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Just a reminder Harry will be acting younger than his age in this story. He will act more like a very insecure 7 year old than the almost 11 he is most of the time. He has never been to Hogwarts and has never had to be in life and death situations, so he hasn't learned to be as independent as in the books. Sirius will also be treating him younger as he was truly affected by finding his pup in a cupboard. Sorry if they are acting to Out of Character for you, but you have been warned. All my characters may act Out of Character.

Chapter 2 Finally Together Again

Tony Stark was sitting in the back of a stretch limo with everyone of his teammates. They were all wearing their costumes for their alternate identities. He was glad he had his Ironman face on. The others could not see the way he was biting his lip in nervous anticipation. He didn't even look up when he heard the others talking.

"That man is being too daring, weaving that bike in and out of traffic like that." Captain America shook his head, at what he considered an unnecessary risk.

"He seems to know what he is doing on it." Bruce followed the bike's path through the traffic with his eyes.

"He should only ride like that on open road with no traffic around." Cap retorted. He was looking at Ironman as he said this though. He had expected the man to tell him he was acting like his true age, not the age he appeared to be.

"He seems pretty good on the thing," Clint was watching the way the man was handling the machine.

"OH! How did he do that?" gasped Natasha in shock.

This had the effect of drawing Tony's mind to the conversation. "What are you guys talking about?"

"The motorcycle rider up there," Steve pointed out. "He is weaving in and out of traffic where it shouldn't be possible. We thought he was going to hit a little old lady, but he missed her and didn't even slow down."

Tony who had his back to the front of the limo turned in his seat to check out the rider. His heart was exploding almost with excitement. Could it be? "Is he really driving that well?"

Bruce spoke as Thor also turned his head around to watch the rider. "He is doing some amazing maneuvers." Now all eyes in the back of the limo were watching the daring man slip in and out of spots to small for him in their minds.

Under his mask Tony's eyes took on an excited gleam as Jarvis spoke. "That move should have ended in a crash. Sir, I don't see how that is possible."

"Are you sure Jarvis?" Tony's voice had the others looking at him strangely.

"Yes Sir. The man is making moves that he should not be able to." The AI asserted.

Tony spoke into the intercom connecting him to the driver. "Speed up and try to catch up with that motorcycle."

"But Sir, we are going the speed limit now." The disembodied voice called back.

"I'll pay any fine just catch up without causing any accidents." He ordered.

"Tony, what are you doing? That is dangerous." Captain America complained.

But Tony ignored him as he willed the car to go faster. His eyes never strayed from the leather covered back of the rider. 'He's too thin,' were the thoughts running through his head, as the car got closer to the man on the bike.

Sirius Black might have been locked away for almost ten years, but he still had the mindset of an Auror, one of the best Aurors to ever come out of the Auror Academy. He knew almost instantly that he was being followed. He kept glancing in the mirror expecting to see muggle police or M.o.M. cars. He was surprised when he realized that it was a limousine following at a higher speed than they should for the amount of traffic. It only took another minute for him to realize that Tony had to be in that limo, so as soon as he passed the next red light he pulled over to the side of the road, and waited for the chauffeur driven car to catch up.

"Why did he just pull over like that?" Clint couldn't help asking. "He's just sitting there as if waiting for something."

"Driver, pull over in front of the bike." Tony spoke in the intercom again.

"Yes Sir."

"Tony?" Thor finally spoke.

"It's him." was the soft reply, as the man of iron never took his eyes off of the rider.

"How can you be sure? How would he even get a bike if he is on the run?" Natasha asked but couldn't take her eyes off of Ironman. The way he spoke had shown emotions that she had never thought the man was capable of.

Tony didn't speak as the car pulled over in front of the bike and came to a standstill. Everyone was watching out the back window now, as they took in the front of the rider on the idling bike. All they could make out of the face was a beard, moustache and sunglasses and a head covered in a black motorcycle helmet. They could tell the man was tense, as he seemed to be staring back at them, of course he couldn't see them as the windows were tinted, but that was what it felt like to them, like he was staring right at each one individually. They heard the door open as Ironman made to get out.

