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Chapter 7 Coming Home

The group was just finishing up their breakfast, when Pepper Potts walked into the canteen. Her eyes narrowed, as she saw the way the group was laughing and having a good time together. She couldn't believe Tony hadn't even tried to talk to her yesterday. She had stood by him through so much, and now he was acting like she wasn't anything important to him.

Her eyes had a hard look in them, she took in all who were sitting with him. There was Natasha, who she had considered her friend. Tony hadn't known it, but she had known from the first that the other woman had been sent to spy on him, back when she first came into their lives. She had agreed with the Russian woman, that Tony was not hero material, next to her was Clint. She had always known he had feelings for the Russian, but he had still been like a big brother to her. He always seemed to treat her like something precious.

Bruce was on the other side of Natasha. The gentle man, who could turn into a monster, had always impressed her with his attitude towards her. Thor was sitting beside the doctor, and had treated her like somebody who deserved to be taken care of. Steve was beside him. Steve was the ultimate gentleman. Pepper had always liked him best of all of them, because of how often he cut Tony down. He hadn't treated Tony like somebody to be respected, and no matter how much she had kissed up to Tony, that was how she felt too.

Tony was sitting to close to that criminal Black, who was holding the brat. The man was ruining seven years of her planning and hard work. She had already messed up when she quit being CEO. She had thought Tony would insist she stay on in that job, after she had found out he wasn't dying, but he accepted and made her his assistant again. She had been trying to work on him marrying her ever since that mess up, and now Black was going to ruin everything.

Sirius felt eyes boring into him. He looked up and saw the woman that had hit his Pup, glaring at him. He was giving her his own glare, which was much more impressive, as he met her eyes. The woman seemed to think she could intimidate him, but she had no clue that it would take more than her to achieve that goal. He had been raised by Walburga Black after all, and he hadn't let that shrew beat him down, so the homely looking redhead hadn't a snowball's chance in hell of it. Her days were definitely numbered for being around Tony and Harry. He would make sure of that.

He watched as she headed towards their table. It was obvious that she wanted to berate them, but right before she reached them the head of S.H.E.I.L.D. came into the room too.

"Stark, I want a debriefing." He called out, as he made his way towards the table filled with the Avengers.

"I know that Fury. We have every intention of telling you what happened." His tone said that should have been obvious to the man. "I just didn't think you would begrudge us time for breakfast. I mean my son and husband have both been starved for years."

"It looks like everybody is done eating, so you shouldn't have any reason to put it off."

"Wait a minute," Natasha interrupted. "Sirius promised to make over our rooms."

"What?" Fury was truly confused.

"He's going to change our rooms on the ship to look like real rooms, not prison cells." She explained.

"And you think that is more important than giving a report?" Fury's eye was raised in disbelief.

"Hell yes. Have you seen the rooms we have been stuck with?" She demanded to know.

Tony could tell Fury was getting ready to blow. "Natasha, don't worry about it. I'm sure Sirius will make sure to remodel your rooms before we leave the ship. I think we should just get the questioning out of the way first."

"But it keeps getting put off." She complained with a pout.

"Don't worry about it Natasha, it won't take but a couple of minutes for each room. I'll be sure to do it before we leave." Sirius promised her.

"Thanks!" Her gratitude was plain to see.

Pepper was now glaring at her best female friend. She couldn't believe she was acting like this towards the man that was ruining everything. She didn't notice the way Clint was staring at her.

"Why are you looking at Tasha like that?" He demanded defensively.

She startled. "I don't know what you mean."

"Yeah okay," the sarcasm was clear for all to hear.

"Well let's go to the conference room." Fury interrupted before a fight could begin.

They all stood up to walk out of the room, and that was when Fury seemed to take note of the child among them.

"Umm... what do you plan to do with your son while we have our meeting?" He asked curiously.

Sirius turned and glanced at the man. "He is coming with us. You don't think after what happened yesterday that I'm letting him out of my sight again, do you?"

"He is a child, Black." The man pointed out. "He has no business in this kind of meeting."

"Well all I can say is if you want Tony and myself there, then Harry will be there too." His voice brooked no argument. "If you don't want that, we'll take care of these guys' rooms before heading to Tony's place."

Fury could not believe the man's gall. That he would talk to him like that. Didn't he realize who he was dealing with?

