okay!" England digs into his pocket..pulling out his wallet. "Let's see..there's four of that would be close to.." Arthur stops talking..when he open his wallet..only to's empty. He doesn't have any pounds.. "What..-" Then it hits him like a ton of bricks..he has no pounds left. He paid off all his bills but now he has none left over to have some fun! He's broke for the time's been like that for some time now..England will pay off all his bills..but then he has no pounds left over! This isn't good for his country.. "I"m sorry guys but their will be no movie today..we're out of pounds." England shows his friends his wallet..they all pout before they go away..

that's okay..He needs to think anyway. What is he going to do about this? Maybe he could burrow money from someone..Japan..he's a good friend but Britain doesn't want to impose on him. America is out of the question..His pride would never let him ask from that cocky country..France, he can just forget that..

Britain may not have any other option but to burrow from Japan..even though he doesn't want too..there has to be another way..England glances over at his desk...getting a head ache from just looking at all the papers he completed..he needs to get out of this stuffy place..take a walk..yeah, that sounds good. Get some fresh air, a plan is sure to come to him. With that England sets out..his mind set on fixing this problem for the good of his country..

"Germany, Germany!" Italy shouts out in joy as he sees the back of his friend in front of him..Ludwig is standing in a beautiful field of flowers..Feliciano wishes he had some paint and paper..Seeing such a big touch guy like Germany in this flower field filled with so many pretty flowers is touching in a way. He wants to caputure it. But oh well~ Italy skips in the field..towards his friend, smiling brightly as he always does..before he tackles the man in a hug from behind. " What are you doing here? Are you here to pick the flowers too?"

"Nein..." Germany's voice is airy..kinda weird if you ask Italy but he'll roll with it. Feliciano lets go of Ludwig so he can turn around..The large man does, those blue, captivating eyes locking onto Italy's. "I was looking for you."

"Well you came to the right place!" Italy smiles, clapping his hands. "Hey Germany you wana sniff the flowers with me? It's fun to skip too! You wana skip with me and sniff the flowers?"

Germany stares at Italy..his eye brow twitching slightly..before he closes his eyes.. "Italy.." Ludwig opens his eyes..only to give him a bright smile, his lips stretching farther then ever. "Of course I will skip and smell the flowers with you! You always have great ideas and I like you so every much!"

"yay! Germany likes me a lot even though i've betrayed you so many times in the away all the time..and all I do is eat and sleep..but that's alright..right?" Italy shifts, titling his head at Germany.

"Of course it's alright! Your not useless at all Italy! It's fine you don't' do anything! I like that about you!" Ludwig chuckles as he ruffles Italy's hair.

"Oh that's great! I'll be sure to do nothing more often then!" Italy cheers as he grabs Germany's hand. "Now let's have some fun best friend!"

"Okay bestie!" Germany chimes, a bit unmanly as he grips Italy's hand back..They start to skip through the flowers..both laughing..smiling..Germany's so happy now! Is it beasue of him? He hopes it is! Germany makes him happy too! Suddenly Ludwig stops skipping..his facing going back to a blank stare,getting Italy to tense.

"Is something wrong Germany?" Italy tilts his head as Germay cups his cheeks.

"Nothings wrong when i'm with you.." Germany leans in..his face getting closer to Italy's.

"Really? So I make you happy?" Italy beams.

"Yes you make me happy.." He rubs Italy's cheek. "There's something I have to tell you bestie.."

"Go ahead and tell me! I'm all ears!" Italy grabs him in excitement..

"Come..come closer." Ludwig beckons him closer..Italy complies, moving his head closer to Germany's..Ludwig blushes..leaning in to whisper in Feliciano's must be something deep..or something really nice..

Italy closes his eyes in anticipation..when he hears Germany open his mouth-

"Get the up you lazy twit!" Germany roars in his ear.

"Ah!" Italy wakes up with a start..realizing right away that he's being shaken by Germany..The man's eye is twitching in irritation..He's already dressed in his usual black tank-top and brown pants..that usually means they're going to train..ugh..he just wants to go back to sleep..His dream was so nice and Germany was so nice..Italy starts to close his eyes, only to get another rough shake, getting his eyes to shoot open again. "Germany i'm up! I'm up!"

"You should have been up 10 minutes ago, do you know how long i've been here trying to get you up?! You sleep like a rock!" Germany lets go of Italy..those blue eyes of his hard. " Get dress. We're going to train today. Your discipline is lacking. If you want to get stronger you have to obey and stop being late to training!"

