Transmutatione MetallicaChapter 1

A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

::Warnings:: Eventual Torture

"The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times."
― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

Cold deadmetal walls caught the sound of mech's dragging peds and echoed it back at him mockingly from the uncountable scars and gouges in the dark material. Shoulder guards slumped from exhaustion and were thrust up from the grips of the black servos that half carried-half dragged the limp form down the darkened hallway. Gleaming purple and grey armor reflected the few lights that still functioned and the sharp lined faction badges seemed to actively swallow the photons that touched them. Red optic bands stared impassively ahead. Between them what had once been silver and blue armor clung brokenly to the frame of the smaller Cybertronian. Blue energon seeped out from innumerable cracks and lacerations.

The guards stopped in front of the one door in sight that was fully lit and reinforced. Without a word they keyed in separate sequences on activation pads on opposite sides of the portal. Smoothly the aperture opened revealing blackness beyond. Swiftly they tossed the prisoner into the cell and stepped back. The small mech landed sprawled on his chestplates. Seeing this one of the Decepticons leaned forward and sneered.

"Is this really the terror of the Autobot forces? I had heard such great things about you mech. Somehow I expected something more-"

As he spoke the battered helm rose and turned with great effort to face the standing Cons. Audial fins rotated marginally and the cracked visor flickered. Then the leaking lip-plates twitched and smiled. Instantly the Vehicon off-lined his vocalizer and jerked back. The door snapped shut and both guard staggered back from the cell.

"Brilliant," the second muttered sending scorn filled glyphs to his frame brother.

"I didn't see you say anything," snarled the talkative one. "At least I'm not too afraid to speak in the presence of one Autobot too badly damaged to move."

The other mech gave a short exvent before turning to leave.

"Good thing you're so brave then Slice," he shot over his shoulder as he left. "Seeing how you have first shift watching him down here alone."

"Wait Crank," the bolder mech called out. "Isn't Alchem supposed to be taking over the interrogation of the prisoners immediately? He should be down here to deal with that," he waved his servos vaguely at the sealed door to indicate everything 'that' entailed.

The other turned and shifted his plating in agitation.

"Lord Alchem," he hissed emphasizing the title, "has sequestered himself with Commander Shockwave for the time being."

Silence fell in the corridor and the space suddenly seemed far more confining.

"I see," the visibly shaken mech whispered.

"And because we are short staffed you get a double shift right off," Crank muttered as he backed slowly away from the occupied cell.

For as long as his frame brother was in sight Slice stood loosely in front of the door but once the corridor was clear he shifted nervously to the side and then backed up against the far wall optic band locked on the cell. As the shift wore on the only thing that he was able to focus on was the strange smug smile on the battered Autobot's faceplates.