Tony could see Fury was intent on trying to force Sirius into doing what he wanted him to, and he knew there was no way that would end in a good way. He knew that Sirius could definitely handle the other man, but he also knew that Sirius would be furious if he was forced to act in front of Harry. No, it would be better if he stopped this before it could really get started.

"Fury, don't even try it. Harry will be with us no matter what. We are his parents, and we have that call, but rest assured that if Sirius feels that what is being said is something he doesn't want him to hear, he can make sure he won't hear it."

The angry man took in the way Black was staring him down, and realized he wouldn't win this argument. That wasn't something he liked admitting, not even to himself.

"Fine, let's get this over with." He spun and strode out of the room without a glance back.

"Oh isn't he a bright little ray of sunshine." Sirius said sarcastically, as he stood with Harry on his hip, and his other hand on the small of Tony's back.

"I don't think so Daddy. He seems like a pretty gloomy guy to me." Harry told him.

Giggling Natasha said. "I think that Harry has a better handle on Fury's personality than you do Sirius."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Sarcasm is wasted on some. Come on lead the way Tony. I want to get this over with."

They were all seated around the same table Harry had been sitting at the night before. Fury was just opening his mouth to ask the first question, when he noticed that Potts woman was in the room.

"What are you doing in here?" He demanded.

"I have a right to know what is going on too." She told him with a stubborn look gracing her face.

"Really?" His one eye looking skeptical. "This is a meeting for members only."

"The kid isn't a member." She stated hotly.

"Yes and because of the stunt you pulled yesterday, he is being included in this meeting."

"Oh just let her sit in." Natasha spoke up. She wanted to get this over with and get her room fixed.

Fury didn't look happy, but he let the subject drop. "Tell me what happened in the Prime Minister's office."

Tony and Steve started explaining what happened, while Coulson noticed Sirius Black was spending all of his time between talking quietly with his kid and sending death glares at Pepper Potts. He could tell the man really did not like the woman. He also noticed that Miss Potts was getting more and more uncomfortable from the looks.

But his boss seemed to want to hear from Black. This had the man casting some sort of spell on his son, before telling Fury in the exact words what he had said. Phil Coulson hoped the spell made sure the young boy couldn't hear what was being said, because the language was making him want to blush. A child didn't need to hear that.

Two hours later Sirius Black's patience had finally run out. It seemed that no matter how much they told the Head of S.H.E.I.L.D., he was just not going to be satisfied.

"ENOUGH," He finally bellowed as he lurched to his feet. He sent a concerned glance at Harry who was sitting on Tony's lap under the Muffliato spell. "I've told you all I intend to at the moment. You can either accept it and move on, or I can Obliviate it all from your mind, so you don't remember anything including your own name. I suggest you be happy with what you have learned so far."

"Are you threatening me, Black?" Fury demanded to know angrily.

"I don't make threats. I make promises. Promises, that I have no problem keeping." He growled back at the infuriating man. "Now I'm tired of this. I'm going to take care of those rooms for Tony's friends, and then my family and I are going to get off this ship and have some fun. So I suggest you suck it up and back off, if you would like to learn more in the future, because if you keep pushing your future will consist of you having to relearn everything you already know, including your own name and potty training."

Fury stood with a gaping mouth, as he watched Black usher Stark and their son from the room. The man didn't even seem to care that he was having holes glared into his back. Most people were terrified of Nick Fury, but he could tell that this man really thought he wasn't anything to worry about. This only made him more stunned.

Natasha jumped up and hurried after them. She was determined to get her room done first. Clint, Thor and Bruce were following at a more leisurely pace, while Steve looked torn. Fury was their commanding officer, but the others didn't seem to care. He stood indecisively waiting to see if the man had something to say, but finally gave up and followed the others, since Fury was just standing there doing a fine impression of a fish.

He caught up with them all in Natasha's quarters. He couldn't have been more than two minutes behind them, but now he was doing a fish impression. Natasha's room had been transformed. The cold impersonal cell-like room was gone, and in its place was a room right out of a magazine.

It was done in red and black just like Natasha wanted. The walls were painted a bright red with black trim. It was quadrupled in size and had three windows with the sun shining through red sheers. This confused him because he knew this room was nowhere near even one outer wall, but three of the walls in here had a window on them. How was that possible?

