She sat on the bench where the two had passed, reminiscing, the blond locks of platinum blonde hair flowing with the breeze. She thought back to when they were together, happy, laughing, carefree. Tears brimmed at the corners of her almond colored eyes. She missed her friends terribly but no matter how many tears she cried, or despite the long sorrowful songs she sung, even she couldn't bring them back.

The sun had begun to set, and she sat staring at the last of its gentle rays. Had that been the last thing they had seen while holding each other until death took them over? Had they cried against each other even after their bodies had gone limp? When she stumbled upon them Chrono's hand was still on top of Rosette's, his head resting against hers. Tears stained their pale cheeks, tears of the night before, of the last hours they spent together.

Azamaria began to cry again, sobbing into the wind. They were the ones the mattered most to her in the world, the only reason she had found a reason to live. They had saved her from disaster and sheltered her, treated her as a true friend and she had fallen in love with them, in love with the idea of finally having a friend.

Slowly the young girl brought a crumpled piece of notebook paper out from her pocket, it had been one of the last thing's Chrono had written before their disappearance. Carefully she unfolded it, and began reading, trying desperately to control the shaking of her voice.

'I can't do this anymore,' It began.

'This pain I bare, the trouble I bring, but even still she is my everything.'

'With all my pain and all this sorrow still she stands until tomorrow'

'But what will tomorrow bring when the world's so cold, will it let her live until she's old?'

'Her life it drains because of me and she's scared, alone, but bares nothing.'

'She's strong too strong for this world to handle and because of me she bares the scars of tomorrow.'

'She's too far gone for anyone to hear, these tears she screams while showing no fear'

'She faces death to no avail unable to see the consequences that will prevail'

'I'm afraid of all I've done, but if there's something more I ask, it's simply that I wash away with the last'

'I can't bare to see her go, to end up with death and leave me all alone'

'So please forgive me for all I've dragged you in, because Rosette you are my everything'

Her tears stained the piece of paper as they rolled down her cheeks, it was a poem written by the older male before he left for the last time. He knew what was going to become of the two, and she know how much he desperately wanted to stop it from happening, but he had been to late and had realized all this before anyone else. Death was inevitable and the two faced him long before their time. They had had the chance to die together, crying for all the years they would miss, but hopefully they could spend the rest of eternity together in the heaven's, hand in hand, away from all the chaos that was Earth.

Azamaria lifted herself from the bench and slowly began to walk away from the house, glancing back once as she imagined Chrono and Rosette sitting on the porch steps, waving her goodbye.