Dipper's 18th Birthday Surprise

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Chapter 1

18. Nevertheless, it was the age to be.

For Dipper Pines, having to be 18 was a priority. Which meant that he wasn't gonna take orders from his Gruncle Stan. It also meant that he could finally live free on his own occasions without having to be nuttily freaked out by his twin sister Mabel.

The main reason for Dipper is... being 18 meant that he was stepping out from childhood to adulthood.

But he was a long way from being 18 just yet. Now that Mabel's first part of the birthday was finished, it was about time for Dipper's part.

Strangely, Dipper was out of town to get some tree sap that Gruncle Stan needed. After all, how would Gruncle Stan's pancakes be like without any maple syrup? It would be like french fries without any amount of ketchup.

Outside on perhaps what was a hot summer day, Dipper was struggling to get the huge jar of tree sap inside the house.

"Oh, man... this really sucks. Gruncle Stan should've asked Mabel to get the tree sap, but no... he had to go ahead and choose me." Dipper grunted, "Once I'm 18, I'll finally get out of the Mystery Shack with no one telling Dipper what to do."

Using his last ounce of strength, Dipper managed to barge in the door and fell to the floor, alongside a jar of tree sap. Luckily, the jug was unbroken and the cork was plugged in tight. When Dipper got up and picked up the jar, he looked at what came to him:


"AAAAAAAGH!" Dipper screamed.

The image he saw was his twin sister Mabel and her faithful companion Waddles, his greedy Gruncle Stan, his best buddy Soos, Mabel's friends Grenda and Candy, his crush Wendy, and to no surprise, Dipper's arch-enemy Robbie. Of course, Robbie would be caught dead coming here to such a childish 18th birthday party. But since this was Wendy's treat, Robbie had no choice but to come.

Everyone all around Dipper had changed. Mabel finally got her braces out, Waddles got a bit bigger, Gruncle Stan was still the same old bag, Soos lost a little weight, Grenda and Candy still looked like themselves but a bit taller, and Robbie was now less of a punk. His behavior and harsh feelings for Dipper sorta cooled off for good.

But something was missing. What was it that Dipper forgot?

Oh yeah... Wendy. Dipper couldn't forget about her. The girl who haunts Dipper's dreams all day and night. He couldn't even sleep a good nano-second without ever thinking of that beautiful red-head. Years had passed and she still looked the same as ever. Sure she looked a little taller, but nevertheless, she still remained the same old Wendy.

Dipper got back to his feet after being surprised.

"Wow! You really scared the heck outta me..." Dipper said with his heart palpitating.

"Happy birthday, little brother!" Mabel shouted out happily before she blew the party snake right across Dipper's face.

"You know, you didn't have to do that, Mabel..." Dipper blushed at Mabel, noticing that Wendy was here.

"C'Mon, I'm your sister! This is your party!" Mabel happily exclaimed while he hugged him tightly.

"Mabel's right, Dip..." Gruncle Stan spoke out to him, "You're growing up into an adult now. Your parents must be proud of you and your sister turning 14 years old."

"Um, Gruncle Stan? I'm 18 years old." corrected Dipper.

"Like it matters, kid. Anyway, enjoy your presents and your cake." Gruncle Stan said while he went to the kitchen, "And if every one of you even thinks of getting your cake morsels anywhere near the floor or my favorite chair, I ain't cleaning it up!"

Following Gruncle Stan's threatening reminder, both Grenda and Candy began rolling in the tasty birthday cake that they made for Dipper. It looked a little screwed up considering that they didn't attempt to make the cake look like Dipper's entire face. Dipper's eyes was made out of olives while the rest of the frosting had a very fishy smell. It was perhaps the worst cake that Dipper had ever seen. The only good thing about this cake was it had candles. All 18 of them.

"Okay, bro. You got your own cake. It's tasty, delicious, and it gives out that nice seafood smell!" Soos said while he placed his hand on Dipper's shoulder.

However, the mist of that strong fishy smell made Dipper cringe from the inside.

