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"In the grand scheme of things, George, what does it matter?" Fred said impatiently. "Some people have diplomas, some people have businesses." The two were taking a taxi to King's Cross Station.

"I'm not saying I regret leaving, Fred. Just that diplomas could have come in useful someday." George said peaceably.

"I just had this conversation with mum, I'm not about to repeat it." Fred groaned. "It's over and done with. Let's just think about something more fun."

"Fireworks." George offered. "Fireworks are fun." Fred's eyes lit up like a small boy's. Sure, George loved fireworks and he was beyond happy that his formula had worked, but Fred seemed to think of fireworks as some sort of otherworldly experience rather than blowing things up. It almost seemed like they were talking about different things.

"I remember it like yesterday." George said.

"I remember my stomach in knots. I remember the look on Angelina's eyes." Fred began, fondly recalling the thrill

"I remember the smell of ink in the exam hall." George added "I remember Umbridge's face getting slowly more confused and terrified. I remember the moment we accio-ed our brooms and I remember glass shattering from those stupid decrees on the wall." He could almost feel his heart swelling with pride because after so many botched attempts, his plan had worked.

"I remember everything flying by in double time." Fred added, a content smile on his face.

"I remember everyone running outside to watch us and I remember McGonagall's face looking like she couldn't believe us but she wouldn't have expected less." George smirked. He had always known that McGonagall wouldn't actually have gotten mad.

"I remember my heart pounding like it was going to break my ribcage." Fred sighed, chills going down his spine.

"I remember Flitwick fist-pumping the air when he thought no one could see him" George almost giggled at the memory of the tiny professor's victory dance.

"I remember feeling like the happiest man alive," Fred said.

"I remember Leesh and Jelly's letters waiting for us when we got to the flat."

"I remember feeling terrified but safe," Fred really had some poetry in him when he got going.

"I remember how the smell of fireworks took weeks to wear off," George chuckled.

"Felt like my hands were sooty forever," Fred agreed, coming back down to Earth.

"That's cause you don't wash under your nails." George reprimanded him. Fred raised an eyebrow. "What? Leesh says that's where most of the dirt on your hands is."

Fred laughed and shook his head. "She's got you wrapped around her little finger, mate."

"Same goes for you and Jelly." George pointed out.

"How so?"

"I debated whether I should leave Hogwarts because I had plans and dreams and an education to finish and a family to please. You debated leaving Hogwarts because you had Angelina." George said gently.

"At least we're interesting. You two just sit on each other's laps and call each other darling and sweetheart and other such nonsense." Fred said, shrugging off the deep mood

"Right. Because you and Angelina shouting at TV screens in muggle pubs is just sooo much better." George said drily, referring to the time the girls and Lee had snuck out and the six had gone out.

"They shot Mr. Kowalski all full of holes! How was I supposed to know that the bloke wasn't actually dead?" Fred protested.

"You'd have known if you'd paid attention to Katie explaining movies and TV on the way instead of snogging in the backseat like fourth years." George teased.

"Your stop, gents." The driver announced from the front, cutting into their banter. They paid him and got out, heading for Platform 9 ¾.

-some time-

"We couldn't find Hagrid himself in this crowd." Fred complained.

"It was your idea to make it a surprise instead of arranging to meet somewhere." George reminded him. "Besides, now that we're done intimidating the Dursleys, we've got time."

"What if they've left?" Fred said, elbowing through the throng of people on the platform.

"They won't have, they'll wait for us."

"They don't know we're coming, remember?"

"They know us too well." George smiled.

"What if something bad happened?"

"On my watch?" Angelina scoffed coming up behind them and tilting her head up at Fred. "I don't think so." The twins wore matching expressions of joy at seeing their friends after so long.

Fred took her hands in his. "Tough talk from someone with two split knuckles."

"You should be thanking me; I was defending your sister's honor."

"Against a pole?"

"Against a fifth year. With braces."

"You know, I was five seconds away from taking points or assigning detentions." Katie laughed. "But then again, we're done with all that rubbish."

"Terrible neglect of your perfectly duties." Alicia said drily.

