Warning: Sex happens.

Italy shifts in the bed sheets, trying to be as still as possible, his eyes closed, trying to have sleep claim him like it use to easily do around this time. It's not that he's too hot. Italy took care of all his clothes except his boxers, his clothes scattered on the floor. It's not that Italy isn't tired. He feels like he could sleep, his eyes have those little crusties in the corner that makes him rub at his eye to get rid of them. It's not that he's uncomfortable. The blankets feel nice on his hot skin and the pillow sucks his head in. Italy could be laying on a cloud and he's not sure he'd be able to sleep. He's been having this trouble for awhile now, trying to sleep during his siestas. He can sleep at night, when it's dark...but for some reason his daily routine of taking a nap at 3:00 has been thrown off. Of course Italy knows the reason. It's hard not too when at this very moment he's thinking of those piercing blue eyes that he hasn't seen in what seems like forever.

Germany seems to take up this hour that is meant for relaxing and sleeping. Italy can distract himself with things throughout the day...but it seems at 3:00, when it's time to take a nap, Germany catches up to him. Italy has tried to think of other things like pasta or kitty cats or flying...He's tried keeping his siesta in check, but for these past two weeks, Italy hasn't been able to take a nap. Most the time he ends up just staring at the ceiling, and all he can do is think. He thinks of how he use to take siestas at Germany's house. He thinks of how Germany would scold him for leaving his clothes on the floor. He thinks of his friend's beautiful smile...but it becomes warped into that look of pure sadness that he had on his face as he watched Italy leave. The guilt tightens in his stomach...and during this hour of the day, he wishes nothing more just to run to the phone and call him up...tell him how sorry he is and how he doesn't hate him...but he can't. He can't because Italy knows he's too weak to fight his feelings for Germany. He'd give in. Italy just has to stay away till he has all these emotions in check...and then...and then they can go back to being best friends. It will be like their kiss never happened-

But it did.

Italy's body still gets warm, thinking of the feeling of those firm lips over his own, kissing him with passion and those strong arms wrapped around him, holding him so gently. His heart still picks up speed when he remembers Germany's words, the confession of his love for Italy. It makes his whole body ache with longing...

But then the guilt settles in.

The reason he's away from Germany is so he can control these feelings, so he can stop betraying Holy Rome...but every day, at 3:00...It seems Italy is the weakest. He can't stop all the thoughts popping in his head about Germany. He just misses his best friend. He misses being around him and making him pasta and playing with him and sleeping with him. He misses giving him good morning kisses and hugs. He misses how Germany would blush when ever he would touch him. He misses the man that has always been there for him, tying his shoes, and saving him from danger.

It's hard staying away but Italy is doing it. He's stayed away for...two weeks now. He can keep away as long as it takes...before these feelings leave him. His heart pangs at the thought but he ignores it.

England isn't making it any easier for Italy. The small Italian is delighted to hear from his new friend, especially when he's been feeling so lonely and guilty. Italy enjoys it when Britain talks about him and America, he likes hearing about their love and how Britain is happy. It makes Italy feel nice inside, knowing that he helped England get this love. It makes him feel not useless...and it takes his mind of the pain in his heart. But Italy doesn't like when England starts talking about Holy Rome...when he talks about moving on...England just doesn't understand. Italy really doesn't like when he talks about Germany though...how Germany wants to see Italy...that has to be the most painful. It makes Italy feel guilty for other reasons. He's a coward. He's weak...He can't even pick up the phone to call Germany...afraid of these feelings and the consequences they will have. Italy can't even respond to England when he tells him he should go visit Germany...Italy knows he should...but he's not strong enough yet. His heart still beats faster at hearing Germany's name, his soul still aches with longing for his best friend. He couldn't go over there now...He couldn't...

Canada has also called Italy a couple of times. This made the small Italian really happy. Italy likes Canada, he's nice and Italy loves hearing about his and Prussia's relationship. Canada talks a little about Prussia and him, seeming flustered...but then he likes to talk about Germany...and he asks if Italy could come over to see him. Italy makes excuses...he always makes excuses...

Prussia has called him...Italy hasn't answered his calls. Prussia means a lot to him, and he knows how much Germany means to Prussia. Italy doesn't know if he could take it if Prussia asked him to come back over too...Prussia isn't his best friend, but he's the runner up next to Germany. Italy doesn't know if he could lie to Prussia. He doesn't know if he could say no to him...especially when it's about Germany...and he doesn't want to upset Prussia...so he just doesn't answer his calls. Italy feels bad...but soon he'll be strong and then he'll say sorry for everything...and then everything will go back to the way it was.

Italy tenses when the warm body next to him shifts, getting him to glance over at Romano who has rolled over on his back, his eyes still closed, and such a peaceful expression on that usually scowling face. Italy can't help to smile at his brother...He's the reason he's being so still. He doesn't want to wake his brother. For some reason, Romano decided he wanted to sleep with Italy for the siesta...he hasn't done this before in these two weeks...Italy doesn't want Romano to find out he hasn't been sleeping during siesta. He doesn't want to worry his brother. Italy worried him enough two weeks ago with Romano having to search everywhere for him...Italy feels his brother's arm brush against his...It's warm-

It makes him remember the warmth of laying against Germany's back while they slept together...how Italy would smile to himself, knowing Germany doesn't even know he sneaked in again...knowing he's going to get yelled at but Germany's warmth and the feeling of safety is worth it-

Italy closes his eyes quickly when Romano makes a snorting sound...Romano shifts in bed, his bones cracking slightly as he sits up and yawns. Italy tries not to tense when he feels his brother's gaze on him...he tries to breathe softly like he's sleeping-

"You didn't sleep...did you?" Romano's voice causes Italy to open his eyes. Romano is frowning, staring down at him.

"Ve...how did you know?" Italy gives him a goofy smile, darn, he thought he was doing good.

"For one, you have fucking crust in your eyes and two, I think you forgot that me and you are both Italy dumb ass. Now I know why I haven't been feeling completely recharged after a siesta! It's because of you stupido!" Romano pinches Italy on his arm, getting him to squeak and sit up, Romano glaring at him...but those dark eyes hold the concern that he swears he doesn't have for his brother. "Why didn't you tell me? And you fucking tried to lie to me by pretending to sleep! Do you think I'm that stupid?"

"I-I don't think you're stupid Romano!" Italy says quickly, waving his hands. "I just...didn't want to worry you." Italy averts his gaze. "I'm just having trouble sleeping during siesta for some reason...but I sleep fine at night!" Italy quickly adds, looking back at his brother.

"Why are you having trouble sleeping during siesta?" Romano crosses his arms, staring hard into his little brother's softer eyes, his darker eyes acting as scans, ready to pick up any lie Italy throws at him.

"...Because I think about Germany." Italy hugs his knees to his chest, knowing it's no use lying to Romano, and he doesn't want to lie to his brother anyway.

"Tsk! Well fucking stop! There's no reason you should be thinking about that potato bastard unless you're thinking about kicking him in the balls! Fuck him! Of course it would be the stupid potato bastard's fault you can't sleep!" Romano grumbles, glaring away. " Tomorrow you're going to sleep for siesta if I have to knock you out. It's annoying, feeling half rested, jerk."

"Ve I'm sorry Romano!" Italy frowns, forgetting some times that they are so closely connected.

"Whatever." He grunts, getting out of bed-

"Oh Romano~" Spain suddenly sticks his head in the door way, his hair a mess from just waking up from his siesta. "I missed you! Next time you sleep with your brother can I squeeze in behind you-"

"Fuck no! Get the hell out of here." Romano snaps, his cheeks turning pink.

"Hello Italy!" Spain smiles over at Italy who just got out of bed himself. "Did you sleep well?"

"He didn't sleep at fucking all." Romano answers for him, his blush leaving to glare at Italy. "Apparently he hasn't been fucking sleeping and he didn't tell me! Thinking of that stupid potato bastard!" Romano huffs, crossing his arms.

