Ch 8 Bye-Bye Pepper

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Sirius stood under the hot water of the shower. He had a large grin on his face. This morning he had woken his husband in his very favorite way. Yesterday he had told his son that the smack on the bum was one of his favorite and easiest ways to wake the man, but the way he did it today was the one he loved the most.

It always made his day to start off the morning by making his husband scream his name in pleasure as he awoke him with his mouth. Of course he would always walk away to take his shower while Tony was still trying to gather his senses back after his orgasm.

He stood rinsing his hair with his back to the door. He was hard from what he had done to his lover, but he had left before the man could reciprocate. There was no need to turn around to know Tony had a pout on his face. They had done this scene many times. Him pleasuring his husband awake was to please the man, not to make him feel like he had to repay the favor. Of course Tony always got upset and would follow him to the shower anyway.

He felt an arm snake around his waist from behind, at the same time as the man's other hand took ahold of his hard member. He couldn't suppress the moan as his husband began to stroke him.

"You know I hate it when you walk away like that." Tony growled in his ear.

He gave a soft chuckle, "I don't want you to feel pressured Baby. You might not wake up in the mood to pleasure me."

"With the way you wake me up? Of course I'm in the mood." He mumbled against his lover's neck, as he began kissing and nipping at it. His hand moving faster.

Sirius began to thrust his hips with moans of pleasure leaving his lips. But he gave a groan of disatisfaction when the hand let go of him. The warm body that was pressing into his back was all of a sudden gone.

"Don't stop," he pleaded as he opened his eyes.

All of a sudden he felt a warm, moist pressure wrapped around his manhood. Looking down he saw his husband on his knees with his mouth engulfing him. The pleasure was so intense he had to grab ahold of the towel bar as his knees buckled.

"Merlin, Tony that feels so good Baby." He stammered weakly.

Tony just hummed in the back of his throat. The sensation was all it took to make him reach his climax. But his husband didn't stop sucking until he milked him dry.


Sirius was toweling his hair dry as he watched the love of his life putting on his socks. "We have a lot to do today." He told him as he banished the towel back towards the bathroom.

Tony raised his head in surprise. "I thought we would just spend time with each other and Harry. What do we need to do?"

"Well you need to let that woman go." Those words were said sternly to Tony's discomfiture. "I need to set some wards around the place." Shaking his head, he added, "I should have done that yesterday. I put it off because I was enjoying watching our pup have so much fun."

"He did have fun with the team in the gym. Didn't he?" Tony couldn't suppress his grin remembering their child's laughter ringing out.

Sirius gave his own grin at those words. "But I have to get those up today. I don't trust Dumbledore not to try to get Harry back."

"Is that all we have to do?" Tony could understand Sirius's fear that the old goat would try something.

"No," he said with a shake of his head. "We also need to get clothes for Harry and myself." He was pulling on his transfigured trousers at the time. "I hate having to transfigure my clothes each day."

Tony couldn't help smirking at the thought of the shopping trip. He knew his husband hating shopping with a passion. It would be fun to antagonize him during the trip. Oh he wouldn't do it in a mean way, but a man just had to keep his husband on his toes, especially when he was a Marauder and major prankster.

"Then that's it, right?"

Sirius couldn't help laughing at the hopeful look. "No Love, I also need to get ahold of Fudge's counterpart here and let him know what is going on, before that incompetent Minister convinces them to send me back."

Tony was furiously shaking his head. "No you can't do that."

"Tony, I need to." He tried to explain, but his husband interrupted.

"Siri, we can't trust that they haven't already said something to him." He exclaimed desperately. "We need to contact the President first and let him know what is going on. He can also contact the Prime Minister and get his side of what happened. Then with him on our side the magical President can't force you back."

"And you don't think the muggle President won't?" Sirius was buttoning his light blue, long sleeve shirt at the time.

"I'll talk to him. I know the man personally. He'll hear me out. He knows I've been looking for you." The billionaire assured him, while wrapping his arms around the taller man.

With a decisive nod Sirius agreed. "Okay, I'll let you do that, but then we need to go to Gringotts here. I want to see about getting the Daily Prophet. We need to know if they printed that story, if not I need to have the goblins authenticate my memories and send copies out to all the major magical papers. Our story has to get out there. It'll give Dumbledore and Fudge less

chances of causing us trouble.

Tony knew that this also needed done,but he truly hoped that would be enough things to handle today. He wanted to spend some fun time with his family.


Sirius headed to his pup's room to make sure he was ready for the day. Tony had gone to the kitchen to see about breakfast. The door to his son's room was open. He saw Harry was playing the one of the video games Tony had showed them the night before. Hearing his son laugh brought a smile to his face.

