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The Knights Harry journey was quite easy with his cloak and map to guide him through Hogwarts castle. He had finally made it to the gargoyles, when he noticed that he didn't know the password. He stood there a while calling out names of numerous magical candies before he heard a sound behind him. He couldn't see who was there as there was little more than the moonlight to brighten the hallway.

"Mr. Potter, I am very please to meet you. My name is Gabriel. I will be joining our group tonight. You can take off that cloak now." Harry did as he said. "I feel very much honored to be a part of this as we all should," the man said. Gabriel, who now stood close enough so that Harry could see him, was a tall fellow, a few inches bigger than Harry, with long golden hair and brilliant blue eyes. His robes were a cool blue with gold trim. Harry felt extremely underdressed with his school robes on when he saw what the man was wearing. "It is a shame that you have not been able to attend any of my classes, but I dare say that you will easily be able to catch up with the rest of the class." He laughed heartily at this and stepped towards the door. "Peppermint toads," he said casually. Harry followed his new professor into Dumbledore's office where he was greeted by the ancient wizard.

"Harry I am glad to see that you could make it. I hope the trip wasn't too difficult, but it was imperative that we keep this meeting as secret as possible. I see that you have met our newest recruit to the staff, Professor Gallous. I am sure that he will do a fine job teaching your class. He was one of the finest students to ever come out of Hogwarts. In fact, I believe he was Head boy and quidditich captain for Gryffindor a few years before you arrived. Is that not correct, Gabriel?"

"Yes Professor," he said in a dignified tone. In the better light Harry could tell that he was only in his twenties, but in the shadows Harry would have thought him to be closer to his forties.

"Now Harry, Gabriel, I would like to tell you why you were brought here, but first I must ask you a few questions as is tradition. I have no doubt that you will both answer honestly. Are you on the side of good and evil?"

Harry wondered why Dumbledore was asking these questions. He almost wondered if those articles in the daily prophet were the reason. "Good," they both answered.

"If you could, would you destroy that evil?"

"Yes," they said in unison

"Are you willing to dedicate yourself towards that goal?"


"Thank you Harry. I hope that you do not feel offended by my asking those questions, but it had to be done. You have already proven what you answered. As have you Gabriel. Now that that is finished, will you please follow me?" Dumbledore smiled at them both and took out his wand and waved it at the back wall where a door appeared. It led to a granite spiral staircase that seemed to go straight down below Hogwarts. Harry had no idea how far they were underneath the castle when the stairs finally ended and by that time he didn't really feel like guessing. For some reason he was beginning to feel nervous as they continued down a dark corridor. When he glanced at Gabriel, he looked proud and dignified, the complete opposite of what Harry felt like. Then they came to a door, but to call it a door would not do it justice. It was about 30 feet high and it looked as if it was created out of solid gold, with magnificent engravings carved on every part of it. In each of the four corners, divided by gems, there stood one of the house symbols and around them were engravings which Harry assumed were depicting acts of greatness from the Founders. There was another thing about this door, it moved. Gryffindor's lion was in the upper right roaring silently. Harry caught a glimpse of Gryffindor slaying a basilik and one of him dueling with a dark wizard. Harry could have sat there all night in awe, but he was brought back to the present when Dumbledore laid a hand on his shoulder. "Are you ready?" he said softly into Harry's ear.

"For what," Harry said in confusion. Dumbledore simply gave a large smile and opened the doors. Harry nearly gasped when he walked in. Harry thought back to Voldemort's Lair and however frightening that place was, this place was beautiful. He only wished that Ron and Hermione were here to see this. It looked like the room was straight out of the RenaissanceThe massive, circular walls were a pure white marble streaked occasionally with gold, as was the ground that he now stepped on. The massive chamber divided itself with a long silver strip that ran from the floor to the table. Each section, four in all, held a few a rows [rows of what?] that lifted swiftly from the floor. Each seat was identical, pure silver with a large marble table that ran parallel with the wall. Even more impressive was the table that was placed in the center of the Hall. Its edges were red with rubies, while the surface shown gold. The twelve or so chairs that surrounded it were silver with a majestic blue that ran along the arms and back. Opposite from where Harry had enter was a staircase that led to a large chair that was a white that could almost make a man blind if he looked at it too long. The wall behind each section held a golden statue which moved in anticipation; Harry could almost hear the roar of the Gryffindor lion as it opened its mighty jaws. The light that fell so softly was not from some torch, but from the five chandeliers that hung above him. The largest of them hung above of the main table. Harry could not make out what was making the light through the crystals, but he could tell what was holding them up. The crystal phoenixes that supported the massive chandeliers flapped their wings in unison as they hovered there in all their glory. Beyond that, Harry could see the golden ceiling move slowly yet fluently. Harry watched as the golden dragon chased after a white unicorn that moved around the dragon with grace and gentleness.

