Remus had sent a letter to Dumbledore about any belongs to Harry; Dumbledore looked up the dark hair man that walked into his offices "Ah Severus my boy, I need you to go to Harry's relatives and pick up the rest of his things." He said

"Why do I have to collect the brat things?" he asked, blue eyes looked up at the pale skinned man

"Do I need to remind you why it is that Harry is no longer a student here?" Dumbledore tells him, Snape sighed and looked back up and took the note and walked out the offices.

Snape stood in the bright and cheerful street of Privet Drive, it made him feel sick being here everything seem the same it like on one here had their own different thinking "Sheep." He hissed as he walked up to the house he sneered as he heard the loud voice show though the open window

"Thank we don't have to put up with that freak!" he chuckled

"Yes but who are you going to get to entertain your business friends dad?" Snape froze as he listen at the window, that sick feeling that he pushed away started to build itself back up even more

"I don't know, this a problem I did promises them." He said, shaking himself Snape knocked on the door.

The door open and a tall thin woman stood there, her smiling face dropped once she saw Serves "Petunia, I would say how nice it is to see you again but then we both know I would be lying." Severus hissed

"What are you doing here, the freak is not here!" she hissed back with as much venom as Snape had towards her,

"I've come to collect the boy's belonging."

"They are out back ready for the fire." She said, not willing to let him into her house, Snapes mind ticked as he looked at her, he leaned in and watched her face pale

"If you don't let me it your back garden and collect Harry's belongings I makes sure that my Business friends find a good use for your…" he stopped when he see the whale boy and sneer "…for your son, do I make myself clear Petunia." He said

"Come though." She said letting the potion master into the house.

Vernon walked into the hallway leaving barely any room, Snape began to wonder how is it they are so large and Harry always looks like skin and bones at the being of very year, now he knew why "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!"

"Vernon doesn't…" Petunia started

"This is my house I got rid of one freak I don't want another one in here and you're not bring him back either!"

"I am not planning to bring him back into this this pit, I can't believe I thought he was spoiled brat the only spoiled one here that that thing there, gods forbid any woman or man wanting that pawing all over them. Petunia you maybe have been a spiteful child but at least I thought you could do better." He said turning out the back door and into the garden where he found a pile of Harry things, he made disgusting noise as he saw how they were just thrown into a pile, waving his wand he fixed up the broken objects and put them together


"And what? Did you know as long as Harry was in this house on harm would come to your family? Now that he is gone how long do you think it will take for the truth about what you have done to him to come out, think about that because where ever you run to now I will find you." Snape hissed as he apparated out of the garden.

He looked at the letter once more to make sure he was in the right place to drop Harry things off, a sound behind him made him spun around wand pointed at Remus "He sent you?" Remus growled

"He's teaching me a lesson, here are Harry's I mean Potter's thing." He said hand him a small trunk, Remus looked at it and tilts his head "That is all there was." Snape said, Remus nodded as he took the trunk handles

"One question Snape what was it like there? Harry won't talk about it." The wolf said

"I think Harry would have been in better care with Greyback than them." He said

"That bad?"

"That fat bustard was planning on your cub to be fun for his business buddies." The dark hair man said, Remus let a growl leave his chest as he watched Snape

"Well thanks for the trunk." Remus said as he turned around

"Wait Wait Lupin?" he called out grabbing the wolf's arm turning to face the potion master "I am sorry I didn't think they would do this!" he said Remus pulled his arm out of the tight grip and sighed

"It's done now Snape, Harry is saver away from all this just please …"

"He's my son did you know that?" Remus looked at him and then nodded

"I did know as did Sirius and James and Dumbledore, James still loved him…but can't can you because all you see in his eyes is Lilly and you hate him." Severus looked down to the ground and then back up to him

"She never told me about Harry being mind I only found out after she died."

"She didn't want you to know, you become a Death Eater who hated everything she was. Harry is your son but he will never know." Remus said to him as he turned to leave the other man on his own.