"Ready for breakfast, Pup?"

Harry startled and turned his head suddenly. "Daddy! I didn't hear you there."

Sirius couldn't help noticing that his child looked a little nervous now. He continued to smile, hoping to reassure his child everything was alright. "I can see that, but it is to be expected when you are fighting and beating, I might add, all of those bad guys."

Harry gave a tentative smile back that grew bigger at his father's next words. "You are much better at that game than I was last night."

"Thanks," came with a proud smile.

"Are you ready for breakfast? We have a few things to do today."

Harry started shutting down his game while asking, "What are we going to do?"

Sirius placed his arm around his son's shoulder as soon as he was near. "We have to get you and me some clothes for one thing."

Harry had started to protest until he heard the man say he was getting some too. "Is that all?"

With a shake of his head, Sirius told him. "No. The first thing I need to do is set some wards on this place. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me while i did it."

"What are wards?" Harry asked. "And yeah I would love to."

"Wards are a kind of magic that is used for protection. By placing certain ones I can decide who can come into our home and it will keep unwanted people out." He steered them towards the kitchen as he spoke.

"Can you teach me?" Harry asked excitedly.

"I will definitely show you how, but you need to learn some basic magic before I can actually teach you to set wards." He explained, before telling the others sitting at the table good morning.

He couldn't help feeling a touch of affection for Tony's friends as they all wished his son good morning. Harry's smiling face as he answered them made his own lips quirk up in a smile of gratitude.

He turned towards the doorway when he heard footsteps. The smile died on his lips, and he couldn't stop the glare that replaced it when he saw the woman that had struck his Pup. The woman who had slept with his husband. Yeah she was going to be gone from their lives very soon.

He was pulled from his disturbing thoughts when he felt arms wrap around his shoulders and a kiss being placed on his cheek. He turned his head to stare into the eyes of his husband. The man's loving look made him relax and lean his head towards him, so he could kiss the lips that had pleasured

him earlier.

Neither man noticed the hateful looks Pepper Potts was giving them. Tony's teammates did though. None of them would have ever thought the redhead would be so nasty towards Tony Stark. Bruce started a conversation with Harry hoping to keep the kid from seeing the look on her face.


Pepper stared out the window of Tony's office. She was waiting for that infuriating man to come down here to talk to her. She hadn't had one minute alone with him, since those disastrous phone calls two days ago. She was still fuming about everything that had happened, from Jarvis's interference to that dratted man glaring at her during breakfast. She wouldn't even think about the kiss the two shared in front of every body.

She still couldn't wrap her mind around Tony Stark being married with a stepson. It just didn't seem possible. The man wasn't gay. She had been his lover for two years now, and that wasn't counting all those bimbos he slept with over the years. She had spent seven years in the man's company and never once saw him check out another man.

What was taking him so long? He told her he would be down here as soon as he made a phone call. It just showed how inconsiderate he was. Looking at her watch, she realized she had been waiting for more than an hour now. The longer she had to wait the angrier she was getting. She was going to make it abundantly clear that he couldn't treat her this way. That is if he ever showed his egotistical ass.

She spun angrily around when she heard the door open. Her eyes widened at the casual clothes he was wearing.

"Why in the world are you wearing jeans and a tee shirt?" She demanded in a bossy voice.

"Because I want to, I thought that would have been obvious. What is it to you what I wear?" He walked to his chair behind the desk.

She was taken aback at his attitude. He never talked to her that way. Was that man's influence that negative? Yes, Tony always had an attitude with others. He was always sarcastic and snarky, but never to her. She did not like this at all.

Biting her lip to keep from saying something that would just make him worse, "You have a couple meetings today, one with the stockholders, you need to look more professional."

Taking his seat, he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "I do own the company and if I want to come to work dressed in my bathrobe that is my prerogative. But that doesn't matter. I had Jarvis cancel all my meetings for the next week. I intend to spend that time helping my family get used to living in America."

He didn't bother to tell her that he still planned to have some meetings. There was no doubt in her mind that she would get all bitchy if he mentioned he would be interviewing the final applicants for her position. He had Jarvis combing through his present employees records to see if the A.I. thought any of them would fill the spot. He would definitely take any recommendation from that source into account.

"You can not do that. I just set those meetings up yesterday." She snapped angrily.

"Well you should have asked me. Sometimes I think Pepper that you forget that I'm the boss and you work for me." He gave her a knowing look. "I grant you that is probably partly my fault. I never tried to stop you acting that way. It seemed to make you happy, and you were one of the only people to have stuck by me, so I gave you more leeway than I should have."

"It's because you love me, and you couldn't get by without me handling things. Hell you don't even know your social security number." She said snippily.