"Um, Soos... no offense, but this cake smells like Gruncle Stan's crusty underwear...", criticized Dipper.

"How did you guess the flavor? I must be a genius!" Soos admiringly said to himself.

"Yeah... you really are..." Dipper said, feeling an edge of shame inside.

"C'mon, dork. Make a wish already!" Wendy exclaimed, while she wrapped his arm around Robbie like a bro would ever do.

"Okay, then..." Dipper replied. His face went near the birthday candles and closed his eyes. It was then that his thoughts began to make that one single wish for him.

"I wish I could have Wendy all to myself..."

After he reopened his eyes back up, Dipper took a deep breath and blew out all 18 candles. It was nice to say that those candles had a strawberry scent. At least it made up for that horrible fish smell that the cake had. Basically, Mabel and her friends were horrible cake makers.

All Dipper cared about was the presents that he had. Even though it was pretty much a rough economy, Dipper was fine with the gifts he got.

Soos got him a new black trucker hat that said "All The Ladies Love Me".

Mabel, Grenda and Candy made him a bracelet that said, "Dipper, Best Brother In The Werld". Sure, Mabel screwed up the spelling, but that statement was definitely enough.

Although Robbie wasn't a gift giving type of guy, he did give Dipper the best thing money could ever buy. He gave him a CD of his band. He also told Dipper that it was some of his best work.

Gruncle Stan on the other hand, would have given Dipper nothing since he was nothing more of a greedy man. But since it was Dipper's birthday, he decided to give him $100 dollars. It was like one Benjamin Franklin wrapped in green.

The only person that forgot to give Dipper a present was Wendy. To make up for forgetting his present, Wendy gave a Dipper a note that read something like this.


Meet me in the secret room inside the Mystery Shack all alone at midnight. It's all about your present that I forgot.

Don't forget, Wendy

Such a weird present. How could Dipper not get a present for Wendy? This was outrageous. He yearned to find out from her one way or another.

It was 30 minutes way before midnight as Dipper started flipping his new hat around. Everyone had already turned in for the night, including Waddles, who had such a bellyache from eating Mabel's fish cake. Mabel, who was already in bed, turned to Dipper.

"Hey, little brother... have you thought what Wendy got you?" said the braceface.

"I got no idea, Mabel. Maybe it's a console version of Fight Fighters. I've been dying to play that game on the GameBox 540!" Dipper said in a very calm, yet anticipated tone.

"I hardly think Wendy got you that." Mabel spoke back.

"I think so? Maybe it's those tickets to see that rock band in Portland. After all, it's only a few miles away from Gravity Falls."

"Doubt it." Mabel chuckled, "If Wendy were the only woman who can score tickets to a hip show, chances are that she'll take Robbie instead of you."

"Very funny, Mabel." Dipper snarled back, "I hardly think Wendy would would do that."

"Are you sure...?" Mabel said in a sing-songy way.

"Yes, Mabel. I'm sure of that."

The clock was now ticking consciously. Dipper's patience grew very thin. His teeth was gripping from his own gums and an ounce of sweat was dropping from his head. Dipper was about one second away from blowing up with intense power.

Annoyed by the tick-tocking noise, Dipper stood up out of the bed.

"Okay, I sooooo cannot take this anymore! I gotta go to Wendy right now."

"Good luck, then. You'll need it." Mabel winked while she went back to sleep.

"Well, unlike your chances with a guy, I won't need luck." Dipper said while he was about to leave. But before he could leave however, he turned to his sis, "Wait, why on earth do I need luck for?"

Dipper never got an answer from Mabel. All he heard was her snoring. Safe to say, Dipper was annoyed by her response.

"Sometimes, I regret having a nutjob as my sister..." Dipper said to himself while he walked out of his room quietly.

What was he gonna expect from Wendy? Whatever this was, it was gonna be a night that Dipper would remember.

Can many of you guess what'll happen in the next chapter? I wish I told ya, but you'll have to find out. I trust ya, this is something you'll never want to forget. Until then, R&R!