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OKAY I KNOW RIDICULOUS for me to put my little pony but hey it was a guess and i haven't read a book like the hive yet umm i'll try to answer the questions (1 raven i believe because she my favorite titans to because she so misunderstood. (2 i think a chick (3 yes absolutely i like this paring alot (4 i'm not really sure because i'm not allowed to read books like that because my parents think it's bad for my mind but i would love to read a harry potter or percy jackson book sigh ( but anyway awesome story good luck and sorry for the my little pony thing heh. peace

hi thanks for consistently reviewing. I can send you the percy jackson series in pdf or azw3 or epub format if i have your gmail. I meant my favorite character. i won' tell you if your right about my gender. you like the story becahse of the pairing. Not me. *sniff* I don't understand the my little pony. It was at our school too. I dont understand it but i respect that. My parents think that too. In fact they don't like anything i do, really. (Including this)

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Don't care

Thanks for offering to edit slightly and feedback for me. Thank You so much. Why do you think Raven is my favorite character? Why do you think i am a girl? Thanks for liking the story.

Alright. So here is the deal. I recently listened to Bastille's Bad Blood album, Daft Punk's Random access Memories, Fall out Boy's Save Rock and Roll, and Lorde's Pure Heroine. i love everything except Daft Punk. Which i was very dissapointed about. Have you read the Game of Thrones, i just started it? I find it very good, but slow. Do you like it when I talk about random stuff, or do you want me to just do the story.

Beast Boy frowned in anger. Robin had probably made her upset and she was probably moping somewhere. Beast Boy walked around on his paws, yes paws, and paused (A/N paws-ed, geddit. Its so punny you're going to dye. Im on a barrel roll... Anyways. I am the punmaster...). He sniffed around for the scent of fresh tears (A/N Tears do have a smell. Next time you cry after realizing how amazing of a story this is smell them.), and found that the smell of Robin's testosterone was overpowering. He tried again and faintly smelled Raven's candle-ish smell. He started to run, but tripped (A/N Tripping is an awesome book. One of my few friends recommended it to me. Thanks) He looked down as he passed into the oblivion (A/N last author note. Who has seen Oblivion. Such a good movie. BTW's Tom Cruise is short. Not as short as me, but yeah... And the song Oblivion by Bastille. So good.) Gravity pulled him to the ground (A/N Gravity was such a good movie. Dat Soundtrack... I'm done) He mentally shouted as loud as he could, sending out all the emotions he could. Only an empath could reach him. Only one empath...

Said empath was in her room, confused as, well, as hell. Beast Boy stood up for her, but Robin seemed like he couldn't care less about her. She thought about when Beast Boy found her. She had come out of her vision. Her vision. She had forgot that when she was around Beast Boy. He just... Made me forget where I was and what had happened. Raven thought about the vision. A brief snippet. She saw herself rising of the ground, a silver hook flickering as her left hand, also a flickering sword, and her hand. It flickered so fast, but it lingered on the metal hook. Little scratches were left in the air, probably because of the metal cutting through the air. Raven saw her rise into the air. The hook solidifying, then blazing with light, bolts firing out at her cowering teammates. They fell to the ground. Tears streamed down her face. In her room, her bed was messed up, flying around the room, her wounds threatening to re-open. She remembered more of the vision, driving the poor empath to her knees.

her twisted vision continued. Beast Boy rose to his feet. He tried to wrap his arms around the floating half-demon. A ball of energy smashed through Beast Boy sending him flying. She watched as Beast Boy crumpled, trying to stop her. She just turned away. Raven was in pain. Then she opened her palm, and let a bronze object drop out of her hand. She said "Today, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." Her image flashed, sending ripples through space and time, and she saw the days of the Vedic Scriptures, Atlantis, Egypt, and they looked back. A dark figure, wrapped in darkness, a silver hook for the left hand. "Today, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." She then collapsed, not before seeing the terror she had released onto the world. Trigon, the demon.

Back in her room, she collapsed into a heap, everything dropping with a thud. She collapsed, her power retreating back into her, wounds being healed. She is sensitive to any and all incoming feelings. The rage of Robin and Cyborg. The confusion of Beast Boy and Starfire. She collapsed into a heap. crying. The poor girl had nobody, nobody cared for her. She was retreating deep into her own mind, when her mind felt strong emotions, so strong a pulse went through her room, disorganizing everything.

Raven didn't care. The only thing in her brain was: Beast Boy.

She ran out, blowing her door off. She walked around the corridors, thinking that the annoying child, was he a child?, was probably in the kitchen, pigging out. He was probably confused about what to eat. She went and saw a desolate scene.

Robin and Cyborg were fighting against each other, Robin was yelling "Slade is more important than Raven."

"Robin, there is no way a villain would be more important than a teammate. Raven is more important than you ever will be Robin."

Starfire had waves of confusion rolling of her. She was confused on whether to support the man she loved or Raven, her only friend.

Raven's eyes burned. She almost cried again, but then remembered the pain her friend was in. She wondered where he could be. Could he have actually have been concerned for me. He is probably in the infirmary. She ran as fast as she could, running as only a desperate, caged animal could. She ran so fast, she tripped over a body. A bony, green body. She looked down and saw the green boy, sprawled out. "BEAST BOY! GET UP! WHY DID YOU TRIP ME?"

When he didn't respond, Raven felt a cold feeling, starting in her chest, and spreading out to her arms. Fear. "Beast Boy?" Raven breathed. "Wake up. Wake up, damn you." She turned him over, and looked around. She looked at his leg. It was bleeding and marrow leaked out of his now bent and cracked bone. (A/N have you ever seen a bone break so that the bone shard goes into the marrow? Be glad that its never happened to you. It hurts so much. Personal experience)

She weeped, letting her emotions run rampant. She focused all her strength into closing the wound, and she did. Feeling her reserves of power leaving, she knew she should take them somewhere safe. She wrapped her arms around the boy, a blush rising to her cheeks. A warm feeling blossomed, one that she hadn't experienced. She took the green teen into his room and laid him on the bed. she healed his leg as best she could, there were two dents of flesh in his shin, and his bone could be seen. She pushed him onto the bed. Losing consciousness, she fell on top of the warm- what? i can't be on Beast Boy. I would much rather be asleep on a cadaver. Raven fell unconscious.

How was that for a story. A little bit of morbid humor there. at the end. I don't know if I will keep writing fanfictions. A couple people were laughing at me and stuff. You know, just giving me grief. I don't know. Plus i have a couple things on my mind. Anyways. Thanks for reading Keep reviewing. Most of these feelings are based on my own, so yeah... If you hate this story tell me. If you love this story tell me. BTW, it takes me around two to three days per story. The part i write beforehand is before i write. This is after i write.


PS Trivia, don't think i forgot.

Who is the most annoying character in anything? TV show, movie, book, cartoon, etc. *cough* Terra *cough*

What is your favorite band?

How old are you guys?

Have you seen Gravity?

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PSS I have a rant that i will post as a story. This was a class project. I love this rant. So much fun. :D