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The artificial sun hitting my face wakes me from my terrible slumber.

I open my eyes but, still, all I can see is the faces of my friends as they slowly are killed by a blue eyed baker.

He's a monster.

I hear a whimpering in the distance. It takes me a few moments to realize that it's me.

I quickly shut up in fear of waking the others.

I shake my head to clear the thought of terrified eyes.

Once I clear my head I check my surroundings. First, I see Rue to my left. I breathe a sigh of relief.

I didn't wake her.

I turn to my right and let out a quick gasp of surprise when I see startling blue eyes looking back at me.

I reach over my shoulder to my bow and notch an arrow while I cover Rue with my body all in one swift movement.

When I turn back I see that Peeta's eyes are now a blue green instead of bright blue.

I release my grip on the bow and rub my eyes.

When I open them again, I see Marvel's bright green eyes.

"Morning" he grins

"You nearly got shot in the eye" I growl

"I didn't know you were so jumpy" he teases

Seconds later the bushes to our far right part with a crash.

Without hesitation, Marvel and I grab out signature weapons and bolt towards the disturbance.

As we launch off the cornucopia, I see the others slowly wake.

We see nothing as we approach the noise until it's too late.

Cato speeds out of the foliage followed by a creature I've only seen in books.

Both Marvel and I freeze as Cato runs past us.

We stare in horror as the beast become larger and larger as it grows closer.

"You have definitely outdone yourself Snow" Marvel says angrily.

He grabs me out of my shock and we run to the Cornucopia.

"I really hope this beastie can't swim." Marvel huffs as we leap into the water.

When we resurface, I look back towards the beast.

"Looks like were in luck" I smile.

The beast is at the water's edge but, it won't go into the water.

It's a Chimera.

"What the fuck is that thing?" Marvel says in horror.

I look back towards him a take in his disgusted expression.

"It's a Chimera" I explain as we swim back to the Cornucopia

"That's so very helpful" he says sarcastically when were on shore.

I slap him upsides the head and continue.

"A Chimera is a Greek beast. It is a Lion, a Goat, and a Snake rolled up into one giant fire breathing monster." I say admirably as I look at the three heads whipping back and forth across the water.

"Ah so the kitty doesn't like water?" he asks

"Exactly" I reply

"So why do you?" he grins

I playfully hit his shoulder.

"Marvel stop you're crappy jokes" says a voice from behind with barely contained anger.

Marvel's grin fades "Nice to see you too Cato" he drawls

Cato turns to me "Do you mind explaining what the fuck that thing was?" he says coldly

"As much as I'd love to try to explain that to you, I think I'll leave it up to your good friend Marvel" I smirk and walk away.

"Yea, Thanks a lot Katniss" I hear Marvel call

I turn, not breaking my stride, and give him a mock salute.

Marvel PoV:

I have a faint smile on my face as she turns away from me again.

"Okay" I drawl "So that was a Chim-"

"I don't give a fuck what that thing is." Cato growls

"Then why did you-"

"Stay away from Katniss" he cuts me off.

I jerk my head back.

"W-What?" I sputter

"You heard me dumbass. Stay away from Katniss. Don't speak to her. Don't touch her. Don't even think about her." He glares at me

"How about no? Katniss is my friend." I chuckle.

The idea itself is ridiculous.

"You will stay away from her" he advance onto me

I back away quickly.

I don't want to fight.

"Why should I?" I question

"Because she is mine" he advances again

"What?" I laugh "That's ridiculous"

Katniss isn't a possession.

"Oh you think so?" he growls and lunges. This time I'm not fast enough to dodge and I am plowed into the ground. Without a moment's hesitation, Cato lands a punch on my face.

"She is mine!" He growls with a wild look in his eyes.

"She isn't a possession" I growl back as I flip us over.

"You're right, she's a trophy" he grins and tries to flip us again.

Key word, Tries.

"You're acting like Peeta" I pin his shoulders

Where are the others? Shouldn't they be helping me or something?

"Good" comes his short reply.

I look at him in disbelief.

"You hated Peeta" I remind him

"Why would I hate such a great man?" he laughs insanely

A realization hits me like a ton of bricks.

Peeta has done something to Cato.

"I'm sorry" I whisper

His eyes go wide for a second before my fist lands on his temple, effectively knocking him out.

I get off of him quickly.

When I look up, I see Katniss and Rue walking over to me with questioning looks.

"Daddy, what did you do to Cato?" Rue asks sweetly.

I smile despite myself. Just yesterday she trapped me in a net and stated cursing like a sailor and here she is today, acting all innocent.

"I knocked him out. Rue can you let me talk to Katniss alone?" I ask in the same sugared voice she used earlier.

"Momma" she corrects me. She looks from me to Katniss multiple times before she nods and walks off.

"Momma?" I ask

"Daddy?" she retorts.

"Aw come one how could you say no to a face like Rue's?" I chuckle

"You don't." she smiles back "Do you mind telling me why this" she shoves Cato with the toe of her boot "Is on the ground unconscious?"

My smile fades a bit "Peeta's done something to him. He isn't himself. He kept on saying that you belonged to him. And that I should never speak to you."

Her smile grows into a scowl as I speak.

"I don't belong to anyone" she spats "God; I am going to kill Peeta"

I'm about to reply when we hear a scream.

Katniss and I look to each other before we run to the sound.

It's coming from the Cornucopia.

Katniss PoV:

What is it now!?

As we get closer the scream becomes distinctly female.

Even close, we hear the other's voices.

"Please Glimmer, be quiet!"

It's Damian and he sounds scared.

"It hurts!" Glimmer howls.

I round the opening of the Cornucopia and see everyone looking scared.

Thresh has Glimmer in his arms, which causes me to raise a brow in question but, his focus is somewhere else.

