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When Cyborg finaly returned to the room everything was normal- Well almost everything. "Beastboy are you ok!?" Cyborg asked surprised. Beastboy was eating meat. "I'm just really worried about robin". Beastboy said while tears running down his cheeks. "Its ok BB its all ok" Raven said patting his back. "Yes Friend Bestboy could you not do of the crying? We should all just have the dinner." Starfire said going into the kitchen


"This is your new room pit-sniffer" Gizmo said. Wykkyd just pushed him out and sat on the bed. This wasn't him. Deep down the real robin was still alive. Little did anybody know that the normal Robin has recovered and is fighting for control over himself. This is the night thought Robin. I take control tonight. That night Wykkyd fell asleep and didn't wake up.

Robin walked in the main room where he was met by Jinx. "Hey Wykkyd! Go fix us breakfast now!" Jinx yelled. "My name isnt Wykkyd" Robin said back. "What your not sposed to talk!" Jinx said horrified. "I'm not sposed to do alot of things like this!" Robin threw a fire ball at her. Jinx easily dogded it. "Your a TRAITOR!" JInx yelled. "No he's a hero" Raven said with Cyborg Beastboy and Starfire. "Our hero" Beastboy said and locked his and Robin's fingers together. Robin was surprised at first but then smiled.

With just Jinx and Gizmo there the Titans easily took them down. When the Titans returned home Cyborg did some test on Robin. "Yup thats the real Robin. Just has superowers." Cyborg said smiling. Beastboy hugged him and Robin hugged him back. "I love you." Beastboy whispered in his ear. "I love you too." Robin whispered back.

That night the Titans celebrated. Then everyone was done. Well almost everyone. Lets just say there's thin walls and Cyborg was horrified of the newly found couples.

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