He continued to look around taking in the queen-sized canopy bed that had red hangings that matched the sheers on the windows. The blankets on the bed were done in black with about a dozen black pillows on it. The floor was covered in a thick black carpet with geometric designs in red throughout. There was a vanity and bench beside the door that led to the bathroom. He didn't see if any changes had been made there, but assumed there was things being done to that room too, since Sirius was standing in that doorway waving his wand.

He walked over and sat on the end of the red chaise at Tasha's feet. She seemed to be ecstatic at her new boudoir, because looking at the improvements there was no way to just call this her quarters or even a bedroom. It was just too fancy.

Sirius turned back into the room. "So is that pleasing enough?"

Natasha jumped up and hugged the man. "This is beautiful. Hell this is nicer than my room at Stark Tower. Thank you."

Looking pleased at her reaction he said. "It was no problem. Okay, who is next?"

"Me," four voices answered simultaneously.

"Whichever one is closer." Tony suggested unable to hide his amusement at his teammates' antics.

A half an hour later Tony dressed as Ironman climbed into a helicopter and took a seat next to his husband and son. He could've flown in his suit, but he wanted to stay with his family. Sirius had wanted to know why he had put his suit on to fly in the machine with them. Tony had explained he didn't trust Fury with the suit, so he never left one on the helicarrier.

Sirius frowned at this response. He wasn't for sure just what that said about Fury's character. It also made him leery about trusting the man.

Harry's eyes were as wide as half dollars when he saw the way New York was spread out below them. They got even bigger when Tony pointed out Stark tower to him, and explained that was where they would be living whenever they were in New York. The building was one of the tallest around, and it had STARK on it in big letters.

He couldn't believe it when they landed right on the roof of the building. He was being held in his Daddy's arms, while they both watched his Papa fly over to one side of the roof. His mouth dropped open, when he saw these big gold rings come out of the floor where his Papa landed. They swirled around and over him, and as his Papa walked the suit was being taken off of his body. The last pieces removed were the metal boots on his feet.

"That was so cool, Papa." He told the man when he walked up to them.

"I'm glad you liked it, Harry." The man smiled fondly at his son. "Come on, let me show you where we will be living while in New York."

Sirius followed close beside his husband, even as he took in the surrounding area. He knew he would have to set up wards around the place as soon as possible. He didn't trust Dumbledore and others not to try and come after them. He needed to make sure his family was safe.

His eyes narrowed in anger, as he watched the Potts bint huff by them and head through the door Tony was leading them to. He knew that Tony said she lived here too. That was going to have to change, or his family would be finding a different place to stay. He didn't want the woman around Tony or Harry. They were for different reasons, but she had to go.

"Wow Papa, this room is huge." Harry exclaimed excitedly while trying to get down from his Daddy's arms.

"This is the room where we entertain company." Tony informed them. "Let's go into the room where we like to spend time together as a group."

He led them down a small hallway into a room that was decorated in green with gold trim. It had three large couches that were in the shape of three sides of a rectangle. The fourth side had a large fireplace with a sixty-five inch plasma screen tv on the wall above it.

There was a bar area along one wall. One wall of the room was made completely out of windows from floor to ceiling. The windows in the middle would slide back behind the ones on each side and led out onto a balcony overlooking Fifth Avenue.

Sirius and Harry, both were staring at the scene with gaping mouths. Both were remembering the places they had just come from, one living in a cupboard and the other a dark, dank cell. This was like being let into Heaven after that.


Harry was sitting on his new bed, in his own bedroom a little while later. He just kept staring around in wonderment. This room was bigger than Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon's bedroom. Heck, he thought it must have been double that size. And the amazing thing was his Papa had apologized for it being so small. He had even asked his Daddy if he could make it bigger for Harry.

It had taken some work before the man was convinced that Harry thought the room was huge. But when he saw his Papa and Daddy's room, he could understand why he had thought it was small. That room was twice as big as Harry's. He thought all of the Dursleys' downstairs could have fit in his parents' bedroom.

He was in here waiting for his fathers to come back from there room. Harry could tell his Daddy was angry about the woman that had slapped him. She had gotten all huffy when Papa was showing them around, demanding that Papa go into his office to work. It was obvious that his Daddy was worried about how Harry would handle him being angry, so they had asked him to check out his room and let them know anything he needed for it. They had then left to their room.

