Caro Transmutata Metallo 3

A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

"And after that the mech was never the same," Tap-Outs voice drifted idly across the corridor that separated their cells. "First Aid finally found him cold and grey in his quarters. Not a mark on him. Glyph?"

"Could you stop please?" a small voice whispered.

"Hey, it was your idea," the green mech stated in confusion as he glanced over at her.

The femme was curled up on the too large berth, arms wrapped around her legs, plating held tight to her frame.

"I think I now have more than enough information on Shockwave's habits to work with. There is," a shudder ran through her, "there is no reason for you to tell me more."

"Okay," the warrior mech gave a shake of his plating and lay back on his berth intertwining his servos behind his helm.

He had not really wanted to tell the sensitive scientist everything he knew about the Decepticons' head scientist but she had insisted; had said that it would help them frame their course of action. As he had suspected it had mainly frightened the sheltered femme. Still she shouldn't be shuddering like that. Projecting weakness in a Con brig was just a way to invite things to really be scared of.

"Speak of Unicron," Tap-Out muttered roughly pulling himself up into a crouch at approaching pedfals.

Two mechs were coming down the corridor talking softly. The warrior heard a few terms that only medics used and let a low growl build in his chassis. The terms Decepticon and medic were rarely spoken without the word sadist in there somewhere. Still he was almost shocked into silence by what or rather who came around the corner. The tall Seeker who was too large for the confined space was forced to angle his wings awkwardly to fit the low ceiling. His gleaming silver plating would have been beautiful if it wasn't marred by the glaring purple Decepticon badge on his right chestplate. Tap-Out ran a calculating optic over the flexible mesh that fell away from the base of his helm, completely concealing the back and sides of his neck. Surfaces that soft and pliable were usually pretty sensor rich but both sides were branded with the symbol as well, inside and out. A what was it called, a masochist maybe? Under one of his lesser helm spikes a glowing disc sat. The imprisoned mech wondered at that. Usually such things were for temporary pain relief but this was far more complex that a pain chip and looked permanent.

The Autobot was mulling over this when his optic caught the smaller mech accompanying the Seeker and the low growl turned to a snarl. The off yellow mech wasn't much to look at. One of the smaller and more common frames that had belonged to the servant caste back on Cybertron with just enough armor upgrades to look like a Decepticon. He held himself and moved with a certain predatory grace. Red optics in pale yellow faceplates and a perfectly centered Decepticon logo were the only color break on his unremarkable plating. It was the look he had fixed Glyph with the moment he came around the corner that had Tap-Out growling and sliding as close to the bars as he dared. His pale gaze was hungry.

"That one won't be worth much, my lord Alchem," the smaller Decepticon stated in a low oily voice nodding at the huddled form of the femme.

The tall Seeker raised his gaze momentarily from the datapad he was examining and his cold expressionless optics flicked over Glyph. He gave a curt nod and handed the pad to the smaller mech. A disappointed look flashed across the yellow Con's faceplates but he bowed and stepped back. Without preamble the taller mech deactivated the energy bars and stepped into the cell. The Autobot gave a small gasp when his hand rested on her shoulder guard and jerked her helm up.

"Cooperate Autobot," the smaller Con hissed. "Lord Alchem is just going to give you a basic medical scan."

Tap-Out glared but remained quiet as the Seeker calmly ran a series of scans over the femme. Glyph kept her optic band down at first but soon her native curiosity got the better of her and she was eagerly looking the Decepticon over.

'Please be quiet,' Tap-Out begged silently wishing their internal comm.s were working, as he saw her faceplates light up with a question.

For a few moments as the Decepticon continued his examination she kept her peace but when he gestured for her to stand the scientist couldn't seem to help herself.

"What is the purpose of the exterior energon lines directly over your spark chamber? I have never seen anything like that. It would seem to present a tempting target in battle. "

The yellow mech gave a warning chirr at that but Alchem's ruby optics only flicked up to her optic band before returning to her backplating. He poked one servo at the blue metal and the femme cried out in pain. Tap-Out narrowed his optics but from what he could tell, and he had seen a lot of field repairs in his day, the Seeker was still being professional. The Autobot had noticed the damage before they had been captured but hadn't realized that his charge had been that badly injured during the seizing of the ship. The Decepticon unloaded a handful of tools from the container he carried and carefully set about repairing the damage that was causing the pain. Glyph craned her helm around curiously trying to follow what he was doing. Tap-Out watched quietly grateful that this medic seemed to lack the usual sadism that ran in the Decepticon ranks; the other one however. The blue mech felt his tanks clench as every time Glyph gave a little whimper of pain the yellow Con's optics lit up. He would be one to watch. But finally the Seeker finished and left the cell to turn on the warrior. Tap-Out consented to the probing and scanning with only a perfunctory growl and the Decepticon administered what little first aid he required if not with gentleness then at least without cruelty. Both Decepticons left and the Autobots were alone again with the hum of the cell bars.

