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General POV

Now onward!

Life has a way of coming back to kick you in the ass. That was what Bella was thinking. She had lived a peaceful life. Nothing abnormal of any kind ever happened to her. Nothing extraordinary to recount, just nothing.

Then she moved to Forks, Washington at the age of seventeen and became ingratiated in the lives of a family of vampires. Within a year, her life turned from dangerously boring to just dangerous. Vampire friends saving her from evil vampires. Being left by her friends for a stupid reason, and pretty much thrust into the arms of a psychotic killer. Then, magically, she befriended a pack of werewolves, who protected her from said killer. Yet, she ignored them when one of the vampire friends returned in need of her help, and took her to Italy to save a worthless prick's life. She came home with the prick, being even more of a prick than he was when she first met him and was subjugated to his ungrateful , getting over him dumping her in the woods a year previous and told him to, "Fuck off!".

The family never returned to Forks, and Bella never saw them again.

Five years passed, and Bella moved on with her life. Vampires didn't make up the majority of her thoughts anymore, and she could finally be normal. As normal as she could be, considering all the danger she attracted.

As a graduate of the University of Alaska Southeast, she was living in Juneau, working at a fancy country club as a full time waitress/cook. Having no life compared to all of the teenagers that worked there as well, ensured that she always had work and always had cash. She was known by all the frequent customers and was even requested to wait on tables. The rich people who attended the club always left her large tips and conversed with her, actually caring about her day and life.

Bella loved her life. Everything was easy going, with nothing to come in and fuck everything up.

Bella's world spiraled down the shitter when he walked in. That was when she realized that life comes back to kick someone in the ass. The last time she'd seen him was when she went to save Edward's worthless hide. Their freedom was granted, with the promise that she would be turned into a vampire, a crucial moment that she forgot somehow. She was never turned, and to run into him here of all places had to be a part of her horrendous luck.

Aro of the Volturi was being seated at a table in the far back of the room, the 'private' section. Moments later, a profusely sweating man sat across from him, dabbing his head with a handkerchief.

One of Bella's coworkers shuffled by, "Isn't he just delicious? I could just lick him all day! Oh! To have him lick me back!"

Bella eyed the girl like she was insane. Did she not know who that was?

No, idiot, humans don't know about vampires, her treacherous mind supplied.

Bella sighed, getting the point. The girl had no idea that the attractive man sitting before them was a human drinking vampire, that he was one of the kings of the vampire world, and that he would kill her when he found out that she wasn't a vampire.

Damn Edward to Hell! The lowest pits of Hell! He left her again and still unprotected. Shit!

The young waitress, who was fantasizing about the sexy vampire fifty feet away, was assigned the table he sat at and nearly fainted. "I can't talk to him! Help me," she squeaked.

Bella sighed, not really wanting to go over there either, but for an entirely different reason. Her life was actually on the line if she did.

Bella turned back to the kitchen and looked for a scapegoat. There! She walked forward and looped her arm around a young man's shoulders, telling him that she was a little woozy and asking him to wait the 'private' table in the back.

The boy nodded, and Bella smiled. She knew he wouldn't fail. He most definitely wasn't gay, so the chance of him stuttering was zero to none.

Bella and the girl took to watching the table again and grew confused when the boy returned with a smirk. He leaned into Bella and whispered, "Mr. Mancini requested 'his little Swan'. Go ahead."

Bella shuddered in horror. That was Mr. Mancini? He looked like death warmed over! And he wanted her over there! Why did life hate her?!

With a push from the young waiter, she stumbled onto the dining room floor. She threw a glare over her shoulder and straightened her clothes. Taking a deep breath, she walked forward, ready to face death.

She came upon the table from the side and put a large smile on her face. "Bonsoir, sirs, my name is Isabella. I'll be your waitress for the evening. May I start you off with something to drink?"

Bell tried not to notice the cocking of Aro's brow, or how he leaned forward slightly. No, her attention was on Mr. Mancini.

"Hello, Little Swan, I would like a glass of Chateau Guiraud, please," he smiled at her, seeming to forget his terror for the moment.

Bella nodded and turned to face the vampire king with a tight smile. Aro looked amused. His purple eyes sparkling with mirth. Purple? Must be contacts.

Aro smiled, "I'll have a water, Miss Swan."

Bella blushed lightly, bowed, and hurried off to get their drinks.

