The Power Of The Aura And The Temple Of The Sea

Chapter 6

Ash sighed in relief to see his Pokemon unharmed, his Pikachu was all curled up inside a caged asleep and his pokeball's were all in a container. Ash walked up to the cage and bent down a little "Pikachu, buddy are you okay?!" He whispered to the yellow mouse who sleepily woke up and was so happy to see his trainer okay.

"Pikapi!" Pikachu cried in happiness.

Ash grabbed his pokemon and he turned to team rocket "hey you guys don't happen to have a key for this cage do you?!"

"Well, we could try this one!" Said James who'd brought out a key from his pocket.

"Where'd ya get that James?!" Questioned Jessie.

"Found it lying about in the main room, I just picked it up." James went up to the cage and used the cage, luckily the key worked.

"It worked!" James exclaimed in surpise and Pikachu jumped into his trainers arms.


"Pikachu I'm so glad your okay!" Ash exclaimed happily.

"Chuuuu!" Pikachu cuddled into him.

"Okay twerp what now?!" Meowth asked as Pikachu jumped on Ash's shoulder.

"Now I've gotta save Misty and Manaphy!" Ash said determined.

Ash, Pikachu and team rocket sneaked around until they reached a room where Phantom and Misty were located. Ash sneaked in the room and hid to see what Phantom was up to. Misty was inside a big glass container, she glared at the pirate. "Now, my dear princess to prepare you for the sea temple I have these old jewels that will allow us access to the temple!" Phantom brought out a necklace and a bracelet and opened the container and placed it on her.

The jewels lit up and Misty fainted, Ash gasped "Misty!" He jumped out from the hiding spot and Phantom turned round.

"Hm, what how did you get out you little brat?!" Phantom growled as he turned away from the large container.

"That's for me to know Phantom!" Ash replied with a smirk.

Phantom frowned "you may have gotten here but you won't be getting your little friend back!"

"That's were you're wrong Phantom!" Ash grinned as he watched team rocket lift Misty out of the container and over to Ash.

Phantom was furious "what?! You three!" He pushed a button and a whole lot of other pirates came, Ash took Misty in his arms and both he and team rocket made a run for it.

"Um, I have a question, we may get out of this submarine but were are we gonna go we're surrounded by ocean?!" Questioned James as they run.

"I do remember seeing a boat on the outside of the sub, we could just take that!" Ash replied as they ran another way since they were almost ambushed by a group of pirates, they finally made it outside and made it to the boat, "we made it!" Ash sighed in relief.

"Not so fast you little brat your not getting away with Manaphy or the princess!" Yelled Phantom.

Ash growled but a horn from a boat sounded that caught his attention, "ASH!" Came some familiar voices.

Jackie, May, Max and Brock were waving to him, "Ash we've got Manaphy hurry take that boat!"

"Right come on guys let's into the boat!" Ash said towards Team rocket.

They got in before the pirates could stop them, they sailed to the larger boat and were helped on by Jackie. "Hey Ash why are team rocket with you?!" Asked May.

"Oh, they helped me get Misty," This surprised everyone.

"Yes you see we got fed up of working for that Phantom, so we decided to help the twer-er I mean Ash out!" Explained James, Jessie and Meowth nodded.

"What happened to Misty?!" Questioned Jackie as he held Manaphy was trying to get to her.

"Phantom put these strange jewels on her!" Ash replied as he stared down at the gym leader, Misty was placed in a room, and Ash sat with her for the full night along with Mananphy.

Ash sighed sadly as he placed a hand on hers he was truly worried about her, "come on Misty, please wake up."

"Mana!" Manaphy cried sadly, he looked towards Ash, who had his eyes closed he looked towards Misty then nodded, his antenna's rose in he air and one directed itself towards Ash, then other to Misty.

Manaphy closed his eyes and a red aura emanated from the tips of them. Ash suddenly awoke to find himself in a field of flowers "wait a minute is this a dream? Cause I don't remember falling asleep," Ash stood still as he looked around, all that surrounded him was various types and colours of flowers, the light breeze of the wind and the bright colour of the sky above.

He took a few step's and spotted a girl sitting on a rock, she looked familiar. "Misty?" He asked outloud.

His voice was heard by her and she looked in his direction, "A-Ash, what are you doing here? I thought I was dead!" Misty cried softly.

Ash suddenly thought of something, "I wonder if Manaphy did this? I never fell asleep, Misty your not dead your just asleep, please you have to wake up?" Ash replied.

Misty blinked then closed her eyes, everything went red and Ash opened his eyes again and was happy to see Misty awake. "Ash?" Misty said then looked at Manaphy whose red aura had faded away.

"Mana, mana!" Manaphy cried happily as he flew.

Both Ash and Misty giggled they both looked at each other and Ash found himself blushing. Luckily Misty didn't see it since Jackie had opened the door, "hey Ash I heard Manaphy and oh Misty your awake are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm okay," Misty said as she tried to get up but she wobbled but Ash was quick to react and he caught her before she fell.

"Maybe you should rest more?" Ash suggested as he was concerned for her.

"No, really I'm fine honest!" Misty replied.

"Okay if your sure," Ash nodded.

"I just wanted to let you know we have arrived at the spot were the solar eclipse will happen and the water temple will be visible in its light, it's almost getting dark soon," Jackie stated, "everyone's on deck!" Both Ash and Misty gasped and followed Jackie up to the top deck of the ship