Spain sees the way Italy tenses, looking down to rub at his arm in what looks to be shame. Spain smiles gently before looking at Romano. "I understand. Some times I can't sleep thinking of my cute little Romano~"

"W-Wha? Would you stop fucking saying things like that!" Romano snaps as Spain walks into the room, a lopsided smile on his lips. "Stop getting closer to me you creep! Stop- let go of me you bastard!" Romano struggles with Spain when the other nation wrapped his arms around him, holding the feisty Italian against his chest. Spain sighs in contentment, Romano's face getting redder and redder.

"Aw come on Romano, I haven't gotten to hug you in a whole hour!"

"So?! Get off!"

Italy smiles at the two before he grabs his clothes and walks out of the room, giving them their privacy. Italy knows how Spain and his brother are, even though, like everything else, his brother tries to deny it. Italy knows how much Romano loves Spain, Italy can't help thinking it's cute how he tries to fight against it. You can't fight against love-

Italy stops in the hallway, his breath catching...He should know this more than anyone...you can't fight against love. Love always wins...so is he fighting a losing battle? Is he fighting a wrong battle? Will he ever be strong enough to stop loving Germany? To forget about these feelings?

Italy's curl droops as he silently puts back on his clothes, before smiling to himself. He hums, his curl lifting back up at thinking about how he's about to make pasta. He can distract himself throughout the day. He can do this. Italy hops down the stairs and walks into the kitchen. Right when Italy is tying the apron around his waist...He hears the stairs creak. Italy turns around to see his brother walking into the kitchen, he's completely dressed with an irritated look on his face.

"Ve Romano what's wrong?" Italy frowns at how his brother's eyebrow is twitching.

"Spain is talking on the fucking phone with someone but he wouldn't tell me who it is, the bastard." Romano huffs, seeming angry but Italy knows he's actually jealous. Romano shouldn't be jealous though, he should know he's the only one for Spain. That loving nation couldn't live with out his Romano. "I be it's that stupid German Prussia or that pervert France!"

Italy tenses at the mention of Prussia but he continues getting the pots and pans out for cooking pasta. He can feel his brother fuming next to him as he turns on the stove...just then, Spain decides to make his appearance.

"Sorry about that Romano~" Spain walks into the kitchen, smiling brightly even when Romano sends him a glare. "I didn't tell you who I was talking to because I wanted to surprise you!" Spain wraps his arms around Romano. "We're going out today! I got reserves to your favorite restaurant!"

"...R-Really?" Romano's eyes get wide but when he sees Italy still messing with the pots, he scowls, looking away. "You idiot! I can't leave him here alone!" Romano whispers angrily. "You know that!"

"Brother..." Romano tenses when he looks over at Italy who is smiling at him. "Go out with Spain. Ve i'm fine! I'm just going to cook myself pasta and laz about. You should go out with Spain, you haven't in these two weeks and you shouldn't stay behind for me. I'm okay."

"I'm not fucking leaving you so you can get into some sort of trouble." Romano snaps.

"I won't get into trouble." Italy smiles. "I promise!"

"Come on Romano, Italy will be fine. It's only for tonight." Spain nuzzles his head against Romano's, rubbing circles into the Italian's arm. Romano frowns, glancing between Italy and Spain...a inner battle going on inside him with Spain's soft touches and the concern for his brother.

"I'll Be fine Romano." Italy giggles. "It's so nice how much you care about me!~"

That did the trick.

"Tsk! I don't care about you! Stupido!" Romano's eye twitches. "Alright, we're going to go out tonight..." Romano walks up to Italy...still glaring but it falls slightly. "...and you better be fucking fine when I come back you hear?"

"I hear!" Italy leans in and gives his brother a tight hug. "have fun!"

"Like I'd have fun with..." Romano turns his head to look at the lopsided grin Spain is giving him. "Him." Romano lets go of Italy only for Spain to hug the younger Italian.

"We'll be back before you know it~" Spain smiles, he leans closer, his lips close to Italy's ear. "Help is on the way." He whispers, too low for Romano to hear before he's yanked away from Italy by Romano.

"Stop leaning all close to my brother you perverted ass hole!"

"Aww is Romano jealous? You know you're the only Italian for me~"

"Fuck you with sand paper." Romano snaps only for Spain to grab his hand, getting Romano to flush.

"See ya Italy~"

"W-Wait we're leaving now? But I want to-" Romano doesn't get to finish before Spain is dragging him out of the house. Italy hears his brother's curses and Spain's cheery laugh for a moment longer before silence falls over his home. Italy can't help to smile, glad his brother is going out with Spain. His brother deserves to have fun, he shouldn't be stuck in the house just because Italy hasn't left the house. Italy really is fine...He's just fighting this battle is all. Things will go back to normal soon...He'll sleep easily during siesta and he'll be able to see Germany without his heart beating so fast, and he'll be able to see him smile without thinking about how those lips felt on his own-

Italy hums happily as he cooks his pasta, getting the thoughts out his mind as the familiar aroma fills his nose, getting his mouth to water. His lips turn in their natural smile as he hums and hops around the kitchen, getting his plate ready. Once the pasta is down he takes the pan, does a twirl on his heel before dropping some spaghetti on his plate. The sauce splashes on the kitchen table a little but Italy pays no mind to it as he puts the spaghetti pot back on the stove and turns off the stove so he doesn't burn down the house.

Just when Italy is about to drown his thoughts into pasta, there's a knock at the front door. "Ve?" Italy tilts his head. Did Romano come back?...no, he wouldn't be knocking. He has his own key. "Ve hold on! Coming~" Italy skips out of the kitchen to the front door. He doesn't think of who it could be, glad that he has company. Maybe it's England. Maybe he's surprising him with a visit! He did say he wanted to hang out again...with that, Italy smiles and opens the door...Only to be surprised when there's no British man standing before him, but France himself, smiling that odd smile of his at the Italian. "Ve Big brother France? What are you doing here?"

"Ah my sweet little Italy, it's been so long! Too long!" France smiles, before looking pass Italy. "Is Spain here?"

"No you just missed him. He just went out with Romano." Italy smiles. "I'm sorry."

"No, No that's fine. I really came here just to see my sweet little Italy." France's blue eyes sparkle slightly. "Can I come in?"

"Sure! This is a nice surprise, I haven't seen big brother France for so long!" Italy opens the door up for France to come in, before shutting it behind him. "I just made pasta! You came at the perfect time!" Italy hums before he skips into the kitchen. He pulls out another plate and gets to work filling it with delicious spaghetti.

"Mmm smells good." France watches Italy for a moment before smiling slightly. "I was worried you weren't going to be here. I'm surprised you are! You're usually with Germany! It's hard to ever get you alone..." France catches how Italy tenses at the mention of Germany. "Hmm...why is it that you're not with Germany now? Did you have a fight?"

"N-No..." Italy swallows, slowly putting the noodles on the plate before putting the pasta back on the stove. "Nothing like that..." Italy shifts.

"Then why are you not with Germany? You're never home...as you have told me many times, Germany's place is your favorite place to be." France takes a seat at the table, those blue eyes never leaving Italy.

"It i-is...I just..." Italy's curl droops, not wanting to lie to his big brother.

"It's not a crime to love him Italy." France says bluntly, getting to the point. Italy's eyes widen and he looks up at France with surprise. "Yes, I know you love Germany...England told me everything and even if he didn't, I would have known with the way your eyes light up when I say his name. This is not how you deal with love. You do not hide from it...and you do not deprive yourself. You love Germany, so why are you here? All alone?"

"...Because loving Germany is wrong." Italy turns his back to his big brother. "...I promised Holy Rome. I promised him I would wait. He was my first love. He was suppose to be my only love and I betrayed him. I can't go to Germany because I love him. I'm waiting till these feelings go away and then we can be best friends like before. I won't be betraying Holy Rome and we can all go back to being happy."

