"I think that was the last of them." Garet sighed, sheathing his sword and panting heavily. Piles of bones from dispelled skeletal warriors lay everywhere, and among them were the still standing fighters, all exhausted.

"That was exhausting." Dargon panted, leaning on the hilt of his sword. His armor was dented in countless places and it looked like it would take quite some time to hammer out all of the dings in it. "Now, we still have to find Isaac."

"But how do we get through the gate?" Jenna asked, breathless. She gazed at the heavy metal gate, and sighed. It would take forever to beat it down, and even though she was in the Mars Lighthouse, her powers had been depleted greatly. No one else had much strength left either; so getting through the gate would be next to impossible. Her fears were relieved as she saw the gate slowly open on its own. "Hey, it opened! But, why?. . ."

Her answer came in a sound of two pairs of feet coming slowly down the stone stairs at the end of the hallway.

"I hope that's not Saturos and Menardi!" Garet said, drawing his sword again. "We're in no condition to face them now!" The others moved to defense as well, preparing to jump and attack whatever came through the hall. "Show yourselves!" Garet shouted down the blind hall.

"Jeez, you can't even recognize your best friend, Garet?" Isaac's voice replied. He and Mia emerged from the hallway; Isaac looked like he had been to Hell and back, Mia looked like she was put through a tough battle herself.

"Did you succeed?" Ivan asked, quietly.

"Yes." Isaac smiled, giving a smile to everyone in the room. The faces of everyone in the room immediately brightened; even Felix's normally neutral face showed hints of a smile. Garet, Jenna, and Ivan then piled on to Isaac and Mia, smiling and laughing with glee.

"I knew you could do it, Isaac, I knew it!" Garet shouted, messing up Isaac's hair with his hand. "Who's the man?!"

"Way to go, Isaac!" Jenna exclaimed. "I bet you could take on anyone anytime!"

"I'm impressed, my friend." Ivan said.

"Well, it looks like you guys were pretty busy yourselves." Isaac stated, after finally getting free of his friends' congratulations. "I've never seen so many defeated Skeleton Warriors in one place before."

"So, now what do we do?" Jenna asked.

"We go back to Titanus to celebrate and rest." Isaac sighed. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm exhausted. I could use some hot food and a warm bed. . ."

"I agree, Isaac." Mia replied, sighing. "Menardi can throw a mean Fire spell when she gets mad."

"Yeah, we also have to see how Triad's doing." Dargon stated.

"I'm sure he's okay now." Felix replied. "By now he's probably back on his feet with his wisecracks at full power." The Venus Adept turned and walked toward the descending staircase. The others dragged behind, following him at a distance. No one had guessed how close to failure Isaac had came; and no one really cared. The victory was enough for them.


Isaac reclined in his chair, trying to relax and settle the huge meal he had just eaten. He'd eaten as much as Garet did on a normal day; enough to feed a small army. Garet, on the other hand, ate twice as much as normal, enough to feed an entire brigade of troops; and he was STILL eating. Ivan sighed as he finished his meal as well. He showed more restraint than Garet or Isaac when it came to eating, but he still had stuffed himself with a ridiculous amount of food.

Mia put aside her goblet of water and turned to the lounging Isaac next to her. "You know, you shouldn't eat so much. It can be bad for you."

"Not when I did what I did today. I think I deserved to gouge myself fat." He replied, patting his full stomach lightly.

"I deserved it too!" Garet said, still thrashing at a leg of roasted chicken. "Plus, I was just damned hungry!"

"You're just a big old pig, you know that, right?" Jenna jeered, poking Garet in the side with her index finger. "I'm surprised you don't have a curly tail."

"Who's to say I don't?!" Garet retorted, while still attacking the flesh of the cooked fowl. "Besides, I'm still hungry!"

"Only you could eat that much and still be able to move, Garet." Sheba smiled. "Though little Ivan here sure put a lot away."

"Hey, at least I show restraint."

"Say, where's the entertainment anyway? Weren't there supposed to be some people playing music tonight?" Triad asked. He had been feeling just fine since before they returned, and his arsenal of smart remarks was actually dry; an oddity to say the least.

"I don't know." Dargon said. "I'll ask the waitress when she comes by again."

"Ask me what?" A female voice asked behind him. Dargon jumped, not expecting to have company so quickly. He turned to face her; a young woman, roughly his age. She was beautiful, and had long and flowing brown hair. Her blue eyes sparkled in the low candlelight of the dark dining room.

