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Little Lion Man

i. but it was not your fault but mine /and it was your heart on the line.

It is a dark desolate place where souls wander, desperate to seek solace and purpose. A place; where magic and innocence can be squelched or revived. The dark forest is not a place to be trifled with, as it has the power to make a boy into a villain, or if he is open enough to the possibility, a hero.

The strain of the transformation process takes its toll on her body as her limbs form into petite, delicate appendages. Her back cracks and bends as the thick fur that covers her body becomes thin and barely visible, microscopic hairs having replaced the fur. A complexion of olive spans her now naked body; the curves of her new form are foreign and exciting all at once. Her legs shake as she attempts to walk the first steps upright, it's more difficult to navigate than she would have assumed, the villagers make it seem so simple; she muses to herself. Her true wolf form only gives her the option to tread on all fours, and even though it's allowed her to be swifter and stronger than any human, she's envied their more delicate features. Her clan has inhabited the dark forest for generations, centuries even, peacefully, never allowing the humans that set up nearby villages to be privy to their existence. It had assured their safety, and as she had been taught as a pup, anonymity was vital to their survival as a species. It was well known that humans could be fearful, vicious creatures and this was on normal terms, there was no indication as to what they would be capable of if threatened. So as an unbreakable rule it was deemed by the elder council, for her species to be forbidden to have any contact with the human world at all. But the wolf couldn't help herself from wanting to watch them closely, while she sat at the tree line as they would move about their days. And she knew that as much as watching from a distance was frowned upon, what she had just done by changing into her human form was nearly unforgivable. Her brother disapproved of her fascination, threatening to bring her to the council, if only for her protection from her naïve, and childish imagination, as he would describe it. Like the rest of her clan, he saw the humans only as a deceitful lower species that waywardly wandered about procreating at will; carrying on the cycle. But she felt different, there was something about their struggles that intrigued her, and at times rare as it was, she witnessed quiet moments of tenderness.

It had been years prior when she came upon two lovers coupling at the edge of the forest, their quiet moans were silly and the way that their bare bodies joined was strange as was the pinched expressions they both wore. But after they both had shuddered their release, the male had gently pushed a lock of hair behind the females ear, it was intimate and quiet but to the wolf it had spoken more words than their mating seconds earlier ever could, and it was in that moment she began to envy the humans.

A cool breeze picks up bringing her out of her thoughts as she holds onto a nearby tree trunk for support. The wind wraps around her bare body, causing her to skin pimple, the temperature drop is significant to her without her thick fur to warm her body. The ends of her wavy mane tickle the sides of her breasts, and she has to giggle softly from the sensation. She's thankful for the fall of darkness which will hide her presence from most of the villagers who have already departed for bed with only a few still milling about. The wolf leans out from the tree line to spot a collection of clothing hanging from a wash line, the fabric blowing in the wind. When she's convinced her footing is finally solid, the wolf pushes off from the trunk to briskly walk over to where the clothing hangs. The ground feels strange underneath the pads of her feet and she tries not to trip over the uneven earth littered with rocks. Her fingers catch the skirt of a dress when she reaches out as it billows in front of her. She pulls the dress from the line before pulling the article over her body, the material is itchy and she wonders why humans just don't decide to walk around nude, it certainly has its advantages. Her feet are still bare but the skirt covers her toes and she ventures that no one will be spotting her feet. She smoothes the sides of the dress down as she rounds the corner to walk down the main street that's lined with businesses and homes. Torches are lit at the doorframes of each building lighting the dark, something she's thankful for since out of her true wolf form she can't use her sharp vision.

Her eye catches light shining onto the cobble street that's coming from a store front a few buildings down the road. She stops short, debating whether to turn back, but something pushes her forward against her better judgment. Her tread is still heavy from her limited time using her legs, but she's careful to keep in the shadows as she comes upon the residence. Her fingers curl around the brick positioned beneath the large window. Inside, she spots a woman sitting up on a bed as a man holds her hand attempting to calm her painful moans while he dabs her forehead with what appears to be a damp cloth. People bustle about the small space, as one woman stays stationary at the foot of the bed. The wolf recognizes it as a birth and a part of her feels blessed to be able to witness such an act. It isn't until the man leans back to reveal the face of the woman in labor that the wolf feels cheated. She recognizes the red faced woman even as she groans and huffs from the pain; she's the baker's wife with her venomous and cantankerous nature. She's witnessed many of her tantrums throughout the years and it has only solidified the wolf's dislike of the woman. The wolf had noticed how the woman's belly had swelled over the past few months and the wolf had dreaded the day that another one of the baker's wife's children would be born. She already had two disagreeable sons who ran about the village terrorizing anyone that wasn't wise enough to stay clear of either, and the wolf assumed this child would be the same.

She's about to resume her journey through the village when the baker's wife gives off a high pitch yelp and the room is electric with movement and chatter. Her curiosity gets the better of her as she stays put and watches the event unfold. The baker's wife squeals once more while her legs are pushed up to her chest as she sits up, the baker holding onto her shoulders for support. It seems to happen in a second, suddenly the air shifts and something changes, the wolf can feel the pull of something powerful and wise. The baker's face holds concern as his wife pushes him away to fall back onto the pillows behind her clearly exhausted. She pays no mind to the midwife at the foot of her bed who's now holding onto something as the baker rushes to her side in a frenzy. The wolf can feel her own anxiety rise as the reality of the child being stillborn becomes possible, but then the mid wife turns toward the window to reveal an infant. The wolf can now make out male genitalia as the child squirms and kicks out his legs as another woman attempts to clean him free of blood and fluids. He still doesn't utter a cry as he's put into the arms of his father who looks down at him lovingly. The midwife fusses over the infant, clearly concerned by his refusal to cry but the wolf knows better than to think that the child's silence is from a deformity. She can feel the energy pulsating from the child, indicating a sense of power. It's then that the wolf pledges to look over the child, to watch him grow and if the need arises to protect him.

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