Sirius watched the limo with hope-filled eyes. When one of the back doors opened he expected to see his husband emerge, but he was thoroughly shocked to see a robot man climb out of the vehicle. He prepared to drive away when he heard a shout.

"No Padfoot, it's me. Please don't take off."

His eyes watched warily, as the helmet like visor raised and showed a face he recognized, even though it had been ten years since he had seen it. He didn't speak. He didn't think words would come out. He glanced around as soon as he could tear his eyes off of that face. He heard a cry of anguish as he drove away, but he looked back over his shoulder to make sure the man and car was still there, as he pulled into a shopping center's parking lot and parked the bike before getting off of it. Walking slowly he made his way back across the street towards the waiting man that was his husband.

Tony had thought his heart would break when the bike took off, but when he saw the rider pull into the parking lot slightly ahead and across the street, a smile spread across his face fast. He hungrily watched the way the man walked with purposeful strides towards him. He heard Clint ask from inside the car.

"If it's him why didn't he speak to you or at least remove the glasses?"

"He's cautious. He was trained to be, by one of the most paranoid people out there. He also would not have expected to see me as Ironman. I wasn't the last time he saw me." He explained while keeping his eyes on the man that was almost at the limousine now.

Those in the car listened avidly when they saw the man open his mouth. "What's that you're wearing?"

"It's something I invented." Tony said in way of explanation. "I promise to explain more, later. Get in and let's go. He was wishing with everything in him that he wasn't wearing the suit now, as all he wanted to do was rush into his husband's arms. But he didn't think the man would appreciate being hugged by a piece of metal.

Sirius started to climb in the back of the limo, but stopped and took a step back turning accusing eyes on his husband. "Who are they? And why are they here?" A hint of betrayal could be heard in the voice by all of the Avengers.

"It's not what you think. Tony placated with his hands held out beseechingly. "They are my friends and teammates. They are here to help us." Looking guilty he added. "They were the ones that heard our conversation on the phone." When the man still made no move to get in, he let some of his pain show through. "Don't you trust me anymore?"

A hard glare was his only answer, before the man climbed into the car where Tony had been sitting. He realized that he would have to scoot over and sit beside the big blond who was wearing a strange outfit, if Tony was to have room to get in.

Tony climbed in the car as soon as Sirius scooted over. "Driver, continue to number four Privet Drive."

"Aren't you going to take the helmet and glasses off?" Natasha more or less demanded.

"No." He turned to Tony. "I'm also wearing a mask. Mine isn't as easy to remove."

"Then how do we know it's really you?" She demanded angrily.

"Do you know what I really look like?" He replied with a question, curious on how much his husband had told these people.

"Well no, but Tony does." She admitted embarrassed but not letting it show.

"Tony may just be hoping you are the one he wants you to be." The man in the star spangled costume said. "Tony, I think you are being too trusting."

Sirius could see Tony was getting angry at the people he called his friends, but he could also see the hurt in his husband's face that they didn't trust his judgment. "Tony, just ask me something only I would know."

Tony turned beaming eyes on the man. "What did I get you for our six months wedding anniversary?"

"Well that depends since you got me two things. Which do you want me to name? The one you spent money on or the one I liked the best?" He asked with a smirk, as he saw his husband blush.

The Avengers thought they knew Tony Stark well by this time. They all had shared his penthouse in Stark Tower for almost a year now, but when they saw the man blush they realized there was a lot about the billionaire they had no clue about. And when they heard him stutter out 'Sirius', it just reinforced that feeling.

"What Love? I was just trying to find out which answer you wanted." He teased. One thing that Sirius Black had always loved was to see Tony blush. It gave him a great deal of satisfaction to see that he still did that.

"I meant the gift I bought you." The blushing hero replied, while wishing he could close his visor to hide his face from his teammates. But he didn't knowing Sirius wouldn't like that.

"Aww I see. That must mean you want me to tell you about the leather trench coat you bought me." He smiled at the man. 'I do believe you said something about loving to see me in leather."

The gaping mouths of Tony's friends, as they watched his husband turn redder, had Sirius giving a bark-like laugh.

"You haven't changed a bit." Tony grumbled.

