Sorry everyone for such the LONG wait…I hadn't realized that this story had been collecting dust until Ultra Rodimus poked me for the interview. So you all go read her stuff, cause it's thanks to her that I've gotten this out and stuff. I started a part of this months ago and then left it alone, proceeded to LOSE the chapter and found it again months later and then I finished it. So if any (or all) of it looks weird or sounds weird, that's why. '' I've went over it for any errors, but I'm sure I've missed some, hopefully none of them are TOO bad. Enjoy

Foxey: (Trots outside on Cybertron with Ultra Magnus) If you're all I have to count on then I'm in trouble aren't I?

Magnus: Now what's that supposed to mean!

Foxey: Should I really need help the only one who can help is an Autobot who couldn't open the Matrix even though there was holes to put your fingers in!

Magnus: Not going to let that go are you? I keep telling you, it was all a matter of destiny!

Foxey: No..can you even paint by number?

Magnus: Of course I can! I'm not stupid you know!

Foxey: That is yet to be discovered..

Magnus: . I don't have to be here you know.

Foxey: (Raises bat) Just you try and leave.

Magnus: (coughs) vv;;

Foxey: (Looks at watch) Geeze for once couldn't one of you lot at least be on time..

Magnus: Hey, Unicron isn't an Autobot! That's his own malfunction that he can't tell time!

Foxey: Touchy much?

Unicron: Who dares summon the Great Unicron?

Foxey: Or what's left of him. Drop the attitude you late jerk! I'm just wanting to ask you a few and simple questions.

Magnus: Makes a sound of disgust You would think getting blasted a few times would make him lose that superior attitude.

Foxey: You would think so. Don't worry, this'll be done and over with soon.

Unicron: Human I am..intrigued by your demands. However what is in it for me?

Magnus: Not being blown up by more energon cubes in your rear axels.

Foxey: Oi easy Magnus…hmm lets see, what does a super greedy planet gobbling idiot need? Sorry, I actually like Magnus' idea really. You're just stuck.

Unicron: Then I will not speak. My time will not be wasted on an unworthy human such as yourself.

Foxey: Snorts Says the Transformer who has already gotten his ass kicked twice and only has his head left! I'm already here and like it or not I WILL have my interview. Isn't that right Sky Linux?

Magnus: Eh?

Foxey: Just wait a minute, you'll see.

(Sky Linux flies by and drops a teaser on Unicron.)

Unicron: (TWITCH) x.O

Foxey: Serves you right. (Smiles sweetly) Thank you Sky Linux.

Sky Linux: It is my pleasure! (Flies off)

Magnus: (Stares)

Foxey: Whhhhhaat? Its not like I can smack him with my bat!

Magnus: Alright, but where did you get it from for Primus' sake!

Foxey: Springer gave it too me?

Magnus: (Grumbles) I'll have to corner him and Kup to see how he managed to get that.

Foxey: Uh huh, tell me, does it look like he's stopped twitching yet to you?

Magnus: Hmm looks like it.

Unicron: (Glares)

Foxey: I take it you've had a change of mind now.

Unicron: …..I shall answer only a few questions.

Foxey: Fine then why don't we just get started then. Believe it or not, I'm really not wanting to talk to you much either.

Magnus: (Looks interested) Oh really?

Foxey: The whole egoistical asshole thing just really doesn't work well with me, sorry. So tell me Unicron, been enjoying yourself lately? Or maybe you've just been plotting while you were floating up there?

Unicron: I am always thinking of better, wiser ways to correct certain…problems and issues. (Scowls at Magnus)

Magnus: (Growls) Yeah I just bet you are. They don't work out very well do they?

Unicron: Obviously they do not.

Foxey: Alright boys, interview first, throw insults later! Tell me Unicron, why transform a half dead Megatron into Galvatron to destroy the Matrix? You could have just ate Earth and let that be that.

Unicron:…The Matrix would have been open, thus I created a pawn to destroy the Matrix before a competent leader would arise.

Magnus: What! (Gives finger) I don't need you tryng to read my place where the Matrix is involved! Lousy piece of slag!

Foxey: I'm sure, next to Roddi, I'm the only person who gets to insult Mags here. (Hits teaser button)

Unicron: (Twitches)

Foxey: Think before you speak next time pal. So anyways, you created Galvatron for the sole purpose of destroying the Autobots to keep yourself from being destroyed by the Matrix. Didn't you ever think of just knocking Optimus offline before eating him? I mean, look how many times Megatron did it.

Magnus: Actually most of that was Prime being clumsy and Megatron getting lucky.

Unicron: I had watched Megatron for quite some, his objective plans were often met in failure.

Foxey: Well he wouldn't have been Megatron if he actually succeeded now would he? It seems like you only eat metal planets. Why didn't you eat Quintessa awhile back ? I mean the Quintessons are the creators of the Autobots and I'm guessing you've been around for quite awhile.

Unicron: I had more pressing matters at the time.

Foxey: I bet they give some bad heartburn too. When you was eating planets how many would you normally eat a day? 6? 10?

Unicron: I would estimate around 20 to 25 planets; it all had depended on the solar system and what all was there.

Foxey: Picky eater eh? Did you always look ahead for your, er, meals and snacks?

Unicron: No.

Foxey: (Raises eyebrow) So you just liked keeping an eye on Optimus Prime then huh? Did you like what you saw by any chance? After all, you didn't try eating anything of Cybertron until after Optimus was dead.

Magnus: O.O;;


Foxey:..You also followed Magnus around a lot too. I mean, how easy would it have been to destroy Earth? Or Junkion for that matter! But noo, you sent in Galvatron to do the dirty work for you after awhile! ..Insane stalker..

Magnus: x.O Alright where's Roddi when you need him! (Glares up at Unicron) I hope something finishes blowing you up!

Foxey: I think that deserves another teaser! (Hits teaser button once more)

Magnus: You know, I'm never going to get tired of this.

Foxey: It is pretty amusing to watch heh.

Unicron: (Twitches) Enough of this nonsense! I shall answer no more questions!

Magnus: Oi, watch your tone!

Foxey: Just as well, that was my last question for you anyways.

Unicron: Do not dare to disturb Unicron ever again. (Floats away)

Foxey: Yeah you so just freaking asked for this. (Teasers Unicron again) Come on Mags, lets get out of here.

Magnus: Fine by me. (Both walk towards the shuttle) Can I have that when you're done with it?

Foxey: (Laughs and tosses up the teaser remote) Sure have a blast big guy!

Magnus: Oh I plan too. (Hits the button a couple of times)

Foxey: (Laughs again) Just watch him twitch, pure entertainment right there!

Right-o, another interview done and everything. Hoped you enjoyed it, leave me a line if you did or didn't, cause I love to hear feedback on this to make any corrections or anything. Yes next two interviews is going to be Ultra Rodimus himself and the mysterious Sky Dance (That is if Haley would be kind enough to re-send her info and e-mail address due to the fact that I have neither now o.O sorry about that) Oh and I'm gonna be re-doing a lot of the earlier stuff to so keep an eye out!

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