"Harry would you please follow me, you too Gabriel," Dumbledore led them past the table and up the stairs and stopped in front of the tall chairs. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of parchment and tapped his wand on it once. A few seconds later, Harry felt a gust of wind blow past him and the hall was full of wizards. They immediately took their seats. Everyone was wearing dress robes in the colors of their distinguished houses. When Harry turned around he saw that the large white seat was now occupied. Dumbledore was sitting there with pure white robes. He radiated power and wisdom sitting there looking over all the wizards who had just arrived. Harry could make out a few faces. Especially in the Gryffindor section where he could see a few red heads that looked familiar. Charlie and Bill sat in the rows and gave him a small smile. Mr. Weasley sat at the table and smiled at him as well. He could make out Lupin, but his nice dress robes made it rather difficult to recognize him at first. Harry was more surprised to see his other former Defense against the Dark Arts Professor, Mad-Eye Moody(or who was suppose to be his professor) sitting in the Slytherin section. There was one empty chair at the table, which made Harry wonder who it was for, but his naturally curious spirit was cut short when Dumbledore started to speak.

"Thank you all for coming. Today we welcome two new members into our ranks and in doing so let us reaffirm ourselves to our cause of ridding this world of evil. Now let us introduce them into the Knight's of the Phoenix. Gabriel Gallous, please step forward. Gabriel you have proven yourself to be on the side of good. I will ask you again do you wish to join us and our cause. Please speak now or leave without anyone thinking any less of you."

"I wish to join." He stood there proud and every bit the hero that you could imagine. Harry wondered why he was there, but he knew that he would say yes as well because he had made a vow to fight Voldemort to the very end of his days if he had to.

"Now kneel." Gabriel did as he was told and Dumbledore took his wand and placed it on the top of his head. A single spark flew around his body and passed through his robes and into his heart. "Now arise Gabriel Gallous, Knight of the Phoenix. You are bound to us as you are bound to your family." The crowd cheered furiously as Gabriel arose. Dumbledore took him into a hug and whispered something into his ear.

"I will try. I will try my very best," he said with a tear in his eye. As he walked down the stairs, his clothes transformed into robes of red and gold. This warranted another ovation as he took his seat in the Gryffindor section. Then the attention turned to Harry and Dumbledore again.

"Harry James Potter you have proven yourself to be on the side of good. I will ask you again, do you wish to join us and our cause. Please speak now or leave without anyone thinking any less of you."

"I wish to join you," Harry said. He felt so nervous that someone was going to ask why he was there, but everyone remained quiet as Dumbledore asked him to a knee. He had expected to feel Dumbledore's wand, but instead Dumbledore moved back his robe and drew a sword. Not just any sword, it was the Sword of Gryffindor. He placed it on both of his shoulders and he felt it upon his head. A small light passed by his eyes and h could feel it move into his heart. All at once his life passed before his eyes. Images of his parents first, then his relatives, meeting Hagrid and his friends, his adventures, the third task, Voldemort's cursed face, and then he was back, feeling a deep peace.

"Arise Harry Potter, Knight of the Phoenix." The crowd cheered and Dumbledore took him into a hug. "You would have made your parents proud. I will talk to you later about all of this, but just know that I am very proud of you." Harry could not remember being happier. He walked down the step and he felt his robes change around him. They were now red with an elaborate gold trim, two lions flowing down his sleeve, a phoenix in full form, spreading its wings across his back, and another in front of his heart. He stood proud and sat in empty seat next to Charlie Weasley who shook his hand furiously and then received a hard slap on the back from Bill.