"Did you want me to?" Sirius held his breath waiting for the answer.

Tony heard the slight bit of fear in his husband's question. He was quick to reassure him. "No! Never! I love you just the way you are."

The smile that flashed across as much of the face as he could see was his reward. "Thanks Babe. Now are you going to tell me why you look like a robot, and are with people dressed up like they are ready for Halloween?" Sirius's smile only got wider, as he noticed the reactions of the others.

Tony rolled his eyes. He was used to Sirius's sense of humor. He knew the man didn't mean anything bad about it, but was asking for an explanation. "It is a long story." He bit his lip nervously. He didn't want to explain about his kidnapping and Obadiah's involvement in it, or for God's sake, having to tell him about the arc reactor in his chest that was keeping him alive.

Sirius was watching the expression's in his husband's eyes. He could see that Tony didn't think he would take at least part of the story well. He was frowning now. "So you're not going to tell me anything?"

"Of course I am. First let me introduce you. The man sitting beside you is Thor Odinson from Asgard. He is considered a God or at least a demigod. He can control lightning." He watched Sirius hold out his hand to shake with the man from another world. "The guy in the red, white and blue suit is Captain Steve Rogers also known as Captain America. He lived and fought during World War Two, but ended up frozen in ice and woke up a couple of years ago."

Sirius held his hand out to be shaken, but he felt like this man didn't want to shake his hand. Tony must have noticed how quickly the captain pulled his hand back, because he was glaring at the man when Sirius turned back to him.

"Beside him is Dr. Bruce Banner. He is a scientific genius with a little condition that helps out every once and awhile." Bruce rolled his eyes, as he accepted the hand being held out for him to shake. "This beautiful woman is Natasha Romanov, also known as the Black Widow. She can definitely fight well enough to be as lethal as her namesake." The other occupants in the car were shocked to see the man kiss the back of her hand. "And last but not least, this is Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye. He is amazing with a bow and arrow." The two men shook hands as Tony said. "Guys this is my husband Sirius Orion Black." But Tony noticed a ring on his husband's hand when he pulled it back from Clint. "And seeing that ring there I guess I should say Lord Black."

"Yes, you could say that Lord Consort Black. I would give you your new ring, but with your hands in metal gloves I don't think it would fit." was the snarky reply.

"Okay, okay. I'm also known as Ironman. It came about at a moment of desperation, and I promise to explain it all to you later." Tony promised with pleading eyes. "Together we're called the Avengers, and we fight together to protect the people and the planet." Tony was fidgeting when Sirius never said anything. He wished the man would at least take off the shades, so he could see his eyes. "They sort of call us Superheroes."

Sirius Black sat back but had his eyes turned towards his husband. He never said a word as the implications of what the man said flitted through his mind. His Tony was fighting to save people and the planet. The same Tony who he had made sure was kept hidden from the war he had fought in. Tony knew he had fought to keep him out of harm's way, and now he hears the man had been putting himself in danger. He could tell that his husband had a pretty good idea what was going on in his head, because he refused to look at him. He was staring out the window on the other side of him.

Bruce would consider Tony a good friend and could tell the man was anxious. He tried to ease some of the tension that was now filling the car. "Do either of you have a plan for when we get where we are going?" It had the desired effect, as both men turned towards him.

"Yeah, I have a great plan. I'm going in and get my Pup. Anybody tries to stop me. Well they are doing it at their own risk. That is my son and he is coming with me." Sirius had a hard edge to his vice.

"But what if he doesn't want to come? He doesn't remember you I'm sure. And he is sure to love his family and want to stay with them." Steve insisted on being what he considered the voice of reason.

They were all surprised when the man gave a harsh laugh. "Love them? Not bloody likely. I remember Petunia and Vernon Dursley and they are horrible people." Sirius's anger was showing through. "They just better hope they haven't hurt my Pup."

"Why do you call him a pup? That sounds mean." Natasha was glaring at the man.

"It's his nickname. It started out as a joke, when his mum told me once that my pup was kicking her while she was pregnant. I've called him that ever since." Tony put his hand on Sirius's knee in comfort, but it didn't do much good as it was incased in metal.

