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Harry stood at the door of DAAD's teachers chambers, he watched Remus pack his belongings he knocked on the door and watched as Dusty blonde turned to face him "Harry what are you doing out of the hospital wing?" the 13 year old student looked at that man

"You leaving?" he asked feeling panic quickly build up inside of him

"I don't have much of a choice, once it gets out that a werewolf has been teaching here and has bitten someone what do you think will happen, it was nice enough of Dumbledore to leave teach in the first place." He said with a sad smiled "You should go back Poppy will be sending a search party out for you." He said, Harry shook his head and ran into Remus and buried his face into his chest

The wolf warped his arms around the teen and held him close "Harry please I bite you, you have to understand how people will act, how they will act to you as well!" Remus tells him, again Harry shook his head

"I don't care, I was scared but I'm not now please don't leave me please." He said looking up at the older man, his green eyes mixed into a deep golden amber as he looked at him, Remus eyes seed to do the same and he let out a pained sigh as he warped his arms around him again

"Oh Harry."

The sat in Dumbledore's office along with Snape, Harry sat glued to Remus side watching everyone who moved or breathed "The problem isn't just a simple infection Dumbledore it perhaps worst." Remus said, the white hair wizard looked at the wolf and then to Harry who was laying his head on Remus' shoulders

"Which bond?"

"Alpha, beta bond, father and son, Harry is behaving like a newborn he needs to be dependent on me for a while." Remus said

"Oh please that brat has every one warped around his little finger." The greasy hair man said with a hiss, Harry looked towards him as did Remus

"Snape, because you have issues with his father does not mean you should take it out on him." Snape looked like he could explode the way his face turns a tomato red

"Boys." Dumbledore said, they turned and looked back at the old man "Severus, Remus has every right to look after the boy now after this bond has been made, if we took them a part now Harry maybe very well try and kill those he loves." Snape grumbled and looked down into his hands.

Harry blinked and moved whispering into Remus' ear, the wolf nodded to him and the teen sat back down and rested his head on Remus' shoulder "Harry is wondering will he continue is education here or somewhere safer?" he asked

"Well…" Dumbledore started when an owl flew into the offices and dropped a letter onto his desk "Oh dear." Dumbledore said as he open the letter; all watched the old wizard read the letter his face not giving anything away as he hands the letter to Remus who turned to Snape

"You told them about Harry?" he growled

"Yes I did!" he said with a sneer, the dark hair teen looked up at Remus, the wolf stood up

"Come on Harry we're leaving." Harry stood and walked over to Remus how turned to look at the other two "I will send someone to pick up Harry's belongings and don't you dare trying to contact us!" he growled

"Remus calm down we can work something out, I will talk to the M…" Remus let another growl leave his lips

"No, I will not let them do this to him, it will turn him feral how did you think Greyback become Greyback!" he snarled as he lead Harry out the Headmasters offices.

Dumbledore turned to Snape who was reading the letter, the stony face was showing a emotion that Dumbledore had not seen in years "I didn't think they will do this to him?" he said shaking

"Severus what did you think would happen once you sent a letter to them, Remus would be locked up and Harry stuck in a program that only had and ten percent change of helping him. Remus is right this will break Harry especially with the bond and he will turn dark and with all that raw untrained power he has he could be worse than Voldemort." He said sadly

"What about Black?"

"He will follow where ever Harry and Remus are, we may never see them again."