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Beast Boy was flipping through the channels on TV. He said "Wow!. Nothing is on TV."

Looking out the window he saw explosions and lights coming from the oil rig. "What the?"

He ran through to Robin's room and yelled "OIL rig! Lights! explosioooooooooons!"

Robin got up out of bed.

Robin looked at BB like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt?

Robin said "I think that's enough TV, BB."

"I am not crazy!"

"Just go."

"There are explosions at the oil rig."


"Let's GO!"

"Yes. Let's go to sleep."


Beast Boy walked out...

and right into Raven.

He stared into her dazzling purple eyes and she glared back.

"Beast Boy. If you keep shouting nobody will sleep. If I can't sleep, I'll get mad. If I get mad, you'll wish you were never born. especially today of all days." Raven said.

Beast Boy gulped. He grabbed Raven by the arm and dragged her to the living room. He showed her what was going on and they saw Dr. Light. Raven looked at Beast Boy, threw him out the window and called the Titans to the living room. Robin came out and said "BEAST BOY! SHUT UP!"

Raven just glared.

Robin proceeded to pee his costume. Raven began "I called you here because Dr. Light is blowing up the power plant. Reasons unknown. we are going to go and stop him."

The door opened and a sopping wet Beast Boy came in.

Raven thought "Maybe I shouldn't have thrown him outside."

Beast Boy was fuming, but didn't say anything. Robin shouted "TITANS GO!" and they all went to the power plant.

When they arrived, they saw Dr. Light in his suit attacking people. Robin thought for a second, hopped off his bike, and then said "You know, Dr. Light, for a guy obsessed with illumination, you're not very bright."

Raven said "Next time you're looking to steal something, you might want to pick a target we can't see from our living room. Even more embarassing is the fact that it was Beast Boy that saw you."

Beast Boy said "Yeah!...RAAAAAAVENN!"

Raven and Dr. Light both said "SHUT UP!"

They proceeded to fight, and Raven threw Beast Boy at the good doctor. He sidestepped and fired his light blasters at them. They hit Raven in the chest and she flew into the water. Robin's bird-a-rangs whistled (or chirped) through the air and hit Dr. Light. he stepped back and was hit by Cyborg's sonic cannon and Starfire's starbolts.

"GLORIOUS!," Star fired shouted.

She was hit with beams of light and hit the ground. Cyborg and fired at each other simultaneously, but Cyborg was overpowered by Dr. Light. Beast Boy charged at him as a Rhino, and the Doctor said "I am not afraid of you."

A raspy voice said "What about me?"

Doctor Light turned around and saw a thirty foot tall and shreiked.

He held out his hands to be handcuffed and said "I would like to go to jail now."

Raven huffed and said "Am I really that scary and creepy?"

Beast Boy said "No, of course not."

Raven looked at him sideways. Beast boy was helping Cyborg and said "You are way scarier."

Raven glared at him but Beast Boy was oblivious. Cyborg started dancing and yelled "Boo-Yah!. Time for doughnuts."

Robin and Starfire cheered.

Beast Boy changed into a cat and stretched, yawning. "Dude, I would love to but I'm on board the snooze train."

Raven snorted "That's the best you can do. Whatever. I am going to get home before tomorrow.

Starfire asked "Friend Raven would you not like to partake of the nuts of dough."

Cyborg nudged Robin and said "I think she just wants to be alone with Beast Boy.

Robin started laughing and said "yeah, probably."

Beast Boy smiled and Raven flew away.

Beast Boy returned home and fell asleep.

Raven's Room

Raven was looking at the clock waiting for the wretched day to begin. How she hated her birthday. The clock chimed 12 times. Raven went to bed. She was not blessed with sweet dreams, though. She was tormented with visions of her future, where the world was destroyed by fire. She tossed and turned. She yelled and scratched. She kicked and cried.

She was awakened and was grateful... Until she saw who awakened her. She said to the green teen in a low, raspy, threatening voice "Why are you in my room? And why are you holding my hand?"

Beast boy didn't respond immediately. with a few furtive glances side to side he said "Um... well you were... um... well... You were screaming an AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!"

Beast Boy flew out the window and into the ocean for the second time that day. He flew back up into the room and said angrily "What the heck is your problem?"

Raven just sat still. Beast Boy walked away. Later that night at one in the morning Raven's room rattled. She walked out and felt strong emotions coming from the living room. She walked in that direction, saying if it is Beast Boy i am throwing him out the window. She walked into the dark. and waited. And waited. And waited. She finally said "Hello?" She turned around and was walking back to her room, when Beast Boy jumped out and yelled in her face "SURPRISE!."

She backpedaled quickly and said "I wondered what that smell was." Beast Boy frowned, but then bounced back almost immediately. He said Happy Birthday and turned her around where everyone else was waiting. She looked and saw everyone was waiting with something. Cyborg said "here is a 8 layer cake with three layers of frosting (patent pending)"

Starfire had tubs of ice cream and said joyously "I have tubs of creamed ice! you must try it"

Robin was holding a set of pins and a pinata shaped like Beast Boy. He said "we will play pin the tail on Beast Boy and hit a pinata that looks like Beast Boy."

Beast Boy said "I organized this for you. I went to bed and heard you scream and I thought this must be a bad day. So I went into Robin's room where he had info on all of us."

Robin shouted "HEYYY! You get double weeks of chores for that."

Beast Boy said "Should I tell them what you had under Starfires page?"

Robin blushed furiously, and his face was as red as the alien's hair. Robin muttered "no"

Beast Boy continued. "Anyways, I found out your birthday and saw what today was and oof."

Raven had walked up to Beast boy and punched him in the gut. "Some things are meant to be private." with that she walked back to her room. Robin called out "Raven come back."

Cyborg said "I know that you don't like to have fun," Raven winced, "but, you get to hurt Beast Boy." Raven winced again.

"NO!" A sharp yell cut through the silence. The lights popped the cake exploded and the needles melted. Everyone was stunned as Raven walked back to her room. Beast Boy crawled toward her room.

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