"And hopefully soon he will tell you why Lily told him that." Tony added. He saw out of the corner of his eye his husband jerk around to stare at him in astonishment. "These guys all live in my penthouse with me."

Sirius was drumming his fingers on Tony's iron hand. "Are they the only ones?"

"Umm..." Tony glanced across at Clint silently beseeching him for help.

"Tony." Sirius snapped finally out of patience. He hated that his husband was hiding something from him. It felt like he was lying to him, and Tony knew how he felt about that. "Does that Pepper share the penthouse too?"

'Shit, shit, shit. This isn't good. He remembered her name.' Tony was saying inside his head. "Umm..."

Everybody in the back of the car could tell the man, that they really didn't know was definitely getting angry, and that Tony was definitely nervous. Hell if they didn't know better they would think the billionaire was acting like a little kid about to get in trouble with daddy.

When Sirius never said anything more, Tony shifted so he could see him and realized the man was staring straight ahead. His lips were pursed in anger. Tony felt like his heart stopped for a moment. He could tell by the tense set of his shoulders that not only was Sirius furious, but he was trying to hide his hurt. Being the man's soulmate had him able to pick up on his moods or feelings, and Tony had hurt the other man by not answering him. He knew with the bond they had that Sirius could order him to answer, and if he didn't he would be in pain until he did, or Sirius punished him for disobeying a direct order.

"Yes, Pepper lives in the penthouse." He finally spit out. "I just thought we could wait to talk about this when we were alone." He admitted.

"Did you marry her?"

"NO! I wouldn't marry anybody else. Our bond is for all eternity. We are soulmates as you very well know." Tony was the one now angry and hurt. He let that anger fuel his outburst. "Yes, I took her for a lover, but that was because I thought you were dead and I was lonely. At the time she was the only person that cared if I lived or died."

The Avengers couldn't believe the man was sitting there saying nothing. Tony had just spilled his guts, but the man was acting like he hadn't heard anything.

What they didn't know was that Sirius Black was trying to keep himself from crying. On one hand his husband had thought nobody cared if he lived or died, but on the other he took a lover, and not just to have sex Sirius knew, but he knew he meant in a relationship. Did that mean Sirius had lost him? Sirius realized his silence was making Tony tense.

"We'll talk about it later. You're right this isn't something to be discussed in front of a car full of people, even if they are your friends." He gave a slight smile though it was hard to force it out. He wanted to ease Tony's anxiety. "We'll figure it out together. All I want is you happy Love. If you want her I'll find a way to break the bond."

"NO! I don't want her. I want you. I've always wanted you. I thought that there was no chance until I died to have that again." He spoke in a desperate whisper. "The only reason I'm still on this damn earth is because I knew you would be furious if I didn't do everything to keep myself alive, and I wasn't willing for our reunion in the afterlife to start out that way. I was tempted though, many times I was tempted." The words had gotten quieter the more he spoke.

"Excuse me?" Sirius was gaping at his husband in shock. Had he just insinuated that he tried to kill himself.

Tony was lucky, because at that moment the car pulled to a stop in front of number four Privet Drive. The driver's voice came over the intercom. "We are here Sir."

"Thank you." Tony told him with more gratitude than the man could realize. He turned to his husband and acted like nothing had been said. "How many of us are going in with you?"

Sirius shook his head as if to clear it in a way that reminded Tony of Padfoot. "You, the Captain and I will be fine. The rest of you could help by making sure you get out of the car and stand around."

"Why would that help?" Bruce questioned him.

"Because the Dursleys hate anything that is different, the costumes your friends are wearing will definitely offend them." He smirked, as Tony opened the door.

"And that is a good thing?" Steve asked in disbelief.

"Ask me again after you've met them. I'll bet you a thousand galleons you agree." He wagered.

"Galleons?" Clint asked as he opened his door too.

"Tony?" Sirius turned to his husband for help.

"A galleon is worth between twenty to twenty-five American dollars." He told everyone. "So the bet is for at least twenty thousand dollars."

"And how are you going to pay that? You are an escaped prisoner." Steve pointed out. "Or is Tony going to cover it?"