"No you can't." France shakes his head, sighing. "Once you love someone...it can't just go away. You of all people should know this Italy. You want something more than friendship." France stands up from his seat and walks till he's standing behind Italy. He puts a hand on his shoulder, taking a deep breath. "...Italy...Holy Rome isn't coming back-"

"You've told me this before big brother, but I know he is, he promised me-"

"No Italy. He isn't coming back. You can't keep waiting for some one who isn't coming back, not when you love someone, and you have someone who loves you back! This can't go on anymore Italy...Please don't make me say it...You have to move on-"

"I can't move on when Holy Rome is still out there! When I promised him that I would wait! I can't move on, I promised him and he promised me! He's coming back he-" Italy's voice gets a bit louder, his heart clenching...he feels tears start to sting at the corner of his eyes, his voice getting frantic. Why is big brother trying to upset him? Why wouldn't Holy Rome be coming back? Of course he is! He has too, he-

" I killed him." France's voice is nothing but a whisper but it stops Italy's words before he can utter another sound...his throat closing. Italy whips around, his eyes wide, searching France's face...only to be shocked to see...such a sad look in those blue eyes...his shoulders slumping in guilt. His expression is genuine...and this only closes Italy's throat more, makes his stomach twist so painfully, and his mouth goes dry.

"...What?" Italy asks quietly...hoping, praying he heard France wrong...he couldn't have...he wouldn't have...

"...I killed him." France repeats, those eyes getting cloudy but he keeps eye contact with Italy. " I didn't want to tell you...But I've always felt guilty for it. I got the order from my boss...you know I had to do it. The year was 1801...Napoleon out smarted his men. I found him laying on the ground, beaten, fallen. He still was so young..." France's eyes get a far away look. "He died holding a painting of you...He told me he painted it himself...he spoke of you with his dying breath..." France goes silent. "I'm sorry."

Italy stays still, his eyes wide and shaking as he stares at France...wishing, praying that this is some kind of sick joke...but it's not. He knows it isn't. France killed his first love. He killed Holy Rome. Holy Rome is gone. He's dead. Italy wants to feel anger. He wants to be mad at France...but he knows it's not his fault. He knows that a nation must listen to his boss..He knows this...So he feels no hate towards France...He feels nothing but pain. Italy feels like screaming, feels like yelling at France to take it back...but Italy can't utter a word. Silently he falls to his knees, his face frozen in a expression of lost, of pain.

"...He's gone Italy. He's not coming back. You can't keep waiting for a ghost..." France gets on his knees in front of Italy, cupping his cheeks. "Holy Rome loved you Italy. He loved you more than anything. When he made that promise to you, he had all intention to come back to you. You know this. But he isn't coming back...Holy Rome only wanted the best for you...he wouldn't want you to wait for something that isn't going to come. He wouldn't want you to be miserable. He would want you to be happy. He would want you to be with someone that could protect you. Please...don't cry." France gently wipes the tears as they silently fall down Italy's cheeks, those brown orbs of his sparkling in sorrow.

"If...if I went with him...if I joined him...maybe...maybe he wouldn't have fallen..." Italy trembles, looking at France with such big, sad eyes. "Do you think...it's my fault?" He sniffles. "If I had stayed with him...do you think he would still be here?"

"No. You know what happens to nations that get too big. Holy Rome...all he wanted to do was fight. He got into war after war...that was his down fall. It would have been his down fall whether you were with him or not. He was trying to be the Roman Empire all over again...and you know what happened to him." France wipes Italy's tears as more start to pour down his face.

"I-I loved him big brother. I loved him so much!" the tears fall rapidly now, his voice squeaking and cracking as he throws his arms around France, around the man who's hands are stained red with his first love's blood, he clings to him, sobs in his shoulder. "H-He was suppose to come back...I loved him...I loved him.."

"And he loved you too. He loved you so much." France closes his eyes, trying to stop himself from shedding a tear as he rubs Italy's back gently.

"I didn't want him...to become like grandpa Rome! I-I told him...I liked him the way he was...I loved him...I wanted him to stay...I didn't go with him so he wouldn't become like grandpa Rome...so he wouldn't leave me...but he's gone...just like grandpa Rome" Italy tightens his grip around France. "I loved him...I waited so long...I waited for him. I dreamed of the day I would see him again...even if I knew it was taking Holy Rome a while to come back...it felt like he was still here...I could feel him! I-I still do! He has to come back...this feeling...I still feel him...please..." Italy doesn't know what he's begging for, but he pleads, he implores as he cries into his France's shirt, each sob coming out of his lungs feels like glass, his whole body shaking in his sorrow.

"...I loved someone once as well." France says quietly, rubbing Italy's hair gently, trying to soothe him. "It was years and years ago...but it feels like it was only yesterday that she was by my side. She is and always will be, the only one that I truly love. I never touched her. I never tainted her...nor did I kiss her...but she loved me. And I loved her."

"...W-What happened to her big brother?" Italy sniffles, tightening his grip on France. "Y-You never told me you loved someone..."

"She died." France says quietly... "She died for me. She died for protecting me. She died for her skills, she died because she was wonderful. They burned her at the stake, my own people destroyed her, calling her a witch because she was a woman but she could lead my army. They burned her alive...and all I could do was watch." France lets a single tear fall down his face, but Italy doesn't see it...and he'll never know. "She was so young...she devoted her childhood to war, to fight for me. To protect me. She spent her childhood fighting wars while most young ladies were out learning how to raise families. Because of me, she never would have a family. She would never have a childhood...She would never be an adult. She gave everything up for me...only to be burned to the stake as a witch." France tightens his grip around Italy. "Her name was Joan of arc. The most powerful, beautiful, and strong willed woman who lived. She is the only woman I will ever love. The only person, the only being."

"Big brother..." Italy gasps, his tears falling more but not only for Holy Rome...he's weeping for France. He holds him closer, sniffling, bailing. "What d-did you do after her death?"

"There wasn't much I could do. She was human...she was going to die some day and she would leave me. There was nothing I could do to change that but..." France puts a hand over his heart. "The memory of her is still alive. Joan of arc is a part of me. She's a part of my history, a part of who I am. I'll never forget the times I spent with her. She's alive in me." France plays with Italy's hair, trying to soothe him. "That is the reason why you still feel Holy Rome. He's a part of you. He's a part of your history. You have his memories...in your own way, you have been keeping Holy Rome alive. You have believed in him, never doubting him for hundreds of years. He's in your heart, just as Joan of arc is in mine. It still hurts thinking she's gone...but it always makes me feel better, thinking of how she's still a part of me."

"My heart...?" Italy puts a hand over his heart...closing his eyes, thinking of what France said. His tears still fall but he doesn't feel that deep deep sorrow...his words making him feel a bit better. He's right. He never did forget about Holy Rome. He never doubted him. He never forgot their promise. In his own way, he's been keeping Holy Rome with him...Just like he's been keeping grandpa Rome with him. "...Me and you...we're the same." Italy sniffles, rubbing his eyes.

"No." France nuzzles Italy's head. "Unlike you...I don't let Joan of arc make my life miserable. She wouldn't want to sadden me. She wouldn't want me weeping over her all the time. I don't want Joan of arc to be the reason I'm alone. No. I sleep with other people. I have fun and enjoy others warmth...but I will always love her." France rubs Italy's back. "Holy Rome wouldn't want to be the reason why you're miserable. He wouldn't want to be the one keeping you from your happiness. Holy Rome is gone...he's not coming back...but Germany is here. He's here and he loves you, Italy and you love him. Germany isn't going any where...he's right here. Your love for him isn't a crime...Holy Rome made that promise to you, thinking he was going to come back...He wouldn't want you to wait for something that isn't coming. You are not betraying him...but you are betraying your heart by avoiding Germany, when you know you want to see him. Don't make Holy Rome the reason you are miserable...don't do that to him."

Italy's breath hitches at France's soft words...They hit him hard, and he can't help his heart picking up speed. Holy Rome loved him...He always took care of him and wanted the best for him. Holy Rome wouldn't want him upset. He wouldn't want him lying and feeling bad about love...the emotion that he once shared with the Holy Roman empire. Holy Rome would want him to be happy...but is it really okay? Even now...Germany's name gets his body to warm, his heart to feel funny...even now he longs for him...