After a little more applause, the room was quieted by Dumbledore's hand. "Now it is time to move on to more pressing matters. First, let us take this opportunity to reintroduce a former member into our ranks. Some of you have already learned the truth, but for most of you it has not yet been revealed to you. We have all been deceived. Let us welcome him." Dumbledore pulled out another piece of parchment and taped his wand on it.

In one second, Sirius Black stood beside Dumbledore and the next, the hall was in an uproar. "How dare you bring that murderer into our mist. Dumbledore, I demand an explanation," roared one Slytherin. He was old, maybe a little younger than Dumbledore, with long white hair, but without his long beard.

"Silence!!!" Dumbledore bellowed, "I would like to explain myself, Edward, as well as Sirius' case to you." With that he launched into an explanation about Pettigrew and about the night that Voldemort was ripped from his body, moving all the way through to the night of the third task. "For all of you who don't know, that is why we are here. Voldemort has arisen, that we can be sure of. He is gaining support quietly throughout Europe, and has already taken over Azkaban where the Dementors are now his allies. Our first action is to install weekly, as well as emergency meetings, instead of our yearly meetings, all in favor." "Aye," rang from the table. "All opposed," the room remained silent. "The motion passes. Now Sirius Black wishes to rejoin and he has my full confidence. So I will give him back his former seat at our table. If any one has any objections, please speak now." Harry was sure that someone would have said something, but it never came. It was clear to see the reverence the people here had for this wizard that stood before them. "Thank you. Now you may take your seats. The Hall of Light is now full and we shall only recruit new members if the situation should arise. I will be talking to people about their missions in private. As of today I have sent out Rubeus Hagrid to negotiate with the Giants living in the mountains of Eastern Europe. Also, I have sent a few operatives to drum up support in the continental European Ministries and also in our own. Under Fudge we have made little progress gaining any support from the ministry. A few of our members like Arthur Weasley have been working tirelessly to convince the Ministry, but it is unlikely that they will be taking any action until blood is spilled and there will be blood. Voldemort is a very patient man, but his patience will only last so long. We must act quickly before he gains the kind of support and power that he had before his downfall. We will keep surveillance on those we know to be deatheaters. That is all until I call upon you. Dismissed." Nearly everyone took out their parchment and disappeared, but a few stayed. The Weasleys, Sirius, Remus, and a few of his professors stayed a little while to congratulate him and then left. Harry saw Dumbledore give a small object, perhaps a marble to Gabriel and then he was whisked away like all the others, leaving Harry and Dumbledore alone.

"I apologize Harry that we did not have a proper discussion about this, but it is tradition." Dumbledore looked grim at some unseen prospect

"Umm Professor Dumbledore, Gabriel looked like he knew what was going on," Harry asked reluctantly.

"Well yes, you see his father, just like your mother and father, was once a part of all this and when his father died he was told what had happened and why. Your Aunt and Uncle were supposed to tell you, but they decided against it and later, we decided it in your best interest not to know. I don't think I have ever apologized for putting you with those people. Well, let me take this opportunity to make amends. I have decided that you will not be returning to live with them this summer and that other arrangements will be made instead." Harry knew that Dumbledore knew that he wasn't allowed back and that he had been disowned by them, but he enjoyed hearing that he wouldn't have to go back instead of that he couldn't go back.

"Now I am going to try to explain this whole mess, don't hesitate to ask a question, and then I am going to make a deal with you. All of this began at the creation of this school when the four founders decided how to protect their students and their kingdoms. They recruited their former students to help them do this, but instead of fighting amongst themselves, they joined together. We like to call it the Hall of Light because of what it was meant to protect. When Slytherin left the school, instead of destroying his kingdom, they gave it to his most powerful student. Remember that not all Slytherins are bad just like not every Gryffindor is good; I would gladly put my life in the hand of any Slytherin here. As our cause grew into a broader and more difficult one, we created the different classes. There is one representative from each Kingdom, they are part of the Inner Lords, decisions basically, tactics, strategy, rules, and missions. Then there are those who sit in these rows, they are the knights. They along with the lords are responsible for carrying out the mission. Members are selected based on their expertise and whether or not they have proven themselves worthy. Are you following me, Harry?"