"But..But i'm tired-"

"Nein! Report outside at the training ground no less then five minutes. If you fail, i'll make sure your training is hell, do you understand?"

training more hell then it already is?! How?! "Couldn't you give me some more time? I'd like to eat some pizza first-"

"Nien. Five minutes, that's all your getting. I've been to soft on you. You need to learn some skills to help you in protecting yourself. You do nothing but sleep and eat!" Germany grumbles, crossing his arms, those cold eyes on Italy.

"..well Dream Germany likes that about me.." Italy mumbles.

"What was that?" Germany barks.

"I have plenty of skills Germany! I can make many white flags in a matter of minutes, i'm a master at retreating! And if i'm ever in a fix I can just call on you and you'll help me out!" Italy smiles at his friend, snuggling back in bed. "The war's over anyway, let's relax! Take a load off!-"

"War or not you must learn to stand on your own, who knows when you will be attacked? Or when the next war will be? Making flags and retreating is not good battle skills! You meet me outside in five minutes or else, this is a order from your captain." Germany speaks firmly..before he turns on his heel and marches out..

"Aw much for pizza.." Italy frowns as he gets out of bed. "Germany's being really commanding lately..maybe that's why I keep dreaming of a nicer Germany!..but Germany Is still Germany." Italy takes off his large white shirt he slept in..and puts in his normal uniform quickly. "He means well..even though he doesn't let me eat pizza." Italy pouts as he runs his fingers through his hair..making sure he doesn't touch his sensitive curl. He doesn't bother looking in the mirror, he knows he's looking pretty. With a face like he's it's impossible to look bad! With this in mind, Italy runs quickly out of the room..and out of the house to the training ground..he really doesn't like training as it is! He doesn't want Germany making it worse!

"Well." Ludwig looks down at the clock on his wrist as Italy stops in front of him, panting slightly. "You made it on time. Good." Germany looks up at Feliciano, his blue eyes soften only a little bit. "I won't go as hard on you. Today we are going to do laps around the area and then move out into the woods for crunches."

"Si." Italy salutes..yet he can't help his frown..his stomach making a loud growing sound. "..Could we get some food first?"

"Nein. Lets go." Germany turns..only to hear the smaller man whimper behind him..his stomach growling again..The larger man's..stern look falls a little bit..getting him to sigh.. "We will have lunch after, I promise."

"pasta?" Italy perks up, grabbing a hold of Germany.

"Yes pasta." Germany pushes him off. "No more distractions Italy! Get your head in the game! The faster you get this done, the faster you get pasta!"

"Pasta!" Felicaiaco cheers before he takes off running at a good pace..Germany watches him a moment..before running to catch up..those blue eyes never leave Italy's form..There's something there..a softness for this Italian..Yet it's not showing now..really it never shows...Germany sighs..

If only Italy could stay this motivated to stay in battle instead of waving a white flag around.

What to do..what to do..England thinks to himself..looking down as he walks, his eyes glossed over in thought. It's a beautiful day..the sun is out..the sky is clear and the waters calm. This is why he decided to take a trip on his ship..hoping it would give him some ideas but so far it's hasn't given him anything..Maybe he could make a trade with one of the richer countries..yet in a way he doesn't want to do that either. He doesn't want to rely on anyone else..and he really doesn't want to trouble japan.

England's eye brow twitches..the wind is causing his hair to get all in his face..and it's not helping him he can't think of anything. He is great Britain! He should be able to figure something out! The wind only agitates him..and the smell of salt water isn't bring him comfort as it usually does...

"Stop the ship and land on the closest pier. I wish to get off."

"But England sir.." One of the men on the ship speaks up nervously. "If we do that we'll be landing in-"

"I don't care where we're landing. I just need off and I need off now. So listen to your captain!" England orders..the small man nods in defeat and heads off to tell the captain of the ship to dock it on the closest piece of land. Arthur sighs..before he looks up at the sky..his eyes squint from the brightness as they take in the beautiful blue sky..with white fluffy clouds it a nice look. England feels the ship start to turn..He closes his eyes. So seems his only option is to ask Japan for money..The wind tickles his cheeks..The ship jerks to a stop..letting him know they've docked. Good..a good walk will do him some good..away from his might give him better ideas. England opens his eyes..and can't help but to tense when he sees the uniforms of the men standing at the dock to great them in..He takes in their flashy red clothes..those deranged looks in their eyes..a smirk on their faces that gets a rage to bubble up inside him..He's landed in the worst country..He should turn back and leave, it would just make this day soo much worse if he had to deal with..Him.