Harry hoped they weren't arguing. He wanted his parents to be happy with each other, not mad. And as for him telling them something he wanted for his new room. He didn't think he could do that, even if his room didn't already seem to have everything.

He had a great big tv and a stereo with cds. His room was amazing. The only thing it didn't have was any kind of toys for a boy, but since he never had toys, this wouldn't be a problem for him.

He looked up when he heard a knock on his door. "Come in." He called out.

The door opened and Harry was surprised to see Captain America standing there.

Steve took in the room in one glance. He had never been in this room before. Tony always said it was off limits to everyone. He always thought it was because it was the only other room down this hallway with the master bedroom. Now though he was beginning to wonder if it was because the man had made this room for his son. There were subtle hints that the room was meant for a child.

Like the fact the big screen tv was bright red instead of black like the tvs in all of the other bedrooms in the house. Or the two red and white striped beanbag chairs sitting in front of what he knew was a cabinet that held some sort of gaming system and games. He knew this because there was one just like it in the game room.

He was brought out of his musings by Harry clearing and his throat and saying a shy "Sir."

Shaking his head to clear it, he said. "Sorry Harry. I just never saw this room before. Your Papa wouldn't let anybody in here." At the questioning look, he continued. "I was just realizing that I think the man made this room especially for you, in hopes that someday you would come home."

"Really?" Harry looked around the room with new, brighter eyes. Eyes that looked suspiciously moist to Steve's chagrin.

The man decided he needed to speak up before the kid broke down in tears. He didn't think Black would like it that he made the man's "pup" as he called him cry.

"I came in here to see if you wanted to go check out the gym with me."

"I can't Sir. My Daddy told me to stay here until him or Papa came for me." Harry told him.

"Call me Steve, alright? Maybe we should ask him if it would be okay. That is if you want to go."

"I don't think I should ask him. He looked like he was upset." Harry ignored the part about whether he wanted to go or not. Yeah, he would like to, but there was no way that he was going to interrupt his parents at the moment.

Steve saw the apprehension on the boy's face and decided to take matters into his own hands. "That's okay Harry. I'll do the asking." He walked out of the room before Harry could say anything.

Harry hurried to the doorway and peered around it. He couldn't believe that Steve was actually knocking on his parents' door. He hoped they wouldn't get mad at him for the man asking.

Steve looked startled when the door was jerked open. "What do you want Cap?" Tony demanded harshly. He didn't mean to yell at the man, but his discussion with Sirius was not going well at all.

Steve eyed Tony warily. He also noticed that Black was pacing the room in a very angry way. "Umm… I just wanted to know if it was okay for me to take Harry to the gym with me. I thought he might have some fun with the exercise equipment."

"I don't want Harry leaving the apartment without me right now." Sirius all but growled.

Steve looked at Tony, as if to goad him into saying something. He really didn't want Black to take that anger out on him. He remembered what the man told Fury, and he definitely didn't want to go through potty training again.

Tony saw Harry watching from his room and gave a resigned sigh. "Siri, the gym he's talking about is down one floor and still part of the penthouse. Nobody that doesn't live here can get on that floor without going through this one. It also has some of the guys' rooms and a lab for Bruce and one for me down there."

"Tony," Sirius took a deep breath to try to calm down. "That woman can get there. She is one I don't want around my Pup."

"I won't let Pepper near him." Steve reassured the man. He glanced back towards Harry's room and noticed the child watching. He lowered his voice some. "He knows you guys are arguing in here. I just thought I could distract him from worrying about it."

Sirius approached and glanced towards Harry's room. He also saw the child watching. "Pup, come here please." Sirius didn't like the fearful look on his kid's face as he approached him.

"I...I'm sorry Daddy. I don't need to go." Harry stammered out.

Sirius went down on one knee. He hated when Harry flinched as he raised his hands to put them on the thin shoulders. He schooled himself to hide his anger from his son. He didn't want the child to be afraid of him.

Hands on the shoulders he gently pulled his Pup a little closer. "You have nothing to be sorry for. I didn't think about that you might want to explore the apartment more. If you promise to stay where Steve can see you, and if you want to come back you will tell him, you can go. Your Papa and I will come down there when we are done talking, unless you get back first. Okay?"