Tony rubbed his head and gave an impatient sigh. "You do realize that I was playing around with you that day, right?" He could tell by her facial expression that she didn't believe him. "Damn it Pepper, I am a genius. I can read an article on nuclear fusion and understand it perfectly. I can than talk to the greatest scientists in the world on the subject afterwards, but you think I can't remember a nine digit number that I have had since I was a kid."

For the first time she looked a little confused. "Then why would you act like that?"

"It made you feel important and needed. Yes, I know I can be an asshole, but to people I consider my friends I do try to make them feel good about themselves." It seemed that the woman he had really cared for, more than he cared for most people, never really knew him, because he could definitely read skepticism on her face.

She opened her mouth to say something, but he knew he didn't want to hear it. He knew it would be something that would make him feel even worse, because it finally hit home to him, that Pepper Potts had not only never cared about him, but had never even respected him. And wasn't that a blow to the ego. Tony Stark knew with all certainty that if he hadn't just gotten his family, and had found out this startling revelation, then it would have been a crippling blow. You would think after Stane's betrayal, and Rhodey stealing his design that he would be used to this.

But he did have his Sirius back, and also their son, so he would move on, and to do that he needed to end this now. "I'm sorry to tell you Miss Potts, but your services are no longer needed."

Eyes flashing dangerously, "What do you mean by that?"

"That your position here has been terminated."

"You can't do that." She snarled. "I run this company almost single handedly. The stockholders won't allow you to do this."

"The stockholders may have some say in some things, but I am the owner and if they don't like how I run my company they can take their investments elsewhere." He tone said he was dead serious.

"You have to have a reason for firing me. You can't just do it without just cause." She snapped.

"I have plenty of causes. You refuse to notify me of important calls, you hit my child and disrespect my husband." He told her tiredly. "Oh and it has finally come to my notice, that you have no respect for me. You will receive a severance package. Please gather your things from your office and then my penthouse. I will set you up in a hotel for a week to give you time to get your own place, but I want you out of both places by five."

"I will fight this." She shrieked.

He stood up and walked towards the door. "Jarvis please have security help Miss Potts get her things together and out of the building."

"Right away, sir," The A.I. answered.

"Tony , Tony… you can't do this." Pepper was almost pleading, but Tony just kept walking out the door, passing two security guards as he did.


Albus Dumbledore was staring in shock at the two people in front of him. He could not believe Cornelius Fudge and Amelia Bones were denying him what he wanted. Didn't they realize who he was? What made them think they could deny him anything?

Taking a deep breath he tried to make them change their mind. "We have to get the American President of Magic to have his people arrest Black and return him and Harry Potter to us. We cannot allow that man to make fools of us."

"It's not happening," Amelia Bones stated emphatically. "Moody brought Pettigrew in last night. He was questioned under Veritaserum and he backed up everything Black told us. Including I might add that you knew he was the secret Keeper and had cast the Fidelous Charm on the Potters' home."

The Minister of Magic glared at the man. "Not only that but I have already heard from my counterpart. He has informed me that he and the muggle President have already given Asylum to Black and his son. It seems that Black's husband is a very influential man in their country and has the muggle President's ear. He also told me that the Prime Minister had already contacted both of them to tell them his version of what happened yesterday."

Dumbledore was silently fuming, but was trying to hide it. "You must make them understand that it is imperative they return them into our custody." He tried once again.

"It's not happening Dumbledore." Amelia snapped. "We have caused so much pain and heartache to those two. It stops now, because what the American Magical President said confirms the fact that with Lord Black's husband's influence, wealth and weapons they would have the power to obliterate the magical world of Great Britain. And I, for one don't want my world ended."

"That Skeeter woman printed her story already today. The howlers that have been coming in are in such a high number that my secretary's desk was destroyed because she couldn't open them fast enough." Fudge informed him. "I'm sure you have been getting your fair share of them. You are just lucky that you were in St. Mungos since they have wards up to keep them out."

"You let her print that story?" Dumbledore demanded flabbergasted.

"Of course we did,"Amelia rolled her eyes at the man's stupidity. "Didn't I just say that we didn't want our world annihilated? I would suggest that you hire yourself an attorney as my office has started an investigation in to your actions concerning both Sirius Black and Harry Potter-Black." She walked away without a backwards glance.

Dumbledore turned to the Minister to find him also walking away without a word. What the Hell did those two think they were doing? He was Albus Dumbledore for Merlin's sake. He was the Leader of the Light and everybody knew that everything he did was for the betterment of their world.

He headed to the floo. He needed to get back to Hogwarts and get not only Severus to assist him, but to also call a meeting of the old Order members. Harry Potter would be a student come September first or his name wasn't Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.