Okay, so he's devilishly handsome, and there's nothing I can do about it! He didn't look angry. In fact, he looked well pleased. Do I want to know if that's a good thing?

Walking back to the table with the small tray in hand was harder than she thought. To have the eyes of a vampire king on her at all times, gauging her movements, was horrible! To be under that kind of scrutiny, ugh!

She placed the drinks down without a word and took their orders, eager to get away from there as fast as possible

The young waitress was still standing in the back, mouth agape, "How can you not mess up? I would be a quivering mess!"

Bella shrugged, not knowing what to say. I know my death is around the corner. I expect it by the end of the night. At least I'll go out with a good reputation. I shouldn't say that out loud.

Bella watched from the door of the kitchen, as Mr. Mancini drank his wine and groaned knowing that she would have to go over there and fill it back up. Following through with the requirements of her job, she returned to the kitchen quickly.

The appetizers were ready, and she brought them out, dutifully wondering briefly where Aro was going to put it all. Vampires couldn't really eat. The food would just sit in their stomachs until they force it up themselves.

The women in the back had all abandoned their jobs, to gaze longingly at Aro. It became a mess when the head chef started to scream at people to get their lazy asses out of his kitchen and make sure that his delicious food didn't go to waste.

Aro and his company sat at the table for an hour. Poor Bella was beginning to lose it. Her death lay just around the corner. It was nearing ten, and her shift would be over soon. Death at 10:01, dear Lord help her.

She delivered the bill and cleared the table quickly, hoping to disappear. When she returned, Mr. Mancini handed her the bill and told her to keep the change! That was a hundred dollar tip! Too bad it wasn't going to be used.

By the time she had to leave, Bella was hyperventilating. I never thought that I'd be this scared to die.

Her new truck was on the far side of the parking lot. Bella cursed herself for parking so far away. Away from the idiots that is, but still. The walk in the dark was horrible, and she was waiting for the vampires to descend at any moment.

Dear Lord, Buddha, Allah, whoever's up there, please help me!

Bella made it to the driver side door without a problem. It was when she got in that everything spiraled downhill.

"Hello, Ms. Swan. I must say, it's a pleasure to see you again."

That voice! Shit!

Sitting in her passenger seat was Aro of the Volturi. He was looking at her with a smile. One that could be misconstrued for many things, such as delight for her death or even pleasure in knowing that he was about to taste her 'singing' blood. Both maybe. It could be sexual, which she highly doubted, since she didn't seem to have luck in the romance department at all.

"I am not surprised to find you still human. I knew the boy would leave immediately after your rescue. He wasn't honorable, and his thoughts weren't hidden too well. It pleases me to know that the fool has pretty much given you to me. I am very pleased," Aro told her with a smirk.

Bella sat in shock. Pleased? She was given to him? What?

Aro noticed her confusion and explained, "Your life was spared as long as you would be turned. If you weren't, your life would become mine, to do with as I see fit."

Bella frowned. That was something she was never made aware of. Interesting of Edward to leave that out. What a prick! Jerk off!

Aro raised a hand to stop her from speaking, "I know you wish to scream and demand that you not be charged for someone making a promise on your behalf, but it doesn't work that way. In the vampire laws that I've established, the person with more power is given the choice to decide what happens. Out of you, Edward, and Alice, Alice had the most power, but gave it to Edward so that he may make the decision."

Bella frowned. The person with more power gets the choice? That put her at the bottom because she was human.

"Edward decided your fate. He is the one to be blamed for your current predicament. Don't worry, mia cara. He and his family with face charges for letting you go, letting you remain a liability to us," Aro reassured her. "As for what I'm going to do with you, I'd like you to be a member of my guard. You can refuse, but that means that we'll have to kill you."

Bella didn't like where this was going. She had the choice to 'join or die', just like Edward had put so many years ago. How unfair.

Aro watched her as she processed the new information. Her face varied from righteous anger, to mild annoyance quickly. He could understand how she felt. To a human, this was a grave injustice and an extremely dishonorable move, but it had to be done. He, of course, didn't tell her that if she agreed to serve him, she would be allowed to choose Edward's punishment, and any other whom she deemed deserving of punishment. It was a right she would earn, once she was a vampire. For dragging her into such a life, then leaving her with no protection, and a broken promise, was a deep offense. If Bella wanted the Cullens dead for what they did, it would be her right to demand their deaths, and he would easily oblige the request. But he wouldn't tell her that yet. He wanted her to join him willingly, not with a bribe.

