The Gaang at the beach

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Ursa was pregnant. Ozai knew, and so did most of the Fire Nation. She only had a month, or so to go. Ozai decided to take Ursa away from the Fire Palace, and the stress of being the future Fire Lady.

Ozai took her hand, and lead her down to the beach. He was sure to keep pace with her. He knew his wife was having trouble moving with the extra weight of his son in her uterus.

"Are you doing okay?" Ozai asked sounding concerned.

Ursa nodded slowly. "I'm fine Ozai."

As they made their way down to the beach, Ozai took her hand. He kissed it three times before her squeezed it lightly. He wished he could hold her. Ozai could hardly wait to hold his wife close to him. He swept her off of her feet, and carried her the rest of the way to the shore.

Ursa laughed, as Ozai flopped down onto the sand. He sat there with his wife in his lap, and played absently with her hair. Ursa's amber eyes shone with happiness. Ozai began ti trace circles on her baby bump. Ursa felt the baby swift as it felt the motion. The baby kicked.

"Ozai, the baby kicked," Ursa said putting his hand where the baby just kicked, and hoped he would feel the next kick when it came. "Feel."

Ozai felt the baby kick at the pressure of his hand. He laughed. "I felt it. He kicked!"

"Yes, I feel that all the time," Ursa said with a laugh. "He never lets me rest."

Ozai grabbed Ursa's chin before he kissed her. This kiss was slow, and passionate. It was the kind of kiss that never got old. No matter what the to of them would always feel the same in that kiss.

The sun warmed Ursa's skin that was hidden underneath her gown. Ozai rubbed her back soothingly, trying to get his wife worked up.

"You want to get me started out here Ozai," Ursa muttered shoving his hand away. "You want to take me back to the bed first." Ursa smirked.

Ozai took Ursa's hand, and lead her back to the house before he got her started again.