Tony grabbed his husband's hand that was trying to pull something out of his jacket at the time. With Sirius wearing a mask or rather Glamour he knew the man had a wand. Steve didn't realize that he had just truly insulted his husband.

"Steve, way to be not cool, man. My husband is a Lord I just told you. Do you think that means he is poor?" Tony snapped at the soldier. "I believe he offered you money in galleons not dollars. That is his kind of money, not mine." He tugged on Sirius's arm. "Come on let's go get our son."

"Yeah," Sirius pushed his anger down, as he climbed out of the car.

It wasn't long until all of the Avengers and Sirius Black were standing in the Dursleys yard. Sirius headed for the door with Tony by his side and Captain America bringing up the rear. He saw neighbors coming out of their houses to watch the spectacle on the Dursleys' lawn. It wasn't everyday that a limo and the Avengers were in Privet Drive. Sirius rang the bell. When it wasn't answered immediately, he held his finger down on the button.

"Who the ruddy hell is laying on that buzzer?" An obese man with a moustache demanded, as he yanked the door open. He stepped back in shock when he saw who was at the door.

"Dursley, I've come to get something that belongs to me." The man in the leather jacket and motorcycle helmet declared.

"What? I don't have anything that belongs to you." Vernon Dursley snarled angrily, as he finally got his senses back.

"I've come for Harry Potter."

"There is no Harry Potter here." He hissed trying to slam the door shut.

A hand pushed it back forcibly. "Well you had better hope he is, because I'm not leaving without him. I'll tear this house apart until I find him."

"Uhh... maybe he really isn't here." Steve suggested.

"Oh he is here alright. I can feel the wards around the house. They wouldn't need them if he wasn't here." Sirius said pushing his way past the big man in his way.

Steve looked at Tony, who still had his visor up. "Wards?"

"Later," he told him. "Just trust me, if he says there here, then there here." He followed Sirius into the house with Captain America following him.

"Get out of my house. My family is having dinner, and we don't want you here." Vernon tried to hurry after the men heading towards his kitchen.

"I told you give me what I came for and I'm gone." Sirius called over his shoulder, as he walked into the kitchen to see Petunia Dursley and an obese boy sitting at the table eating. "Where's Harry?" He demanded of Lily's hateful sister.

Dudley Dursley was staring at two of the world's Superheroes. Ironman and Captain America were in his kitchen. But he couldn't understand why they wanted his cousin when he was here. He was better than that freak, everybody knew that.

He spoke before his mother could say a word. "Why would you want that freak when I'm here?"

"Where is he at?" The anger in the man's words was enough to cause Petunia to squeak in fear.

Vernon grabbed a hold of Sirius's leather clad arm to jerk him around. "You leave my family alone."

Sirius brought his helmet covered head down and hit the man in the face with the top of the helmet. Blood spurted from both nostrils and his eyes started blacking immediately. Steve tried to reach out and pull Sirius away from the obese man, but Tony got between them.

"Stay out of it, Cap. You have no clue how horrible these people are." Tony told him, as he made sure his friend couldn't interfere.

Sirius growled out at the man who was now bleeding. "Do you know who I am Dursley? Do you have a clue? I promise you I'm the man that will make your worst nightmares come true, if you don't tell me where Harry is immediately." Vernon Dursley whimpered in fear.

"Sir, I have done a scan of the house." Jarvis voice came through Tony's intercom in his suit.

"What did you find Jarvis?"

"Sir, there is a cupboard under the stairs. A child seems to be sleeping in it."

"What?" Tony cried indignantly. He pushed past Steve to head back into the hallway.

"What's the matter Tony?" Sirius called after his husband, as he pushed Dursley away and started following him. He stopped suddenly when he saw his husband staring at the cupboard door under the staircase. He frowned in confusion when he saw three padlocks on it. "Tony?" He moved to his husband's side, and when the man looked at him, the horror on his face told him all he needed to know. "NO!"

"Siri?" Tony didn't know what else to say. He watched his husband pull his wand from his pocket. He moved his body, so Steve couldn't see what he was doing. A few seconds later he watched his lover pull the door open as wide as it would go. The light from the hallway showed them a small cot stuffed in the cupboard, and a child curled up under a ragtag blanket. One look at the messy black hair peeking out of the blanket was enough to tell Tony Stark-Black and his husband that this was their son. That hair was so reminiscent of James and Charlus Potter's that he had to be a Potter.

