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"Isn't that old man been sitting there for hours, Kikito?" May asked her job partner as she washed the cups on the sink.

"Yea, he told me something about some Konoha ninjas picking him up" He answered her.

"Oh" turning the water off, she turned to him. "Anything new?"

"Yea, The mist Village broke the alliance with the rock, The only Alliance standing it's that of sand and Leaf."

"Damn" May grimaced and Kikito agreed.

"May-" She was interrupted as a loud clash came from outside.

"Hey! Listen to me when I talk to you, lazy-ass!" Everyone turned to look at the couple who approached the tea house.

"I am listening to you, woman!" The man whined as he sat down on a chair near the entrance, lighting a cig.

The woman, who had her face hidden by a hat, growled sitting next to him "I told you to stop smoking and as I was saying, put the damn hat back on!"

"It's too hot and troublesome."

"Do you not know the danger we are in?!"

May sighed "I guess I better go over there before they start throwing chairs and table at each other" and walked over to the still arguing couple.

"Sir, you cannot smoke here" She stated at the, guessing by his uniform, Konoha ninja.

He looked at her and sighed "Sorry about that." Throwing the cig away, her eyes widen when she really looked at him and noticed who he was. Those scars on his face, the wide scratch on the leaf logo on the head bang on his shoulder, his pineapple like hair. She slowly turned to the other one, then this must be...

"Arigato Crybaby, now they are going to call the fucking anbu on us" The woman snarled as she removed the hat who hid her face.

"I already know she's not going to call anyone, she wouldn't bother as long as we pay her and don't cause any problems. She'll lose clients and spent worthless time explaining to the anbu w-"

"I get it, smartass. You can stop now" They glared at each other for a few seconds then turned to the still startle woman "2 cup of white tea, please"

She snapped out of her startle state and nodded weakly while walking away.

Those two…

Shikamaru Nara, declared a rogue ninja after the war seven years ago. First on the 'most wanted rogue' list because of his clever mind and being able to control the shadows.

Of course, not without the help of his partner, Temari of the Sand, declared a rogue at the same time. Second on the 'most wanted rogue' list for she is able to control the wind on a new level no one has been able too.

They never did anything wrong in the first place, from what she heard. They just fell in a forbidden love that neither of their village allowed, then went up the list because of their ability, both making a deathly unstoppable team.

"You going to send a message to the anbu, May?" Kikito asked as he recognized them, too.

May glanced at the woman who was still screaming at the lazy man "Nah, they aren't a threat. They aren't the first rogues who come upon here, as long as they don't do anything, they are clients." Kikito nodded in agreement and placed the two teas on May's hands.

She returned to them and placed the two teas on the table, threw them a weak smile, and left.

"If it wasn't because they are on the 'wanted list', no one would of noticed they were dangerous. They just look like an all time normal in love couple" Kikito told her after she returned.

She nodded in agreement "They aren't dangerous as long as you don't mess with them"

Kikito and her started at them for a moment in silence "Hey, aren't a team of Konoha ninja's coming here to pick that guy up?" He pointed to the old men sitting in the corner.


"Shit" May hurried to the couple who were sipping their tea in silence. "Excuse me."

They both turned to her "I think you should leave, a couple of konoha ninjas are arriving soon, best if you leave now before they notice you here"

Shilamaru sighed and muttered 'troublesome' under his breath while Temari sighed too and got up.

"No need, it's on the house" May stopped Shikamaru from paying her.

"Thanks" Temari nodded at her and pulled Shikamaru away.

As she watched them leave until they disappeared out of her sight, she couldn't believe she just warned them, she never warned rogues before. She didn't know if she did the right thing or the wrong.

As if reading her mind "Don't worry, you did the right thing" Kikito grinned at her.

She thinks so too.

The rogues left just in time. As soon as May started to grab the two cup of tea, the Kohona ninjas came.

"Team! We have reached our destination! In such a youthful time too!"

"Oh god, Lee-sensei, you're embarrassing us."

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