Season 5: Homeland



Night fell on the capital city of Balsilide. Down in their houses, the people of the city finished their work for the day and glanced casually at the approaching darkness, not knowing that the darkness stared back.

From atop a nearby hill, a shadow moved quickly and quietly through the grass, stopping only to peer down at the houses below him. The shadow was alone, not that it mattered to him. Even if someone did see him moving towards the city, the casual passerby would merely dismiss the dark, featureless figure as a trick of the fading light. He moved again, slower this time, gaining a feel for the land once more. It had been long, too long, he thought, since he had last traveled these hills. So much had changed. Towns had become cities, houses into castles. He had felt many emotions since his return, relief, joy, sadness and, of course, anger, but now he felt one more. Fear. Was he too late? Had too much time gone by? Had he let down his people once more?

He banished such thoughts from his head and continued his decent. With a greater sense of caution, he reached the edge of the city and drifted in between houses. He did not know these streets, just one more disadvantage he would have to overcome. Another burst of fear pounded in his head, but he silenced it quickly. After all, he thought, he had nothing left to lose, and therefore nothing left to fear.

One by one the lights of the houses flickered out, as families rested for the night. With regret, he realized that he too needed shelter for the night, and began searching for somewhere to sleep. He looked at the dirt below him with satisfaction. Once again, mother Balsilide would provide for him. The ground would be his bed, and the stars his blanket. It was not much, but for him it was more satisfying then the finest linen.

It pained him to rest after such long captivity, but he knew it was the only way. He would do it right this time, no mistakes. And for that, he needed rest. He found a stable near the edge of town and lay down behind a large stone wall. With heavy heart and busy mind he fell asleep. There would be much to do in the following days, and much to accomplish before he had his justice, his vengeance, and finally, his peace.