"Well, I thought that there was supposed to be musicians playing tonight."

"Yes, there should've been, but the duet said they were sick with a flu."

"What exactly were they supposed to be playing?"

"Well, I think they were supposed to be playing a song called 'Starlight Rhapsody'. It was supposed to be a duet between a piano and a woodwind instrument, but like I said, they are both sick tonight. It's a shame, really."

"Hey Felix, you can play the piano, right?" Jenna asked her older brother.

"Yes, but I'm not a performer."

"Oh come on, Felix! You know you want to play! Besides, there's no one else in here but us anyway!"

"Jenna, I told you, I'm not a performer."

"Please, big brother?" Jenna asked, giving a 'cute puppy-dog eyes' routine to her older brother. He sighed as he replied.

"Fine, but who can play a woodwind here anyway? It's a duet, not a solo." Felix asked, kicking himself for always falling for his sister's bogus watery eyes routine. Triad stood up, and dashed upstairs after he finished his comment.

"Where's he going?" Sheba asked.

"I'm not sure." Isaac said, trying to get a glance up the staircase. A few moments passed before Triad returned, carrying a small bag. "What do you have there, Triad?" Isaac asked.

"You'll see. Come on, Felix." Triad said, rushing next to the piano. Felix shrugged and stood, reluctantly walking to the piano. Triad had pulled up a stool next to the piano, and he placed the sheet music for the song on a small wooden stand in front of him. Felix already had the music on the piano's back, so he sat and cracked his fingers in preparation. He glanced over to Triad, whom had pulled his experimental instrument from his bag.

"God, Triad. . . not that awful thing again." Felix whispered to him.

"You'll be eating those words, Felix." Triad whispered back, smiling. Felix had a strong sense of doubt to Triad's statement, but he shrugged and played a 'C' on the piano to check its tuning. After making some slight adjustments, Felix looked to Triad, who nodded to show he was ready.

Felix began to let his fingers slide over the ivory keys of the piano, producing a melodious and striking slow song. The music required careful timing and was quite difficult to play, but the Venus Adept seemed to play it as if he had composed the work himself. Felix played solo for a few moments, before Triad raised his instrument to his lips. Jenna, Garet, and Ivan instantly recognized the instrument in Triad's hands, and had already prepared to cover their ears. The time came when Triad drew in a deep breath, and began causing the single reed to vibrate between his lips. The music that followed was as melodious as the piano's, but at a quicker pace with slightly more livelihood. The stunned looks on several of his friends' faces was gold for the young inventor. Even Felix turned his head in surprise to the sound of the instrument.

"This song is beautiful, isn't it, Isaac?" Mia asked, dreamily.

"Yes, it is." He replied, sitting with a smile on his continence. As he sat, lightly swaying to the music, his thoughts turned to a feeling he couldn't resist. "Mia, would you care to dance?"

Surprised, Mia smiled. "Yes, I would." Isaac took her by the hand and began to waltz with her in an open area of the dining room.

"Would you look at those two?" Garet whispered to Jenna. "They're hopeless, I swear."

"Shut up, Garet. I wanna dance too." She said, grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him onto the christened dance floor.

"Sheba, I. . ." Ivan stammered.

"Of course, Ivan." Sheba replied. "It doesn't take a Jupiter Adept to know what you're thinking." She smiled as she began to take her love's lead in dance.

"Well, well, well. Looks like I'm the only one who isn't dancing." Dargon smiled to himself. He turned behind him. "You wouldn't care to?. . ."

"I'd love to." The waitress said, cutting him off. Dargon smiled again, and he joined his other companions in dance.

"Mia, do you know how much I love you?" Isaac whispered to her.

"I do. . . and I love you the same amount." She returned quietly. "I wish tonight would never end. . ."

"All good things do, I'm afraid." Isaac replied, sadly. "Mia, I want you to know something. . . about up on the lighthouse. Just before I killed Saturos and the others, I heard something in my head. I heard Justin, and I heard Megan. . ."

"Isaac, why are you telling me this?" Mia asked, confused.

"They helped me win that fight. . ."

"It's because they care, Isaac. We have a pair of guardian angels looking after us now. They may only be children, but they are wise beyond their years. . . much like they were in life." Mia replied. "They helped us realize how we felt about each other; they want us to stay together. I'm glad you told me, Isaac, though I knew."


"Well, there are some things we can't know for sure, but I knew they were there." Mia smiled. "Now, let's focus on having a good time, Isaac. It's what Justin and Megan would want us to do." With that, they danced through the cold winter night, and for the first time in ten years, snow fell in the town of Titanus.


