Gou slumped across the table, letting out a sigh.

When she had set Haru and Makoto up on a date, this wasn't what she had in mind.

She should have known better. Of course Haru and Makoto would turn this date platonic and make no progress towards sorting out anything. They were the couple of mutual idiocy and inaction after all.

Gou sat up, swirling her coffee with the straw.

This was boring.

She regretted giving the couple-observing duties to Rei.

Gou stirred her coffee some more. Thinking back, she supposed having Rei there was for the best.

Rei was the expert. He, according to his self-reports, had been as stealthy as a ninja as he shadowed the couple.

Since he hadn't gotten arrested yet, Gou figured he was.

Rei was also prompt with his updates. He sent her their location, actions, and any important observations, all texted in precise five minute intervals. Sadly, there wasn't much to report besides some unusually intense fish observation.

Gou eyed her phone. Rei's text should be coming any moment now.

Her eyes narrowed as the seconds passed by.

She waited, biting her lip as the time stretched on. This was too long.

She pulled up a message, typing, 'Are you okay?'

She waited but there was no reply.

Rei pushed his mask up further onto his face as he darted behind a tank. His disguise had been working perfectly, until now.

He had known it was a risk, but with Haru and Makoto talking with such emotion, he had had to find what they were talking about.

He regretted it now.

He had gone too close, stood too near, and Makoto had seen him.

He had even begun to say something, when Rei made his escape.

He hoped he hadn't been discovered. It was ugly to spy and even uglier to be caught.

Rei winced, remembering his forgotten text updates. He needed to contact Gou.

He turned into a deserted hallway, whipping out his phone and cringing at his new message.

He couldn't believe he had been so careless as to make Gou text him in worry. And to mess up his mission too…it was disgraceful.

He hoped running from Makoto hadn't been a mistake, but in retrospect, it was an extremely suspicious action.

He hoped it would all be turn out fine.

Well. That had been odd.

Makoto contemplated the mysterious stranger in the fish mask running out the door. The guy had been standing on the other side of the room last he noticed, but had somehow gotten really close. Makoto thought maybe he knew him, but the guy ran off before he could ask.

That was a weird reaction. He hadn't even gotten to say anything before the guy was fleeing like he was scared for his life.

Makoto looked at Haru, trying to guess what he thought of the situation. Haru was studying the place where the guy had been standing, looking as perplexed as Makoto felt.

Makoto gestured towards the door.

"Do you think that guy is okay?" he asked.

Haru shrugged.

"I don't know" he said. He contemplated the door the guy had fled through.

Makoto watched as Haru's eyes flashed and then narrowed.

"Haru?" he asked. Haru's eyes met his own.

"I know who it was" he said.

Makoto tilted his head, waiting for Haru to continue. Haru lifted his head with an air of complete surety.

"It must be Rei. No one else would wear a mask as embarrassing as that one"

Makoto frowned, looking between Haru and the door the guy had escaped through.

It was…Rei?

In retrospect, the guy had been about the right height.

But why would Rei follow them to the aquarium? And why would he run?

There was only one way to find out.

"Let's find him" he said.

He grabbed Haru's arm and raced out the door. They had a suspiciously acting Rei to catch.

Rei typed as fast as he could, his speed hampering his spelling. He hoped his phone didn't autocorrect it to anything embarrassing.

He hit send without looking as he heard approaching footsteps. He couldn't let himself be caught. He pocketed his phone and ran.

Gou examined Rei's latest text message with increasing worry.

'Gou they dug ruffed it out. Helmet. I think there e chastened. E.'

Gou shook her head. What was going on? What was happening? Had Rei lost his mind?

She stood up from her cafe seat, chucking her coffee in the trash. It was time to go find a possibly insane co-conspirator.

A/N: Ahahaha, sorry for the many linebreaks and weird format. And for being gone forever. In case you care what Rei's text message was intended to be, it was,

'Gou they figured it out. Help. I think they are chasing me.'