"Yes Professor. What is your position?" Harry asked trying to take all of this in.

"In the time of the founders there was much division between them so they appointed someone to mediate and in time lead them into battle. I am the Chancellor, but I hardly feel that term fits me," Dumbledore said with a large smile.

"I think it suits you fine, but why am I here? Surely there is someone out there that would be better than me."

"There are actually two reasons for that. First, you have proven yourself probably more than any other person here. The second is part of the deal that I wanted to make with you. You see every headmaster must choose an apprentice to pass on their knowledge and wisdom. My predecessor Professor Dippet chose a young student by the name of Tom Riddle to become his apprentice. That, as you know, was not a wise choice but of course hindsight is twenty-twenty. I have decided that you, if you so choose, should become my apprentice."

"I would be truly honored to be your apprentice," Harry said with great enthusiasm.

"That is good to hear Harry and I am sure that you will make me proud. Now we must discuss the rest of the deal. Just know that this should not be taken lightly. You will be trained in every part of wizardry and it will take every ounce of will and power to accomplish your goal. That leads us to the second part of this deal. The training will be kept secret from everyone, except a few, key people, and I am sorry to say that you will not be able to tell Mr. Weasley or Miss Granger. This will be part of your training. We must learn from Professor Dippet's mistake. Young Tom Riddle was never taught an important lesson and that is something that you must learn first hand. You are not allowed to do well in your classes. This is not something you will hear from a teacher everyday, but it is crucial that you do not perform what you learn from me.. Do you understand what I am saying?"

"I think so Professor, but if I still have to go to class, when am I going to train with you?" Harry asked with extreme curiosity. All of this was a lot for Harry to take in. He was more anxious to begin than he could ever remember being.

"Harry, I will show you that." Dumbledore walked to one of the entrances and opened the door leading to another dark corridor, but instead of stairs it lead to another door. Harry followed his professor into another room. It was large, smaller than the main hall, but it was much emptier. It held little other than a few enormous paintings. What Harry did notice was the large elevated floor in the middle of the room, and also, the many weapons that littered the walls, swords and spears, knifes, and things Harry had never seen before. "This room was charmed by the four Founders themselves. As you might have guessed, any spell or object that changes the flow of time would require an almost unfathomable amount of power. This room required all four them to slow time down to about half the speed outside of this chamber. This is where you will do the bulk of your training. I am afraid that this, still, will cause a great amount of sacrifice on your part. One of the first being that this training must be kept in completely secret. Other than I, your Godfather, and the inner Lords, no one will know about this and I'm sorry, but it must be done. Voldemort will not know about this and he is very resourceful in getting his information. This is part of the reason that I need you to not excel in your classes. The other, I am sure you will come to realize as the school year progresses." Harry couldn't believe that he was going to have to withhold this entire thing from his best friends and he didn't know when he would have the time for quidditich. "Oh and by the way, Professor Snape has asked me to remind you of his situation and that any discussion between you and him be kept to a minimum."

"The last thing I have to talk to you about is the hardest to bring up. Can you tell me what happened after you were abducted?" Dumbledore's sadness at having to ask this question was apparent, but Harry knew it was going to come sooner or later. He went over most of the torture. It didn't take long because to Harry it just seemed to blur into one just deep feeling of absolute pain. He could almost feel it build up in his scars as he talked about it. The echoes of pain would haunt him for the rest of his life and Harry doubted that he would ever fully recover. Every Dementor left it's mark within Harry's subconscious. He looked back on the day that he had just had and it bothered him that nobody seemed to care. Even Hermione and Ron didn't really get what he went through and it hurt him even more. Harry knew that they were trying to forget or pretend that it never happened and he knew that he was doing the exact same thing. Then when he got all this crap due to some piece of garbage who has the audacity to call a newspaper, 'All for the story' he thought, 'All for selling papers, making a business at the expense of his life.' Why did it have to happen to him? Harry never thought that he was anything special and he never wanted to be. It crushed Harry so deeply that he couldn't see the bottom. He tried to pretend it wasn't there, that this hole in his heart was being filled when it wasn't. Harry could still see the knife as Wormtail slowly traced the now formed scars. His stomach turned every time he pictured it yet he couldn't stop seeing. Everyone moment he saw was dark and hopeless, and then there was the light. The small moment that it all came together. Pain, hate, joy, and love all in one feeling and then power. Power that engulfed his every feeling, it felt so pure and raging. That was the moment that he escaped. When he finished his story, he felt the tears on his face and Dumbledore looking the opposite of the strong man who sat his chair looking over the hall. He looked sad and weary. "Harry there is a great power within you."