Italy closes his eyes...in the darkness...he sees Holy Rome, smiling at him gently like he use to, those blue eyes so soft. "Italy...it's okay. Don't cry any longer. I can no longer hold you...but there is someone else...and in that way...we will still be together.." Holy Rome smiles a bit longer...before he fades away.

"Italy?" France's voice snaps Italy's eyes open...he looks up at France's concerned look...His eyes wide...his heart for once...feels firm.

"I love Germany." Italy tries, testing it out..His heart doesn't hurt. That guilt isn't there. It's as if...Holy Rome has given him permission. "I love Germany. I think he's great and I love him and-"

"Whoa! Why don't you save that for Germany himself? I'm sure he needs to hear that..." France smiles at the look in Italy's eyes...knowing his work is done. "Germany has been miserable without you Italy. I heard from Prussia that he's not coming out of his room and his house is a mess."
"W-What?" Italy's eyes widen, getting off the floor. Germany's house a mess? Germany not coming out of his room?...Is it because Italy didn't answer him?...is it because...he hasn't come back to his home?

Holy Rome will always be his first love...but Germany will always be his best friend. He is the man he loves, and he's determined, no, he's ready to set his heart free...To tell Germany all these things that he's been holding deep in ever since two weeks ago.

It's time to follow his heart, just like grandpa Rome told him. It's time for him to be truly happy, just like Holy Rome wanted.

"Ve Germany always cleans and he never just likes staying in his room!..i've done this to him? I need to see Germany! I can't let him be sad any longer..." Italy thinks back to that sorrow filled look Germany gave him as he walked away...how could he cause such a look on his best friend? Germany has done everything for him...and he couldn't even give Germany an explanation, or tell him he didn't hate him...Italy will fix this. He'll explain everything to Germany. He'll...He'll do all he can to see Germany smile again.

"That's what I wanted to hear!" France's eyes light up, a smile turning his lips. "Of course I could succeed in where Britain failed. I-" Italy turns on his heel and starts running out of the house. "H-Hey! I wasn't done with my victory speech!"

"Ve i'll listen to it later big brother! Thank you so much!" Italy yells behind him before he's out of the house, running down that familiar path that will lead him to Germany.

France watches him go for a moment before a soft smile finds his lips. "They grow up so fast...Be happy Italy."

Italy keeps running down the path, he's panting by the time he gets to Switzerland. Italy doesn't think of the danger as he picks up the pace, thinking of Germany and only him. It's been so long. Italy is going to hug him and squeeze him. He's going to nuzzle his strong chest and tell him how much he missed him. How much he loves him.

It must be Italy's lucky day, he's able to make it past Switzerland without so much as a curse or a gun shot wound. Italy's heart starts to beat frantically when his eyes fall on Germany's home...this place he hasn't been to for two weeks. He's starting to feel almost nervous, his throat becoming dry, and by the time he reaches the front door, he's out of breath, his face flushed. He pants, trying to catch his breath. This is it...It's okay now...Italy reaches out slowly for the door knob, only for it to turn by itself, Italy withdraws his hand back when the front door suddenly opens.

"-I'm going to go shopping Birdie just-" Prussia looks in front of him, his words dying on his lips. He comes to a complete halt, looking at Italy like he just found a unicorn. He blinks a couple of times...before taking a step forward. "Italy?"

"Ve hi Prussia..." Italy smiles and waves awkwardly. "I'm sorry that I-" Italy starts only for Prussia's eyes to get so bright. He smiles, rushing towards Italy, wrapping italy in his arms and lifting him up from off the ground as he hugs him and starts spinning around.

"Italy-chan's back! Oh thank gott! Birdie! Italy's back! I knew he would come back! I knew it in my awesome blood!" Prussia continues to spin Italy, getting the Italian to giggle, Italy smiles...He's missed Prussia too.

"R-Really?" Canada suddenly appears by Prussia's side. When those soft blue eyes land on Italy, he smiles. "It's good to see you...i'm glad you came." Canada glances back into the house and frowns.

"Ve it's good to see you guys too!-"

"You need to see West right away." Prussia suddenly stops spinning Italy to put him back down on his feet. His expression has gone serious, getting Italy to tense as he's pulled into the house, Canada shutting the door behind him. "He's been a wreck these past two weeks!-" Italy can't help to gasp when he looks at the state Germany's house is in. The hallway is filled with trash...with bags of bird food and candy wrappers? "Yeah it's a mess right? I did this the other day, seeing if West would freak out when he saw it."

"H-He did right?" Italy says nervously.

"Nope. He looked at it, then went right back into his room." Prussia says gravely, getting Italy to feel scared. Germany not getting angry over a mess? And not cleaning it up? That's not the Germany he knows! "He hasn't been the same since you left." Prussia adds, getting Italy to tense...So this is all his fault? Of course...again he's hurt Germany. "He hasn't been cleaning, or training his troops...I've been having to do it. He stays cooped up in his office or his room most of the day. He barely talks to me anymore...Italy, he needs you." The concern for his brother is shinning brightly in those red eyes of his. His last words...almost sounded like he was begging. Begging Italy to fix this.

"...And I need him." Italy says easily, the words so true as he locks eyes with Prussia. "Where is Germany?"

"In his room...He locked it to keep me out but here." Prussia hands him a small key, grinning slightly. "He doesn't know I have a key. I have to warn you...West looks messed up. He's probably drinking a little...but I know. I know that once he sees you, he'll snap out of this."

Canada gives Italy a nod of reassurance as he looks between the two lovers...Prussia wrapping an arm around Canada. Italy smiles, gripping the key in his hand. "I'll make it better." Italy reassures. "No more running for me. For once...it's time for me to stand tall. It's time for me to save Germany, just like he saves me." Italy turns on his heel, his words strong and lingering in the air as he walks down this dirty hallway. His heart is beating so fast...thinking about Germany, scared of how he will be, and the guilt he's going to feel. His throat gets dry, thinking of what he's about to tell Germany...what he's about to confess. Italy will tell him everything. He's not hiding from Germany any more. He's not running. Italy loves Germany...and now it's time that he follows his heart, instead of running from it.

Italy stops in front of Germany's door...He swallows, his heart drumming in his ears as he reaches out with the key, his hand shakes and it takes him holding his hand with the other to steady it enough he can put it in the key hole...Italy takes a deep breath...before he turns the key. There's a clicking sound, and before he knows it, he's opening the door, stepping into this familiar place, this place that he hasn't seen for 2 weeks.

"Brother I said!-" Germany, who was laying on the bed, snaps up to a sitting position. His voice is a roar, a snap as those angry eyes fall on Italy, his face a scowl...But when those piercing blue eyes lock onto Italy's brown orbs...The scowl immediately falls...that hard look leaves him as he opens and closes his mouth. "F-Feli?..." Germany gets out, those blue eyes filled with pain. Italy can't help to take in the state Germany is...He takes in the sight flush of his cheeks from drinking, the beer cans surrounding his bed, how his hair isn't pulled back, how pale he looks...Italy feels like crying when a desperate hand reaches towards him. "...Is that really you? Or have I finally gone mad?" he seems so unsure. Italy has done this to him.

"Oh Germany!" Italy can't hold back the tears as he runs towards Germany, jumping into his arms, hugging him tightly as he nuzzles his head against the man's strong chest. Germany tenses, his eyes wide, a gasp emitting from his throat as Italy's warmth surrounds him.

"I-It's really you..." Germany's arms wrap around Italy, holding him so close, so tightly, afraid to let go. Germany is shamed of how he must look. He's ashamed of the sob of relief that escapes his lips...and the tears that follow after. It's been hell these pass two weeks...and he can't help to cry with his love back in his arms, hugging him and clinging to him like he use to. He thought he would never have this again. He thought he lost Italy. "Y-You came back."

