Foxey: Ok, this is a brand new story that only involves the Transformers in the TRid series.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own any Transformers so ya can't sue me. You wouldn't get anything out of me anyway.

Foxey: Ok, the first person I plan to interview is….. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots.

Optimus: Um, hi?

Foxey: Hi ya Optimus, have a seat.

Optimus sets down and Foxey settles herself.

Foxey: All righty then, so Optimus, ready for your interview?

Optimus: I guess so.

Foxey: 1st question- How do you feel about Ultra Magnus?

Optimus: I find him a big pain in the ass sometimes but I guess all little brothers are.

Foxey: Say that again.

Optimus: Say what again?

Foxey( holding out recorder) I heard you say the word ass, say it again.

Optimus: 0-o, uhh okay- ass

Foxey: Thank you ever so much.

Optimus: You're weird, has anyone ever told you that?

Foxey: All the time, any way question 2- how on earth did you pick your team?

Optimus: I spent 3 whole hours locked in my office with Alpha Trion and a very big stack of paperwork of every Autobot on Cybertron that cold go down to Earth.

Foxey: Oh I bet you had fun.

Optimus: You have no idea.

Foxey: Poor guy, on to question 3-When ever the Autobot Brothers get into a fight at the base how do you deal with it?

Optimus: I count to ten…. very, very slowly.

Foxey: Do you listen to any music?

Optimus: Well, I do like to listen to Will Smith sometimes.

Foxey: Cool, I like to listen to him a lot as well. Did you go and see him in Men In Black II?

Optimus: No, I had to deal with Megatron that whole month!

Foxey: That's sad, one last question Prime, then you're free to leave.

Optimus: K, shoot.

Foxey: Can I have your autograph?

Optimus: Huh?!

Foxey: I'm serious, here sign in this book( Hands over a book and pen.)

Optimus: Ok,( Signs book) here you go, anything else?

Foxey: No, but thank you so much for the autograph.

Optimus: Don't mention it, well see ya.

Foxey: Bye, happy driving!

          Well, there you go people chapter one. Now in order for to get the next chapter I need at least 2 reviews. The next interview is with Ultra Magnus.