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Chapter 2

Temari gritted her teeth's while she removed the shuriken from her shoulder. After removing it, blood started pouring out and she cursed, Shikamaru quickly placed his hands on the wound and started to heal it, the blood smearing on he's hands and he grimaced.

"There. Healed." He removed his bloody hands from the now healed wound, but not before softly caressing the spot. She looked away from him and muttered a 'thanks' under her breath. He stared at her for a moment while sighing.


"Don't even start." She cut him off, still not daring to look at him. "Can you now tell me the real reason why you are going to Konoha?"

He looked away "I already to-"

"Oh please," She cut him off again "You and I both know you don't care about my village, it's mostly their fault we are here"

"Temari.." He sighed. Temari, a woman so hard to understand, he didn't even know how to handle her sometimes . Yes, one of the most intelligent men on the world could not handle nor understand one specific troublesome woman.

"Sometimes I don't even know why I did it" She groaned, running her hands through her face. "I could of just walked away."

He was going to speak but stopped as she gave him a death glare. "No, Shikamaru, I sacrificed my entire life, my brothers, my village, for you! At least you could tell me things, it's not like it can get any worst"

"I'm sorry, ok?" He finally snapped at her "I didn't ask you to betray your village for me, Temari"

" You shouldn't had come to my tent that night then."

"hmm.." Shikamaru didn't bother to answer, knowing it was true.

After a few minutes of silence, he finally spoke "I don't think they would of let you just walk pass. I mean, they were on your tent for a reason"

"Maybe, that's what happens when I hang out with Lazy people like you" She snorts, rolling her eyes but smirking slightly.

He grinned watching her smirk. This were the moments he enjoyed. When she wasn't snapping at him and telling him to do things. He really didn't mind her being like that, she was a troublesome woman by birth and couldn't do anything about it. He just wished she liked him more than a friend. Yes, seven years running alone together and nothing ever did happen, although there were some moments were hands will linger on wounds and stares will be longer than necessary, as far as that, neither dared to pass.

"'I just want to visit.."

"What is that hard to say?" She whispered.

"Very Troublesome," He grimaced "Anyway, we should keep on going, I didn't used the real jutsu on him, so he probably woke up already and warned the Leaf village of our near presence." She nodded at him and stood up.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00

"Hokage-sama!" A messenger ninja appeared on the hokage's office, just to find it empty. "Hokage-sama?"

Suddenly the door burst open, the ninja jumping away from it in shock "NARUTTTOOO!"

"I'm sorry, Sakura!" The pink jounin dragged the hokage by the coat and threw him against his chair.

"I told you a hundred times that you can NOT LEAVE!" She bellowed at him.

"I just wanted to see Hinata-chan" He whined like a little kid.

"Oh shut it, she is perfectly fine" She rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms around her chest in amusement. It's not like you can stay pissed off at him.

"Um, hogake –sama?" The messenger ninja finally spoke after watching them argue. Both Sakura and Naruto glanced at him and the atmosphere grew tense. They knew the ninja wasn't here for good news "Yes?"

"Lee came upon two rogues on his mission. He fought them alone, but he got defeated and didn't receive mayor injury. The rogues didn't seem to want to hurt him" He quickly explained.

"Lee, that idiot!" Sakura murmured.

"Who were the two rogues?"

"Temari of the Sand and Shikamaru Nara"

Naruto's and Sakura's eyes widen in shock "What?!"

The ninja nodded grimly "Yes, and that's not all" he stared at Naruto "Seems they have become more powerful. Temari can summon her animal easily without having to open her fan at the fullest. And Shikamaru…" He hesitated before continuing "He is able to use one of the Dark release jutsus at the fullest."

"A forbidden jutsu?!" Sakura gasped in shock "How he got hold of that?"

"As expected from that smartass" Naruto mumbled and sighed. " And Temari is a daughter of a Kazekage, you couldn't expect for her not to become more powerful. And with Shikamaru there, they would have invented a new jutsu and all"

"Now that you mention it… I think Shikamaru wouldn't be able to use that Dark release jutsu without Temari… Lee said that she changed the weather to become pitch black so Shikamaru could use he's jutsu"

" It may seem so, " Naruto stares at his desk thoughtfully "You can't use dark release at day.."

"You seem so calm over this" Sakura stated, starting at him.

"They are my friends, Sakura, until I don't know what really happen and it's proven… I won't give up on them"

"You still don't believe Tsunade?"

He shook his head "Temari and Shikamaru will never do what they have been accused of, it just doesn't add up. What was their purpose? What did they gain with that? I don't really see the purpose. Besides, Shikamaru will never betray he's village and neither Temari will betray her brother"

"I hope you are right, Hokage-sama." The messenger nin sighed "But anyway, I'll contact the Kazekage a-"

"No" Naruto interrupted him "Don't warn anyone. Let them come."


"I'll deal with it myself" Naruto added "Besides, I'm really curious as to what happened that day"

"Are you sure?" Sakura asked and he nodded.


00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

"We should probably stop here and rest" Shikamaru suggested, stopping in front of a motel.

Temari stared at it for a moment and shrugged. It was better than sleeping on the hard, cold ground.

They walked inside and ignored the horrible smell. "Two rooms, please" Shikamaru stopped in front of the old desk and stared at the old woman.

She smiled and they shrunk back, she barely had any tooth's "I only got one room available."

He shrugged and told her it was ok, they were used to it.

After paying her, she gave them their key and he took it, pulling Temari to the room.

The room, if you could call it that, had only a bed with no blankets, a bathroom who had no door and a broken window. He shivered in disgust, thinking of all the things that must of happened here.

Shaking his head, erasing the thoughts away, he turned to Temari and stared at her as she laid the fan against the wall next to the door and then threw herself gently into the bed, sighing softly. So beautiful.

Snapping out of he's thoughts, he turned to the door "I'll see you early on the morning"

"No wait." He turned to her in question "Uh- you can stay if you want… I don't mind."

He stared at her in confusion "Are you sure? First time I stayed you threw me out the window."

She frowned "That was the second day after becoming rogue, I didn't trust you well then. "

"So you trust me now?"

"N-no! I just- Urgh you know what? Sleep outside, the tree will miss you if you don't." She grumbled, turning to the side, away from him.

He chuckled and removed he's vest and shoes, laying close to her while whispering "Nah, I'll stay here so you don't get jealous of the tree" and grinning when he received a punch on he's shoulder, moving back to the other side of the bed.

"It's in case they pass through here, we have to stick together."

He chuckled "Yeah, sure."

They stayed in silent for a few minutes, both awake, neither speaking, lost in their thoughts. He knew she wanted him to stay because she is going to have nightmares. The fight with Lee must of brought her bad memories, she always has them after a battle that brings blood in it. He remembered when he had to pin her down on the bed because she would scream and start kicking.

He took a glance at her and noticed she fell asleep. "troublesome" He sighed, waiting for the screams to come.

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