"Sir what do we do?" That man from before comes back, a frown on his face. "Should we turn back?"

England thinks about this..if he gets off, that wanker will know he's hear and probably bother the bloody hell out of him...yet..Author takes in the men of this country..takes in their nice clothes..He looks away from them to look at the country in full from here..It's a beautiful place he hates to admit..but ti's filled with so much scum (in his option) and wankers...that it takes away from how pretty this place is...It seems..even though he really hates to admit it..That the idiot France seems to be doing better for himself..He seems to be stable and his people happy..from what Britain can see from here..

Maybe..maybe he could get an idea from walking around..looking at France..maybe he could find what he's doing wrong or a way to get money.

Britain really doesn't want to do it..he feels himself get sick and it's not sea sickness as he looks at the smirking men of France..He really hates the words that come out of his mouth. "Permission to go into France."

If possible..their smirks get larger.

Britain really doesn't like France. He's annoying, flashy, and their past has been nothing but blood shed. Fighting over the same things..for land, for power. France is like a annoying pest that won't go away...but even though all this is true..They are ally's..sort of. Britain is allowed to visit France..but it's people don't like him much. They really don't like America but..lets not talk about him. He needs to keep his mind focused.

England glances around as he walks through France..taking in the smiling faces buying things at stores..or stands outside..the economy is good..They have shops and stands in england..and his people are buying so that's not it..Britain holds his nose as he walks through a cloud of cigarette smoke from a whole bunch of the french smoking at one time by his right..Smoking is not the answer for his country so he keeps moving..

As England moves through...he notices he's starting to get some looks..The french seem to know he's not apart of them right away..maybe it's his nice, pressed suit, or how he walks tall and with pride..or maybe it's because they're had so much history that it's hard not to tell who he is. The french people glare..or start talking, whispering to one another. England doesn't like it. Though he doesn't think they will try to attack him, he already doesn't like it here. He doesn't want to get in a fight..when all he wants is a plan to help his country..So far all he's gotten out of doing this is that France is doing so much better then him and his people are still smoking snobs...

Knowing that it's only a matter of time before Francis shows up..Britain decides to get out of here. He makes a left..leaving France..He doesn't fel like going back to the ship yet..he needs to think of something!..England keeps he's in a forest..It looks familiar and he knows why..he's getting closer to Germany's territory. He probably shouldn't be doing this, with Germany hating his guts and all..but he remembers back in world war 2 how much he enjoyed this's peaceful, the sun isn't as harsh..because the trees block It out..casting nice shadows everywhere that gets England to sigh...So much better then France. It feels like he can breath..Now..he has to decide..

Arthur stops after awhile..a deep frown on his face. "I can't think of anything..other than.." He closes his eyes and shakes his head. "..I guess I have no other option..i'll have to burrow from Japan and then-"

"Keep going Italy! Keep those legs up! Run faster!" England's eyes get wide when he hears that voice..that deep, thick German voice..

It's Ludwig. He has to hide. England quickly jumps into a bush..hiding himself well. The last thing he wants is a run in with Germany..he'll think he's spying and it will start this whole spy war..he knows it. His people are in peace at the moment and he wants to keep it that way.

"But Germany I've been running so much! My stomach hurts! I'm so hungry!" A higher pitched voice protests..England already knowing it's that Italy fellow.

"You should have thought of that before you tried to run away from me to eat! You will finish your laps and crunches!" England peaks out of the bush..He sees two figures running this way..the taller one is running straight..his posture good and his speed great..the second one is lagging behind, his body slump..his posture pathetic. Ti doesn't take a genius to know which one is which..Why is Germany and Italy training?..are they planning something? With new interest, Britain stains his ears to hear anything they say as they come closer..His eyes never leaving the two.

"But germanyyyyy" Italy whines..Britain can see him better now..The Italian his moving his arms limply up and down in his running..He's panting, his chest rising and falling quickly..sweat falling down his face..His uniform clinging to his body.

"No buts!" Germany snaps..He's in better shape then the Italian..his hair back in a blue hat..those blue eyes hard..some sweat on his brow but that's about it. He looks irritated, his voice is loud and firm..It must be annoying trying to train with such a useless country.. "Do you want to eat or not?"

"I do! I wana eat!" Italy pants out, still barly running now..