Tony watched Sirius point his wand at himself. He knew he had just removed the Glamour he had been wearing. Sirius then put the wand in his pocket before dropping on his knees beside the cot. He saw the hand that Sirius laid on the child's head was trembling, but he started stroking the hair gently anyway.

"Harry, come on Pup, wake up and talk to me." He said in his most soothing voice.

Harry Potter thought he was having a dream. Somebody was running their fingers through his hair gently. He heard a man talking to him nicely. Nobody ever talked to him nicely. He was a freak and freaks didn't deserve to be treated nice. But the voice kept telling him to wake up. Maybe the dream voice was trying to save him from more trouble. It was probably trying to let him know Uncle Vernon was coming. This fear had Harry opening his eyes. To his shock a man wearing a motorcycle helmet and sunglasses was kneeling beside his cot.

"Who... who are you?" He stammered out. He watched cautiously, as the man pulled off the helmet and shook out shoulder length black hair. He laid the helmet on the floor before removing his sunglasses and putting them in his pocket. Harry saw silver-grey eyes staring at him almost hungrily. It was like he was trying to memorize Harry's face, but there were some other emotions that Harry saw in those expressive eyes. Emotions he had never seen from anybody looking at him.

"I know you don't remember me, but I'm your Daddy. I'm sorry I couldn't get here before now, but I've come to take you home where you belong." The man told him with croaky voice.

"But my Dad's dead. He died in a car accident with my Mum." Harry explained to the confused man.

"No. Trust me Harry, please Pup. Yes, your Father and Mum died, but not in a car wreck. They were murdered by a very bad man. They knew he was after them before he killed them. I was your Father's best friend. We were as close as brothers. I even lived with his family for awhile when I was younger, and they treated me like their son. I was named your Godfather when you were born." He wasn't paying attention to anybody but the child in front of him at the moment. He knew Tony would watch his back.

"When your grandparents were all murdered by the same man and his followers they got scared you wouldn't have any real family left. They didn't want you to come here at all, because your Mum knew Petunia was a horrible person. So they asked me to do a special adoption ceremony."

"Didn't they want me anymore?" Harry couldn't hide the hurt in his voice.

"Oh yes Pup of course they wanted you. They didn't give you to me Baby. No this was a special adoption that made me a third parent to you. That way hopefully with you having three parents one of us would still be alive to raise you. Inside of you there is the blood of all three of us. I am as much your parent as they were." He assured him.

"But why didn't I live with you before? Why did I have to live with the Dursleys?"

"Harry I promise to explain it all to you, but we really need to leave now. Some people are after me, and if they find me here they will try to take me away again." Sirius tried to hurry and get out of here before Dumbledore and the Ministry found out they were there.

"Is that Ironman and Captain America?" Harry asked with awe.

"Yes they are. But Ironman is more than that." Sirius bit his lip nervously. What if the Dursleys made his son hate gay people? He knew how they felt from before. "Ironman is Tony Stark, but he is also my husband. He is your Papa."


"Harry, we have to go now. You need to get your shoes on and your stuff okay?" Sirius tried to get the boy moving.

"Are you really my Daddy?" Harry asked as he scooted to sit on the side of the cot and reach under it for his raggedy trainers.

"I swear on my life Pup. I am really and truly your Daddy." He smiled when he saw the wonderful smile now gracing the small face.

"Harry, why are you sleeping in a closet?" Harry looked up to see Captain America talking to him.

"It's my room." Harry replied, as if it was the most obvious answer.

"How long has it been your room?" The astounded soldier asked.

"As long as I can remember," Harry stood up. "Should I bring my pillow?"

"No, that's not necessary," Tony informed him. "Harry, how many people live here?"

"Four. Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, Dudley and me." He looked at Ironman, as if trying to figure out why he asked.

"Doesn't this house have four bedrooms?" Tony questioned. He knew it did because Jarvis had told him.

"Yes." Harry answered still not sure why he was asking.

