A/N: This was going to be a oneshot about Fred's proposal, but it escalated very quickly into a series of fifty oneshots starting in first year.(Five little snippets a year, and some afterwards) Some will be funny some will be angsty, some will be romantic, some will be action. I've actually got a lot of them written, so I'll update one or two a day, and updates will be pretty regular.


-Fred is not going to die. Sirius probably won't, either.

-Katie is the same age as the rest of them, not one year younger.

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Some strong language, some sexual innuendo, some dark topics, much complete weirdness. The usual effects of growing up.

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First Year


The Weasley twins and Lee Jordan were sprawled on a rug in front of the fireplace. Three blank pieces of parchment sat in front of them. All three boys fully realized that actually working would be far more productive than cursing Snape's name, but that was exactly what they had been doing for the past hour or so.

Lee twirled a dreadlock around his finger thoughtfully. "Think we ought to ask for help?" it was no secret to anyone that none of the boys had paid much attention in Potions Class, being too busy making the lives of their Slytherin classmates utterly miserable.

"We don't need help," Fred scoffed. He purposefully dipped his quill in ink and hovered over the page. "Just kidding, yeah we do."

"Think we should ask ol' Perce?" Lee pressed. It made sense to him to ask the only Weasley brother that took studying at all seriously.

"He'll be asleep; it's well past his bedtime." George sneered. He scanned the common room for anyone intelligent enough to have completed the essay, yet kind enough to lend them a hand.

"Oliver Wood?" Lee suggested. The twins simultaneously shook their heads no. The short, muscular boy was almost asleep, and wouldn't take well to being woken up.

"Mallory Brown?" Lee asked.

"No, I spilled ink all over her during History of Magic; don't think she's quite forgiven me for that yet." George responded sheepishly. Lee groaned. The twins' pranking meant most people either liked them and thought they were hilarious, or despised them and were convinced they needed to be sent to Azkaban. There was hardly any middle ground.

"Celia Chun?" Lee named the smartest Gryffindor witch in their year.

"No, she'll tell Snape we copied her. Besides, she thinks she's above us anyway." Fred sighed despondently. "Why can't we just not turn this in, again?"

"Because we're trying to prove we're not a complete basket case, remember?" George reminded his brother.

"What about them?" Lee asked, nodding towards the last waking group of students in the common room that were in their year. The three young ladies were as different as could be –bold Angelina, ladylike Katie, and levelheaded Alicia- but were seldom seen without each other. They sat on the sofa opposite the fireplace, excitedly discussing quidditch.

"Anyone done them any great unforgivable wrong?"

"Wouldn't dream of it." Fred promised, because his respect and admiration for Angelina were too great.

"Are they prone to thinking that we're lesser than them?" Lee pressed.

"No, they think we're all right. Bearable, at least." The three girls were the rare gray area on the question of Fred and George.

"Then Fred, go ask for help on this Godforsaken essay." Lee said decisively.

"Why me?" Fred cried.

"Because." George said simply.

"Good, now that we have a valid reason." Fred grumbled under his breath. "Oi, Angelina!" he shouted across the room. Many Gryffindor students turned their heads to see what he was shouting about this late at night. "Wanna help me out with this essay?" he called, holding up the blank parchment.

Angelina stopped talking to Katie and Alicia. She looked at the redhead and nodded, a small smile on her face. "All right, then." Angelina stretched and walked across the room. Older students were watching and mumbling about it amongst themselves.

"So I help a bloke out with his essay and you all look at me like I'm Voldemort?" she snorted as she passed a pair of fifth years.

A shocked gasp was heard around the room.

"Oh, boo-hoo. So I said his name. So what?" she snapped impatiently at the panicked faces. Fred's jaw practically hit the floor. Something about this girl…