"Then run faster! Gehen! Gehen!" Germany growls. "Food will be your reward-"

"Food! Pasta! Pizza!" Italy pass Germany..soon he's running far ahead of him..his body becoming straighter as he goes faster..he must really want to eat. Interesting..

Italy suddenly trips over a rock he wasn't paying attention to..too busy thinking about finishing this and getting his beloved pasta. He lets out a surprised yelp as he hits the ground hard..tumbling a little before landing on his face.

Oh my..England thinks..covering his mouth to stop his laugh..that's embarrassing.

"Italy!" Germany's voice..loses that harsh tone..and even England can hear Ludwig's concern as he picks up the pace running towards his fallen friend. He falls to his knees next to Italy..his face fallen as grabs the smaller man's shoulder, going to turn him around. "Are you alright-"

"G-Germany it hurts so much.." Italy whimpers out, getting Germany to tense..The blonde man frowns.

"Let me see..." Ludwig turns Italy around..the larger man seems almost scared with what he's going to see..With Italy whimpering like that even England thinks he must of broken a bone or something..

When both Germany and England can see Italy..they can't help but to stare in disbelief..

"Look what happened Germany!" Italy cries out..holding out..his index finger that has a small cut on it, some blood welling up, starting to drip. "I'm bleeding! Ohh it stings so bad!" There's tears at the corner of this smaller countries eyes..

"Your crying over a small cut on your finger?!" Germany yells at him..yet in those blue eyes there's a relief.

"My ankle hurts too.." Itatly sucks on his finger..wincing slightly. His words get Germany to stop yelling at him..he glances down at his feet..right away he can see one of Italy's ankles are red..and a bit swollen. Germany touches it gently, getting Italy to whimper in pain. Ludwig's hand recoils, and he frowns.

"..It seems you sprained your ankle. You have to be more careful Italy! You have to know your surroundings, doing something like this in battle could be fatal." Germany has a odd look on his face as he watches the smaller man wince..He doesn't like it.

"I'm sorry! I just wanted pasta so bad I wasn't watching where I was going!" Italy wipes his eyes to ger rid of his tears.

Germany stares at him a moment longer before sighing.. "training is over. Let's get you back so I can dress your injuries and get you something to eat."

"Yay!" Italy cheers..he begins to get up..only to wince when he put pressure on his hurt ankle..He cries out. "Ah it hurts! Germany can you carry me?"

"Nein-" Ludwig starts to protest..He stops when he sees those tears start to form in Italy's eyes..He looks away from Italy for a moment..glaring..his cheeks tinting slightly before he sighs. "Fine. Only because your hurt and I don't feel like hearing you complain the whole way."

"Sounds good to me!" Italy smiles as Germany picks up him carefully..holding him bridal style..Italy cradles into the larger countries chest..not noticing how Germany tenses. "Germany's so nice!" He nuzzles into his chest.

"Stop t-that." Germany glares ahead..trying to hide that tinge of his cheeks.

"But your chest is so muscular but soft! And my head hurts!"

"ugh..fine.." Germany grumbles as he carries Italy away...Germany giving into Italy easily..

England watches as they leave with wide eyes..that was..odd. He will never understand why Germany is so fond of Italy. Even during world war 2 all he did was surrender. Germany is big and serious..while Italy is weak, stupid, and a goof ball. They don't go together yet they're so close. They aren't just allies..they're friends. They like each other. England remembers trying to weaken their talking trash about Germany to italy..ot his surprised the smaller nation went to Germany right away, wanting to know if it was true..He never knew how close they were till that moment..

Now he's gotten another look at it..Germany actually seemed concerned about the useless country that fell from his own stupidity. He given cared him home! It is still hard to understand their relationship..what is Germany getting out of it? Other then a head ache?

"You just found the solution to your problem!" a voice chimes to his right, getting him to look over a mint bunny that's smiling at him.

"What do you mean?" England ponders, he wasn't even thinking about his he remembers the whole reason he's here.

"Don't you see? Germany really cares about Italy, you saw that protective look in his eyes! He'd do anything for him!"

"So?" Britain tilts his head, not knowing where mint bunny is going with this..

"Soo Germany has money! Get it? If you take Italy..i'm sure you could use him as a hostage to get some free stuff out of Germany! That way you don't have to bother japan and you get to have power over an old enemy!"

"..My mint bunny that's.." England's eyes get wide..before a evil smirk comes across his face. "Perfect! Yes, Germany would surely pay handsomely to have his little friend back. With Italy being so useless and weak it will be easy to capture him! All I have to do is set a trap for him while Germany isn't around!" He beams up at his friend..before hugging the bunny to his chest. "Thank I can help my country and have some fun while doing it. Your the best."