"Yes Daddy. I promise." Harry said eagerly.

Sirius looked up at Steve while he was still holding onto his child. "You heard the rules. Make sure you watch him, and if you need the loo or something, either take him with you or bring him back first. I don't trust that woman,"

"I promise he will be fine. Hawkeye had no idea that Pepper would pull such a stunt, or she wouldn't have gotten away with it then. We are all going to be more vigilant because of it." He vowed to the worried father.

"Good. And thanks for taking him to have some fun." Sirius gave a appreciative nod. He glanced back at his Pup. ""Your Papa and I will join you soon. I want to see the gym and the rest of the apartment too."

"Thanks Daddy."

Sirius hugged him close. "No problem Kiddo. See you in a bit."

Harry waved as he walked away with Captain America. This was so cool.

Sirius watched them until they turned the corner, before stepping back into the room and closing the door. He turned to his husband to see that same wary look on his face.

Rubbing his forehead, as if to iron out a headache, he asked. "Tony, why are you looking at me like that? You know you don't ever have to be afraid of me."

"I know," Tony admitted. "I just hate that you're angry with me right now."

"I don't think I'm asking too much to have you fire the woman. She hung up on me, refusing to allow me to speak to you. How many others has she done that to? She more or less stole our child from his minder and then slapped him, and on top of all of that she was your lover. Do you really expect me to be okay with her still working for you?"

"Well… no," Tony realized that what Sirius was saying was completely understandable. "It's just for a long time she was the only one that cared whether I lived or died." He finally admitted.

"I always cared, Love, even if you didn't realize I was still out there. And I do understand that you feel grateful for what she has done and been to you, but Tony it won't work." He paused. "Her working for you, and living here with us. It's not happening, Lover. You either fire her or I do." His tone said he was not going to back down from this. "And if I do it… well it would be better if you do."

Tony knew that this was true. Pepper was sure to make Sirius angry, angry enough he would probably hex her. Make her forget she ever knew Tony Stark.

"I'll tell her." He promised. "But can I at least wait until tomorrow?"

"Why put it off?"

"I just don't want to get into it with her on your first day here. This is supposed to be a happy occasion for our family." He explained while wearing a hopeful look.

"Fine," Sirius gave in. "As long as she doesn't start anything else today, but if she does… no more putting it off."

Tony gave a relieved sigh. "Okay, it's a deal."

Sirius walked over to his husband and pulled him into a tight embrace. "I missed you, more than you could ever know."

Tony reveled in the hug. It felt so good to be back in those arms again. "Oh I think I have a pretty good idea how much. I'm sure it was about the same as how much I missed you."

Sirius leaned forward and placed his lips against Tony's. He kissed the man with a tenderness he didn't normally do. Yes, he loved his husband, but tenderness was not really Sirius's forte, but at this moment it was what seemed to be called for.

Tony loved the feelings that were coming off of Sirius. He had never felt more loved by the man. He wasn't a religious man, by any means, but he knew that he would be saying a prayer of thanks to God tonight for giving him back the love of his life and their son. He felt truly blessed at this moment.


Meanwhile back in London, Albus Dumbledore was checking himself out of St Mungos. He had to spend the night to get all of his injuries healed. The skele-grow he was forced to take, had been horrible and re-growing his bones very painful.

These things made the man determined to make Sirius Black pay for indignities that he had caused him. Nobody treated Albus Dumbledore like this. He also was still furious the man kept his wand. He had gotten that wand from Gellert. He had taken it from the man the last time they had slept together, before turning it on him and casting the Imperius curse on his lover.

Nobody knew that spectacular battle they all still talked about was actually staged by him. He had set it all up including ordering which spells and when Gellert would use them.

He stood before the floo trying to decide what he needed to do first. He wanted to get with Severus and get the man to promise to aid him in bringing The-Boy-Who-Lived back and taking Black out of the situation, but he realized that would have to wait.

He needed to find out exactly where Black had taken the boy. He knew that his husband was American, but America was a big place. He needed Cornelius to contact his counterpart in America, and let the man know he had an escaped mass murderer hiding out in their country. He was sure that the man would be only too willing to help them catch him.

Throwing a handful of floo powder in the fire, he called out. "Ministry of Magic atrium."

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