Who turned out the lights?

A short fic, set doing the Citadel DLC. The big party goes rather…atypically as a result of a temporary power outage.

Author's note: The idea for this fic has been running around my brain for a few days, but took a nasty cold (and the accompanying hyper-ness inducing cold medication) to finally get me to sit still long enough to write it down.

This is the first time I've written with just dialogue, so it's quite a bit rougher than my normal writing. It's a bit different, as it requires one a far more in-depth knowledge of the characters (something that's kind of tricky if one of the characters is completely determined by the player). Hopefully, it's still funny, though.

"Hey, come on in. Thanks for coming. Make yourselves at home."

"Thanks for the invite."

"Thank you, Sheppard."

"Happy to be here, Sheppard."

"Just watch where you're being invisible, OK?"

"No promises."



"Hey, Sheppard! We got any more Ryncol around here?"

"Check behind the bar, Wre-"

"Hey! Who turned out the lights!"

"Wasn't me!"

"Why do we all not believe Kasumi?"

"Door's sealed, Commander. This could get bad."

"All the streetlights have gone out, Sheppard. it must be a power outage across the entire ward."

"Emergency power should be on in a minute. We just need to sit tight. "

"In my cycle, we did not permit power systems to…"

"Can you please be quiet? Before I feel tempted to extinct a species?"

"Ash, no shooting Javik."

"Pretty please? Just once?"

"I said no, Ash."





"What happened?"

"Watch where you're putting your feet, Quarian!"

"Can someone please get the Krogan off me?"

"No, Wrex. We do not want to hear your crude joke."

"Aw. But it was a good one, too."

"Grunt, put down the bottle and go help Wrex up."


"Get your arm away from my neck!"

"Well, you get your elbow out of my eye!"

"Hey, look everyone. I found candles!"

"Bad idea. Limited air, with the power off."


"Can someone please- NOT THE HUMP! NOT THE HUMP!"




"Great. Now I have TWO krogan sitting on me."

"Grunt , get up. Now. It isn't funny."

"Here, I'll grab-"

"Get off me, primitive!"

"Get off me, the both of you!"

"I can't! My foot's stuck under the couch!"

"Well, unstick it!"


"Look at all the pretty ranbow Geth…"

"Tali? Tali?"

"The suit…isn't supposed to allow…concussions."

"Um. Guys. The lights just came on."

Author's note: Well? What do you think? Review and let me know! (Advice and criticism will be well-received, as this is a style I'm completely unfamiliar with.)