"no your the best!" Mint bunny giggles before giving England a kiss on the forehead before flying away..

England waves by..before his smile turns evil again..

he has a Italy to capture.

"All gone!" Italy cheers as he sucks in the last noddle of his spaghetti he made..He wipes his face of the pasta around his mouth, a goofy grin on his lips. He knows he makes the best pasta around..and now his aching stomach's all better! He places his plate next to him in his bed..sighing happily..He's all full now and thanks to Ludwig his ankle and finger are feeling better! He really is so nice to him! He always helps him out when he's in trouble..he's a true friend. Italy smiles to himself..looking at his wrapped up finger..remembering who dressed his wound so nicely.

"I-is it going to hurt?" Italy stares at the spray in Germany's hand with his eyes slightly shaking in fear.

"it's only going to sting a little. "Germany grunts as he grabs Italy's wrist and pulls his hand out towards him. "You'll be fine-"

"You promise?" Italy looks at him..with those big brown eyes..getting the blonde man to pause..almost captivated by those eyes he barely sees since Italy likes to keep his eyes closed so much. Germany looks into those eyes..those eyes that trust him..that are naive..The eyes of his only friend.

"I promise.." Germany speaks a bit softly as he shakes the can..and sprays Italy's cut on his finger.

"Ah!" Italy winces at the pain of the spray as Germany quickly wraps his finger up to keep it clean.

"There, not so bad right?" Ludwig gets some bandage wrap..He sits on the bed next to Italy, and places his legs on his lap gently.

"I guess..but it still hurt." Italy pouts as Germany slowly wraps his ankle up..those blue eyes concentrated, making sure he doesn't cause the Italian anymore pain.

"Well maybe this will teach you to not be so reckless." Germany gently puts itay's feet off of him..before he gets off the bed. "Now stay here and rest..are you sure you don't want me to make you some food? You shouldn't get up on your ankle being like that."

"It's fine Germany! My ankle isn't really that bad!" Italy hops out of bed, smiling. "See?"

"Then why did you make me carry you?!" Germany's eye twitches at how Itay's goofy smile grows.

"I was tried and I like being in your arms Germany!" This gets the blonde man's breath to catch..he looks at italy those bight blue eyes can't be read by the itaian. "I feel safe and warm with you! I know you'll always protect me!"

Germany looks away from the Italian..scratching the back of his head..the anger seems to have left his eyes are glossed over in thought..his lips are in a tight line..and he seems to be fighting something inside him.

"Germany?" Italy takes a step closer only for Ludwig to suddenly look at him, those eyes still different. "I'm going to leave you alone okay? I have some work that has to be done..i'll visit you later ya?" Germany quickly turns..only for Italyto grab him by the wrist..Italy sees Germany's shoulders tense..but he finds nothing of it.

"Before you go could you lean down?"

"Lean down?" Germany turns around, giving him a confused look..but when Italy nods, Ludwig complies..leaning down so he's closer to Italy's height-

Italy leans in..kissing Germany's right cheek, then his left cheek. "Thank you for helping me Germany!" Italy beams before he turns on his heel and walks into the kitchen..leaving Germany staring after him..that look in his eyes as he touches where Italy's lips had touched his flesh

Italy smiles to himself, coming back to the present..Germany's been gone awhile..he must be really busy..hmm..Italy doesn't want to just fall asleep when Ludwig has done so much for him today..he should do something for him..oh! He could bring him his left over pasta! Italy bets he's hungry working so hard..He really should take a break sometime..he needs a vacation to let loose! The Italian tried giving Germany a back rub before..after feeling how tense his shoulders are but he pushed Italy away..Italy wants to make Germany feel better, no one should feel as stiff as a rock! The should be loose and happy like him! And the key to his happiness is pasta! It must make everyone happy like it does to himself!

With that in mind, italy gets out of bed, putting on some sandles so ti's not to much strain on his slightly hurt ankle. He walks into the kitchen, humming a tone to himself as he grabs a plate of spaghetti..he left it out here but it's still warm. "I hope Germany likes this..though I should have probably made something German for him..but oh well!~" Italy skips through the hallway..ready to hand Germany his pasta, ready to see his friend again-

"-Well of course Germany. You should know by now Italy is useless. He is a good artist and a good cook..but he can't stand on his own. It would be better to keep him as a maid like I did. He cleans well and he'll listen if you threaten him a bit." That's..Austria's voice..Italy comes to a the door he knows Ludwig is in..Austria's voice is coming through it..Italy can't help but to tense at what he said..a shiver being sent down his spine..He finally has freedom..He doesn't want it taken from him..