"Good thing, too." George joked. "If she'd been a good prefect, we'd have gotten expelled."

"It's not like you finished school regardless." Lee put in.

"Same difference." Fred said, waving his hand dismissively. "So, celebration ideas?"

"You let us graduate without planning a party?" Alicia gasped.

"He was holding out hope you'd become responsible and mature adults." George said.

"If we aren't, it's you two's fault." She shot back.

"We've done well, then." Fred said. "George and I've got to tend the shop till this evening, but dinner and drinks is on us."

"We'll come with you. The girls saw the shop but I haven't yet." Lee said. "I can't wait to check out all the cool stuff you have."`

"Well I'm going to pop in on my aunt." Katie announced as they split ways. "She's only in town for a week. She's invited Angelina and Alicia too."

"You three have fun!" George called. "Pick you up at seven!"

"Mate." Fred said slowly. Lee pressed his lips together before opening his mouth.

"You understand that's code for 'they're going out to coffee and talking about us,' right?"

-some time, some space-

"Do you remember the first time we went flying and everyone almost died?" George laughed, leaning back against the booth. They were at some place that had just opened, listening to music and eating and drinking and reminiscing.

"And our first Quidditch game back when Kitty liked Oliver?" Alicia added, the wine in her glass sloshing as she gestured towards her blushing friend.

"Remember when the boys tried to hide in Hagrid's dog's house?" Katie giggled, quite tipsy. "I never did understand why."

"For the last time, we thought it was a toolshed!" George exclaimed. "Second years who are running screaming away from Filch can't be choosers."

"Speaking of Filch, remember when we conned him and Peeves into a massive prank war?"

"Isn't that the same year Angelina got stalked by mistletoe?"

"I personally liked that year." Fred said.

"Better than the ball?" Alicia pressed.

"Loads." Fred returned. "Other than my fantastic date and our fantastic dance skills – don't you laugh at me, Lee! – the ball was just balls."

"Real original." George snorted.

"Language." Katie said boredly, more out of habit than any real hope.

"Do you remember when everyone thought it was funny to speak parseltongue?"

"Do you remember when Harry was drooling over that Ravenclaw girl?"

"Do you remember when we almost charmed Dumbledore and Snape's hair into matching faux-hawks?"

"Do you remember trying to get into the cup? And then having to shave those godawful beards?"

"Do you remember the crazy party after the last Quidditch game with Oliver? And the brilliant witch who somehow muffliato-ed the entire common room from the professors? "

"Do you remember Lupin's first day we spent realizing how much we didn't know and furiously studying? Do you remember how that lasted a week?"

"Do you remember constant vigilance and that ridiculously tacky hipflask?"

"Do you remember Ron beating Charlie at chess that one time and how mad Charlie got?"

"Do you remember….." they went on and on until Katie and Lee somehow managed to floo home and Alicia called a cab and George passed out.

"Do you remember the fireworks?" Fred asked. Angelina loved the fireworks. She said she could feel the air crackling and the hairs on the back of her neck rising before the fireworks started.

The two were sharing George's weight between them as they hobbled out, three hours after closing time. Angelina was staying at a hotel down the street for a while, and Fred was walking her back while thinking of ways to get his brother home.

"Just like yesterday." Angelina smiled dreamily. "I remember the rolling in my chest and the dizzy in my head."

"I remember the ground spinning beneath me and blood pounding in my ears." Fred sighed.

"I remember feeling like my ankles would give way."

"I remember having to wait a few minutes before I could focus properly."

"I remember the rush." Angelina whispered, locking eyes with Fred before squeezing his hand goodbye.

"I remember your eyes." He whispered back.

"What the heck kind of fireworks involve my eyes?" she blurted.

"The fireworks when I kiss you. What did you think I was talking about?"

-some time-

Angelina had just changed into fuzzy pajamas and settled into bed. Before she was even halfway through her glass of hot milk, she heard the phone ring. Yawning, she picked it up.

"Oi, Angelina!" Fred said in his gravelly 3am voice. "You wanna come over for a little firework show?"

Angelina smiled. "All right, then!"

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