Join or die wasn't really a bribe. She could decide to not suffer a soulless existence, to not subject herself to unwilling slavery. Of course, depending on what her power was, she could become a member of the higher guard, which was just under the actual coven members. The ones who wore nearly pure black robes, like the ancients did. If that would happen, she wouldn't be considered a slave. Her existence could be an easy one, and there would be no need for Chelsea to influence her to obey. But it was her decision to go on, becoming a killer or die with a clear conscience. So many pros and cons.

Bella watched him as he watched her. His mind was obviously elsewhere. He was looking at her but not actually seeing. What was going on in his head? The fact that she was being backed up into a corner? Well, it seemed like a corner. She was given a choice. Join them, kill people, and be a slave. The only upside would be the speed, strength, and her power, if she had one that is. She always wanted to find out if she did.

Then there was death. A free card out of the carnage of life, since it was obvious that she wouldn't be let go. Nothing to plague her thoughts at her end. No regrets. No regrets! I do have a regret. Edward got away with lying to me and Aro! He was ungrateful, and got what he wanted in the end. That was unfair! He deserved to some retribution for what he did. Especially after not telling me the finer points of the deal that was made with my life! Yes, I regret letting Cullen push me around. I regret that he hasn't seen the error of his ways, and I regret ever meeting him.

Bella turned to Aro and with a wary look, "I guess that I'll choose to become a vampire. Not for the great pleasure of being your servant, but for the fact that I want to be one, and I've really wanted to know if I had a power, ever since you mentioned it. Then I want to kick Edward's ass as well."

Aro gave a laugh, "I have no doubt about that, cara. Are you sure that this is the road that you want to take? The only way out of it is by fire."

Bella nodded, already knowing about the dismembering and the burning. "I don't really think that it'll be a problem for me. Being a vampire can't be that bad. Not as bad as Edward painted it," she said.

Aro shook his head, "No, young Edward was a little twisted in his thinking. He was raised Catholic and was very deeply ingrained in the ways of Roman Catholicism. Purgatory and things of that nature are what he strives for. He believes that hunting animals is his version of Purgatory, and that he needs to prove his good intentions. As I said, 'twisted'."

Bella sat in shock. A Catholic vampire? "Vampires believe in religion?" she asked.

Aro nodded, "Yes, Marcus was revered as a saint in his day. I believe he was taught by the Apostle Peter, or one of the disciples. I could be wrong. We've been around awhile. Since 1350 B.C., if I'm not mistaken."

Bella gaped, "Saint Peter was real?"

"Yes, a lot of the men in the Bible were real. Humans back then were more openly gifted and were revered as gods because of their gifts. It made recruiting guard members easier. Now, powerful humans are hard to find. Their blood having been diluted with the years," Aro explained, happy that she was interested.

"Wow. That's a lot to take in. Anyway, back to Edward. He was wrong, right? Being a vampire isn't that horrible, is it?" Bella looked at him warily. His answer meant everything to her future.

"It depends on how you choose to live your existence. Some wander, while others gather to form covens. There are normal vampires, vegetarians, sadists, who enjoy torturing humans and eventually are put on our list for execution, and the peace seekers, who prefer to keep to themselves. Our guard members like to be with us though," Aro told her, leaving out the part where they were all influenced by Chelsea's power. She didn't need to know that.

Bella nodded, taking it all in. I'm going to become a member of the guard. I hope I have a special power. It might just keep me from having to fraternize with idiots.

"So... what is the plan?" Bella asked, looking behind them to the country club.

Aro smiled, "You'll have to quit. Just say that you were offered a well paying job, and you can't pass it up."

"How long do I have?"

"I'll be generous and give you a week to get your affairs in order. You may want to shop for nicer clothing, just a tip. Having nice clothes will help accentuate your new look when you're changed," he hinted, hoping that she would get it.

She got it. He doesn't like the way I dress. Thanks.

Aro turned to her and offered his hand, "May I?"

With a small bob of her head, Bella quickly placed her hand in his.

Aro clasped her hand tightly and looked her in the eye. Moments passed and eventually he let her go, "I still have nothing. You must have a power."

Aro opened his door and got out, "I'll see you soon, cara."

Bella watched as he shut the door and disappeared. Her life was going to get more interesting from now on. She could tell.

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