Italy hears the sob and squeaks, immediately pulling away to cup Germany's cheeks, he starts wiping the tears as they fall, his stomach twisting. "Ve don't cry Germany! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I just left you two weeks ago...I'm sorry I didn't come back sooner. I'm sorry I couldn't answer your questions...but you have to know!" Italy grabs Germany's large hands and holds them in his own, those honey brown orbs boring into Piercing blue. "I could never hate you! Germany is my best friend! He'll always be my best friend!" Italy lifts Germany's hands to his lips, giving gentle kisses to his knuckles.

The German sputters, his cheeks getting redder, not from the beer as he watches Italy kiss his hands so tenderly. His heart swelling from Italy's words. He can't help a couple more tears falling. "I-It's okay Italy. I'm just glad that you-"

"No." Italy shakes his head, looking up at Germany with determination, stopping any other words from leaving his lips. "It's not okay. I've been running all this time...and you deserve to know why. Germany...you don't scare me. Your feelings for me don't scare me...what scared me was the feelings you caused in me. When you kissed me, I liked it...I loved it and that's why I ran.." Italy averts his gaze, his cheeks getting pink. "Because I knew then I loved you too."

Germany's heart skips a beat, his face getting redder and his eyes getting wider...but all he can do is listen to Italy, his whole body warming at Italy's words. "...If you love me...why did you run?" Germany whispers, glancing away, pain in his words.

"Because I felt guilty." Italy says quietly getting Germany to look at him. "...Long ago, there was a boy named Holy Rome. I loved him and he loved me. I promised him I would wait for him...he left to go to war. So when I kissed you back, when I felt love for you...I felt horrible. The reason I stayed away for so long was because I was trying to get rid of my feeling for you...but I couldn't stop thinking of you. I missed you so much. It hurt staying away." Italy takes a deep breath. "but now..." Italy looks into Germany's wide eyes, his face is so red. "I know that it's wrong of me to hold back. To run from my feelings. I was never running from you. I was running from my feelings for you. And I'm sorry i've caused you so much trouble. I'm sorry I couldn't answer you and i'm sorry i've stayed away for so long. I love you Germany. I need you and your strong muscles. I love you like you love me...and I now know it's okay. I love you Germany so please don't be sad anymore." Italy starts to kiss Germany's large hand, kissing each knuckle with those soft lips, those brown orbs looking up at Germany...seeing the happy tears falling down his face...how his firm lips twitch, his other hand is gripped...he still seems unsure...those piercing blue eyes flicking down to Italy's lips. Italy knows what he wants. He knows because he's wanted it as well since two weeks ago.

"Germany...will you still have me? After all I've done to you?" Italy moves so he's straddling Germany, sitting in his lap, their forehead pressed together. "I love you Germany...do you still love me?"

"J-Ja...of course I do." Germany's arms wrap around Italy, those blue eyes of his shining with emotion. "I love you and I always will...I can't be without you Italy. You hold my life together. Somehow...you bring order to my life. I need you."

"I need you too...If this goes on...If you still want me...I need to know you'll never leave me. I-I need to know you won't disappear...that you'll always love me." Italy looks at him, looking so fragile...as if he could break with a single touch. Those pink lips part. "Show me. Promise me."

Germany can't stop himself. Despite what happened last time..He leans forward, destroying the space between them. He kisses those soft lips for the second time, groaning at the sensation. His whole body catches on fire as he kisses Italy slowly, being so so gentle. Germany pulls away, looking into Italy's eyes to make sure he isn't crying or scared...all he sees is those beautiful eyes looking at him with warmth and love...that's enough to make him latch back onto those lips, kissing harder, deeper. It's not enough. Germany wraps his arms around Italy and can't help to tense when he feels that small tongue licking at his lips. He quickly opens his mouth, Italy's tongue invading his mouth...caressing, rubbing against his own tongue. The kiss is wet and deep. His hands tremble in passion as he pulls Italy closer against his chest. He tries to tell Italy all he needs to know with this kiss, since his words would fail him at this point. He will never leave Italy. He'll always love him and hold him close. He needs him.

Italy suddenly pushes him away gently, not too hard but hard enough Germany falls back on the bed...his piercing blue eyes widen as Italy hovers over him, his face flushed, those lips swollen from kisses. The sight sends all the heat down south, his pants becoming tight.

"Kissing isn't enough...a promise with a kiss, it can be broken." Italy says quietly. "I want you to promise with all of you...and I'll promise with all of me. I don't want to ever be without Germany." Italy leans down, kissing at the sensitive skin of Germany's neck, getting the German's face to heat up, a groan escaping his lips at how Italy licks at his neck, kissing it and nipping.

"W-What are you saying Italy?" Germany grips the bedsheets to stop himself from doing something he'll regret as Italy continues to kiss at his neck...Italy slowly moves up till he's placing soft kisses on his cheek, his nose, his forehead...as if claiming each part of his face for himself. It makes Germany's heart swell, his chest heaving...Italy is handling him with such care, kissing him with love and it makes everything in Germany ache. Oh how he's wanted this. He's wanted this so much. He doesn't want Italy to stop kissing him. He wants to drown in his kisses.

"Big brother told me once...that when you love someone you have...sex." Italy says the last word quickly, getting Germany's eyebrows to raise in shock. He can't be saying...him and Italy...having...so soon...right now...having himself buried in that warmth...making Italy cry out in ecstasy-

"You don't h-have to do that Italy...to show you love me..."Germany's face gets insanely red, the tightening of his pants getting worse as he glaces away from Italy, only for the other nation to grab his chin, turning his head so he's staring into those soft brown orbs.

"I know. But I want to. Making love is something you do with someone you love right? And I want Germany to make me feel good...and I want to make Germany feel good. It will be our promise. We promised with our pinkies our friendship...but this is different. So much deeper...this will be a promise of our love...we will promise with our bodies, with our souls...how could such a promise be broken? I just couldn't take it if I lost you too...so please Germany..." Italy pushes his body against the German. "Promise me?"

Italy talks about sex so innocently...makes it seem so beautiful...His words colorful and pure. It makes Germany ashamed in a way...but when he looks into those brown orbs...that are pleading with him, that need him, he feels his will break down. He can't fight Italy. He can't fight his wishes. Germany can't even fight his own at this point. Italy's words send him over the edge and in a blink of an eye, Italy is on his back, and Germany is hovering over him, those piercing blue eyes dark with lust and passion. "I promise." Germany leans down, stealing Italy's lips. The kiss is close to frantic, Germany losing his control as his tongue attacks Italy's, his large body pinning the Italian down as he nips Gently at Italy's bottle lip, getting him to gasp. It only fuels the German as he kisses Italy deeper, his large hands slowly rubbing down Italy's body...The fabric of Italy's shirt an annoying barrier between him and sweet, sun kissed skin.

Italy must think the same thing because he sits up, allowing Germany to take off his shirt, exposing that tan skin he adores so much. Germany takes in Italy laying below him with hungry eyes, darkening in lust as he takes in Italy's small frame, how his stomach dents just a little with the forming of abs, and how his hips dip in, making a nice V shape. Germany's eyes travel up, taking in those small, perked up nipples before his eyes lock with Italy. Germany's expression of lust softens as he reaches out, rubbing stay's cheek gently. "If...You want me to stop...at any moment, let me know. And I'll stop. I don't want to do anything to hurt you Italy."

"I trust you Germany." Italy smiles so sweetly, getting Germany's heart to swell as Italy turns his head to kiss the palm of Germany's hand. "I want to do this...but..." Italy's face heats up. " This is...my first time so I...I don't really know what to do...I got scared to ask big brother what happens during sex when he started talking about some scary stuff..."

"Don't worry...I erm...this is my first time as well..." Germany can't help his face heating up when Italy looks at him in surprise.

"Really? But you have so much porn!"

"T-That doesn't mean anything! And most of those aren't mine!" Germany fums, his cheeks red from embarrassment.

"Ve...so you're a virgin too?" Italy's eyes get wide...before he smile so softly. "I'm glad. That makes me happy, knowing i'm Germany's first."

