She's shrieking. She has been since a quarter past three. It was now just after eight o'clock. Nothing was moving along and Starfire was still shaking and wailing to no effect. Her head whipped from side to side as if having a bad dream, with tears soaking her cheeks. Raven stood at the end of the table, waiting for the delivery, but complications showed the situation to be abnormal. The delivery had appeared to have begun, she'd been pushing for hours, much too long, but the child still wouldn't move. None of them understood what was happening, but worst of all, if there were tyrants out there on the streets, they were bound to find where they were, from all the screaming.

"Robin!" she finally cried. "I cannot – !"

"Star, you have to." He was stern. He had to be, for the both of them. Or else he would crumble when she needed him most.

"I am s-so tired –" she sobbed. She had a death grip on to the edge of the counter, leaving imprints from her Tamaranian strength.

"Star…" was all he could find himself saying, one hand stroking under her neck and the other on her stomach.

She screamed one last time, and gave a final few heaves that took all of whatever strength she had left. Finally, the sound of a baby's crying could be heard. Hers was no longer heard.
Raven quickly carried the baby out, headfirst as it turned out, and cut the umbilical cord, skillfully toweling the child clean with her removed cloak.
Starfire's eyes were closed, her breath short and slow. Robin hastily felt her pulse on her neck. It was slower than what he considered normal.


Baby in hand, she repeated what Robin had just done.
Nervously she mumbled "… t-too much for her h-h-eart…"

Robin eyes burrowed in concentration at the young, Tamaranian princess lying on the counter looking defeated, and saw her chest instantly stop rising. He rashly checked her pulse on her neck, then again on her wrist. Nothing.
In that very same instant he shoved his hand into his utility belt, took out an electric explosive, and yelled out to Raven.

"Give me that book on the shelf!"

A thick book engulfed in black magic quickly flew to his hand from the shelf at the far left of the room. He smashed the explosive on the book, triggering the
timer on the shell. He held the book down against her chest with both hands. The explosive went off and electrocuted her, the current going through her chest, in
hopes to revive her heart by crafting a make-shift electric fibrillator. Her upper body shuddered and trembled, jolting off the counter. In a short two seconds later, the current ceased and her body fell back onto the table. Starfire gasped desperately, as if she'd taken a breath after sinking in water. She heavily exhaled, her chest rising
and falling dramatically. She closed her eyes again, but was thankfully she was breathing – panting– this time.
Robin threw the book to the other side of the room and fell to his knees in relief. He was gripping the table, his eyelids falling in relief. Raven's violet eyes, on the contrary, were huge. Her knees shook ridiculously and so did her arms which now held the crying baby.