"Then why didn't you get one of the bedrooms? Didn't they have two extras?" Steve was looking flummoxed at what he was hearing. It was beginning to look like he was going to owe Sirius Black twenty thousand dollars. Twenty thousand dollars he didn't have.

"No, Dudley had his second bedroom and they had a guest room, so I slept in my cupboard." Harry dumped an old towel out of a filthy pillowcase and put two large pair of trousers, two shirts, two pair of underwear and a couple pairs of socks in the pillowcase. "I'm ready."

"Don't you want to take the rest of your stuff?" Tony smiled encouragingly.

"You said not to bring the pillow. Do you want me to bring my blanket?" Harry reached down to grab the ragged thing.

"No." Tony swallowed down a lump in his throat. This young boy had three filthy rich fathers and this was how he lived. He looked at his husband, and he could see he was fighting to not let his anger and anguish show to his pup.

Sirius stood up and reached out and picked his child up and sat him on his hip. Harry gave a small squeak of shock. He couldn't remember anybody ever holding him before. Tony bent over and picked up the motorcycle helmet and handed it to Sirius.

"Hey Pup, do you want to wear my helmet?" The man smiled at the eager look that came across the small face. He could tell now that the child was out of the cupboard, that he was too small for his age.

"Really? You don't mind?"

"Siri?" Tony asked nervously. What if somebody saw him before they got away? But he shut up when he saw the look his husband was giving him.

Sirius headed to the door with Tony following behind him. But Tony stopped and said. "Steve, will you wait in here for just a little bit. I don't want them," he added with a snarl, "changing things. I plan on having somebody come and see exactly how they treated their nephew."

"No problem. I don't blame you a bit." He was glaring at the Dursleys.

In no time at all Sirius and Harry were in the back of the limo. Harry sitting on Sirius's lap, as they were talking and trying to get reacquainted. Tony had Natasha and Clint leaning against the back doors on one side of the car and Thor and Bruce on the other. He called the police and reported a case of child abuse and asked for somebody to be sent out right away.

"Tony, I thought you said this kid was eleven." Natasha blurted out when he got off the phone.

"Not yet his birthday is the last day of July." He corrected her.

"But he doesn't look older than nine at the most, maybe even only eight." She complained.

"I'll watch that door. Go have Steve show you why that is. Go on." He shooed her away.

The other men saw a very angry Russian spy walk out of the house a few minutes later. She walked over and stopped in front of Tony. "Can I kill them?"

"The police are on their way." He reassured her. "But I know how you feel."

"What is going on?" Clint looked worriedly at the woman he loved.

"They kept him stuffed in a closet in a four bedroom house. They were having dinner when we got here, but he was locked in the closet with three padlocks on the outside of the door." Tony wasn't bothering to keep his voice down. The neighbors were now not only gawking but with gaping mouths. Tony noticed an old woman down the street seemed to be acting weirdly.

He opened the back door and stuck his head in. "Siri, there's an old woman down the street that is giving me bad vibes. Do you recognize her? She is the one with the cats around her ankles."

Sirius and Harry turned around and got on the other seat, so they were facing the right way. "Oh that is Mrs. Figg, she watches me sometimes." Harry piped up.

Sirius locked eyes with his husband. "She's a squib. She worked for Dumbledore and the Order."

"Damn." Tony exclaimed.

"Watch your language around Harry." Sirius cautioned.

"Sorry." Tony pulled back out of the limo and closed the door, as he heard the police cars pull up. "Nobody gets in that car, nobody. Please protect them for me. I'll be right back." He told his friends, as he went to talk to the cops.

It was fifteen minutes later that the limo pulled away from the curb and headed towards London, Downing Street and the Prime Minister's office. The occupants had been happy to see Vernon and Petunia Dursley taken away in handcuffs for child neglect and endangerment, and Dudley Dursley was taken away by Child Protective Services.

Harry had been astounded when he saw that. But not as much as he was to find out the man who was holding him had told him he loved him, always had and always would. He promised to try to make up to him for the terrible life he had lived with the Dursleys. He leaned back onto his Daddy's chest and waited to see what would happen next.

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