"I'm glad...I'm your first as well." Germany feels like he's about to die. This is so embarrassing...and yet his heart is beating faster. So fast. He really is glad he will be Italy's first, that he has that privilege...he won't hurt him. He'll do all he can to make his lover feel good. "I may be a ...virgin but I have studied the subject...I know the basics of it." Germany coughs...Not going to tell Italy he started studying it after these...feelings for Italy started. He couldn't stop himself when he saw Austria had a book on...such things. He will never understand why Austria had such a book, but really that doesn't matter. He's glad he read it. If not, he wouldn't know what to do right now.

"Ve oh good! Germany's so smart!" Italy cheers, wrapping his arms around Germany, kissing him deeply, his tongue rubbing against the German's lips. Germany kisses back eagerly, trying to remember what that book said as Italy's nails dig into his back, making him groan and buck his hips against Italy's. Italy's kiss becomes fierce, a moan coming from those amazing lips as their clothed erections rub against each other. Feeling Italy's excitement, gives Germany the courage to reach down..feeling Italy's warm skin under his finger tips. Italy shivers from the soft touches, breaking the kiss...his eyes stare at Germany with lust filled eyes as Germany explores his body...as if this was the first time he's seen this skin, and felt it.

Germany's fingers brush against a hard nipple, getting Italy's eyes to widen a bit, a soft groan leaving his lips. Germany remembers the book saying something about this...so he carefully starts to squeeze one nipple between his large fingers, watching with arousal as Italy shifts beneath him. "Does it...feel good Feli?" Germany leans down, whispering this in Italy's ear, his lust taking him over. Italy nods quickly, moaning when Germany licks at his ear, kissing it passionately before kissing down his neck, licking down his jugular vein...he kisses at Italy's collar bone, enjoying the little sounds his lover makes before he licks down and latches his mouth on his other nipple.

Italy's back arches slightly, his virgin body tingling from all the touches and kisses...The sucking of his nipple feels odd. Not bad. It makes him shift under Germany, little mewls of encouragement coming out of his throat. Italy reaches into Germany's shirt and starts clawing up his back, noticing how Germany reacted to this last time. Germany groans around Italy's nipple getting him to shiver. Germany pulls away suddenly, Italy whimpering only to be silenced by a rough, sloppy kiss, drool slides down the side of his face but Italy doesn't mind. Not at all. Germany pulls back so he can take off his shirt...Italy can't help to stare at the gorgeous man on top of him. Can't help to stare at those nice hard abs and his firm muscular torso. "Germany's body is amazing." Italy breathes out, leaning up to give soft, butterfly kisses to Germany's chest. Italy can hear the German's heart beat, how it beats so rapidly...He can hear Germany's jagged breathing and it sets Italy's body aflame.

"Feli...can I?" Germany's shaking fingers stop brushing down Italy's body to rest at Italy's hip, playing with the beginning of Italy's pants. Italy nods, still kissing at Germany's chest, over his heart as the blonde slowly pulls down Italy's pants, Italy lifting his hips to help Germany get them off. He throws the piece of clothing on the floor...his breath hitching, and his face heating up when he's met with a rather large length pressing against Italy's stomach. "N-No underwear?" He says quietly...staring at Italy's manhood...he feels hungry. Starved. Maybe this is his wake up that he's definably gay. Or maybe it's just that he's gay for Italy. He wonders if it would have mattered if Italy was a woman...It's just Italy that gets him going, that gets his heart to beat like this, that gets him to feel like this.

"No." Italy giggles, shriving slightly from his sensitive skin being free. "forgot it."

"Alright..." Germany's voice comes out as a growl, instinct seeming to kick in as he moves down Italy's body..leaning down to place a soft kiss on his swollen tip. Italy lets out a squeak, his body tensing up, his eyes wide as he looks down at Germany. "Is this okay?" Germany licks up the underneath of Italy's manhood gently, watching how Italy's face turns in pleasure with hazy blue eyes.

"S-Si..." Italy lays his head back, his soft fingers getting tangled in Germany's locks. "Please..." Italy moans when Germany licks at the tip of his head. "Ludwig more..." He purrs.

Hearing his human name causes his stomach to tighten, his own erection giving a painful throb as he takes in Italy's head and sucks, hard. "Ah!" Italy moans loudly, throwing his head back. Germany viciously licks the sensitive line on his head, watching as Italy squirms underneath him, gasping out in pleasure, gripping and pulling at Germany's hair. It only turns him on more.

"Say my name..." Germany's hot breath can be felt on the Italian's erection getting him to whimper.

"L-Ludwig-ahhh!" Italy screams when Germany takes him in almost completely into his mouth...hallowing his cheeks as he sucks hard, those piercing blue eyes never leaving his face, watching his every expression, feeding off it, his pants getting tighter and tighter, getting off on giving pleasure to his lover. Germany does his best not to choke as he bobs his head up and down, tightening his lips.

Italy's moans are music to his ears. He loves him. He loves him so much. Germany only has to run his tongue over the tip...before he feels a warm liquid fill his mouth, Italy squeaking, tensing up...before completely relaxing. Germany swallows, glad that his little Italian taste so sweet before he lets go of Italy's softening erection. "So fast." He mumbles, licking up the cum from his lips as he stares at Italy with those lust filled eyes.

"I-I'm sorry Ludwig, it just felt so good and I couldn't stop-" Italy starts to freak out, his face so flushed and those eyes so beautiful. Germany cuts him off with a deep kiss...Italy relaxes into it completely, his tongue rubbing against Germany's lazily. "Mmm..." Italy hums into the kiss, feeling Germany's clothed erection against his thigh. "Ludwig makes me feel so good..."

Germany pulls away, his hungry eyes taking in Italy's naked body before him...to his small, firm thighs, to his half hard member to his tighten stomach...to his sweaty skin...and then he looks up to those eyes that are looking at him love and adoration, his brown hair sprayed out against the pillow...Germany's eyes soften as he leans down, kissing Italy on the cheek. "You're so beautiful..." Germany flushes from saying that as he pulls away and starts working with his pants, they're becoming too tight to bare now.

"Ludwig's beautiful too!" Italy smiles happily, his cheeks tinting at the complement but when Germany pulls down his pants, along with his boxers, moaning from the feeling of his throbbing manhood being released, Italy can't help his eyes to widen. "Ve Ludwig's huge!" Italy stares in amazement at the large throbbing member of his lover. It's leaking precum at the tip, dripping on Italy's thigh but the Italian doesn't mind.

"D-Don't say something like that." Germany's face heats up but he can't help to feel pride at how Italy gawks at his size. He can't help to feel embarrassed with his staring as well.

"Ohh I know what to do!" Italy sits up suddenly, grabbing onto the large dick with both of his hands, getting Germany to tense and moan, his eyes wide as he stops himself from grinding into Italy's small, soft hands. "Now I just lick you and make you feel good like you did to me, right?"

"N-No Feli you don't have to- Mein gott!" Germany started off resisting but when Italy leaned in and licked up his tip, licking up the precum with that small, delicious tongue, Germany loses all will power, throwing his head back and moaning loudly.

"Ew." Italy's nose wrinkles up. "Ve that didn't taste too good..."

"I-I'm sorry." Germany opens his eyes, about to pull Italy away only for that small mouth to wrap around the tip of his want, making him shut his eyes tight, biting his knuckles to stop himself from thrusting into Italy's warm, wet mouth. He bites harder to try to muffle his groans of pleasure as Italy starts licking all around his sensitive skin.

"Ludwig keeps getting harder and harder!" Italy giggles, Germany opening his mouth to say something, only for him to moan loudly when Italy takes him in half way, licking with his tongue..drool sliding down his length to his hips. It's too much. The sight of Italy taking in his dick...The feeling of his tongue and lips...

"Oh g-gott Italy you have to...ngh...stop." Germany pants, his control slipping away. His hips are barely being controlled at this point. He doesn't want to buck into his lover, choking him.

"But Germany likes it." Italy says through lust filled eyes as he goes back to sucking around the German's head, rolling his tongue over the sensitive area. Germany feels the tighten of his stomach and his eyes snap open. Not yet.