"It's your arm again, isn't it?" I say calmly.

"Uh Katni-" Marvel stutters

"Shh" I silence him

She nods and winces as I touch her arm.

I numb her arm quickly and relax.

I look around to see everyone still tense and looking at a fixed point behind me.

The hairs at the back of my neck prick up.

Almost achingly slow, I turn around.

"Oh shit" I breathe.

The first thing I notice is the two tributes from District Nine paralyzed in fear.

The second is the growling large mass of black fur behind them and the bright greenish blue eyes that appear from behind black lids.

Its gaze locks on mine.

In that instant I feel something like a string attach me to the beast.

"I've never seen a panther that size before" Marvel says quietly

"A panther?" I ask just as quietly

"A wildcat; people in the Capitol make them their pets" Glimmer explains

"How did it get here?" I ask

Thresh points to a small strip of land that leads from the Island with the Cornucopia to the beach.

I see it out of the corner of my eye, but I refuse to break eye contact with the panther.

"That wasn't there before" I say, straitening from my crouched position.

I turn my body and face the panther completely. As I look into its eyes longer, I feel my fear and apprehension slowly leak out of my body. Without my mind telling it to, my body calmly walks the short distance to the cat. The wide eyes of the tributes from Nine lock on me as I get closer. The body of the panther gets more defined as I walk. I see clearly four strong legs holding up a muscular body. It's head is the size of my torso.

This cat is beautiful.

A hell of a lot better than Buttercup.

When I'm only a foot or two away from it, the cat does something amazing.

It nudges the tributes to me.

It lightly pads the backs of the tributes with its nose.

They all but run to me, I drag my eyes away from the panther to look them over.

When I deem them okay I tell them to go to the Cornucopia.

I look back to the panther and see that it's now lying down.

Even lying down, it's up to my torso.

Due to my closeness, I can tell that it's not growling.

It's purring.

Whatever fear was left in my stomach disappeared in an instant.

"Hah" I laugh lightly and walk closer.

It lets out a puff of breath that I believe was meant to be a laugh.

Almost tentatively, I reach my hand out.

At the same moment, the panther moves its head towards my hand.

After what feels like hours, but I know is only seconds, my hand touches the velvet like fur and I know.

I've just made a new friend.

A smile lights up my face and I let out another laugh.

I move my hand to run behind its ear when I feel something on its neck.

My brows furrow "Leather?"

I run my hand over it.

It's a collar

I go to follow the line but, it stops suddenly.

"What you got there?" I ask it

It feels like a tube.

I find the lid and pop it off.

Inside the tube, I feel paper.

I pull it out and unroll it.

I scan the first few lines.

"Katniss?" Marvel asks from behind me. His voice is controlled, like he is still afraid.

"Calm down," I turn to him "It won't hurt you" I look back down to the paper.

"It's a note" I turn to the panther.

I smile again.

Marvel is petting it with a stupid grin plastered onto his face.

I decide to let them be and turn back to the note.

Dear Sweetheart,

I hope you like your new kitten. There will be more animals on the way to help you. We're getting them in there as fast as we can which, you should know, isn't very fast. You got rid of the cameras but, not before we saw what happened. You switched the arenas and Peeta has gone insane. Adding on to that, we have someā€¦minor setbacks. Snow has an army surrounding the arena. Our forces are fighting to their full capacity but, it may be a while till' we can get you out of there. Until then, stay alive. It's barely been a week and you have thrown yourself into every possibly dangerous activity in the arena. But, I must give you credit, you got everyone on our side. Well, almost everyone. Well, it's about time to wrap this thing up. I'll send another note with the next animal. I'm thinking one for Rue and your boyfriend Marvel next.

It's a girl named Kiera, by the way.

From, Haymitch

"He is not my boyfriend" I growl at the paper weakly.

I stand up "We got news from the Rebellion" I say loudly as I walk to the Cornucopia. They all seem to relax and look up at me.

Thresh is the first to speak. "Any of it good?"

"Define good" I reply "Haymitch says that there's a war going on right outside the arena. It's going to be a while until we get to leave so we have to make the best of it. The panther is from the Rebellion. They are sending more of these animals to help us. They know of our situation and they will help us a soon as possible."

"That's good." Accionna says "All we have to do is wait and survive."

"Yes but, surviving may be difficult. We don't know what's in this arena. This is a Quarter Quell arena. It's going to be dangerous. Not everyone is a fighter." Clove joins

"Then, we will make them fighters. We can train them." Glimmer adds

"Good. Now, food." Thresh begins

"I'll go look around for game." I say

"I'll help you look for fruits." Thresh stands

I nod and grin.

"Good, I've got questions for you" I say quietly when he's next to me

"We'll be back" I say to the others

"See ya momma. Daddy's going to teach me how to survive" Rue waves

Thresh looks at me with a questioning look.

"It seems as if I've got questions for you as well" he chuckles

When were a good distance away, I pounce.

"What's going on between you and Glimmer?" I ask. Thresh blushes a bit and I grin.

"Nothing" he coughs awkwardly

"Bullshit" I say automatically

"Yea, it is. So, what is with momma and daddy?" he grins

"Rue asked if she could call me mom. And, well, you don't say no to Rue" I laugh

"That's true" he chuckles

"It's getting dark, we should be getting back" Thresh says from behind me.

"It's only been an hour though" I reason.

So far we have enough game to feed us.

"I know" he says quietly.

Thresh points to a tree where a bird is perched.

I notch my arrow and shoot it down quickly.

I pick the bird up and strap it to my belt along with the others.

"It shouldn't be this dark then. It's only eleven." I pause

"There's something wrong here." Thresh says

"I agree. We should get back to the others." I put my arrows back into the quiver and we start back to the Cornucopia.

A few minutes later, we begin to hear clicking.


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