Isaac sat down his cargo crate in the cargo hold and let out a deep breath. The innkeeper they had saved was kind enough to get them more supplies, and at a heavily discounted cost. Besides loading the cargo, they had to shovel snow off the decks of the ship. Shoveling snow wasn't Isaac's idea of a good time, but it had to get done. The deck and mast were now clear of the white powder that had fallen all through the previous night, and the ship would be ready to sail once the cargo crates had been loaded aboard. Isaac returned topside to get his next crate, only to see Garet trip yet again over the anchor cable.

"God damn it!" Garet's cry went out as his face met with the wooden deck. "I'm going to cut you off and turn you into a bunch of little hemp strings!" Garet swore at the cable.

"Garet, you know swearing at a piece of rope is going to get you nowhere. Kraden always used to tell you that, and I'm surprised you've forgotten so easily." Isaac smiled, helping his oaf of a friend back to his feet.

"Yeah, yeah. I always tripped over his climbing rope, I know. By the way, I think Dargon's got the last of the crates. Once he puts it in the hold, we'll be ready to go."

"Got it. I'm going to the bridge, you take whatever post you feel like."

"I'll keep an eye on things below deck." Garet replied, walking down into the hold. Dargon eventually walked up the gangplank and dropped his crate into the hold.

"That's it, we can shove off." Dargon stated, walking to the bow to ensure clear sailing ahead. Isaac nodded and walked up to the bridge, where he stood at the Black Orb pedestal. Placing his right hand on it, he pulled the ship out of its moor and set it into the open ocean. The air was crisp and cold, but the smell of the sea perforated Isaac's nostrils, making him feel as though he was right at home. He kept the boat on its path for about twenty minutes before Mia finally arrived on the bridge from below.

"It looks like we're leaving Titanus behind us now. . . It was a nice town, it really was." Mia said, looking back at the ghostly figure of the shore several kilometers to stern.

"It was, but I don't think that's where we belong, Mia."

"I agree. You know, Isaac, I didn't tell you last night, but you are a very good dancer." Mia said, walking up to him and kissing him on the cheek.

"Well, I was only as good as my partner." He smiled. "Maybe we could do it again sometime."

"I hope."

"The open sea, though, isn't a good place to dance. . . it's a nice thing to watch, though."

"You really like the ocean, don't you?"

"Yes. . . I think it reminds me of you. . ."

"So you're saying I'm salty?" Mia joked. Isaac burst out in laughter before he could continue.

"No, I think it reminds me of you because you both can be very passive and serene, yet you have an unbelievable depth and force. . . It's in your eyes, Mia. Your eyes are the color of the sea; breathtaking, really."

"Flatterer." Mia smiled, kissing him on the cheek again. "So Isaac, where are we heading to next?" Isaac's expression changed, and he dragged a barrel from nearby over to the Orb pedestal. He carefully placed his dagger on the barrel and gave it a flick of his wrist.

"Wherever destiny takes us, Mia. Wherever destiny takes us."

-The End


Triad Orion here, and this is my personal notes page, where I give my final thoughts and give thanks to people I wish to.

This was my first work ever finished on FF.net. It was far more successful than even I had hoped, and it was a joy to write it. I don't think I ever would've imagined drawing such emotion to my writing. . . to prove that point, just about everyone and their mother wanted to kill me after what happened to Justin and Megan. I hadn't anticipated that so many people would've been upset when I had killed them. The reaction showed me that not only that I was mistaken, but that I had actually reached out and touched someone's emotions. To me as a writer, that's perhaps the greatest honor I could ever achieve. The only other thing that could possibly compete is when I inspire someone else to write. Both of those things have an innumerable effect on me in terms of complementation. It was almost worth the death threats I got from that ChRiStOpH guy! ^_^

The Trials Of Destiny was my first attempt at a Golden Sun story, and it was also my first attempt at ANYTHING romantic. I guess I did quite well, given the reaction I got. However, I still know I have a lot to learn in the art of writing, and I hope to use TOD in such a way to bolster my skills and to produce a better fic in the future.

As for possible references to historical facts or other video games, I'd like to explain. The rune Saturos used was my own creation, though the "Stick it in a socketed weapon" concept came from Diablo II. The lich was not intended to created based off the Warcraft III lich, but I guess it did a whole subliminal thing on me. Now, the Anubis Orb was named after the Egyptian God of Death and Embalming, Anubis. I didn't name the God of War in this story because I forgot what the Egyptian God for that was. Jeez, it's been like eight years since I learned it. . . Also, I'd like to point out that it was the Crystal Wyvern and PaperCutVictim among others who pointed these facts out.

