Haruka tore off his shirt and unzipped his pants, striding into Makoto's bubble of personal space.

Makoto looked behind him, searching for the nearby water source. He scanned his entire bedroom but could not find one.

Then why was Haruka stripping?

Makoto blanched as Haruka's fingers fell to his waist, digging into the crevice between hipbone and swimsuit. He peeled the suit down.

Makoto's brain went into shock.

"Makoto" Haruka said. Makoto stared. Haruka's muscles looked beautiful, especially the way they rippled as Haruka inched the swimsuit down narrow hips.

"Makoto" Haruka said again. Makoto tore his eyes from the parting of Haruka's swimsuit from Haruka's nether regions and forced himself to raise his eyes to Haruka's face.

Makoto lost himself in pool-blue eyes before blushing at his prolonged staring.

He averted his eyes downward, but not too far downward, only to be mesmerized by the landscape of Haruka's awesome muscles. They seemed to glisten and ripple like water with Haruka's even breaths.

Makoto stared at Haruka's arms.

Now he sort of understood what Gou meant by 'great triceps'.

With one fierce tug, Haruka pulled down his swimsuit, tearing the fabric off. Makoto's eyes widened as his eyes dropped and…

"Makoto, wake up!" came a voice above his head.

Makoto groaned and woke up.

Makoto blinked his eyes open. To his left sat Nagisa, pouting at him, and next to him sat a fully clothed Haruka.

Haruka was looking out the window, but turned to glance at him.

Makoto avoided his eyes, hiding his head in his pillows as he felt himself blush.

Stupid hormone induced dreams. Stupid Haruka, with his well defined muscles and sexy body.

"Makoto…wake up. We're going to the pool today, remember?" asked Nagisa, poking Makoto's side.

Sighing, Makoto threw off his covers and climbed out of bed.

He needed to feed his siblings. And Haruka. And the cat.

He nodded as Nagisa went off on some tangent, but he watched Haruka out of the corners of his eyes.

Haruka was his usual self, head turned towards the window, probably thinking about water.

Makoto smiled. Typical Haruka.

He walked over to his closet and pulled on some clothes. He needed to focus on reality, not on some strange dream.

His dream didn't mean anything. It was only natural to dream about Haruka stripping, considering how often he did it.

Makoto was fine, he was fine with Haruka, and if his dreams were slightly unusual, well, no one had to know.