"Feli..." Germany's voice is hoarse as he pulls Italy off of his member that throbs painfully. He lays Italy down, hovering over him. "I can't...I can't wait anymore." Germany reaches over his night stand, opening the drawer and pulls out lube...something he bought once these feelings of Italy started, much to his embarrassment. He read in the book it's important to prepare your lover so he lubes up three of his fingers, before pressing his index finger against Italy's small, puckered entrance. He pushes in slowly, watching how Italy makes an odd face.

"Ve..." Italy shifts a little. "It feels a little weird. Like I'm pooping!"

"Are you okay?" Germany asks, ignoring that last statement, his concern for Italy beating his arousal as he slowly moves his finger around in Italy, feeling the tighten muscles and warmth...mein gott...His mouth is getting watery.

Italy nods slowly, getting Germany to add another finger. Italy's face scrunches up as he moves the two fingers around, trying to stretch him slowly... "You're s-so tight Feli." Germany groans as he adds another finger-

"Ouch!" Italy's eyes widen, his body tensing up. "That hurts."

":I-I'm sorry!" Germany immediately stops his movements, keeping his three fingers inside of Italy. He can't help to feel guilty at how Italy's face scrunches up. "Do you...want to stop?" to his surprise, Italy shakes his head. Germany slowly moves his three fingers in and out...searching for that one spot he read about, hoping he can make this feel good for Italy. He doesn't want to hurt him-

"Ngh!" Italy makes a strangled groan as he arches his back, his mouth opening wide. "D-Do that again Ludwig! That felt amazing!"

Knowing he's found what he's looking for, he slowly pulls his three fingers out, getting Italy to whine. "Hush meine liebe" Germany's voice is husky but his love for this man can be heard as he groans quietly, lubing his throbbing member up. "Are you sure you want this...?"

"Ve...I want to become one with Ludwig...this is our promise." Italy smiles so sweetly, kissing Germany on the cheek.

Italy saying his name in such a soft tone, full of love and trust, it pushes Germany on, unable to wait any longer. He lines himself with Italy's entrance...before he slowly pushes in, moaning as Italy's warmth surrounds his arousal-

"Ah!I-It hurts!" Italy trembles against him, stopping him from going any farther. He only has the tip in but there are tears falling down his cheeks. His body tightening up.

"I-I'm sorry..." Germany reaches down, kissing Italy's cheeks so gently, licking up the tears. He feels extremely guilty for causing Italy pain..He tries to pull out but Italy grabs him, pulling him down for a passionate kiss. Italy hiccups into his mouth, but his tongue rubs against Germany's with love that Germany can't help to return it. When Germany feels the muscles loosen...He slowly pushes himself in, grinding his teeth at the feeling of it, holding himself back from just going crazy in side the Italian. "Oh Feli..." He moans when he's completely inside this lover, surrounded by his tight warmth. It's heaven. Italy is his heaven. He grips the bedsheets till his knuckles turn white, waiting for Italy to say it's okay.

Italy breathes heavily in Germany's face...his legs are gripping his waist tight...a couple of more tears fall down his face as Germany kisses him so tenderly, trying to get rid of the pain.

"I love you Ludwig..." Italy speaks against his lips, so softly, so full of emotion as his body relaxes around Germany.

"I love you too Feli..." Germany slowly pulls out to push back in. He rocks his hips against Italy's gently, Germany's breathing is jagged, sweat forming on his brow. He can't stop the noises he makes, too deep into Italy. Too deep into this pleasure. "Fuck...it feels...ah...so good." His face heats up but he feels like he needed to say that. Italy smiles brightly and when Germany brushes slightly against his prostate, he throws his head back, breathing in sharply


Italy doesn't have to tell him twice. Germany pulls back before slamming in, right where he knows Italy's spot is. Italy cries out, digging his nails into Germany's back as Germany starts to thrust deeper into him, harder, faster. The noise of skin slapping skin fills the room along the German's growls and Italy's whimpers. The smell of sweat is in the air as the bed creaks under his strong thrusts. To Germany's embarrassment, he's already close, the feeling of finally having Italy, from being inside him and the promise they are making...It's driving him insane. Not wanting to leave Italy hanging, he quickly grabs onto the Italian's erection with a tight grip, pumping him without mercy as his thrust become more frantic.

"Ich liebe dich, ich liebe dich Feli." Germany keeps saying how he loves Italy, kissing him sloppily on the cheek as Italy arches his back, crying out in ecstasy. With a deep groan, Germany cums inside his lover, Italy not being too far behind, screaming his name.

The two men pant, trying to calm down...and sure enough, soon their heart beats calm and Germany is able to pull out slowly, oh so carefully out of Italy before crashing down next to him. "Ludwig~" Italy smiles lazily, rolling over to wrap his arms around Germany, nuzzling his head against his cheek. Those brown orbs look tired but they shine with deep love and happiness. "We made...the ultimate promise...isn't that great?...me and Germany...together forever..." Italy's eyes slowly close as he nuzzles into Germany's warmth, the lack of siestas getting to him. His breathing steadies, the Italian falling asleep so quickly.

Germany can't help the smile on his lips as he wraps his arms around Italy, hugging him tightly, rubbing soothing circles into his back. Germany still can't believe that really happened. He can't believe that Italy loves him, that his feelings are returned...he can't believe Italy is his, and only his. Germany will never let Italy go, and that is a promise. Germany kisses Italy gently on the forehead, his eyes falling shut...Lack of sleep has caught up to him and now all he wants to do is fall asleep with Italy in his arms.

Italy...You have surrendered your heart to me...

Germany smiles in his sleep at how Italy huddles closer to him, clings to him, needs him even in his sleep.

But from the beginning, it was you who captured my soul.

"Kesses they did more then make up!" Prussia chuckles to himself, still standing in the hallway but maybe Germany in his drunken state, or the state he was in general, made him forget that others were in his home, and they could hear those growls and screams of pleasure all the way in the hallway. Canada stands next to Prussia, tomato red, his gaze shifting. "This is good...West will be back to normal and things can go back, no, things will be better than before." Prussia smiles holding Canada close to his chest. He leans down till his lips are brushing against Canada's ear. "I bet I could make you scream louder." He whispers, getting Canada to tense, his hands fiddling with his jacket, very flustered.

"I d-don't-" Canada starts to go on, stuttering and getting more flustered when Prussia licks the shell of his ear. He bites his lip-

"Ohohoho! Look at this!" Prussia stops licking Canada's ear to send an annoyed look over towards France who comes in from the front door, wiggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. "Aw Canada's so cute when he's so red." France gushes before he winks at the two. "Room for one more~"

"Get fuck out of here ass hole." Prussia snaps but there's a grin on his lips, knowing this man well as he walks up to him and they bump fists. "You just missed it. West finally got laid." Prussia smiles softer. "I think everything is going to be okay."

"Oh no! My little Italian works so fast." France laughs oddly.

"...Spain called me and told me you were going to talk to Italy. I know you had something to do with this...Italy coming here." Prussia puts an arm around his friend. "So thanks ass hole."

"I couldn't have done it alone. Not without Spain getting Romano out of the way." France smiles. "I don't remember the last time we worked together like this."

"Bad touch trio always wins." Prussia lets go of France to stand next to Canada...his grin falls for a moment. "...So why did Italy stay away for so long? He didn't even answer my phone calls! What was keeping him? I'm still confused. he comes over here after two weeks and then him and west are on like donkey Kong. Did I miss something?"

Canada blushes darkly, shifting in Prussia's hold but he settles and grabs his hand, not looking at France who is gleaming at them.

"You are so dense Prussia. Italy loves Germany but he was trying to stop himself from loving him. He felt bad because Holy Rome. But that's all settled now-"

"Holy Rome?" Prussia's grin falls for a moment, giving France an odd look. "What are you talking about?"

"Surly you know about Holy Rome's and Italy's past? They were one of the first lovers. Italy had promised to wait for Holy Rome when he left for war...but he died in that battle against me." France shifts a bit.

"No..." Prussia's eyes widen. "That's not what happened..." He lets go of Canada to run down the stairs to his basement, leaving France and Canada staring after him in confusion.

