Escape to the Woods

Chapter 1: Running Away

The attractive 19-year old girl stumbled through branches gasping as she ran. The meadows of the forest were thick and the sound of panting could be heard while the cold wind blew against her.

The men were after her. Ever since she was young, her parents had perished in a fire that had been set to her house long ago. It was unknown how it happened or who did it, all she knew was that she was forced to work in the streets, selling apples and anything of value. She was running because a man that ran a brothel house tried to grab her and force her into the business, which she declined. When he had tried to grab her one more time, she let her fist fall hitting him squarely in the face. It wasn't the strongest hit, but when the man fell back in surprise, his arm which had been used to defend himself from falling cracked. A broken wrist which had caused the man such fury that for two days he sought to hunt her down to an abandoned hut in the edge of the woods-the woods she was running through at this moment.

She took a pause trying to squint through the darkness. She could hear the men's voices as well as footsteps growing louder sending her a jolt of anxiety. She had to outrun them some more. She pumped her legs even faster as she raced through the dark, the only light being the half moon and its simmering stars. Bush after bush after tree she passed blurring from her vision as she sped. A twisted root she did not see lying on the path caused her to fall and skin her knee harshly, but she got up quickly and without so much as a whimper full of adrenaline because of more serious threats. They were somewhere not too far off behind her. The branches whipped her legs, arms, and face mercilessly sending rashes and she disrupted spider webs-but she did not care.

She came to an abrupt halt. She had come to a clearing where before her lay a cliff. Fear seeped through her heart as she watched the edge of the cliff hopelessly. How on earth was she going to escape? She thought frantically. She cast her eyes wildly about for an escape route but found none. She was cornered. Trapped.


What if I hid? She thought the last thing on her mind. Would they find me? Where would I hide? As if in answer to her distress she eyed the Cliffside. The voices were coming closer. She had no choice…it was her only chance. She dreaded to think what would happen to her if caught, yet she nimbly got down on her knees…

"She's not here!" yelled one of the men who had stopped yards away from the cliff, "She must have hidden somewhere back there!"

-"Naw, I heard her in front of us the whole time, she could not have hid," said another.

"I know she's hear somewhere" yelled the leader, Fausto- who had his right wrist in a splint, "I can feel it!" he breathed, clenching his teeth as his dark eyes scanned the darkness for any trace of movement or clue.

Meanwhile she was on a ledge at the Cliffside, hidden from view. She dared not breath as she heard the footsteps draw near. She panicked at the very thought that they might hear her heartbeat thumping wildly. But the sound must have died out in the howling wind at this altitude.

Their leader took one more look, furiously disappointed that she had escaped and beckoned his men reluctantly away. But before they left, she heard him scream through the night that sent her quivering in fear.

"Lyra Capricorne, I will find you if it's the last thing I do!"