"That was odd," Glyph stated craning her helm to stare after the Seeker.

"What was?" Tap-Out demanded flexing his servos experimentally.

"The Seeker Alchem. He wasn't like I had envisioned a high ranking Decepticon."

"How so?"

"I am not certain what exactly I was expecting," she mused. "He seemed so gentle, not aggressive."

"Don't let him fool you Glyph," the warrior said warningly. "You haven't had the pleasure of interacting with Decepticons before, what with being trapped in a lab or stuck on alien worlds." He agitated his plating to look larger at some memory. "You don't know what they can do."

"So how does that apply to this situation?" the femme asked curiously.

"Don't let your guard down. If a Con is being friendly, or even less evil than usually it is a trap."

"That is a bit of a narrow viewpoint."

"It's one that will keep you alive."

The scientist fluttered her plating meekly in acceptance but Tap-Out groaned inwardly. He knew that look in her optics. Something about the strange Seeker fascinated her, and when something fascinated Glyph she would not leave it alone.


Things were no doubt getting odder Jazz mused as he slumped listlessly in the middle of the cell. He was feeling much better now that his systems were running at nearly a quarter of normal and had thoroughly mapped out the layout of the base. Not that he would trust the map until he had physically scouted the routes as well but the security in this place was dreadfully lacking for an important Decepticon research facility. Not that that was terribly surprising. Shockwave, for all that he was a formidable warrior when he set his calculations aside, had a history of focusing on his work to the point of ignoring all else. Something the saboteur had made good use of many times before to gather information. In the past Megatron had always made sure to assign a competent security officer to the scientist to make sure he was taken care of, but there was no sign of one in the logs. Starscream was slightly better at this and Jazz could see the Seeker's handiwork in the base defenses but the Decepticon's Vosian thinking showed in that nearly all of his alterations were focused outward at fending off attacks from invaders. He had made few upgrades to the bases internal security.

The base itself was well hidden and secure in its secrecy, Jazz had to admit. It had been carved into an asteroid by some race that had mined this system long ago. It drifted in a class seven asteroid belt in an elliptical orbit around a yellow star with a handful of planets. There was nothing particularly interesting about the system, certainly nothing that would attract Cybertronian notice. Meaning they would have to find their own way off this rock. From the records available in the database the Autobot was unsure if the Decepticons had driven the original inhabitants out or had simply stumbled on the empty rock after they had left. Either way that did explain the odd construction and power grid layout, if not the power usage.

Jazz had easily hacked the general base files and systems but the ones surrounding Shockwave's lab were still a mystery. The computers that ran in the lab were on a completely different system than the rest of the base and heavily shielded from wireless connections. In fact it looked as if that section if the asteroid had been hollowed out and a near completely self contained unit had been installed. The only connection to the rest of the base was the power grid. So far all he had managed to glean was that the one opticed mech was pulling almost enough energy to run a space bridge and at some point in the not too distant past had pulled enough to feed a dying star. To put that much energon into any one project was nearly unheard of in this era of dwindling resources. Something big was going down in this little out of the way base. Something that involved three of the highest ranked Decepticons and from his position in the cell furthest from the mystery lab there was nothing Jazz could do further to investigate.

Once more the mech ran over the security protocols he had found in the base. The well crafted but obvious ones that practically screamed Shockwave. The more cunning but overly focused ones that were clearly Starscream's, and the scattering of individual programs by the lesser Cons. The Autobot was confused that he didn't find a layer of Alchem's handiwork. If half the rumors were true the mech should have been paranoid beyond belief, at the very least far too paranoid to leave his security to mechs the like of Shockwave and Starscream.

Then there was the medical treatment. Jazz frowned as he played the security footage over in his processor. High ranking Decepticons did not tend to the medical needs of low ranking Autobot prisoners. Even the medics, and he used the term loosely, delegated that to assistants. Granted there was no medic listed on the rosters for the base, but still. That little Seeker who had finished up Jazz's work was more than skilled enough to have taken care of Tap-Out and Glyph, probably as good as if not better than the higher ranked flyer. A Con taking an interest in the health and well being of a prisoner was never a good thing in the Ops mech's experience.

Putting that thought on the back burner for now Jazz triggered the sensor loop in his cell and flexed his servos experimentally. With a satisfied grin he arched his back and began a series of limbering exercises. That done he settled back into position and released the loop. He wormed his way back into the security system and waited to see if his little test run had been noticed.