"What is that moron doing?" France sighs before he looks over at Canada, and smiles. "You two look so cute together. But if Prussia does anything to hurt you, you tell big brother France okay? Prussia wouldn't see the light of day."

"I'm starting to get concerned for Prussia...America is already after his throat." Canada shakes his head, and smiles. "But I don't think he will hurt me and if he does...i'll deal with it."

"Ohoho when ever you and Prussia get physical you better call and tell big brother." France winks at Canada, getting him to go a bit pale.

"T-That's not happening any time soon!"


"Found it!" Prussia suddenly comes out of the basement, panting slightly, his body covered in dust. He holds something square in his hands.

"F-Found what?" Canada blinks at how dirty Prussia is...and how bright his eyes are.

"Seriously? This was the problem Italy was having? Why didn't anyone tell me it was about Holy Rome sooner?" Prussia blows on the square thing, the dust leaving it before he holds it out for France and Canada to see.

"It can't be..." France's eyes widen.

"Is that...Italy?" Canada blinks, not really understanding what's going on or why Prussia has a painting of a young Italy sleeping on a chair...or why Italy is in a dress.

"You know what this means don't you?" Prussia locks eyes with France who nods slowly...France's eyes get bright in relief, he swallows down a sob.

"I didn't kill him. I didn't kill Holy Rome."

"No." Prussia looks down at the painting. "...I found the kid in the middle of the battle field. I knew he was the Holy Roman empire...the same empire I use to be a part of. He was bleeding out of a wound in his head, holding this painting so close to him. I thought he was dead. I took the painting from him, and gave it to one of my men to put it with my other treasures I've collected. I thought It must be worth a lot if this kid held it in death. But once the painting was gone...he started to more. His eyes snapped open...I was stunned. I asked who he was...but he didn't have an answer. I don't know what it was about him...but I decided then he would be my little brother. I took care of his wounds. He didn't talk much...but soon when I asked him who he was...He answered." Prussia smiles down at the picture. " 'I am Germany.'"

"...Germany has forgotten about his past as Holy Rome though?" France crosses his arms, looking serious for once.

"Ja, doesn't remember a thing...but maybe..." Prussia stares down at the painting. "...This painting meant a lot to Holy Rome...so..." Prussia walks down the hallway and into a room...when he comes back, he no longer has the painting.

"I see what you're doing...though I don't know if Germany will remember.." France smiles. "AT least Italy will know the truth."

"Ja." Prussia smiles at the confused look on Canada's face. He leans in and gives him a peck on the nose. "I'll tell you the story later. It's pretty awesome because i'm still in it."

France smiles between the two before he silently makes his way out of the house when the two start to talk. France puts a hand over his heart as he leaves the home. His heart feels lighter, free from guilt...maybe in a way he still killed holy Rome...but that little boy is still alive in Germany some where. Italy will have his happy ending. No more tears. No more suffering.

"Me and you Italy...we're nothing a like." France closes his eyes. "You can hold your dead lover.." France opens his eyes...staring off into the distance. A girl stands before him, her body see through...her blonde hair curling around her face...those soft lips in a smile. She smiles at him so gently...before she fades away.

He can only see the ghost of his past and hope, that she will come back as someone different...that she will get to have her childhood...that she will be able to have all the things France took from her.

In till then...He will always be haunted by that gentle smile and the piercing flames.

Germany shifts a little, before his eyes open. He can't help his heart to skip a beat at Italy's face so close to his own...and he can't help for his heart to start drumming against his ribs when he thinks of what they did...and the promised they made. Italy loves him. Italy is all his. Germany smiles, giving his sleeping lover a peck on the cheek before he wiggles his naked body away from Italy, trying not to wake him. Italy makes a soft sound of disappoint but curls into himself, and settles down. Germany stares at him for a moment...still not believing this is real before he takes a step forward...Stepping on a beer can. Germany blinks as he looks around, his eye twitching when he sees the mess in his room, like he hadn't noticed it before.

"ScheiBe!" Germany curses under his breath as he makes his way to his dresser, putting on his boxers quickly before he starts picking up the beer cans and putting them in his trash can. He doesn't want to wake Italy but he can't deal with the sight of this...Trash all on his floor, proof of his shame. Once all the beer cans are in the trash can, he winces, feeling how greasy his hair is. He quickly makes it into the bathroom, takes off the boxers and gets into the shower. Germany curses under his breath as he washes himself thoroughly. How could he have let himself go like this?...It's all because of Italy, of the power that weak nation has over him. IF this isn't' proof Italy is his weakness...He wouldn't know what would be. These past two weeks...all he could think about was Italy. Missing him. Wanting him. Feeling guilty for kissing him. Feeling horrible...thinking how Italy couldn't tell him he didn't hate him. It was hell...but now...with Italy with him...with Italy loving him...

He's in heaven once again.

Germany has never felt like this...giddy. He feels giddy...his stomach doing pleasant flips thinking of the Italian that is asleep in his bed. Thinking of those lips that confessed to him. If Germany wasn't well...Germany. He might even sing. He's happy. He's truly happy.

Germany turns off the water once he's cleansed. He gets out of shower, dries himself before slipping his bowers back on. Germany blinks, staring at his reflection..and the smile on his lips that he didn't no was there. He quickly wills it away, feeling embarrassed as he pulls his blonde hair back into it's normal look. One he thinks he looks clean enough, he walks out of the bathroom. He stares at Italy a moment...at his little Italian who turns slightly in his sleep, mumbling something about pasta. That's Italy for you. His Italy. His Feli. He can finally say that and it feels so good.

Germany moves to his dresser, about to get dressed when something catches his eye. He blinks and looks back at the bed...noticing something square laying at the edge of the bed. Germany raises his eye brow...what's this? One of Italy's paintings? Germany, curious, walks towards the painting and picks it up...He can't help his eyes to widen.

It's a...painting of Italy. He's young and he's wearing a dress...but Germany can feel that this is Italy. As he stares at the picture of the small Italy asleep on a chair...it's as if he can see it in person. His heart beat picks up speed and his head is starting to feel fuzzy. Germany knows Italy didn't paint this...it's not in his style...in his mind...Germany sees small, pale hands carefully painting this picture...a small Italy before him sleeping...Germany can see the black sleeve this person was wearing when they painted this picture...who was this person-

"Pasta~" Germany tenses when he hears Italy but he can't move. A part of him for some reason feels almost shy about letting Italy see this...why? Maybe he would know who drew this. "Good morning Germany-" Italy starts but he stops suddenly. He goes silent. Germany, confused, takes his eyes off the painting to look at Italy. The small Italian is staring at the painting with wide eyes...those brown orbs shaking before he looks up at Germany...The blonde tenses when tears start to fall down Italy's face.
"I-Italy are you okay? What's wrong? Are you in pain?" Germany starts to freak out, wondering if he's really sore from last night, if he was too rough.

Italy shakes his head quickly before he gets out of the bed, still naked, he tackles Germany into a hug, holding him so close, trembling in his hold. Germany frowns, setting the painting down so he can wrap his arms around his lover. He's about to ask him again if he's okay...but what Italy says next, stops his words. "I knew it...I-I've loved you for a thousand years." Italy sniffles, holding him closer.

Germany doesn't understand him at all. Surely Italy knows that they haven't known each other for that long...but maybe it's the way he said it...or maybe it's how his chest tightens, or how his heart flutters that he holds Italy tighter, kissing the top of his head...

"And I'll love you for thousand more."

Ahhh how was the ending? I don't know and i'll be honest, that was my first time writing a boy on boy lemon so let me know how I did! And I hate Twilight but I love that song, a thousand years. I think it fits Italy and Germany. Thank you all for staying through this story! I love all your reviews! So, now I ask you. What would you like me to write about next? I have a couple ideas...do you want me to keep working on a 'smile stained red?' or throw something else at you? I've already started writing his Angel AU fic for my sister and she adores it. I could start posting that, or I could write about something else. Here are some of the ideas I want to try.

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