"You mean how I escaped," Harry inquired.

"Yes and No. What you did to come back to us is nothing short of miraculous considering you have not been trained in apparation and doing it with another person takes a strong wizard, but it is your will to survive, not for yourself, but for others. That is where true power comes from." Dumbledore stood up and walked back into the hall. "Harry all I can teach you are spells and technique, but I chose you because of your strength and your heart. Let us never forget what happens when we lose our heart." Voldemort name was unsaid, but it didn't need to be.

"Oh and Harry, your Godfather has been given temporary leave and I believe he will be staying with Professor Lupin for at least a while," Professor Dumbledore said with a small smile. "Oh and I nearly forgot," he took out a small silver necklace with a pendent of a stag , "it was your father's. I think he would have wanted you to have it. I have also taken the liberty of making it into a portkey that will bring you directly to your seat in this chamber. I pray that it will keep you safe. Now off to bed you go. Tomorrow we will begin your training, if you are able." Even though his body, which had been gradually worsening in pain throughout the day screamed for mercy, Harry responded in the affirmative. "Very well then, I trust that you will have no trouble in meeting our agreement and remember, never lose hope even when it seems just a distant memory. Always cling to it with all your heart and you will never go wrong."

Harry took the long way back through Dumbledore's office, even though Dumbledore had shown him an exit that was closer to the Great Hall, because he had left his cloak and the map there. When Harry finally reached his dorm it was around two or three in the morning and he gladly fell asleep even with his excitement.

The Great Hall was as full with people as it had ever been. The ceiling indicated that it would be a beautiful day out, prefect quidditich weather. Harry sat down at the Gryffindor table, but as he reached for some eggs he noticed that no one else was sitting there with him. Then he heard a noise,a little louder than a small peep, but still audible. It gradually increased until he could hear the distant screams. Then, even louder, he could hear thrashing, banging and still the screams grew louder until he could fell the vibrations coming from right outside the door. The sky grew red, as thick as bloods, and poured down upon the students, who looked obliviously into their food and sipped at their blood filled goblets. They turned to him with disgust on their faces. "Harry, why did you do it?" a small voice cried. It was Ginny, her hair dripping with blood and her face as pale as ghost. "Harry, I can't believe you would lie?" This time it was Ron. "Potter, why didn't you just give in? Was it really worth it? Was it worth everything? What makes you any better than them? You have betrayed us all. How does it feel to have their blood on your hands?" The questions continued to come even after he had turned away to face the door. Something was pounding on it harder and harder until it finally collapsed. A golden dragon framed the door. Its wings dragged through the blood as the dragon entered into the Great Hall. With a mighty roar, fire flew from the mouth of the creature and onto the ceiling turning it black before it burst into flames and rained down. Harry could feel the heat and see the blood turn to flames in a rushing wind consuming everything around him, but still he was there, untouched by flame or beast or blood. He just stood there as he heard the screams that rushed into his eardrums like nails. Harry watched as the flames lowered and he could finally see. The flames had left only ash and dust. Harry felt the echo of people who were tossed into the flames. They wept, screamed, and begged for their lives and those around them. The dragon still stood there. Its golden hide was a deep contrast from the deathly gray that now lay at his feet, except for one small gleam of light, a small stag of silver partially hidden underneath a little ash a few feet in front of him. As he felt the smooth pendent, it burst into flames and blended in with monotonous ash of the background. Then the dragon stared him straight in the eye.. "It is done," it growled, "You have failed." The last thing Harry remembered were its eyes, those demon eyes, as it breathed fire down on him.

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