Also on a side note, the character of Triad Orion in this story is nothing like the real me except in a couple of ways. . . he always seemed to have bad luck, and he seemed to act like a bit of an idiot most of the time. Other than that, this character was me in name only. I have never invented a mortar, nor have I invented a musical instrument that could make a banshee run and hide. Either way, the second one might've been fun if I had a set of earplugs myself. . . ^_^

Well, considering Trials of Destiny has been this successful and enjoyable to write, you will likely be hearing from me again in the GS section. Well, for all of you people who want to know, yes, I'm working on a sequel to this story, tentatively titled "Golden Sun: The Trials of Life". It will continue the adventures of everyone's favorite Adepts, the warrior from Imil, and the goofy inventor from Tolbi. As well, I'm currently producing an Alternate Universe fic under Golden Sun called "Golden Sun: Paladin's Heart", so keep your eyes peeled for that too if you're interested. As well, I'm collaborating with a friend of mine on his first GS fic. His name is Village Idiot, and his new fic will be called "The Pointless Golden Sun Story". It is basically a parody of the original Golden Sun game, told in a funny way. Think of it as taking everyone's flaws and exploiting them to the max. . . (Sometimes the flaws are made up. . .) Just give the man a try. I think it will be worth a look at the very least!

As a final personal note of reflection of writing this, I'm still trying to figure out how the other authors penetrated my defense systems. I mean, I didn't think anyone could get through an entire legion of centaur warriors, four squadrons of F-22s, six shield batteries, ten STS missile batteries, forty machine gunners, five squadrons of F-117s, three of the crazy neighborhood kids (You know, the scheming one, the smart one, and the utterly stupid one.), a field of land mines, twenty M-1A1s, AND the little wire with tin cans attached to it! Leave it to the people in the Golden Sun section to actually infiltrate those defenses. I guess I'll have to buy that "Medium Security Package" the salesman was talking about. . .


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That's all I have to say about that.


If you enjoyed this reading, I'd like to suggest a few others (In no particular order):

If you're in a GS mood:

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Now I'd like to start thanking people. . .

First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this story. It was fun to write and I hope it was just as fun to read. Thank you for choosing this story and taking the time to read it.

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Next, I'd like to thank Tiger Dauthi for giving me advice in the early stages of my story. Tiger pointed out that my story was too chatty, and in the early stages of a story, that's not a good thing. However, I fear I regressed back into my chatty ways as the story went on. . . either way, Tiger taught me a lesson in the early going, and made it easier for me to progress. Thanks again, Tiger!

Fourth, I'd like to thank Alex and Akiko for making a bonzer of a website and being good friends over the 'net throughout all the recent ordeals in the Golden Sun section. I'd also like to thank them for the kick-ass wallpaper I have on my computer that I got from their site.

Next, I'd like to thank ChRiStOpH The "Whatever Emotion He's Feeling At The Moment" for stirring up resentment and plots to kill me during the siege of Imil. Thanks for nearly letting me get killed fourteen hundred different times; I'll remember this, ChRiStOpH! I'll pay you back a hundred fold!!! Just kidding, of course. ^_^

I'd also like to say thank you to Vilya and Her Company for their support of TOD. I'd like to thank Vilya especially for that phony Pizza Delivery ploy that nearly got me killed. Remind me to do that to you next time you cliffhang!

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Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank Midnight C for her contributions to my story. Essentially, it's her you can thank for a number of things in this fiction. Midnight inadvertently taught me how do use cliffhangers as a method of suspense through "Adrift in Despair". The other reason you can thank Midnight C for this whole mess is because of "Against All Odds". While I had some ideas for a Golden Sun story percolating in my head before I read it, "Against All Odds" was actually my inspiration to this story. Essentially, that one fic actually hit the 'liquefy' button in the blender of my mind and gave me the full idea for this whole story. Thank you, Midnight C, for your inadvertent teachings in both writing and cliffhanging. I will use these lessons well.

I'd also like to thank her for not choking me to death after Chapter 23. (She's got quite a grip though. . .)

Again, I wish to say thanks to everyone who took the time to read this, and everyone who will. Now, I'm left with only one thing to say:

"For those who seek to find their dreams, may the light of your destiny guide you through the darkness."

-Triad Orion