"Nien. I'm not doing that to Italy. He's still my friend." Germany's voice speaks up..getting Italy's being to be lifted..of course Germany wouldn't even consider that! He likes Italy, he- " is very annoying that I can't get a break from him. He's like a child, always clinging to me, always needing protection." Italy..feels a pang In his chest at Germany's words..his eyes shaking. "I try to make him stronger but all he wants to do is eat and sleep! I have to watch him 24-7 or he'll end up getting hurt, or captured!"

"he relies too much on you Germany. You've helped him so much that now he's dependent on you." Asutria states blankly. " I don't know what you were thinking making him your ally. You should have just kept him as your slave...that reminds me, where is he? I would like some more tea-"

"your not going to boss him around. He's no longer your slave." Germany growls..there's silence..before he sighs. "i just wish he wasn't so useless! All he does is get hurt and complain! My phone is always ringing from his constant calling and I can't even sleep in my own bed alone! It's stressing me out!"

Italy puts a hand to his heart..He feels tears at the corner of his eyes as he turns and walks away from the door..he doesn't have to hear anymore..All those things Germany said..were true. He's done nothing but bother Germany all the time since they became friends..and in world war 2..he did nothing but betray him and retreat..Romano was right..Germany doesn't like him..He's annoyed with him..

Italy puts the pasta down on the kitchen table..his brown eyes glossed over in thought..maybe he can make it up to him!..Flowers! Flowers can be seen as apology! And then he can make Ludwig his favorite meal! make him like him gain..he doesn't want to lose his friend..Italy wipes the tears from his eyes..his chest still hurts from the pain of Germany's words..but now it's starting to twist in panic..He doesn't want Germany to leave him! He doesn't want to annoy Germany all the time! He wants..he wants..He wants this feeling to go away..

Italy puts a hand to his heart..before he runs out of the house..ignoring the slight sting of his ankle..h can't feel that pain..he only knows the pain in his his heart. He needs to make this to Germany as he eats his favorite meal Italy's going to prepare..That should make him like him again right?..He's not going to..throw him out is he? Like that horrible dream..No..He can't lose Germany.

Italy keeps running..till he's in his flower field..This is his favorite place in's so pretty..He loves to dream he's here with Ludwig..just being together..of course that would never happen. Flowers make Germans constipated-

Italy stops..his eyes light in realization before he face palms..Then why is here about to pick Ludwig flowers? Just because Italy likes them..doesn't mean Germany will..

That's when..Italy's eyes fall on..a plate of pizza on the ground? Who would leave perfectly good pizza on the floor! He's not really hungry..but he'll make some room. Italy's mouth waters as he skips over to the pizza, right when he reaches to get a slice-

A net falls over him, trapping him to the ground. Italy cries out in alarm, his eyes wide in shock not expecting that.

"You idiot!" a voice chuckles..getting chills to be sent down his his eyes fall on no other then England walking towards him, with a smug smile on his face. "You actually fell for it!"

"That's no fair! You used pizza against me!" Italy frowns, trembling. "Why did you do this? We're not at war..right?" Italy grips his fist..ready to surrender if he has to..

"No we're not see I have a problem, and your my solution." England smirks as he steps closer. " Me and you are going to take a little trip old chap." England grabs the net..starting to drag Italy.

"No! Germany!-" Italy automatic starts to shout for Germany..not able to help it..when he's in trouble..that's who he leans on..but this time, Germany isn't one swish movement..England hits Italy over the head..successfully knocking out the weaker country.

"this was to easy.." England throws Italy over his shoulders..that smirk on his face all he has to do is lock Italy up, get him to call Germany for help..and then he gets what ever he wants out of Germany. It's perfect.

"Good job Britain!" Mint bunny appears next to him, flapping her wings happily. England smiles and gives her a thumbs up..before he starts to carry Italy away..

He's stealing this country right on Germany's territory..and he doesn't even know. This has to be the best day ever..He can't wait to see the look on Germany's face!

As Prussia would say..this is going to be so Awesome.

I've recently gotten into hetalia and I wanted to try out some fanfiction. I love the couple of Italy and Germany, so this will be a main paring in this story, but i'm willing to take requests if you want anything to happen. Please give me some feed back and tell me if they are in character. I'm new to this fandom after all.