The Power Of Aura And The Temple Of The Sea

Disclamier: I don't own Pokémon, sigh wish I did cause Misty and Brock would still be traveling with Ash.

Chapter 1

It was a warm summers evening over Cerulean city and things had been pretty quiet around the Cerulean gym. Misty had battled only two trainers that day and won pretty easily since they were trainers that were just starting out. The sun was starting to set over the city and the redheaded gym leader decided it would be best, if she closed up for the night.

She let out all of her water Pokemon and allowed them to swim in the pool as she started her process of cleaning for the day. The redheaded gym leader wiped the sweat of her forehead as she mopped the side of the pool, "whew what a day? Hardly any trainers showed up for a battle, and the ones that did were pretty easy to beat," Misty muttered with a sigh. She watched her Pokémon play around in the water with a smile and she laughed a little, as psyduck struggled to get back out of the water.

"Psy, psy duck!" It sighed in relief as it reached the edge of the pool.

"Oh, psyduck I really need to teach you how to swim," Misty said as she shook her head.

The gym leaders attention was averted when the alarm for a trainer approaching the gym sounded through the entire gym. "Huh? A trainer at this time, that's unusual!"

The doors to the gym were pushed open and a dark figure stood in the light of the door way, which made it impossible for Misty to figure out who it was. "Huh, hey can't you read? The gym is closed!" She yelled annoyed at the fact that this person had a nerve to barged right in without knocking.

"I am not here for a mere pokemon battle," said the figure bluntly in a deep voice.

Misty blinked in confusion, "then what are you here for?"

"Your Misty am I correct?" He walked in and up to the gym leader and almost towered over her.

"Y-yes, that's r-right!" She replied nervously since he was so close.

"Hmph just as I thought, you have the ability to aura? I can sense it from you!" Misty blinked in confusion she had never heard of such a thing.

"Aura w-what's...aura?" She asked feeling interested.

"Aura is a certain ability that only very few humans can use some pokemon can use it also, but's its much harder for humans, having this will give you the ability to read minds and actions of other people. But I come here to warn you of a great danger," he said with his head down.

Misty grew nervous "d-danger what do you mean danger?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell you any more than that," With that said the cloaked person walked on out the gym leaving Misty and her pokemon clearly confused and a bit scared.

"Uh, what did he mean by that?" Misty blinked.

Night time had arrived so Misty decided to go to bed, it wasn't before she was in a deep sleep and she was dreaming.

Misty's Dream

Misty found herself under the ocean swimming with many different types of water pokemon, "huh?" She awed at the sight since she hadn't seen so many water in the one place before. She giggled as a group of remoraid swam around her.

A bright light shined in the distance and what she saw was something that she had never seen before and that was a sea temple, the red-head looked to her side and saw a pokemon that she had never seen before, the pokemon was light blue. Suddenly a submarine appeared out of nowhere blowing Misty away.

End Of Misty's Dream

Misty woke up with a startled expression "ow what a strange dream, I've never had one like that before I wonder if It means something?" Misty questioned out loud while wiping sweat from her forehead. She soon got out of bed and began her daily routine of caring for gym, trainers usually came around in the afternoon so that gave her plenty of time to herself and her Pokemon.

The gym leader smiled as she gave out the Pokemon's breakfast "I hope you guys enjoy this, it's Brock's new recipe," Misty's attention was averted when the doors of the gym were blown open she gasped at what she saw before her. Standing there was a man with a big bushy beard and dress like a pirate and also another one standing beside.

"Ah, the gym leader of Cerulean city perfect, you'll be coming with us!"

Misty frowned, "I don't think so!"

"Hmm, we'll see about that," the pirate nodded towards the other pirate who nodded and sent out a net over Misty's pokemon and then Misty the net electrocuted her and her pokemon making her and her pokemon faint.

Meanwhile with Ash and the others...

Ash, Pikachu May, Brock and Max walked along a dirt road in the middle of nowhere Ash suddenly stopped in his track having had a strange feeling travel through him, "huh?" Ash questioned after having closed his eyes.

"Hey Ash is everything alright?" Brock questioned after having noticed the Pokémon trainer stop.

Ash blinked in confusion "h-huh, yeah I just got this strange feeling."

"Strange feeling what like?" Max asked.

Ash shrugged "I don't know, I'm sure it was nothing though."

"Man I really could really go for some water right about now," said Max with a sigh as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"You said it," said Brock as the group continued to walk the dirt road.

"But we haven't seen any sign of a city or a town anywhere," added May as she sloughed down as she walked.

Ash sighed but a blue bubble in the distance caught his eyes "w-water?!"

This caught everyone's attention and they all ran towards the bubble, they had reached the top of the hill and they gazed down below to see a sight that they had never seen before, what they saw was a group of psychic Pokémon using their powers to make big bubbles float in the air which allowed both people and Pokémon to swim inside them.